Economic Rant

September 01, 2013

Socialism works only so long as there are people to steal from.


The situation in Syria was the worst military problem we have had in 70 years since World War II. This is still deadly serious folks. China and Russia have promised to vaporize us if we attack Syria. They can and they will. Believe that, trust in that. Look at the latest issue of The Economist. Assad never used chemical weapons! Carla Del Ponte, at the U.N. Commission on Inquiry for Syria, stated they have strong evidence the ter-rorist mercenaries were the ones who used them. His troops have things well under control, and to use chemical weapons would be senseless. Assad is obviously not going to use these when U.N inspectors are just a few miles down the road. That’s absurd! Ger-many wisely told us to fight our own evil wars and they are through with us. The British Parliament has revolted against Prime Minister Cameron, and want no part of this insanity. Hollande of France finally woke up and backed out. The entire world is turning against America. Only 6% of Americans want to attack Syria.

This is a six month chart of D.R. Horton, one of the largest home builders in the world. This is representative of the others. They are building new homes like there is no to-morrow! The more they build the broker they get! These people are insane, as are the other home builders. We have a glut of tens of millions of unsellable homes that are underwater and simply cannot be sold. Yet these rocket scientists continue to build more every day. The media now admits home sales are in the basement. The average American home sold for $225,000l in 2005. Within five years it will be $100,000.


Here is what Joe Biden just said:

"Jewish heritage has shaped who we are – all of us – as much or more than any other factor in the last 223 years. And that's a fact," He told this a gathering of powerful Jewish leaders in Washington on May 21, 2013. “The truth is that Jewish heritage, Jewish cult-ure, Jewish values are such an essential part of who we are that it's fair to say that Jewish heritage is American heritage,” he added (Politico May 21, 2012). Notice he said JEW-ISH HERITAGE IS AMERICAN HERITAGE. This was not reported in the main-stream media of course.

This is where we get the One World Order, Marxism, Communism, socialism, Big Gov-ernment, total control of the media, the Federal Reserve scam,  homosexuality and same sex marriage, diversity, open immigration, no gun rights, the end of free speech, internet censorship, pornography, evil wars of aggression in the Mideast, endless welfare pro-grams, and countless trillions of dollars in foreign aid to Israel.


We are about to see a Treasury bond disaster. You do not need to understand the bond market at all. As bond yields rise, the bond price falls (and interest rates rise). Right now bonds yield a mere 2.9%. This means interest rates are artificially very low. No one in their right mind would buy them when the real inflation rate is about 10%. You would lose 7% a year. Well, the Chinese, Japanese, and other fools have been buying them. They've stopped. No one wants worthless American Treasury paper. The Feds are des-perate, and have no good answer. Bond yields will go up along with interest rates. THIS SPELLS DISASTER, not just for America, but the whole world. This is all tied in with the insane 440 trillion worldwide derivatives holdings. Remember the entire GNP of America is supposed to be about $14 trillion, so this is far, far more than the production of the entire planet!!!  Actually it can be shown that the U.S. GNP has fallen to less than $10 trillion, and the $14 trillion number is falsified. We are failing as a country in every possible way. It’s over after 237 years. History proves conclusively that democratic governments always self destruct after about 200 years.

Here is a 13 year bond chart from the last Rant. You can see that just recently the bond yields have started to turn back up. They have been in an artificial downtrend for over 13 years now. The government has done this on purpose to keep interest rates artificially low. As the yield goes up, the interest rates go up with it. High interest rates are going to kill the economy, because they have been held down by government manipulation for so long. All manipulations end, and end badly every time, all the time. When the govern-ment seizes your IRA and 401k life savings, they will give you worthless Treasury paper and tell you it is, “guaranteed by the government”. The sheeple will cheer!


