Economic Rant

August 15, 2013

"Years ago it meant something to be crazy. Now everyone is crazy." -Charles Manson


Liberalism is a mental disease, a mental illness, a serious psychiatric aberration. This is why liberals are irrational, and the things they do don't make sense and are unreasonable. The bottom line is they are self destructive, and want to take everyone else down with them. These things are taught in the private and religious schools as well. Here are some of the main tenets of liberalism:


  • America’s Constitution and Bill of Rights are out of date.
  •  Karl Marx was a great philosopher.
  • Adolf Hitler was the Devil.
  • Hillary Clinton is a saint.
  • The Civil War was about slavery.
  •  FDR’s New Deal saved America.
  •  Germany started 2 World Wars.
  • 6 Million Jews were gassed in ‘The Holocaust’.
  • Einstein was the smartest man ever.
  •  Senator Joe McCarthy was evil.
  •  Martin Luther King was a saint.
  • Capitalism is about greed, and based on evil.
  • Socialism is about charity and compassion.
  • Men and women are the same.
  • You can change your sex with surgery.
  • There is no such thing as race.
  • Man ‘evolved’ from monkeys.
  • Global Warming is a proven fact.
  •  There are no government conspiracies.
  •  Homosexuality is normal.
  • Guns are evil and should be outlawed.
  • All religions are delusional.
  • The state should be worshiped, not "God".
  • The government is your friend.
  • Safety and security are more important than freedom
  • You cannot get by without government help and aid.
  • Government can do things better than the private sector.
  • Republicans and Democrats are at opposite poles.
  • Libertarians don't exist.
  • Professional sports should be worshiped as a religion.
  • Rich people are evil, unless they are liberals.
  • The mainstream media always tells you the truth.
  • Diversity is the Great Ideal.
  • Fossil fuels are evil and we should use sun and wind.
  • All large corporations are evil unless liberals own them.

You know the world is upside down when you get much better news from Russia Today than any of the American or European media.


Ultra liberal lesbian Rachael Maddow on MSNBC played Obama's speech last week. He stated publicly people would be locked up indefinitely if they MIGHT commit crimes. Now you know the FEMA camps are real, and not some right wing fantasy. Anyone the neocons don't like will be locked up without charges forever. No trial, no  charges, no rights, no hearing, no attorney, no anything. Folks, things are literally better in Cuba. In Cuba at least you have to commit a crime before you get locked up. Anyone the government doesn't like is going to disappear forever in a FEMA camp. Obama stated this to the nation on all the major television networks. This is too much even for neocon puppets like Rachael.

Wait until the sheeple find out what Obamacare really means. Wait until they find out they get 10 cents of medical care for every tax dollar they put into it- if they ever paid a dollar of tax in their lives. If they thought health care was expensive, wait until they find out how expensive Obamacare is. Government health care has failed miserably in every single country it has ever been attempted. Congress, of course, is exempt from it.

Since 1998 fewer and fewer Americans actually work for a living. This is one major reason we are collapsing economically. This chart proves it. Less than half of American adults even have a job! We can't go on like this folks.

Do you see a housing boom? Do you see housing prices rising? Or home sales booming? In 2005 the housing bubble popped. The average home price then was $225,000. You are going to see that fall to $100,000. The banks have tens of millions of unsellable homes on their books as "assets", when they are detriments. Home sales are down and the average price is down to $175,000. Don't fall for any of this "housing boom" propaganda. The media constantly tells us, "housing sales are booming and prices are rising". Horse poop.

The  Treasury bond market is about to collapse. You do not need to understand bonds to see this. The chart above shows that bonds are yielding a mere 2.7% interest. Who, in their right mind, would put their money into an investment with a 2.7% yield, when the real interest rate is about 10? When you see this rise above 3% the trouble begins. You cannot have 2.7% bond yields with 10% true inflation, and Quantatative Easing to Infinity. The government cannot give away their worthless bonds anymore. For a quarter century now the bond yields have fallen and fallen until they are basically worthless as investments. Now that we have QE to Infinity and the Fed is printing green toilet paper 24/7 it makes the situation completely hopeless. You do not have to understand how government bonds work at all, just that this is going to be a total disaster very soon. When the yields go up the INTEREST RATES WILL SKYROCKET.

