Economic Rant

March 16, 2014

You know California years ago banned semi-automatic rifles, calling them "assault weapons". An assault weapon is fully automatic, and you need a Class 3 BATF license to own one. As goes California so goes the nation. Well, Minnesota and Missouri have also introduced bills to confiscate all semi-automatic rifles, calling them "assault weapons". Buy a Romanian AK-47 and 1,000 rounds of 7.62 X 39 ammo. Only about $500 for the rifle and $350 for the ammo. Buy 5,000 rounds if you can, and use them later as barter. The bullets will go first. The only thing standing between the American citizens and a totalitarian police state with Emperor Obama is 100 million gun owners. Connecticut already banned semi-automatic rifles and magazines for ANY gun over 10 rounds. Now there are tens of thousands of felons in Connecticut who refused to hand in either. Load up on all the large capacity magazines you can for every gun you have. Ideally you would own an AK-47 or an AR-15 (with the 5.56 upper receiver, so it will shoot both .223s and 5.56s), a 12 gauge police pump shotgun, a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol, a .38 special revolver, a .22 campers pistol and a Ruger 10/22 rifle. Load up on .223s (or 7.62s), and .22 LRs. Unfortunately, the .22s are now a dime each. You do not need to load up on 9mm or .38s or shotgun shells.

We've exposed what a farce the Tesla "car" (i.e. golf cart) is. Well, the stock may be topping and ready to collapse. Remember it has no P/E ratio because it has lost money from the beginning. Anyone stupid enough to buy this stock deserves to lose their money. GET READY TO SHORT TSLA. To short a stock, you just call your broker and tell him you want to go short TSLA instead of long. A $100,000 golf cart without heat or air conditioning. The morons are now building a $5 billion battery plant, as they don't even have batteries for the golf carts. That 900 pound monster battery costs $25,000 and has to be replaced every 5 years. Let's say that again...the lithium ion battery weighs 900 pounds, costs $25,000, and has to be replaced every 5 years.  Have you once ever in your life seen a Tesla car on the road? Of course not. They have lost money from day one. This worthless stock went from $35 to $265 in one year, only because it is an insane and irrational mania. Remember electric cars run on electricity, not moon beams. 70% of our electricity comes from coal. You know…that stuff the liberals hate so much. We have a 1,000 year supply of known coal reserves right  here in America. You can make any liquid fuel you want for $2 a gallon from coal with SASOL plants. TSLA is already down to $238, and looks like it has topped, is rolling over, and ready to crash. In 60 days it took off from 140 to 265 with CNBC cheerleading the way for the sheeple. The entire stock market is a house of cards held together with bubble gum. By the way, 5 states have banned the sale of Tesla cars, and 5 more and going to join them. There are almost no service centers, so there is no way to get your car fixed!!! No one can fix it but a certified Tesla service center- and there are almost none in existence.


Every day long term major corporations like Radio Shack are shutting down stores.

America is shutting down due to Big Government and cancerous socialism. The real jobless rate is about 23%, and not the official “6.6%” rate. Yes, we’ll keep saying this in every issue so people will wake up to this fact. Almost 1 in 4 people who want to work cannot find a job. This will soon go to at least 35% true unemployment. During the Great Depression it was “only” 25%. Do you know one group that will thrive? FARMERS!

Anyone who has anything to do with farming is going to make it thru the Much Greater Depression. Only 1% of Americans are farming though. We need a lot more farmers. We are facing massive food shortages and skyrocketing food prices.


Historian Webster Tarpley, in September 2008, said, "The project of the next administration, if it’s Obama, is to smash both Russia and China. People in Europe had better wake up. That silly romantic illusion that they have about Obama is going to be suicidal...Obama's foreign policy is to have a global showdown with Russia and China."

Germany, Britain, and France are foolishly joining America against Russia and China. This will be the end of them. There is a chance they could still wake up before it’s too late. Not much of a chance though.


You've noticed your Social Insecurity check is now your Federal Benefits check. Folks, this Ponzi Scheme was broke over four decades ago. They have been robbing Peter to pay Paul, but Peter is long dead. It is not a "benefit" in any way; it is money you earned and were forced to give to the government. They spent it over 40 years ago. There is almost no cost of living adjustment for inflation, so you can only buy half of what you used to buy in 1970.


The sheeple are too stupid to notice that they have already been cheated out of half of the social security buying power they had 40 years ago. This will continue until the “benefit” checks simply won’t buy much of anything. 