And speaking of manipulation...the gold and silver manipulation is basically over after a quarter century. Silver bottomed at $18.23 in late June. The gold forward leasing rate (GOFO) has been negative for seven weeks now since July 13. This has never happened in history. (The silver forward leasing rate (SIFO) ended last year.) Also, gold is in backwardization. This means spot gold today sells for MORE than contracts months ahead. This is irrational, of course, and forward months always demand a substantial premium over spot. Silver is almost in backwardization, and probably soon will be. The gold to silver ratio has fallen from 67 to 57 in four weeks!!! Silver is taking off like a rocket. The big dealers do not have any silver, and cannot get any silver. They will lie to you and tell you, "it is on the shelf ready to ship", and ask you to send a check. When they get your check they inform you they have no silver, and have no idea when they will get any. Find a coin shop that actually has silver in stock and will ship it within one day of getting a certified check. Who cares what the price is if you can't buy any? The Fri-day COT (Commitment of Traders) futures reports are now irrelevant after a quarter century. We will not be reporting them any more. J.P. Morgan, the Manipulation Leader, is now massively long both gold and silver. By the way, the leading silver producers of the world (in order) are: Mexico, China, Peru, Australia, Russia, Poland, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, and the U.S.


America is a weak, failing, impotent country after 237 years. All democratic countries fail after about 200 years. We now have a weak, low IQ, homosexual (proven), wimpy teleprompter-reading, radical Marxist president. We haven't won a war in almost 70 years now. Our military and national guard are in the Mideast fighting evil wars of aggression for the Greater Glory of Israel. Russia has the second largest military, and China the third. Russia and China have gotten together and told us to keep our hands off Syria and Iran or they will vaporize us. Fortunately, China is also failing, but they have over a billion people, and their military is strong, unlike ours. The best thing that could happen to China is to lose a quarter billion men in a world war and reduce the population by one fourth. What about Russia? Russia is growing strongly under Putin for many reasons. Under the Russian Strongman they have DOUBLED their GNP, while ours has fallen 30%. Their industries are growing; ours are failing. Their investments are growing; ours are disappearing. Real incomes have doubled; our incomes continue to fall. Their military is strong and getting stronger. Their middle class grew from a mere 8 million to 55 mil-lion under Putin. Poverty is disappearing. Their soldiers are on Russian soil, not thinly dispersed all over the globe. They are building up their nuclear arsenal, while we are tearing ours down. They are buying gold and have doubled their reserves; we don’t have any (Ft. Knox was emptied 50 years ago). They produce more oil than any other country on earth. We import ours, even though we have oceans of it. Russia is the second largest oil exporter on earth. They produce more natural gas than anyone on earth, and supply Europe with one third of theirs. America has an incredible debt to GDP ratio of 101%. We're completely bankrupt. Russia has a mere 8% or about ONE TWELFTH of ours. Our trade deficit is a mind numbing half trillion dollars. Russia runs a large trade surplus. There are more billionaires in Moscow than any other city.  Our real unemployment rate is about 23% (not the official 7%). Russia has probably about 8% unemployment (officially 5%). Since Putin took over their GDP has doubled. More and more people around the world now hate America for it's imperialism, and trying to be the World Policeman. We lock up more people per capita by far than any other country in the world including China, North Korea, and Cuba. America is the worst police state on earth bar none.  We lock up 716 per 100,000. Russia only locks up 484. The media criticizes Iran, but they only have 284 out of 100,000 inmates. Israel has 223. Mexico has 209, even with all the anarchy and drug problems. New Zealand a surprising 193, but most of the inmates are not white Europeans. Australia has 170, but half are aborigenes. China only has 170, or only ONE FOURTH of the prisoners we do. This is a disgrace that a communist country is a bastion of freedom compared to us. Iraq has 110 or 15% of ours. We have 650% more people locked up than Iraq, but have the nerve to impose our system of "justice" on them. France has 101. Egypt has 80. Denmark has 68, many of which are non-white. Sweden has 67 and most of them are non-white. Switzerland has 82, and less than half of them are white. They allow the inmates to smoke marijuana to keep them calm. Germany has 80. Finland only 60. Syria has a mere 58 or ONE TWELFTH of our proportionate inmate population. We want to attack them, while we have TWELVE times as many people locked up. Japan only has 54.  Iceland only 47 and only one prison. India has an amazing 30 people per 100,000 locked up. This is the place to go if you want to stay out of jail. 

