Economic Rant

December 17, 2013

"The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable." … H.L.Mencken

Twenty five years ago in 1988 the Undetectable Firearms Act was passed. In a quarter century there wasn't one single arrest. Why? Not one single arrest in a quarter century, but they are going to renew the law for another 10 years. Why no arrests?


This law was just renewed for another ten years. Why? So it can be modified to ban legitimate guns. The media tells you anyone can made a plastic assault rifle with a 3-D plastic printer. That's ridiculous!!! The media tells you plastic guns can be smuggled thru metal detectors and airport scanners. That's preposterous!!! 99% of the sheeple believe that of course. The sheeple believe everything the media tells them. Gun barrels have to be made of high strength steel, or they will blow up. There is no way around this. There is no such thing as a plastic gun or an undetectable gun. The upper receiver (barrel) has to be made of high strength steel, as that is where the bullet is fired. And you need a lot of steel even to fire a small .22 caliber bullet. The lower receiver is merely the firing pin.

HB5337 gives the government authority to take over your 401k and IRA. Look it up for yourself and Google "HB5337". We've been warning you about this for years now. Cash out and pay the penalty. Do whatever you have to do and put your retirement into silver bullion you hold yourself. They can't take that. Google HB5337 and see for yourself. The big surprise is why they would announce this and give the sheeple a chance to cash out. Dump your 401k or IRA and buy silver.

Starve to death in the street if you don't.

It took George Zimmerman 503 days to go to trial and let go after shooting a criminal in self defense. During that time almost 11,000 blacks were murdered by other blacks. Can you name just one of them? Just one? And George was not white; he was a Jewish Latino. Whites don't rob, rape, or kill blacks.


The United States ranks 3rd in Murders throughout the World. If you take out the black on black murder rate in Chicago, Detroit, Washington, DC, and New Orleans it is 4th from the bottom. These four cities have the toughest guns laws in the country, and are all controlled by Democrats. There is no white on black murder, armed robbery or rape rate. (Any such crimes are nearly always Latinos classed as "white".)

Think the economy is going well? Take a look at Target for example. This is one of the very biggest retailers in the world. They are falling off a cliff. Thanksgiving sales were a national disaster. Christmas sales will be another disaster. Christmas sales haven't even been reported for the last two years they are so dismal. Just false claims about, "another record Christmas season for retailers". With 10% true inflation sales should be going up 10% a year just to break even. The stock market is a house of cards, and is going to collapse. This 16,000 level is plain silly. Where does everyone have their IRA and 401k invested? The stock market of course.

Look at McDonalds, the largest restaurant chain in the world by far. This has been one of the top 1% performing stocks for 10 years- until 2013. Despite their endless promotions, advertising, and new products, they are slowly failing. People can't even afford to eat out at cheap fast food restaurants anymore.

If you watch CNBC, and the rest of the disinformation agents, you will hear them constantly yammer about "taper" and "tapering" over and over and over again. Well, there is no tapering and will never be any tapering. The Fed will keep counterfeiting green toilet paper 24/7 until there is a total collapse of the dollar. It will be hyperinflated into oblivion. Only gold and silver will protect you from this, and silver is four times better than gold.  The Fed is the biggest Ponzi scheme in history by far, and they CANNOT stop. All Ponzi schemes keep going until they collapse.

YOU CANNOT TAPER A PONZI SCHEME!!! The Federal Reserve is a massive Ponzi scheme, the biggest the world has ever seen for 100 years now.

Last week the commercials had dropped their net short gold COMEX position to a mere 28,000 contracts. This was huge. On the 6th this fell to only 22,000 contracts.

J.P. Morgan is now massively long gold futures.

Now we find out the infamous J.P. Morgan is now massively LONG gold futures. This is really huge. The rats are leaving the ship before it sinks. The smart banks are going long gold and silver, and dumping their shorts. The net short commercial silver shorts were 16,000 on the 30th, even though this market is one fourth the size of the gold futures. On the 6th this fell to only 12,000. It should be at 5,000 to match the gold drop, since there are about four times more gold contracts than silver contracts. On Friday the 13th we'll see what happens. Remember the COT report is not dependable as they are self auditing. Howsoever...why would they lie about declining commercial positions?

NOTICE: 12/13- the commercials added 7,000 gold shorts and 5,000 silver shorts today. None of this makes any sense at all!

Gold is selling for less than the price of production. Silver is selling for the price of production. Common sense and logic tell you this can't keep up. The mines are suffering due to low prices. This is good for us folks! You can't get gold and silver from the moon- they only come from mines.  Gold could make a classic 50% retracement ($75)to just under $1,300, and silver could make the same retracement to $21 ($2). Then  expect further falls in the price of both. Short term predictions are suicide, but this is a good scenario, not a prediction. You cannot predict the short term. We do know the HUI is in a severe (almost) three year bear market.

NOTICE: 12/13. They made a 30% retracement and kept falling.



"Buy when there is blood in the street". Baron Rothchild said that back in the 18th century. He went on the found the infamous House of Rothchild. There is blood in the street now, and you should be accumulating all the silver bullion you can. I'm looking for $18 to get back into my silver futures, due to the extreme leverage.

Look at the one year HUI chart. Precious metal stocks have fallen from 450 to under 200 in less than a year. Never fight a trend. Never try to pick bottoms or tops. The trend is your friend. Przemyslaw Radomsky at Sunshine Profits is one of us, but he feels the HUI is going to fall to 150. (You can read him on We could get a classic 50% retracement rally to 220 (it fell from 250 to 190, so 30 points would be about right), but that hasn't happened.