Everything you've hard about Ukraine is a lie. Yulia Timoshenko (with the blond braid), "Klitscho" is a billionaire, and did 7 years in prison for stealing from her own people.  Yat Yatsenyuk (a Jewish president of Ukraine?) is a major neocon banker and One World Order leader. Victoria Nuland (real name Nudelman), and John Kerry (real name Kohn) and their fake neo-nazi friend Oleh Tyahnybok  are all Zionists, communists, Marxists, puppets, and dupes. Why would the leader of the neo-nazis cozy up with Yat and McCain? Now, do you see the entire game is contrived? The U.S. and Israel concocted this whole deal with Zionist leaders and gentile puppets. We wasted over $5 billion dollars and failed. Putin is laughing. Crimea voted unanimously to join the Russian federation. The Russians did not "invade" Crimea at all. What a lie! They are permitted to have 25,000 troops there at all times since 1990. The same 16,000 were there. No more troops were sent. Russian snipers did not murder protesters. There was no “invasion”. Everything you've heard about Ukraine in the media is one lie after another. By the way, after the puppet government was installed, the neocons stole all the Ukraine gold and took it to the Federal Reserve. It has already been proven in the European press that the demonstrators were killed by paid mercenaries, and not Russian troops. Most of the demonstrators were paid students, leftists, and dupes, not Ukraine citizens seeking “freedom” from Russian domination. Ukraine is Russian. Crimea is Russian. It’s going to stay that way.


 "The terror attacks on Sept. 11 and extreme turmoil in the Middle East point to one thing - World War III. We've been fighting a war for the past 18 months, which is the harbinger of World War III. The world is going to fight, whether they like it or not. I'm sure.''


- Ra'anan Gissin / Senior Advisor To Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon / April 27, 2002 / Arizona Star

Here is Zionist sock puppet McCain with the "neo-nazi" leader (center) Oleh and Jewish president Yat (left). Now, isn't that a funny combination? Get it straight- Ukraine and Crimea are Russian, and will remain Russian. The U.S. and Israel want Ukraine to join the EU, the One World Order, the IMF, and defect. Germany, England, and France should tell the U.S. they are not fighting this war for them. That would leave us out in the cold. Ukraine and Crimea belong to Russia and will stay that way. The newspaper Der Tagesspiegel (Daily Mirror) in a poll of 10,000 readers found 78% said Russia was protecting legitimate interests and Germany should stay out of ths situation.

Here is IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) Commander Delta leading a Jewish militia group in Ukraine. This is right from the Times of Israel, so you cannot debate it. Proof that Israel and the U.S. staged this whole fraud- with the U.S. paying the bill as always.


Rand Paul has finally revealed his true colors as a faithful Zionist sock puppet. He is "outraged" at Russia, and would take severe actions to make them do our bidding, and go along with the New World Order. He has a good chance to run for president in 2016, as the Republicans have no one to run. Neither do the Democrats. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum- no difference at all in either party. If Rand was the real deal he would admit Ukraine is Russian, and we have no business at all meddling in their affairs. He would have better things to do. Just another obedient neocon servant.


Obamacare will cost $20,000 per family of four!!! -I.R.S.

CNS News reports the IRS says that in 2016 the very cheapest (Bronze Plan) Obamacare health plan will cost $20,000 for a family of four. Now, how is a family of four going to come up with $20,000 in cash (you must earn $30,000, and pay at least $10,000 in taxes to pay that)? If you refuse, you will be fined or GO TO JAIL. You will get a prison sentence if you refuse Obamacare and do not pay the fine. Everyone who voted for Obama deserves to get cancer, die slowly, and go straight to Hell. These are official IRS figures folks. The fine will go up and up and up, until it equals the price of Obamacare.


That stupid Zionist subservient clown Obama just froze all Russian assets in America. Now the Russians will dump their Treasury paper and collapse the dollar. France and England should wake, join Germany, and tell America they will not support their evil wars of aggression anymore. Without them we will do nothing about Ukraine. Russian supplies one third of the natural gas to Europe with Gazprom. If they shut off the gas (and oil and kerosene and gasoline and diesel) Europe will come to a standstill. Europe doesn't want war, and they are tired of fighting America's evil wars of aggression in the Mideast. Their crooked politicians are doing this. Polls show consistently that Europeans want nothing to do with American politics.


How about that global warming the liberals keep babbling about? Record cold winters all over the world year after year.

91% of the Great Lakes are frozen over!!!

This freeze is the second in severity only to one prior freeze in 1979. The Northeast was frozen over in February to the point business was paralyzed in many areas. Even as far south as Atlanta ice storms shut down entire cities. Here in Wilmington, NC two ice storms in February paralyzed the town for days each time.

Why should we be happy? Because the GDX gold miners index bottomed in December at 21. Now it is 28. After two and a half years the bottom is well behind us. The HUI bottomed at 190 and is now 252.  Life is good folks!


The silver dealers and coin shops are out of silver bullion!!!

The coin shops and major dealers only have 1 oz coins and maybe some10 oz bars. This will only get worse folks. If you have $22,000 you may ironically possibly find a 1,000 oz (70 lb) bar. Why? Few people have $22,000 in case. You can order, and hope and pray your order will be filled. Tulving was put out of business by the authorities after not delivering on purchases. There is simply no place to buy silver bullion right now. Again, this is not going to improve. The entire world is out of silver. SLV is out of silver. The COMEX is out of silver. London Bullion is out of silver. The military has no strategic re-serve of silver. The U.S. Mint has no silver. The silver mines now sell directly to the big industrial users.

