Economic Rant

November 15, 2013

Israel attacked a Syrian military base in Latakia on October 3 and destroyed Russian weapons. Israel promised to attack Iran by the end of November. Israel is having a heart attack because America won’t attack Syria and Iran. Israel is going to start World War III. If Syria had bombed Israel, the U.S. would be screaming. As always, one rule for Israel, and one rule for the rest of the world. Fortunately we still have a few military officials that are simply not going to attack Syria and Iran for the Greater Glory of Israel. Obama has dismissed over 250 senior military officials as he is afraid of a military coup. Same thing Stalin did when he took over. This may well prevent a coup. His advisors are not stupid, just evil.

The last week of October the Four 30 Day Historical Parameters were in synch. Gold, silver, the HUI, and the dollar (inverse) were all clearly bullish. This ended in the first week of November however. This is  rare. Now gold, silver and the dollar are saying lower prices, but the HUI is still positive. We have great support at $20 for silver. Here is a six month chart of silver showing it bottomed over four months ago at $18.25.

Only about 100 million ounces of silver are sold for investment every year. This is like everyone in American buying $7 worth of silver and the other 6.7 billion people in the world getting none at all. Do you see how tiny this market is?

Joe Biden bragged if we can’t get Congress to approve new gun restrictions he’ll get a Congress that will. “If Congress doesn’t act, we’ll fight for a new Congress. It’s that simple, but we’re going to get this done.” They are going to ban guns or die trying.

There is a worldwide currency war going on now. Every country on earth is racing to debase their “money”. It’s a race to the bottom where everyone loses. History proves that currency wars lead to actual military wars. The U.S. dollar is history. It is no longer the petrodollar, no longer the world reserve currency. People around the world are dumping dollars and dumping U.S. Treasury debt. Only gold and silver will save you. For the first time since people inhabited this planet, no currency has any value at all. None of them. This has never happened before, and it more proof this is End Times. Quantitative Easing is an Orwellian term for counterfeiting green toilet paper. The sheeple have no understanding of that simple fact. Inflation has only one cause and one cause only- printing unbacked fiat (government decree) currency with no value. Just like Zimbabwe and the Weimar Republic and Mexico and Argentina have all done. It always ends in disaster.

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) long ago reversed its long held position on homosexuality. It is a now a "preference" and "orientation", not a disorder. Now they have classified pedophilia (child molestation) as a preference and orientation, not a disorder. This is a fact, and you can verify it on their website. If you don’t think this is End Times, then you are just not paying attention. Reality is upside down.


The world famous military academy at West Point in New York has always been the most prestigious military college in the world. Last year they started marrying lesbians in their chapel. Now, they are marrying homosexual men as well. If you don’t think this is End Times then you are deaf, dumb, and blind. Psychological profiles of lesbians and homosexuals universally show a very unhappy personality with complex and deep conflicts. The word "gay" is an oxymoron applied to them. Now we have federal laws  (S815 or ENDA) that grant them special rights. If you don't hire them or rent them an apartment it can only be due to "discrimination" and you can be sued. Why give any group special rights?


This is a very important chart. Please don’t just glance at it and keep reading. Money velocity is actually lower than during the Great Depression. “Velocity” means how fast money changes hands and goes from one person to another. This means commerce in America has almost come to a stop. Right from the Federal Reserve folks. Commerce in America is worse than during the Great Depression. You can't argue with facts.

We published this before, but it’s too good not to do again. Equality, Obamacare, no guns, free food, safety, security, more safety, more security. LIBERAL GATED COMMUNITY PARADISE.

Obama promised the sheeple repeatedly you can keep your insurance plan, you can keep your doctor, and your premiums will fall an average of $2,500. It doesn't matter how many lies he tells. The sheeple are now finding out that "free" healthcare means no healthcare at all. You know, like Cuba.


The media is screaming how the Dow Jones made a new historical high. LIE!!! Not in buying power it didn't. The stock market has risen only due to INFLATION, to endless Quantitative Easing, printing counterfeit money, not in purchasing power. The stock market is a house of cards for fools. It is terribly overvalued.

That stupid ugly lying bitch Nancy Grace is now an investment advisor. On her show she said, "only crazy, rich, lonely white guys buy silver bullion". She went on to say these crazy, rich white guys have too much money, no family, no wife, no girlfriend, no life, no responsibilities, and sit around watching gold advertisements on cable TV. She said, "what a zany thing to do buying silver". To her this is "zany". Well, Nancy will get wiped out when the poop hits the fan, and it couldn't happen to a nicer person.

Before the 2008 election the media told everyone Obama was, "the greatest orator" since John Kennedy. The truth is he needs a teleprompter, podium, microphones, and secret service agents just to talk to little children. He is incapable of saying anything with speech writers and a teleprompter. He has no thought of his own. He is just a sock puppet for the neocons.

The sheeple are already losing their insurance plans, losing their doctor and paying double premiums- and Obamacare hasn't even started!!!

In September Poland nationalized (stole) half of everyone’s life savings. It is going to happen here folks. Sell your IRA/401k, take the penalty, and buy silver bullion. Bury it in your basement or whatever you have to do. If you don’t dump your IRA/401k you are going to starve in the street with the rest of the sheeple.


