Economic Rant

December 31, 2013

What you could buy for $1.00 in 1913 costs $23.59 today. (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics web site, last accessed December 11, 2013.) A simple calculation would show that prices have increased by 2,259% over the last 100 years. This is what the Federal Reserve has done to us. They have stolen 95% of America's wealth. This Zionist Ponzi scheme is the biggest hoax in world history. Remember the Fed is owned by a dozen Zionist banks. Google "Who Owns the Fed" to find out who they are.

For years we've told you Hillary was dying of cancer. Now the media has finally picked up on the facts. During her recent colonoscopy a malignant brain tumor was found. This is why she cannot run for president- she won't live long enough. She is already getting secret standard medical chemotherapy and radiation treatments. This is why she retired from politics. She already sold her soul to the Devil to claw her way to the top. Why would she quit when she wanted to be president more than anything in the world? All the talk about Hillary running in 2016 is disinformation meant to distract you. The biggest fraud going is, "Are You Ready for Hillary". They collect hundreds of millions of dollars knowing she will never run. You've seen the Ready for Hillary bumper stickers and Internet ads. The Democrats have nobody to run in 2016. Neither do the Republicans.

Thanks for




You need lead to make bullets because of it's density. You cannot use tungsten because it is far, far too hard. This is how the neocons are going to put an end to gun owners- outlaw bullets. Make them impossible to manufacture. Face to face sales and bullet registration. Buy all the bullets you can and store them. They last for decades. Vietnam ammo is perfectly good if stored well.

On December 19 the HUI broke the previous June low to fall to 190. This is scary! Everyone was sure 192 was the low and that would not be broken. This means lower prices for gold and silver. The HUI will not make a double bottom and can keep falling. Gold also made a new low and will not make a double bottom. Only silver has held up, and hasn't even come close to breaking the June low.


London Bullion (LBMA) is out of gold and silver. The COMEX is the largest repository of both. Right now the COMEX has a mere half million ounces of gold for sale ("registered"). This means everyone in America could buy 1/600th of one ounce of gold.

That is $2 worth. The same basic situation exists with silver.  J. P. Morgan is buying up all the gold along with smart countries like Russia, China, and Iran. There are about 50 million ounces of registered silver for sale on the COMEX. This would allow everyone in America to buy 1/6th of one ounce. That is $3 worth. The rest of the world would not get any gold or silver of course. We only have 5% of the world population. This is why you should be buying silver bullion at these levels.

Here's a 13 year silver chart above that makes a point. Silver may well bottom at the $18 area. There is a 0.91 correlation between the HUI and gold. About the same for silver. The HUI just made a new low, so expect

There is no reason to try and pick a bottom for the HUI here. 640 to 190 in 30 months.




Months ago we explained when the yield on the 10 year Treasury Note hits 3.0%, the economy will fall apart. Well it closed at 3.01% and will keep going up. You do not need to understand this situation at all. You just need to understand that when the T-Note goes over 3.0% the economy will fall apart. It just did. Now watch the crash.

Obama had been flirting with Miss Thorning-Schmidt (Prime Minister of Denmark) ever since he arrived in South Africa for the Mandela funeral service. A few minutes later Michele rudely made him switch seats with her to put an end to this. He and Michele are leading separate lives now, and are only together for the sake of appearances during the next two years. When he is out of office they will officially divorce.

We've published this chart before. What does it mean that money "velocity" is at a 60 year low? It means our economy is dead and money isn't moving, isn't changing hands.

Folks, this chart is directly from the Federal Reserve. When money isn't changing hands you have a dead economy.


Let's go over a few basics:

*There is no tapering and never will be. You cannot taper a Ponzi scheme.

*The Federal Reserve is a private Zionist bank and the biggest fraud in history.

*The 100 years under the Fed the dollar has gone from $1.00 to FIVE CENTS!!!

*The Fed has stolen 95% of Americas wealth.

*There is no gold in Ft. Knox. The green toilet paper in your wallet is worthless.

*The real unemployment rate is about 24%, not the official 7% figure. Actually it is much worse than 24%, as many people have just given up, and many have taken jobs beneath them just to survive.

*Severe hyperinflation will destroy this country.

*The old dollar will be replace by the New Dollar at 10 to 1 or 20 to 1.

*The real inflation rate is about 10%, not the official 2% figure.

*House prices are collapsing and there is no "recovery".

*Commercial real estate is also collapsing and will keep collapsing.

*America backed down in Syria for the first time in 237 years of U.S.

history. We are a weak, cowardly nation that attacks Third World countries.

*2014 will be the worst year in American history, and make the Great Depression look like a picnic. The unemployment then was "only" 25%. We had law and order, minimal government, and people took care of each other.

*There should be no minimum wage at all. Let the free market set prices for everything.

*The minimum wage hurts everyone in the end.

*There should be no unemployment, minimum wage, medicare, medicaid, food stamps, welfare, social insecurity, or any other toxic socialist Big Government schemes.

*All the mass murders you've read about from Sandy Hoax to the Navy Yard are all staged hoaxes by the DHS. All the "murderers" were on anti-depressant drugs.