For the one hundredth time, Witch Hillary is dying of cancer(s), and will not run for president in 2016. This is all media noise to keep you distracted from the real issues. Why do you think she left politics? She has brain cancer, and probably a female cancer as well. She is getting unreported cancer treatments which only make her worse. Soon, all this will have to be made public.


"The current housing market recovery is on a solid footing," said Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of Realtors' group. This is the kind of purposeful disinformation you read every day in the newspaper. Larry said this last week. He knows very well there are tens of millions of home under water. He knows very well the banks are claiming more tens of millions of homes as “assets”, when they cannot be sold. Soon, banks will become rental agents for these homes, yet many millions will sit vacant, uninsured (you cannot insure vacant homes), and just rot. You will see the average American home sell for $100,000 probably within five years. Buy four 100 oz bars of silver today for $10,000. In five years you can buy that home, furnish it, buy a new car, and take a luxury vacation, and still have change. Please remember that.

Silver is going up SIXTEEN times to $400, will refuel, and keep going. The dollar will be worthless, and the stock markets in shambles.

Have you noticed more and more of your internet buys are taxed? Well, soon EVERY-THING you buy on the internet will be taxed. All taxes are bad taxes. Never forget that. All taxes make the cancerous government even bigger. The problem is the LOGISTICS of collecting taxes for 50 states plus possessions (Puerto Rico, Washington, DC, Virgin Islands, etc.) every 90 days, and then mailing out over  200 checks every year. Plus the complexity and expense of configuring your shopping cart to collect 50 some different taxes is a nightmare. This means less profits for companies, higher prices for consumers, and bad business for America. The government is desperate to steal every dollar they can, and will do anything and everything to tax you to death. As well as seize your IRA and 401k accounts.

The stock markets are getting ready to collapse!

This is important. Dow Theory works, has always worked, and still works. Dow Theory

says the DJI, DJT, and DJU all go up and down TOGETHER to prove where the market is going. Well, all three are in a 30 day downtrend. The DJI just broke 15,000 and is not doing well. Some very good financial writers are saying the stock markets are going to crash and crash soon. The President's Big Closed Door Meeting on the 19th was proof things are falling apart at the seams. Why all the secrets? What are they hiding? Why don't we have transparent government of the people, for the people, and by the people?


There is no tapering, there will be no tapering. That's all the clowns on CNBC can talk about- taper, taper, taper.... The Fed can't taper or the whole game falls apart. Hyperinflation is their only "answer" to the destruction of America. Other biggies like Eric Sprott and John Embry say the same thing- no taper! By the way, CNBC is failing badly, and people are just plain tired of being lied to about everything.


Australia did a near total gun confiscation 17 years ago and violent crime exploded, not fell. The police now are forced to admit the entire scheme backfired on them. Gun bans INCREASE violent crime. They disarm the law abiding citizens, and empower the criminals. The countries with the freest gun laws have the least violent crime. Switzerland is the prime example, where citizens must be armed with military assault rifles for national defense. The lowest violent crime and murder rate going. Criminals are always going to get guns- that's why they're called "criminals". For example, the motorcycle gangs Down Under have all the guns they want. Gun laws only take guns from law abiding citizens. Gun bans actually empower criminals. Obama and his evil minions are doing their best to take your guns. They hate the Second Amendment.

A black woman in Houston named Mona Nelson murdered a 12 year old white boy, Jonathan Foster with a blowtorch on Christmas Eve. Did you hear about this? No, of course not. No remorse, no apology, no explanation. She just felt like burning a little white boy to death with a blowtorch. The media was too busy lying to us about Trayvon

Here is Israeli puppet Rand Paul, the Darling of the Tea Party.

