Economic Rant

December 03, 2013

"Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has, it has stolen." -  Friedrich Nietzsche


The American Dream is becoming the totalitarian nightmare. The middle class is being destroyed. Socialism and Communism cannot tolerate a middle class. You have a ruling elite oligarchical group that controls all business and all the wealth. Then you have the great unwashed masses of the working proletariat. Wealth is constantly being transferred to the Big Banks and their corporate friends. The dreams and plans of anyone seeking a free market path to prosperity is fading. You cannot have your own business when you are taxed and regulated to death. Small business is the backbone of prosperity.

America is finished after 237 years. It's over folks. There is nowhere to go. Australia and New Zealand are the least worst, but both of them are socialist nightmares. Argentina is a third world cesspool. Australia and New Zealand have a standard of living that is 2/3 of what ours is. The government micromanages their lives from birth to death. Australia is still basically a white country, but New Zealand has been overrun by Polynesians and Asians. Whites in New Zealand are barely 50% of the population now, and the country has degenerated into a Third World disaster. The prisons in both countries are full of non-whites, since they commit the vast majority of crimes, especially violent crimes. You know, just like all the other white countries. Want proof?

Iceland is the only real white country left on earth, and is almost all Caucasian. They have 322,000 people. They have a mere 43 prison inmates per 100,000 population. the U.S. has 756 per 100,000. That's right- they have ONE EIGHTEENTH the prisoners we do per capita. For every eighteen prisons we have per capita, they have only one. Only 137 inmates in the entire country. Nearly all of them are in for drugs, forgery, embezzlement, and drunk driving. If drugs were legalized, the prison population would hardly be worth discussing. Violent crime is rare. At their own expense, inmates have their own cell phones, flat screen TVs, computers, and cook their own meals. After serving a third of their time, with good behavior, they go home one day a month if not paroled. There are only 10 women in the entire country locked up in one co-ed prison. This is basically what America was like 100 years ago.


In 1950 there were 50 billion ounces of available silver in the world. In 2010 this had fallen 93% to only 700 million ounces. This is a 93% drop.

No one has any silver left. The available COMEX silver is self-audited and probably almost gone. Only about 100 million ounces of the worldwide mined silver every year is sold to investors. The rest is used in industry. Most all of the silver ever mined is lost and cannot be reclaimed. On the other hand, nearly all of the gold ever mined is still available. This means if every American bought silver annually, they could only buy $7 worth- if no one else in the world bought any. And we only have 5% of the world population. If everyone in the world bought silver they could buy 35 cents worth. That would be one half of one silver paper clip. You can still buy silver at $19. Buy all you can. Silver is going to go back to the traditional 15:1 ratio, and probably down to 10:1. It is now a very irrational 64 to 1. That would give us, say, $10,000 gold and $666 silver or even $1,000 silver. Of course, a loaf of bread or gallon of gas will be $20 or more when that happens.

How can the COMEX manipulate the prices of precious metals? Very simply. They trade 100 times the amount of gold or silver with paper futures than actual physical metal sales. The COT report show the net short commercial gold contracts have fallen to merely 28,000, but there are still 16,000 net short commercial silver contracts. The commercials hold a total of 420,000 gold contracts and 129,000 silver contracts.

Silver is the most undervalued asset on earth by far.

We are facing a hyperinflation and depression that will dwarf all previous ones. The dollar will be replaced by a New Dollar- at a 10 to 1 ratio or worse. This will be a massive transfer of wealth from the masses to the Big Bankers and others. Be a part of this massive transfer of wealth, take advantage of it. You'll never see an opportunity like this in your lifetime. Do not complain about low silver prices- buy silver at $19. Silver is the most undervalued investment on earth by far- buy all you can. (Your poor old author is out of his silver future contracts, and is looking to get back in at $18 if silver keeps falling.)

Forbes magazine has formally called for Obama to be impeached! This is a very mainstream magazine and it's incredible they would do this.

Tesla electric car (TSLA).