The COMEX has a mere 638,000 ounces of available silver, but 6,473,000 of stored (unavailable) silver. That means they only have 638 (1,000 oz) bars in the vaults. There is no available silver on the face of the earth.


In 1946 Palestine was Palestinian. Both Jews and Palestinians are Semites and lived together in peace basically. In 1947, after the war, all this changed with the Balfour Agreement. Bit by bit, the Jews took over Palestine. Today the Palestinians have almost nothing.

For years it seemed the U.S. was going to attack Iran anytime. The media still rants and raves about the "necessity" or attacking Iran. Well, that's not going to happen. Russia and China have banded together and promised to vaporize us if we invade Syria or Iran. We can huff and puff all we want, but we aren’t going to do anything.

Look at the man the Russian people elected to lead them. Now look at the weak, effeminate homosexual the American people elected twice. When World War III comes down. who do you think will win? (Actually everyone will lose, and no one will win anything.)


Want a perfect example of disinformation? Morgan Stanley bank projects the price for gold this year will be $1,160 and $1,138 in 2015. Gold will be over $2,000 by the end of this year. The sheeple listen to this kind of thing and don't buy gold or silver. The point is to get the public to invest in the failing stock market, not real money- gold and silver. HBSC Bank predicts a 2014 price for silver at $20.80. That is patently ridiculous of course. They are disinformation agents for the sheeple. Keep downplaying gold and silver so the great unwashed masses won't buy any.



We all know the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) has been the Gold Standard for student testing for decades…and for very good reasons. Every year the SAT scores keep going down. Instead of closing the government schools and forcing every parent to pay to send their children to private or religious schools, they are lowering the SAT standards. That's right, they are giving stupid kids higher scores so they feel better about themselves. They are legitimizing stupidity folks. Isn't that wonderful?  There should be no government schools or government universities. If you want to have children, then pay to send them to private or religious schools. The government should not be in the education business. "Public" schools and universities are merely government brain washing centers. Having a degree from a "public" high school or university has no meaning. Now the SAT standards will be lowered, and stupidity will be rewarded. Just one more sign of End Times folks.


The liberals have been trying to create government kindergarten (pre-school) so the children can be brainwashed even more than they are now. They have every intention of doing this- let the government raise your children for you. The Peoples Republic of California desperately tried to do this, but they're bankrupt and deeply in debt. If they had the money, they would have done this years ago. Let the government raise your children and brainwash them totally and completely into mindless androids. As goes California, so goes the nation. Karl Marx would be delighted to live in California today, as his dreams have not only been realized, but greatly expanded.


The U.S. government is bankrupt and deeply in debt. It will do everything possible to tax the citizens to death. The Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA) is the Internet tax scheme. Not only will people be taxed to death, but it is estimated to cost 17 cents per dollar in compliance costs. Taxing 50 different states plus jurisdictions like D.C. and Puerto Rico will cost 17% of your gross. This will put many companies out of business. It will ruin

the profits of many others. We should have no Internet tax, but you can't stop it. Don't bother writing your congressman, because he or she doesn't care about you. Also the tax will just keep rising every year- like all taxes do.


The bottom was in months ago for gold and silver. The HUI has gone up almost 1/3 in less than 90 days!!! After two and a half years of endless patience we have blue skies ahead. A lot of VOLATILITY certainly where we will see silver go up on down a dollar or more in just one day, but blue skies from here. Buy all the silver bullion you can and hold it personally. No paper silver, no storage programs, no silver stocks.


Let’s go over guns again. Buy ammo. Buy .22 LR hollow points, 9 mm, .223s and 7.62s. The ammo will go first. You can buy very inexpensive bullets on the Internet, so load up. Remember these are also investments and can be bartered later on for whatever you want. .22 LR bullets are now 10 cents each, and many dealers are out of stock. Not long ago you could get a brick of 500 for $10 (2 cents each). Also buy all the large cap magazines you can and drum magazines as well. You can get drum magazines for the Ruger, your AK and even your AR. Ideally, you should have a .22 Ruger 10/22 rifle, a Romanian AK-47, an AR-15 with a combination .223/5.56 barrel, a .22 calibre “camper pistol”, a 12 gauge police pump shotgun, a .38 revolver, and a 9mm glock pistol with extra magazines. You do not need to load up on  .38s, 9mm, or shotgun shells.


Prep, prep, and prep some more. Be prepared. Move out of the city or crowded suburbs. The more rural you are the better. Load up on whole grains (no flour), dried beans, condiments, some canned goods, toilet paper, bath soap, detergent, paper towels, Kleenex, , light bulbs, a generator, gasoline, propane, toothpaste, and every possible thing you use daily. A 3,000 watt generator converted to propane, with an 80 gallon propane tank would really be nice. Gasoline goes bad after a year, propane doesn’t. Just be prepared. It only makes good sense to be prepared. The Boy Scouts have done it for over a hundred years. The Mormons do it as a matter of good practice.

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