Economic Rant

March 02, 2014

“A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”     -Ted Turner, in an interview with Audubon magazine.

People like Ted Turner, George Soros, and Bill Gates have repeatedly stated that 95% of the world population needs to be eliminated. They are right. Even 90% would really be enough. Imagine a world with only 700 million people. Imagine America with only 30 million people.  What a wonderland!!! We don't need to murder 9 out of 10 people. Forced sterilization is much more humane. China and India have used it, just not enough of it. That is one area the One Worlders are correct in. This earth simply cannot support 7 billion breeding subhumans. Look at places like Haiti and the Philippines if you have any doubts about that.

Watch the DJI hit the 16,300 area, and then crash and burn. The "LS/H/RS" refers to the left and right shoulders and head of a classic "head and shoulders" bearish technical formation indicator. The is a real house of cards based on nothing real, and held up by bubble gum and scotch tape. When the stock market crashes, it will be a perfect time for the government to seize everyone's 401k/IRA savings. The worthless treasury annuities will make the sheeple feel "safe and secure". That's all sheeple care about anyway...the illusion of the government making them feel safe and secure.

There are about 500 million people in the EU. Every one of them is going to lose their life savings in their retirement accounts. It's just a matter of time. Savings "mobilization" is the code term for CONFISCATION.

Reuters New Service reported this:

“Exclusive: EU executive sees personal savings used to plug long-term financing gap”- Reuters News Service.

The 28 country European Union is going to steal the life savings of every one of the member countries. It's not a secret anymore. The mainstream media has covered it. There are 500 million people in the EU and everyone with an IRA-type savings will lose everything. The Government is going to steal it to pay their bills. Then it will happen

in America. Plans are already being made. Federal employees are already being forced into worthless Treasury annuities they don't want. You deserve to starve to death if you don't sell your IRA/401k and buy silver.

Here is a drought map of California. Look at the red and orange areas. Dryest time in 500 years. The authorities have cut water off to the farms, since they have none to give them. California produces 1/3 of the fruits and vegetables for America amazingly enough. This one state used to be the fifth largest economy in the world- before socialism destroyed farming there. Expect food prices to explode even more. We've been warning you about skyrocketing food prices and food shortages for years now. It's not just that many food items will be very costly, but some simply won't be available at all. You can stock up on almonds, walnuts, pecans,  pistachios, sunflower seeds, raisins, olives, figs, and prunes, but you can't stock up on onions, garlic, milk, dairy products, grapes, celery, beef, plums, strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes, lemons, avocados, carrots, limes, oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, cherries, melons, cauliflower, cabbage, peaches, peppers, blueberries, spinach, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, asparagus, barley, and oats. California is literally the bread basket of America, and it has dried up like a desert.­­­­­ Every day, in every way, America is becoming a Third World backwater like Argentina. (Argentina used to be the worlds third largest economy- before socialism destroyed it.) We used to have the greatest selection of the best foods in the world at the lowest prices. All that is over folks. Brazil is the largest country in South America and, by far, the largest exporter of food. There are the entire world's largest exporter of soybeans, beef, orange juice, sugar and coffee. 142 Brazilian cities now ration water, and the crops are dying. Brazil is suffering the world drought in decades. The entire world food supply is disappearing.

If you have money for a side bet you can use leverage to make more money. Remember this is a side bet, and not using money you need to retire on. COMEX futures are very sophisticated, and 90% of people lose on them. Futures will give you high blood pressure and sleepless nights. However, you can buy long term silver call options. Your poor old author just bought July 2015 $39 strike price long term silver calls for $1,250. This means the price of silver must go to $39 in the next 16 months and you cash in big time. If silver goes to, say, $50 you will get about $65,000 for your $1,250. Yes, that is a 52 to 1 bet. Don't you like those kinds of odds? If it doesn't reach $39 you lose everything. Your poor old author also bought December 2015 $50 strike price long term silver options. This means silver has to go to $50 in the next 21 months to cash in big time. This is a side bet using money you can afford to lose. Silver, gold and the HUI have all bottomed. Silver is going to $50 this year. J.P. Morgan and the Evil Cartel bankers made money as silver fell, and they will make money as silver rises. J.P. Morgan alone owns over 200 million ounces of actual silver bullion in their vaults. This is the largest hoard of silver on the planet by far. Only 900 million ounces of silver are mined each year. That's how tiny this market is. Most all of that does to industrial use and not bought by investors. You cannot do without silver in a technological society. No, you cannot replace silver, except with really expensive metals like gold, platinum, and palladium.