The GLD ETF (aka SPDR® Gold Shares) has always been a fraud. They claimed you could always turn in your paper certificates for physical gold bullion. Baloney! The owners have raided the trust, and taken almost all the gold bullion. Soon, it will collapse. The SLV ETC (aka iShares Silver Trust) is the same scam, with the same raid on the actual bullion. They claim to have 10,000 tons of silver. Buy bullion and hold it personally. Do whatever you have to do to hide it. No paper silver, no silver stocks, no storage systems. This chart only goes to May. In November it is much worse, and gold stores are down to just over 800 tons, but no current charts are available. From 1,350 to about 800 tons in less than a year. They may have nothing of course. At that rate, it will go bankrupt within a year. The real purpose of GLD was to trick stupid, naive people into buying this paper scam instead of real gold bullion. It worked! Neither ETF is independently audited. They may have empty vaults. Self auditing is the same as no auditing. CEF and PSLV are independently audited of course. But you should still own bullion you hold in your own hands.

Remember Congress (and all politicians) are simply reflections of the voters. We have 535 criminals in Congress alone. People freely voted for them. Pelosi, Schumer, Reid, Graham and the rest of them were freely elected. This shows America has a terminal spiritual cancer that cannot be cured. America is finished after 237 years. We will soon be just another third world backwater. There is no "hope". Hope is for dopes and the last refuge of fools. Hope is what Obama campaigned on.


The last lead smelter in America was shut down by the EPA. This makes bullets more expensive to import foreign lead. One  more step to banning bullets. Step by step bullets will be banned. States that already have started restricting bullets include Alaska(!), California, New York, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C. Soon you will only be able to buy bullets face to face with government ID, in limited quantities, and certain bullets will be banned except for military and police use. Guns without bullets are obviously useless. The bullets will go first, then the guns. It is much easier to restrict and then ban bullets. Make sure you have at least 1,000 rounds for every gun you own. You can get 1,000 7.62 X 39 (AK) for about $350, and the same for .223 (AR). It’s better to have one gun and 1,000 bullets, than 1,000 guns and one bullet. You can't take guns from 100 million gun owners, but you sure can end bullet sales.


You know nothing about the Dodd-Frank Bill that was passed years ago, do you? It is 30,000 pages, and the largest bill ever passed by Congress. No one read it of course. It is not possible for anyone to read a 30,000 page bill. That would be like reading 120 two hundred and fifty books. No one has any idea what is in the bill. Basically, this means once you give your money to any bank, it is no longer your money. It is THEIR money. When (not if) they go under, they will pay their creditors, and you get nothing. Got that straight? This is what "bail in" means. The bank takes your money, and you can go screw yourself.


Chicago has some of the most restrictive guns laws in America, like New York City, and Washington, DC. All three are in the top five cities for gun violence. The more gun laws you pass the more gun violence you get.

We've discussed T-Bonds before. No one is buying them. In fact, every country is dumping our bonds. The see the dollar erode due to "quantitative easing" (inflation). This means the dollar is crashing. This will continue and end in disaster. You do not have to understand the bond market at all to understand this. The Fed is buying $80 billion worth of their own bonds every month to prop it up. This has never happened. This is an extreme act of desperation. It cannot keep up. It's like buying your own merchandise in your own store, and then claiming you made a profit! It's insanity.




Go to this website to see 9 minutes of inarguable proof it was a staged hoax.


The shooter was a TSA agent in the secure area with a TSA issued AR-15.  Let's say that again- he was in the secure area with an AR-15. He left the secure area with his rifle. Police Chief Gannon said, "We practiced to this (sic) just three weeks ago with this exact same scenario."  Gannon told on himself! Well, the police must be psychic. They practiced the "exact same scenario" just three weeks ago? How convenient. He publicly admitted this was a planned government killing. What is the point? 1) To arm 50,000 TSA agents, and 2) ban guns for citizens. The media told you the shooter was an "unemployed motorcycle mechanic". He was a TSA agent. Even Fox News admitted this. The other TSA agent, Gerardo Hernandez, may or may not have been killed. If he was, it was just "collateral damage" for the people who set it up.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA 2014) will soon be passed by the senate. This is another totalitarian police state bill that will take away even more of what

little rights you have left. It will also cost you about 10% of your income to implement it.  If you make, say $50,000, you can depend on this to cost you about $5,000 every year. This bill is 1,104 pages long, and no one in Congress has even read it. NO ONE IN CONGRESS HAS EVEN READ THE BILL, but it will soon be law.

“A massive and “serious” cyber attack on the U.S. homeland is coming, and a natural disaster , the likes of which the nation has never seen is also likely and on its way.” Outgoing DHS Director, Janet Napolitano, August 27, 2013

Grid Ex II will have come and passed when you get this. On the 10th there was a National Grid Failure in London. Fortunately the government didn't use this as an excuse for another contrived crisis with martial law and more laws. Be thankful nothing happened. Just be prepared for whatever is down the road. "Big Sis" Janet already warned us this is a matter of when, not if. Be ready for it.

Yes, we've done this before, but it is well worth doing again.

Forbes magazine reported that these 11 states are in a “death spiral”, where more people are on government welfare than working for a living. Hawaii, California (of course), Mississippi, Alabama, New Mexico, Illinois (Obama’s home), Kentucky, Ohio, South Carolina, New York, and Maine. We now have 11 entire states where more people collect government aid than work. As goes California, so goes the nation. California was bankrupt years ago. Now Moonbeam Brown is running the show- again. Watch California to see what will happen to the rest of the nation.

Look at the employment of white men over 20 for the last 63 years (since 1950). This is terrible! White men over 20 are the very backbone of the American work force, the middle class basis of our country.  They aren't working! Every year less and less are working. This is right from the Federal Reserve.



Buy silver at $21. Be prepared in every way you can. Don't be paranoid, just be ready. See you in December.


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