Christianity Today magazine did a poll of American Christians. 1 in 4 said it was their Biblical duty to support the nation of Israel- right or wrong. They believe Jews are God's Chosen People and superior to Christians. One fourth of American Christians are Zionists. When we talk about "Zionists" and "Zionism" we are talking about gentiles as well as Jews. Joe Biden said it best, "You don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist". The leader of this movement is John Hagee, who claims there are 50 million Christian Zionists. There well may be ten times more Christian Zionists than Jewish ones. Let's get it straight- Jews did not come from Israel- which was founded in 1948 with the Balfour Declaration. Two thousand years ago they lived in Judea. Now about 40% of the world's Jewish population, or 6 million, live in Israel. Most of the rest, about 5 million, live in America (less than 2% of the population).  There are another million in France, Canada, and the U.K. Wikipedia says there are only about 14 million Jews in the entire world, or about 0.2% of the population. That means 1in 500 of the world population. Funny they make up 44% of the U.S. Supreme Court, which is an over-representation of 2,200% (twenty-two times).

This whole "terror alert" and closing down more embassies every day was just another government scam to scare the sheeple. They want them to think the Taliban is hiding under their beds, so we can have a totalitarian police state. As long as the brain dead American public feels "safe" and "secure" they will gladly give up freedom and prosperity. The whole thing is so transparent it's ridiculous.  Al Queda is a media fiction.

Notice the endless media babble about Hillary for president in 2016? She has cancer and probably both brain and a female cancer. She dropped out of politics due to her failing health. She is getting secret medical treatments. One day she is going to have to go public with all this. She'll be dead or a breathing corpse by 2016. It doesn't matter which Democratic communist runs for office or which Republican socialist. The puppet masters behind the curtain remain the same. The president is merely a puppet for the One World Order. There is only one political party in America- the Republicrats. Libertarians get a mere 1% of the vote on a good day. 99% of Americans are completely deaf, dumb, blind, clueless, ignorant, and stupid.


Forget all this talk about "tapering". Watching CNBC on TV at the gym the other day is all they could repeat was "taper" and "tapering" over and over like a loop tape. There is no tapering. The Fed is printing green toilet paper 24/7 and will keep printing it until the U.S. dollar is even more worthless than it is now. Hyperinflation is your future. Never forget there is no gold in Ft. Knox, and hasn't been for over 50 years now. Never forget  that for the first time in history not one single currency on earth has any value. It's just one big race to out-inflate each other.

Los Angeles is building a tall steel (not mere mesh) Berlin type razor wire topped security wall around the poor (i.e. black and latino) sections of the city. This will make it easier to corral them and kill them when they riot. And they will riot when the government goes broke, and stops sending out all those welfare checks. Go to this short video to see the actual wall they are building and you will be shocked.

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Here is a one year HUI chart. We are in a five week UPTREND. When we get above the 300 level things are going to get dramatic. Ideally silver stocks would have far more leverage than silver bullion, but you must own bullion and hold it personally. All paper will be worth paper. Got silver? That will be the only economic question to ask. Buy your silver now at $22 while there is still some on the shelf. Who cares what the price is if you can't buy any bullion. Don't buy promises. Ask when it will be shipped, not merely "is it on the shelf". The major dealers tell you it's "in stock" when it isn't. Then they take a month to ship it to you. Silver bottomed in late June at $18.23.

Here is a six month gold chart. We are in a seven week uptrend. When we clear 1,400 the real bull market will resume.

Here is a six month silver chart. This is different. Silver bottomed in June at $18.23. We are in a seven week UPTREND. When we can clearly get above the $22 level we will see real strength in silver. For the first time in decades silver is clearly trading differently from gold- STONGER. Watch the gold to silver ratio collapse now. It has already fallen from 67 to 61 in a mere week!!! Remember JPM is already long 85,000 gold contracts.