Senator Rand Paul gave a speech on July 31st promoting his Amendment to eliminate aid to Egypt (Amendment 1739 to S. 1243). The 4-page Amendment didn't mention Israel once, yet the transcript of Paul's speech mentioned Israel no less than 16 times.

Israel gets far, far more foreign aid than any other country.


Joel Stein, a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, wrote: “As a proud Jew, I want America to know about our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood ... I don't care if Americans think we're running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.” (L.A. Times December 19, 2008)

Joel can say that because he’s Jewish.

We only have the one Republicrat Party in America. No different from Cuba or North Korea. Only 1% of Americans vote Libertarian. The Republicans and Democrats are two sides of the same coin. We could be a free country if just 35% of Americans voted Libertarian and believed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

And you can bet Medicaid paid for every one of her "13 suns"...

  and all of them get free medical care...

  and she gets Food Stamps for each of them...

  and they get free school lunches...

  and all of them have a Free Obama phone…

  and when they are teenagers each of her "suns" will go on S.S. Disability. 

  and we can only hope they get lots of "justise"...

Al Gore and the liberals are still babbling about global warming and climate change. They claim the polar ice caps are melting, and soon cities like New York will be under water. Well, here in Coastal Carolina we had a record cold August since 1874 when records were first kept. And the ocean is also a record cold in 139 years. The entire Carolina Coast has record breaking cold weather for over a century. Reality never bothers liberals though. They live in their own demented world of make believe. Liberalism is a mental disease, a psychiatric illness.

The Farmers Almanac is very good at predicting overall weather patterns. They say this coming winter will be absolutely terrible!

Now just ask yourself which group you cannot criticize. There is only one group of people on the face of this earth you absolutely cannot criticize. Not two or three, just one. They are beyond criticism because they are “God’s Chosen People”.


Want to know a fascinating factoid? Millions of women are choosing breast implants. They have been proven for decades not to work, and to have countless side effects. Usually the women end up getting them removed leaving terrible permanent scarring. Did you ever suspect something was wrong with these women? Well, you’re right. The women’s Health Initiative was a massive study of almost 88,000 women over a five year period (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery v 125, 2010). The doctors found out women with breast implants had a 17.5 times  more chance (7.0%) of blowing their brains out than normal women (0.4%). That’s right…1 in 14 women with breast implants will eventually take her own life. A 1,750% more ratio. 3% of American women have done this, and another 1/3 of a million are added every year (source: American Association of Plastic Surgeons). Men, if you’re married to one, go out a get a million dollar insurance policy- with no suicide clause- and you have a 1 in 14 chance of retiring for life. Beats the state lottery certainly.


See this letter supposedly from the United Nations? Well, it actually was made up. But this is exactly what they are planning. Using the U.N. for a backdoor gun seizure. You cannot have a One World Order when people own guns. You cannot have a totalitarian police state when people own guns. You cannot have Marxism, Communism, or even socialism, when people own guns (guns are basically banned in all of Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.) First, the bullets will go, and then the guns. As goes Calif-ornia so goes the nation. Well, the People Republic of California is on the fast track to a total gun and ammunition ban.

The situation in Syria was deadly serious and put us in dire danger of nuclear war. On Friday John Kerry (real Jewish name Kohn) gave an Oscar Award speech on the endless "proof" Assad gassed his own people. Kerry pretends to be an Irish Catholic. The Brits pulled out!!!! Parliament told Cameron to stick his head in the toilet. The people of Britain just couldn't take anymore. Then NATO pulled out. Rasmussen told Obama he can fight his own wars. Then France pulled out. Only Israel is with us on this. Obama and the neocons were forced to back down this time, but it's not over. Look for more threats of war this Fall. Be prepared in every way you can. If you live in a city or crowded suburb then move out. Store food, fuel, and every possible necessity you can. You can see tomorrow if you just take a good hard look at today. Great events cast their shadows before them, and the shadows are getting darker every day. Open your eyes, pay attention, and you can see the Much Greater Depression is closer and closer, and nuclear war is just down the road. Don't be in denial about these things.

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