This is a one year chart of the Tesla electric car. We have discussed this scam earlier. The media- especially CNBC- keeps pushing this.  You can buy two new 450 hp Corvette Stingrays for the price of a Tesla. The battery costs $25,000 and has to be replaced every 5 years. You can see it peaked at $210 and have fallen to $120. It's a media darling fad stock for fools. This is a great stock to short. Like the scam solar stocks it will declare bankruptcy and go to zero. The entire concept of the Tesla car is too ridiculous to discuss anymore. Be out of the stock market as it is a house of cards ready to collapse.

First of all, assault rifles are fully automatic. You must have a BATF Class 3 license and be a registered gun dealer to have one. Semiautomatic rifles are not assault rifles. The media loves this term, and calls all legal semiautomatic rifles "assault rifles". In 1774 the muzzle loading flintlock musket was THE ultimate weapon. The British banned them. In 1775 they tried to confiscate them. In 1776 the American Revolution took place. Without the flintlock musket America today would be Little Britain. There would be no America. We would be a mere British colony. All this due to the flintlock musket. If you don't own an AR-15, AK-47, SKS, mini-14 or similar rifle with 1,000 rounds of ammo you are making a big mistake. We'll have the United Socialist States of America (U.S.S.R.) if we give up our guns.

More important than how many guns you have, is how much ammo you have. The ammo will go first. Quietly, the ammo is disappearing every day. More and more states are requiring “face to face” ammo purchases and no mail order or Internet sales. You can get bulk AK and AK ammo for $350 per thousand from many dealers. Bullets are also an excellent investment for barter and trade. The EPA shut down the last lead mine and smelter in America. This means we cannot even make our own bullets. We have no lead!

Quietly, step by step, secretly, without media attention, our gun rights are disappearing all the time. You never heard about the asinine 1988 Undetectable Gun Act (aka Plastic Gun Act) did you? After passing this idiocy there was never one arrest for a "plastic gun". There is no such thing!!! You need lots of high quality steel alloy to make any gun.

Here is a 93 year chart of the DJI adjusted for inflation. (Thanks to Barrons.) You would not make a profit in 100 years after adjusting for inflation. Now do you think the Dow just "made a new historical high"? Hardly. The Dow is over 16,000 ONLY due to endless inflation thru "quantative easing". George Orwell would be proud of them for inventing the term "quantative easing". The sheeple think this is a good thing. That's how stupid they are. The stock market is an overvalued house of cards ready to collapse. The sheeple honestly believe that printing counterfeit green toilet paper is a good thing to do. Yes, that worked just great for Zimbabwe, Argentina, the Weimar Republic, and a long list of other countries. Also thanks to Mark Lundeen for this chart. He puts out a free newsletter, and is one of the only honest people in the investment business.


“Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” ~ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002.

“My opinion of Christian Zionists?    They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.---Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, 2007.

All our wars in the Mideast are for the Greater Glory of Israel. Every one of them Israel controls all 535 members of Congress. Israel wants total control of the Mideast and has used American soldiers to do this. Notice not one Israeli soldier has been in any of them. Our soldiers aren't "brave men fighting for freedom" at all. They are mere cannon fodder killing innocent people in countries we have no business in. Every solider should be brought home, and every foreign military base should be closed today.


Read up on the national Common Core education program. California has already started to use it. As goes California so goes the nation. Another communist brain washing scheme. You think the public schools already  make brain dead zombies out of your children? Well, it's going to get worse. They are already putting RFID chips on them to track them wherever they go. Next will be implanted microchips. Then the adults. Don't kid yourself. It's just a matter of time. 99% of the sheeple will line up for microchips… just like they do for flu shots, just like they do when their children get endless deadly vaccines they don't need, just like they went thru the X-ray machines at the airport (before they were converted to radio wave), just like they accepted the Patriot Act, just like they believed the Sandy Hoax And Boston Bombing scams. This will make them feel “safe” and “secure”. The list is endless.