For all of you who had faith in silver this last 32 months you are now going to be repaid exponentially. We bought silver at $40, at $30, and at $20. Be a silver stacker. The best time to buy silver is when you have money in your pocket.

(thanks to Dixon Diaz and UFS for this)

Who is the overall most productive working group in America? White males over 21. They are losing their jobs every day. This is the very backbone of the economy, and now only 7 in 10 eligible white male workers have a job. Almost 30% would love to have a job, but don't. There aren’t any.

    “What do I think of Christian Zionists?  They are scum. But don’t tell them that we need all the help we can get.”   -Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel.

Well, look at that half of all 535 members of Congress are millionaires. Guess what? All ten of the hundred Jewish senators are millionaires. 100%, not 50%. Diane (take your guns) Feinstein alone is worth $200 million, and HAS NEVER HAD A JOB! That's right she has never worked in her life. She got that $200 million in the Senate. We'll leave it up to your imagination how she did that. John Kerry is also worth $200 million. Why list the rest of them?

Is there any doubt at all in your mind that Sandy Hoax was a fraud, and not one child was injured? If there is any doubt then copy and paste this youtube video and you'll know for a 100% fact it was a DHS staged fraud. Not one child was injured, much less 20 killed.

Parents were never allowed to see their dead children. No one was allowed to see the crime scene? EMTs were not allowed to enter the school. Then the school was torn down, so the hoax can be maintained. Just google "Sandy Hook hoax" and you'll find hundreds of websites proving it was a fraud, just like 9/11, the Boston Bombing, the Navy Yard murders, the Colorado theatre shooting, etc. More frauds are coming so martial law can be declared.

 The COT report is so obviously fraudulent it is not worth discussing anymore. Gold and silver are taking off, yet this report claims the commercials are vastly net short in both. If you believe they are 33,000 net contracts short in silver then feel free to do so. If you feel they are 91,000 net contracts short in gold the same thing. They are self auditing, so facts don't matter to them. As of the 28th silver these have supposedly increased to 39,000 and gold to 117,000. Ridiculous!!! If any of this was true their losses would be absolutely catastrophic into the many billions of dollars. Those of you who had faith in silver for the last 32 months are being rewarded now.  Those of you who bought cheap silver for the last two and a half years will now reap your rewards. The bottom is in, and silver will take off for $50 to $100 this year. We had a $1.02 move on February 14 alone. Put 100% of every penny you have into silver bullion you hold physically. No paper silver and no storage programs. (Options as a side bet with money you can afford to lose are an exception.)

Look at the Nasdaq chart. There is a very good possibility it will make a 14 year double top, and then collapse when it gets near the 5,000 level. The Dow and the rest of the markets will all crash together.

The government can neither make you safe nor secure. Nor can they create jobs, create money, create prosperity, or do anything else of value. Government can only take your money and your freedom. Anyone who is not a gun owner is foolish. The main reason for owning guns (plural) is not the protection of your home and family- it is protection from a totalitarian government. The Second Amendment is your only protection from a totalitarian police state, the only reason Obama is not Emperor Obama.

"We shall have world government whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World government will be achieved by conquest or consent." - James Paul Warburg, Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, 1921-1932, before the U.S. Senate, February 17, 1950

The Zionist Warburg family is one of the twelve owners of the Federal Reserve- which isn't federal, and has no reserves at all. They print green toilet paper out of thin air- literally.  64 years ago Warburg warned us we will have a one world government whether we like it or not. It's almost complete.


Copy and paste this 26 second youtube video to hear Hillary Clinton openly and freely admit Congress gets their orders from the CFR.

Or just Goolge "Hillary Clinton Admits the CFR gives the orders".  Her exact words were that she goes to the "Mother Ship" CFR, "to be told what we should be doing." The CFR is one third Jewish, while the world population is only 0.25% (1 in 400). Rather extreme overrepresentation more than 130 to 1. What is the purpose of the CFR?


"The main purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations is promoting the disarmament of US. sovereignty and national independence and submergence into an all powerful, one world government." - Chester Ward, Rear Admiral and former Navy Judge Advocate 1956-1960 and CFR member for 15 years.


David Stockman is long retired from politics, so he can talk openly now. He warns about the $500 trillion derivatives bomb that is about to implode. Re-member the entire U.S. GNP is the largest in the world, but down to about $10 trillion. There are more derivatives the entire world GNP. We cannot even accurately define what a derivative is. There is "nothing new under the sun", but derivatives are the exception. We have never had derivatives. More proof of End Times. When, not if, the derivatives implode, the entire world economy goes down the toilet. No country will be spared. Ironically, the poor agrarian countries will do much better, as they grow food and have no money to invest or put in banks. The richest countries will be the hardest hit. Just remember $500 trillion in derivatives will collapse any time. Even Senile in Omaha Buffett said that derivatives are economic weapons of mass destruction

We are becoming a nation of renters, not home owners. Renters are blue and owners are brown in the above chart.  Both residential and commercial real estate will keep collapsing. There are tens of millions of homes the banks are holding that are hopelessly underwater. Yet, they list these as “assets”. America used to be a nation of home owners, but all that is over. We’ll soon be a Third World backwater like England. Remember that “Britain ruled the waves” a mere 100 years ago, and was THE world military power.