Go to and read the December 2013 article "Silver- A Rigged Market Coming to an End". This is one of the best silver articles written this year. He is calling for silver to fall below the $18 June low, but only a dollar or two. You really should take a few minutes to read this fine article.

The U.S. dollar will no longer be the world reserve currency. It has held this status for 82 years since Britain devalued the pound in 1931. Prior to that the pound was the world currency, even though America was founded 155 years prior. Countries around the world can see the Fed hyperinflating the dollar into oblivion and they are damned tired of it. China is no longer buying T-Bills or T-Bonds. Many countries are following their lead. This means all dollar denominated assets (you know, like your bank account, your retirement account, and the Dow Jones) will go completely to hell. Meanwhile, everything you eat, everything you drink, your rent, your utilities will go to the moon. That's a pretty bad combination, right?

Remember how to get rich...

    *buy value (silver) and hold for the long term

    *buy (silver) and hold and add on dips

    *be right (100% silver) and sit tight

    *never trade, never trade, never trade

Folks, this airhead is Secretary of Health.


INSTEAD OF CRYING, YOU SHOULD BE BUYING. Look at the Big Picture, the Long Road. and the world fundamentals. The fundamentals for silver get better by the day. We are almost out of physical silver. No, you cannot begin to mine enough to keep up with industrial and investment demand. There are only a handful of actual silver mines in the world. 90% comes as a by-product of copper, lead, and other metals.

Be thankful for $20 silver. Be more thankful if it falls further. Load up on cheap silver.

Be thankful you have had almost three years now to load up on cheaper and cheaper silver. This is the Final Exit for the Big Banks. J.P. Morgan is now massively long gold futures on the COMEX. This is the King of the Bad Guys, and they are massively long gold futures now. They were massively short, but cut their positions over time, went long, and then added greatly. The gold and silver reserves around the world are all gone. You can get by without gold because it is not an industrial metal. You cannot get by without silver as it is essential to modern technology. No, you cannot substitute any other metal, except far more expensive ones like palladium and platinum.


You've noticed we haven't discussed Bitcoin. That's because it is just more paper silver. It's fine to make transactions with, like Papal. It is not an investment. It is a fad. Lindsey Williams has said it all falls apart this Spring by early March. He claims there will be a world currency revaluation between 204 countries and the dollar will be devalued 30%.


The media gushes about the communist terrorist murderer Nelson Mandela. He should have been executed 50 years ago. Here he is with the head of the RSA Communist Party Joe Slovo clenching their fists in front of the communist flag. Under Mandela's presidency South Africa degenerated into the murder capital of the world. He and his wife Winnie promised repeatedly to, "kill all whites" in South Africa. Why is the world celebrating a hard core communist murderer? They killed a lot of blacks who did  not want to join the ANC communist party as well.

 "If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America. They don't care." -- Nelson Mandela.

Fifty years ago we had real money in America. We had real silver coins and paper money was redeemable in silver. Silver dollars and half dollars were common. If you put a dollar bill and a silver dollar in your jewel box back in 1963, what would they be worth now? Well, the paper dollar would buy you about a quart of gasoline. The silver dollar would be you about six GALLONS of gasoline. The paper dollar would buy one small Value Menu item at McDonalds or Wendy's. The silver dollar would buy you two all-you-can-eat dinner buffets at Golden Corral. That is over a 20 to 1 profit ratio. Paper is paper, and silver is real money.

After 19 years of misrule under Mandela's ANC, the results of the "New South Africa" are in!

  • Murders have increased from 7,000 per year to 25,000.
  • Unemployment is up to 25%. Youth unemployment, 40%.
  • The poverty rate for Whites, previously unheard of, is now 9%.
  • The AIDS rate has skyrocketed to 12% of the population!
  • 50,000 to 60,000 Whites have been murdered since 1994.

Indeed, quite a few Blacks have openly stated that life was better before Mandela! These are inarguable facts, but the media never brings this up. Life went completely to hell under Mandelas communist one party rule.

Back in 1964 only 20% of Americans thought the U.S. should mind it's own business, and let other countries settle their own problems. This kind of arrogance is hard to understand. Now 52% of Americans do NOT want to be the World Policeman. They want to mind our own business and not get involved in the Mideast. They are tired of wars without cause, without meaning, without any basis, other than the Greater Glory of Israel- at our expense. Americans do not want to attack Iran or Syria. They want to bring our troops home from Afghanistan, and the rest of the Mideast. Why do we have 46,000 troops in Germany? Can't they defend themselves? We need to close every single foreign military base and bring home every solider today. The business of America is America.


The Congressional Budget Office study, “The Distribution of Household Income and Federal Taxes, 2010, ” shows that the top 40 percent of households, based on pre-tax income, paid a remarkable 106.2 percent of the nation’s income tax in 2010. That's right 106.2% of the income tax. Meanwhile, households in the bottom 40 percent paid “negative income tax,” receiving an average of $18,950 in government transfer payments, while paying no federal income tax.


Here  is a six month silver chart. We hoped and prayed for a double bottom at $18.60 in June and $19.00 in December. The HUI fell from a 202 bottom to a 192 new bottom. If this same scenario holds true for silver, that is a 5% drop from $18.60 to $17.67. Who cares if you buy silver at $18, $19, or $20. It just doesn't make any difference. Too many good people are expecting another fall in prices, and that would mean a mere $2.43 (5%) theoretical fall from here. That would basically be $18. This is a basic bottom, and that's all that matters.

Merry Christmas to everyone. Yes, America has been a Christian nation for 237 years now. All the Founding Fathers were, in fact, Christians. 2014 will make us rich, but our freedom will keep disappearing.

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