Look at the above one year HUI chart. The 208 low in early July was violated on the 25th, and then kept falling. It is down to 196. This means a double bottom was not formed. This is not good folks. This indicates we have more weakness to come. The $18.25 silver bottom four months ago must hold, or it will get worse. Gold must hold the $1,190 bottom. The good news is this should not be much of a fall or for long. This is going to be a "V" bottom with a quick rebound. This seems to be the Final Exit for the big banks. They have bought up all the cheap silver and gold in the world. The smart countries like Russia, China, and Iran have bought up all the cheap gold. India put a 100% import duty on both. Not 1% of Americans own any significant amount of gold or silver. And probably only 1 in 1,000 own serious amounts, and put their savings into them. Yes, the working rich will be destroyed as well as the middle class and working class. We have other reasons to see lower prices:

The 30 day silver chart is bearish.

The 30 day gold chart is bearish.

The 30 day HUI chart is bearish.

The 30 day dollar chart is bullish (inverse).


Folks, please take just a minute to watch this 46 second video. Just copy and paste, and you'll go right there. Reverend Manning is a black minister who has no use for

Obama, and says plain and simple, "the nigger failed". He's black and he can say that.


Over three years ago we told you Hillary is not going to run for president, as she is dying of cancer. More and more the media is admitting her health is critical and she cannot run. Recently the National Enquirer ran an entire factual headliner two page article. Dr. Gabe Mirkin watched extensive videos of her. He concluded, “She may have an under-lying medical issue, like a brain tumor”, and has noted, “a radical change in her”. He believes, “the truth about her medical condition has been withheld from the public.” There are 7 billion people on earth, and your poor old author is the only one who has been telling you Hillary is dying of cancer, and will never run for president. She is my age, but looks like my mother- after a MAJOR (and unreported) face lift almost ten years ago. Oriental facial diagnosis was the secret here.

The Whore of Babylon is only 66? She looks 86. This is the very embodiment of evil.

Half of all U.S. households get gummint aid- and that does NOT include Social Insecurity- which you paid for. A hallmark of Marxism- government dependency. It should be ZERO per cent. We’ve forgotten that. The government should never ever be in the welfare business. That is not in the Constitution or Bill of Rights.


What is 2014 going to bring?

*Exploding gold and silver prices.

*Martial law based on another staged “tragedy”.

*Severe hyperinflation.

*Obamacare destroying what little is left of the economy.

*Unemployment exceeded the current 24%.

*Continued collapse of residential and commercial real estate.

*Less food and more expensive food all the time.

*Riots in ethnic cities like Detroit.

*More socialist/Marxist bills passed in Congress.

*More anti-gun and anti-ammunition laws passed.

*Internal travel restrictions including longer no fly lists.

*External travel restrictions including passport cancellation.

*Confiscation of wealth, especially bail-ins to protect banks.

*401k and IRAs may be seized in 2014 or maybe after the 2016 election.

*More and more people seeking government help, instead of seeing government is the    problem, the very cause of their misery and poverty.

*Mainstream media working overtime to keep the sheeple misinformed.

*More people turning to religion and churches as their lives deteriorate.

*Increased drug dependence and alcoholism for the same reason.


This is going to be a very cold, bitter winter folks. Get ready for it. Be prepared in every way you can. Walk around your house and make a list of everything you need. Get a six month supply of every possible item you use daily. Load up on brown rice and dried beans. Forget that expensive freeze dried junk. Have a good generator and gasoline. A kerosene heater and kerosene. If you live in the city or crowded suburbs, then move.  Don’t make excuses, just move. The very best place to be is in a rural area, where you are away from the city. Put every penny you can into physical silver you hold yourself. Have basic guns, but load up on bullets. Guns without bullets are worthless. Better one gun and one thousand bullets, than one thousand guns and one bullet. The ammo will go first.

Common sense and logic tell you to be prepared for the future.


That's all for now. See you in two weeks for the last Rant of the year.

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