DHS bought over 2 billion bullets, enough to kill everyone in the U.S., seven times over. These are the targets they are using today- women, children, the elderly, pregnant women. The government is fully prepared to murder as many people as they can. The problem is that gun owners outnumber the police and military by a 100 to 3 ratio.


"The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of "liberalism", they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happen-ed." - Norman Thomas, for many years the U.S. Socialist Party presidential candidate


Whoever controls the money controls the nation! James Rothschild of the Rothschild banking family, which used its enormous power to push forward the Federal Reserve System, said: “The few who understand the system, will either be so interested in tis profits, or so dependent on its favors that there will be no opposition from that class. The great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending its tremendous advantages, will bear its burden without complaint, and perhaps without even understanding the system is inimical to their own interests.” -Rothschild Brothers of London 1863.


After the Department of Homeland Security bought over 2 billion bullets to kill each American citizen seven times over they gave away 13,000 armored trucks to local police departments. These cost a half million dollars each! Now your local police can help the DHS murder citizens. First the bullets will be outlawed, then the guns. Guns are useless without bullets. Load up on all the bulk ammo you can. Make sure you load up on large capacity magazines as well.

Army Gives Out $500,000 Armored Trucks for Free


by Bloomberg News




Feb. 26 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Army is giving away 13,000 armored trucks, worth about $500,000 each. The 20-ton MRAPs, or Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected trucks, were built specifically to save U.S. soldiers from roadside bombs in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Now the trucks are patrolling U.S. city streets. U.S. law enforcement agencies have received the lion's share of this high-powered military surplus. (Source: Bloomberg)

The good news is that there are about 100 million gun owners and only about 3 million police and military. Most of the military is in the Midest killing innocent people for the Greater Glory of Israel. That inclues the National Guard.


Silver supplies are disappearing. The major dealers like Apmex are slow playing their orders and taking weeks to deliver. Coin shops have little stock. Buy all you can now. Buy the cheapest form possible such as 10 ounce bards, 100 ounces bars, junk pre-1965 U.S. coins. Do not buy Silver Eagles, or anything with a premium, as you'll never get that premium back. When you sell silver you'll get melt value, minus a small profit for the dealer. Even silver dollars are very over-priced and only contain 3/4th of an ounce of silver. Sterling flatware is beautiful, but is only 92.5% pure, and has a high premium over melt that can’t be recovered when you sell it. No paper silver like SLV. No storage programs. You must hold this personally and bury it in your basement, or whatever you have to do.

Obama plants to shut down almost 200 more coal power plants before he leaves office. This would make over 25 million homes (entire homes, not merely people) useless. We have 1,000 years of known coal reserves right here in America. You can make any liquid fuel you want from coal with SASOL plants for $2 a gallon. Remember we get 70% of our electricity from coal. Thos anal orifices who drive around in electric cars must think we get our electricity from the moon. Liberals hate coal. Liberals hate all forms of energy, except useless solar, wind, and biofuels...none of which work.

There are 7 billion people on this earth. Only one of them has been telling the world for over three years now that Hillary is dying of one or more diseases, and cannot run for president. The National Enquirer picked this up back in 2012 and suspected brain cancer. In 2013 the Washington Post felt Hillary was not going to run as she was too sick. The Globe this January suspected the same. Now the Daily Caller in February did the most detailed article so far on this. Well known GOP consultant Roger Stone said on Twitter she “is not running for health reasons”. You heard it here first folks back in 2011 here in the Economic Rant. It’s just a matter of paying attention. 98% accuracy for over five years now, and the Rant is free.


Prep and keep prepping. If you live in the city or crowded suburb then move. Don’t make excuses- just move. Prepare as much as you can. You need at least six months worth of whole grains (no flour), beans, and other staples. Stock every single thing you need and walk around the house and make a list of these items. Farmers will thrive during the Much Greater Depression just like they did 85 years ago. Only 1% of Americans are farmers now. 1% can’t feed the other 99%. We need more farmers in this country, but almost no one is interested. You are going to see food prices skyrocket and food shortages never before seen in the 238 years of American history.

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