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August 01, 2013

"One of the shrewdest ways for human predators to conquer their stronger victims is to steadily convince them with propaganda that they're still free."

You can still buy guns and ammunition, and you need to buy all you can. An AK-47 is a much better buy than an AR-15. A 12 gauge pump police shotgun is a standard. A 9 mm Glock semi-automatic. You can get a .22 conversion for this for target practice. A Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic rotary magazine rifle and big magazines. A .22 semi-automatic camper pistol.  These five guns will get you by very well. It is far more important to load up on ammo. You can get 1,000 7.62s for $335. Ammo is cheap again except for .22s, which are now a dime each!!! Guns without bullets are useless. The ammo will go first, then the guns.

In Cook County, Illinois the sheriff sent out swat teams to seize all the firearms of over 3,000 different households. Yes, Chicago is in Cook County. You need a "FOID" card in Cook Country to own any gun or buy bullets. That's right, you can't even buy bullets without a firearms owners ID card! Here comes gun confiscation folks. This will mean civil war. In addition to the billions of hollow point bullets DHS bought to kill American citizens, they have an astounding 2,700 military tanks to kill more citizens. Don't kid yourself, DHS is prepared to murder millions of Americans. Obama promised us a domestic military force to match our regular military force. And the sheeple cheered when he said it! They actually cheered for a police state and slavery.


We have bottomed in gold and silver, but this isn't the bottom bottom. The $18 level should be the very bottom bottom for silver. $1,180 should be the very bottom bottom for gold. The commercials are on July 19 were short a net 25,000 gold contracts (up 25%!) and 11,000 silver contracts (up 40%!) on the COMEX. They actually increased both very significantly. It got even worse on July 26, when they increased the gold contracts a full 10,000 to 35,000 (40%), but lowered the silver a mere 1,000 to 10,000.This proves it is not over, and we have one more correction coming. As of July 31 you are seeing that correction as predicted. Just as we have been telling you. Don't wait for lower prices. Buy now while there may still be some silver on the shelf. The big dealers were telling you they have silver "in stock, on the shelf", but then wait 3 weeks to send it to you. That proves they didn't have it on the shelf. Now they are telling you to wait three weeks, and NOT sending it to you. You may never get any.

UPDATE: A friend called Tulving over a month ago. This is one of the largest dealers in the world, along with Apmex and Kitco. They assured him they had silver "in stock, on the shelf". He sent the money. Once they got the money, suddenly there was a three week wait before shipping. A month later they finally admitted they have no silver, and don't  know when they are going to get some. He demanded his money back. They refused! Yes, they told him to drop dead. His order? A lousy five 100 oz bars!!! A mere $10,000 order, and they can't fill it. DO NOT DEAL WITH TULVING. It seems all the major dealers are out of silver, and just lying to their customers. Buy it now if you can find any. Ask them to commit to a ship date in writing, or you're not sending the money.

The open interest is worrisome with 440,000 gold and 132,000 silver contracts. We need to get under 100,000 for silver. High open interest like this is good for bears, not bulls.


Want pictorial proof that hyperinflation is already here? Right from the St. Louis Fed:

This is a 110 year chart of the monetary base right from the Federal Reserve. Things were pretty stable until about 1980. Things got insane in 2010- two years after Obama was elected. It's only going to get worse. Hyperinflation is your future. Silver is your saving grace. Buy all the bullion you can and hold it personally. No paper, no storage.

Right now CitiGroup (NY), Barclays (London), and Deutsche Bank (Germany) are all about to go under. When just one of them collapses, the entire world banking system is going to collapse like dominoes. This cannot be contained like the Lehman Bank crisis in 2008. There is no way to cover up the problem anymore.

Chicago now leads the country in violent crime. This is Obama's home town. Proof that the more gun laws you have the higher the violent crime rate. Let's add Washington, DC and New York City to that list. While the Zimmerman circus was going on in Florida, 84 murders occurred in Chicago. Nearly all of them involved black men. No mention of this in the media of course. Why? Because it was black on black.

The chart above doesn't state the unfunded liabilities fully. It is really more like $170 trillion dollars. The total GNP of America is only $17 trillion, so we can never even dream about paying of $170 trillion in a thousand years.


Detroit is bankrupt. First time in American history this happened. The fact Detroit is 81% black and only 12% white has nothing to do with all this, right? Sure, nothing at all. All U.S. cities will go bankrupt. Detroit just cheated all their government employees out of $3.5 billion in retirement benefits. Wait until all those welfare checks stop! Then you're going to see a city in flames!

Did you know Detroit is building a  $444 million (almost a half billion) hockey stadium at taxpayer expense? Detroit is one of the blackest cities in the country with over 80% black people. Hockey is the whitest sport on the planet. Detroit has a hockey team, the Red Wings. This is government gone mad of course.

Other cities are bankrupt, but simply haven't admitted it yet. Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Cincinnati, St. Paul, Jacksonville, and Ft. Worth. Unless you fall over dead in the next five years you can forget retiring on your government pension. Social Insecurity, of course, was broke decades ago. Medicaid, Medicare, and Food Stamps are all broke as well. You now get half the actual value of the Social Insecurity check you used to get- your check only buys HALF of what it used to 30 years ago. People will still get a check in the mail, but it just won't buy anything due to hyperinflation.