We'll try to find out how many silver contracts they own. They do own a lot! They are the cartel leader. The enemy is now on our side after a quarter century. Gold has been in "backwardization" now for over a month. This is very, very rare, and always predicts a big bull market. Backwardization means the futures price is CHEAPER than the spot price! You can buy, say, a December gold future for LESS than the spot price. This is crazy of course and rarely happens. Silver is almost in backwardization. Futures prices are about the same as the spot price. This is also crazy.

The Federal Reserve is not federal and has no reserves. It is owned by 12 Zionist banks. They counterfeit "money" out of thin air and keep the profits. Notice how the chairman of the fed has always been Jewish for 100 years now? Obviously, the bankers want one of their own as the chairman. The president doesn't appoint anyone- he is told who to select. This scam has reduced our dollar to a mere 3 cents in 100 years. The profits went to the bankers of course. Ft. Knox has no gold and hasn't for over 50 years now. The gold went to the bankers as well. This is the biggest financial scam by far in the history of the world. It isn't going away. "Audit the Fed" is a pseudo-conservative scam. We need to completely get rid of the Fed, not merely give them a fake audit.

Months ago we put similar photos up to show you how ridiculous it is to think Michael Jackson fathered Paris. The media told you for 16 years he is her father. 99% of the sheeple believe that, even though it is biologically completely impossible obviously. Her real father, Mark Lester, is at the top. Notice People magazine says, "The King of Pop's Daughter" and Katherine Jackson (Michaels mother) is her "grandmother". Why are we resorting to National Enquirer type reporting? Just to show you the media lies about everything. Why do they have to lie about entertainers, the weather, and other non-political events? Do they just like to lie to stay in practice? The only truth you are going to get now is on the Internet, the last bastion of freedom. The neocons, liberals, Marxists, Zionists, and One Worlders are all working hard to stop Internet freedom. It is only a matter of time until the Internet is censored and people jailed for telling the truth.

Uruguay will legalize- not merely decriminalize- marijuana. The United Nations is having a heart attack and has actually threatened the president and his cabinet! If all drugs were legalized for adults the world could start to return to sanity. Just remember that 100 years ago ALL DRUGS WERE LEGAL. That's right, for 137 years all drugs were legal in America.  Drug dependence was not common, fashionable, hip, cool, trendy, or anything of the like. People with drug problems had a medical problem and were not arrested and jailed. If drugs were legalized the jails would empty, the courts would empty, lawyers would need real jobs, and police could actually go out and arrest criminals. Countries like Mexico would return to stable, productive, safe places to live. America would be much less of a totalitarian police state. In 2001 Portugal decriminalized personal possession of ALL drugs with stunning success. Why doesn't the media tell you these things? Long ago our capital, Washington, DC, realized they had to stop arresting people for personal possession of any drug. They had no choice.

“In America, the criminally insane rule and the rest of us, or the vast majority of the rest of us, either do not care, do not know, or are distracted and properly brainwashed into acquiescence.” – Kurt Nimmo

Dave Hodges has a website He is a pseudo conservative, but is eloquent. He says a military coup will unseat Obama, and we'll have martial law until a new president is elected. He says too many military leaders hate Obama and endless wars without reason. This article is worth reading. We would actually have more freedom paradoxically if this happened. That's a sad statement to make.

Load up on guns and ammo. Ammo is cheap again, except for .22 caliber. Be prepared for what is coming. Have whole grains, dried beans, gasoline, dish soap, laundry soap, bath soap, light bulbs, toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex, and everything else you use daily. This only makes good sense. It is part of the Mormon religion to always be prepared like this. The Boy Scout motto is "be prepared" because it works. If you live in the city or crowded suburbs then move out. So what if that is "inconvenient". The ideal of course is to live on a farm, but that is not practical for 99% of people. Farmers did very well generally during the Great Depression. In fact, farm land is increasing in value, while residential and commercial real estate is collapsing.

See you in September. Buy all the silver bullion you can at $22 and hold it personally. No paper silver, no storage programs, no promised delivery. Silver is your economic salvation, and is going to $400 an ounce and probably a lot higher. Of course a loaf of bread will be $20 when that happens. Remember people in Weimar Germany who had gold and silver (or even copper) coins could buy anything they wanted. Same with Zimbabwe. Have some U.S. pre-1965 "junk" coins for barter.

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