*There really is a New World Order plan, and it is openly discussed by the people who propose it. This is not some "right wing conspiracy theory".

*Israel owns all 535 Congressmen lock, stock, and barrel. All the presidents are merely Zionist sock puppets. The media decides the elections, not the sheeple.

*You must take the guns away to control a country. First the bullets will go, and then the

guns. This may well cause a civil war. American gun owners are by far the largest army

in the entire world, and 100 million strong.

*Silver is your financial saviour, not gold. Not anything else.

*Farmers will thrive as we run out of food and food prices go to the moon.

*Food shortages and high food prices are going to be a major problem soon.

*Social Insecurity was broke decades ago. They will keep sending out checks not indexed for inflation. People are now getting HALF the purchasing power they got 40 years ago,

but are too stupid to notice.

*Nuclear war is on the horizon and Syria proved that. We cannot beat Russia and China.

 *Nearly all pensions and retirement plans are bankrupt, including government pensions.

*The government will seize all IRA and 401k accounts and give out worthless treasury annuities.

*FEMA camps are real. Don't doubt that.

*Martial law is coming and that may happen in 2014.

Look how EVERY currency on earth has failed. Every one of them. Gold and silver never fail, because they are the only real money.


The stock market is a house of cards ready to fall. The insiders have all cashed out. Media touted stocks like Starbucks have a 5,500 to 1 P/E (price to earnings) ratio. It should be about 12/1. Amazon has a 1,421 P/E. Kennedy-Wilson Holdings has an unreal 50,000 to 1 P/E!!! Look at Twitter. It is supposed to be worth 40.7 billion, but has lost money in the last seven years. It currently sells for $64, is up 83% in the last 30 days, but is worthless. It is supposed to keep losing money thru 2015. CNBC keeps telling you to buy Facebook with a 122 P/E. What a joke! It is ten  times overvalued at best. Tesla cars have been losing money from the start and will never make a profit. Sell your 401k/IRA and buy silver bullion and hold it personally. Bury it in your basement if you have to. The 16,500 stock market is a tulip mania bubble. The sheeple will be sheared. Here are just a few examples.



Market Cap

P/E Ratio





59.3 B



183.6 B


Federal Mogul

3 B


Bristol Meyers

88 B


2.7 B


Linked In

24.7 B



22.4 B


Alcoa Aluminum

11 B


Wells Fargo

239 B


Pitney Bowes

4.6 B



12 B



142 B


General Growth Properties

18.6 B



29 B


Mortgage applications are at 13 year lows. The housing market is dead. The commercial real estate market is dead. Many people have simply taken their homes off the market. They know 1) they can't sell it, and 2) the real price is unrelated to the price they want.

The banks are holding tens of thousands of shadow inventory houses as "assets". Assets my rear end. Soon they will become rental agents. The National Real Estate Association is constantly lying to people about the housing boom, the housing recovery, blah, blah, blah.

Yes, that's the Constitution he's burning.

What does this chart mean? It means every state in America is bankrupt. You will not get your private pension, your city pension, your country pension, your state pension, or your federal pension. They are all bankrupt. Forget your Social Insecurity and any pension.


In 2008 Al Gore gave a public speech on global warming. He said by 2013 all the arctic sea ice would be gone, the sea level would go up several feet, and cities around the world would be underwater. Well, it's 2013 and both the arctic and antarctic sea ice is at record high levels. How do we know? By satellites that monitor all this. Go to and find the Still Report #152 Arctic Ice, or just google the term. This is four minutes of truth that will prove global warming is a joke. Cairo just had their first snowfall in 100 years. Jerusalem had their first snowfall in 150 years. Here is the link:

You really, seriously need to see this four minute video to prove we have Global Cooling and not Global Warming. This will be the best four minutes you've spent today.

The Investors Intelligence Bull/Bear Ratio has only been recorded for 25 years now. The bullish sentiment is at record levels! This means a crash is imminent. Remember the insiders have all silently sold their stocks. The stock market is ready to go.


If you refuse Obamacare and do not pay the fine you go to jail!

This was never discussed, of course, during all the debate over government health care. The fine will increase every year until the fine will cost more than Obamacare. You will actually pay a higher fine to get nothing. than pay for getting Obamacare. This will force EVERYONE to get government health care. Understand that overall people under 40 have no need of any healthcare plan at all. Buying health insurance is a losing proposition for people under 40 as a whole. The young are supporting the old. The working are supporting the lazy and stupid. Just another nail in our coffin as a country.

Look at the chart below of what used to be Palestine. In 1946 it was nearly all Palestinian with Jewish settlements thruout the country. In 1947 under the illegal Balfour Declaration, suddenly the Palestinians lost half their land!!! Now in 2013 you can see

there are only small Palestinian settlements. The Israelis are bulldozing those settlements and murdering the people in them. They have isolated them and are starving them to death. Jewish leaders have vowed to get rid of every single Palestinian and Arab and Christian and make Israel 100% Jewish. They're doing a very good job.

Happy New Year! Be sure to prepare for the future as much as possible. Keep a six month supply of food (none of that freeze dried crap), and every single thing you use every day. If you live in the city or crowded suburb then move! Be in the least populated areas possible. Live in the country if you can.

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