Private pensions are just as broke. If you are expecting to live off your private pension you're going to starve in the street with everyone else.

The red line is our Gross Domestic Product. The blue line is our debt growth. You can see that for over 40 years now out debt has far exceeded our production. This cannot go on, and will end in a total economic collapse the world has never seen. Reality always wins in the end. Another chart right from the Fed.


This is the real Trayvon the media doesn't want you to see. He called himself a "no limit nigga" on his facebook page. Those are his words. He was using a street drug cocktail called "lean". He had been suspended from school three times. He was caught with burglary tools and stolen jewelry. He was 6'2" tall, used to street fights, 175 pounds, and was beating Zimmermans head into the concrete when he was shot. A tattooed, doped up, chronic pot smoking, gold toothed, violent criminal gangster at 17. Of whom Obama said, "If I had a son he would look like Trayvon." That's right, he really would look like Obama- a no limit nigga.

54% of American girls have gotten the Gardisil vaccination. This is how insane their parents are. In Australia both the boys and the girls get mandated Gardisil vaccinations. Any parent who would let their children be vaccinated like this should go to jail and lose custody of their children.

What did we do with Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Libya? What are we doing with Syria and Iran? Call them "rogue states". Call the terrorists "freedom fighters". Try to kill all the innocent civilians you can. The media tells the sheeple how evil this country is. Destroy the country to "liberate" the people. Install a puppet leader, and see the mega-corporations get richer.

This is the six step American imperialism plan. Fortunately, China and Russia have put a stop to this evil. They told us to stay away from Syria and Iran or they will vaporize us. Yes, the neocons are willing to start nuclear World War III for their One World Order dream.


Years ago, on October 3, 2001, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said to Shimon Peres on public radio Kol Yisrael, "We, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it." Israel has complete and total control of everyone in Congress, including the pseudo-conservative Tea Party members.

We told you that three members, or one third of the Supreme Court, were Jewish. That was a mistake, and we apologize. Actually FOUR members of the court are Jewish including Sotomeyer (who has a Jewish mother), Breyer, Ginsburg, and Kagan. Since Jews are less than 3% of the U.S. population, but comprise 44% of the court, they are 1,466% overrepresented. This must just be another coincidence.

America has 5% of the world population, but 25% of the world prison inmates. Look what happened after 1980...the prison population exploded. One third of inmates are doing time for drugs. If we legalized all drugs for all adults one third of the jails would be empty. One third of the courts would shut down. One third of the judges and lawyers would have to find real jobs. The police would be able to spend all their time arresting real criminals. Everyone who wants to use drugs is already using them, but paying more due to the laws against them. The gangs and cartels would all go out of business. The drug violence would end overnight. Countries like Mexico would return to normal.

People who are dependent on any drug (including alcohol- the most destructive drug in the world by far) are medical patients, not criminals. If drugs were legal- like they were in America for 137 years before the Harrison Narcotic Act of 1913- people on drugs would not commit crimes basically.

Your tax dollar is funding this subhuman terrorist mercenary in Syria. He is not a "freedom fighter" for God's sake! Do you see what he did to the Christian church in Syria? Your tax dollar buys his guns and ammunition. Syria is none of our business. The entire Middle East is none of our business. America is our business. We should bring home every soldier today and close down every foreign military base. We should also end every dollar of foreign aid, especially to Israel. They get 90% of all foreign aid. Why do we fund them? Because Israel is a Marxist theocracy that has nothing whatsoever to do with "democracy". They have never even had a constitution, much less a bill of rights. Israel is run by Ashkenazi Jews who hate Sephardic Jews, Arabs, and Christians. Anyone who refers to Israel as a "democracy" is brain dead. Every kibbutz there is based on Marxism, and brags about it. They couldn't exist for a day without our money.

Here is a one year gold to silver ratio chart. The ratio has gone to a very high 67 to 1. This is a great sign of an ending bear market. Silver will return to it's historical, traditional 15 to 1 ratio, and probably overshoot to 10 to 1. This is why silver is five times better than gold, and will perform 500% more than gold. This would give us, for example, $6,000 gold and $600 silver. Yes, that can happen. Of course bread will be $20 a loaf when it does happen, and the dollar will be worthless. We simply do not need gold, except as real money. It has almost zero industrial use. Jewelry is hardly a necessity. We cannot get by without silver, and cannot replace it except with much more expensive metals like palladium and platinum. If something is electronic, you can bet it has silver in it. Computers, cars, cell phones, refrigerators, the list goes on forever.

Bradley Manning is anything but a criminal. He is a patriotic whistle blower who will go to the brig for a long time.


See you in two weeks. Buy all the silver you can- if you can find any. If you have a horror story about trying to buy silver and not getting your order please email us about it.

Don't buy silver unless you pick it up personally, or get a written promise of a shipping date.

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