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April 01, 2014

March 24- Israel closed every one of the 103 embassies and consulates in the world. That means anything can happen. We can’t attack Syria or Iran, or Russia and China will vaporize us. This means a “false flag attack” where Mossad bombs someone and blames the Syrians or Iranians. Remember the mantra of Mossad is to, “make war by way of deception.” That is their admitted and official purpose. They did 9/11, and then blamed it on Arabs with box cutters. Russian Today, Haaretz, and the Jerusalem Times reported this closing, but everyone else was silent. They were too busy lying about flight 370 to report the real news. The media has simply ignored the closing of every Israeli embassy and consulate in the world. The idea this is a “strike for better wages” is ludicrous of course. Something evil is up folks.


"The terror attacks on Sept. 11 and extreme turmoil in the Middle East point to one thing - World War III. We've been fighting a war for the past 18 months, which is the harbinger of World War III. The world is going to fight, whether they like it or not.''

 - Ra'anan Gissin / Senior Advisor To Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon / April 27, 2002/ Arizona Star

Twelve years ago Ariel Sharon’s Senior Advisor said World War III was just a matter of time. Too many intelligent newsletter authors are saying Ukraine is an unmitigated disaster leading to world war. Ukraine will collapse from infighting. The citizens of the EU are overwhelmingly against sanctions for Russia, yet the politicians don’t care. Referendums in France, U.K., and Germany prove the overwhelming majority of Europeans do not want to interfere in Russian affairs. For the U.S. and EU to sanction Russia is like trying to cut your own arm off. It will be worst for us than Russia. The Crimean Parliament voted almost unanimously to join Russia. Then a public referendum did the same thing. THIS IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. Ukraine and Crimea are Russian issues that are simply not our business. The Russians did not "invade" Crimea- that's preposterous. Again, Crimea’s Parliament voted 97% to join Russia. Then the voter referendum did the exact same thing.

March 25: Turner Radio Network reports Turkey has invaded Syria with tanks and missiles. Why isn’t the media reporting this? Is this related to the Israeli embassies closing? We’ll know soon. Endless yapping about flight 370 to keep your attention off what is really happening. China, Russia, and Iran will defend Syria. Closer and closer to world war every day.


The authorities know exactly where Malaysian airliner 370 is. Are you sick and tired of having this shoved down your throat non-stop week after week 24/7? Have you ever in your life seen one incident shoved down your throat non-stop week after week like this? It’s not “missing” in any way. You cannot lose a Boeing 777. There are too many different and unrelated transmitters onboard. Most of them cannot be turned off. Did you know the Rolls Royce Engines have radio transmitters that transmit to England constantly during flight? These cannot be turned off either. Week after week the media just won’t shut up about the “missing” airliner. It is not missing. With today’s technology, the authorities know exactly where it sunk. The authorities also know who did this and why. Soon, we’ll be clear who did this and why. Israel actually had the nerve to try and blame Iran!!! Something very evil is going on here. Strangely enough an IDENTICAL Boeing 777 Malaysian airliner was delivered to Tel Aviv in November, and has never been seen again. This was proven on Plane Spotter and other aviation websites. Why did they order an IDENTICAL clone four months ago? Meanwhile, all this “searching for the airliner” is just media disinformation to divert your attention. The tracking technology the governments have is far beyond anything the public has ever heard about.  All this ridiculous talk about “looking for the missing air-liner” is just smoke and mirrors to keep your attention of what is really happening in the world.


World War III is getting closer by the day. The entire world economy is collapsing. We are running out of food. We have over 7 billion brain dead subhuman sheeple on the planet, when we should have a half billion or less. This is End Times. For the first time in human history there isn’t one square inch of freedom on this earth. That alone defines End Times. America was the last bastion of freedom, but elected an avowed radical Marxist homosexual twice. One with a totally fabricated background and birth certificate by the way. No, Jesus isn’t coming back; he wouldn’t waste his time. No, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are not going to ride thru the sky. We’re facing nuclear war. Russia just told us on their national TV they will “reduce us to nuclear ash” if we keep interfering in their internal affairs. Open your eyes, pay attention, and you will see this is clearly End Times. Great events cast their shadows before them. If you just pay attention you will see what is ahead. Meanwhile prep as best you can afford to. The more rural your home the better. A propane run generator is a must. Whole grains and dried beans. Lots of ammo. Everything you use every day. Walk around the house and make a list. Prepping is not paranoia- it is simply common sense. Be prepared, be ready.

In a bid to stem taxpayer losses for bad loans guaranteed by federal housing agencies Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac, Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) proposed that borrowers be required to make a 5% down payment in order to qualify for a loan. His proposal was rejected 57-42 on a straight party-line vote because, as Senator Chris Dodd (D-Conn) explained, "Passage of such a requirement would restrict home ownership to only those who can afford it." Words fail here! Folks, please read that again. Senator Dodd says everyone has a right to own their own home whether they can afford to or not. He is saying we cannot stop people from buying homes with YOUR TAX MONEY- even if they can’t afford one. This is mind boggling. Dodd is your typical Democrat liberal who will take care of the poor with YOUR money. Your tax money funds Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac. Why is the government in the home loan business anyway? Is that in the Constitution?  Marx and Lenin would certain approve though. This is just one of a million reasons we’re bankrupt and over $200 trillion in debt. Since the entire GNP is down to about $10 trillion that means the worst depression the world has ever seen.

Here is a proud, intelligent, informed black woman who values freedom and prosperity over socialism and Big Government. This woman chose to make a life for herself, instead of blaming slavery, racism, and prejudice for all her problems. She doesn’t want a welfare check or food stamps. That’s why she’s successful in life. If more black people were like her, Obama would not be president. 98% of all black voters chose Obama simply because of his skin color. That’s real racism. Now they are going to pay for that. That is what decided the election. Not that Zionist sock puppet Romney would be any different. Voluntary slavery is infinitely worse than forced slavery. Nearly all black Americans choose enslavement to the government. 98% voted for Marxism, not once, but twice. In the history of the world only white people have formed democratic governments. Can’t argue with facts.


For years we’ve explained that America is the Saudi Arabia of coal. We have 1,000 years of  coal reserves right here in the U.S. With the SASOL process you can make jet fuel, diesel, propane, and gasoline for $2 a gallon all day. Those “awful, terrible” Germans invented this about 1940, and it has been improved vastly. The liberals will not allow one SASOL plant to be built in America, yet gasoline is $4 a gallon nationwide on the average. Howsoever, a SASOL plant is being built in Nigeria for the Escravos Project. This will give Nigerians cheap energy, while we pay thru the nose. We should have at least one SASOL plant in every state, and several plants in larger states like Texas, Florida and California. Our standard of living would go up dramatically, and we could actually export oil rather than import it. We need to start building SASOL plants. We need to start using more of our own oil. We have 100 years of known oil reserves. We have hundreds of years of known natural gas reserves. We have 1,000 years of known coal reserves. We have abundant hydroelectric power. We could shut down every nuclear energy plant.  Wind power, solar power, and biofuels are all sick jokes for demented liberals. By the way, the windmills are killing countless endangered and protected birds every day, especially eagles. T. Boone Pickens lost billions on idiotic windmills.

                                                    The Rape of Nanking

The largest human holocaust by far was when Stalin killed 40 million Russians. The most horrendous human holocaust is called the “secret” or “unknown” one in Nanking (now Nanjing). In 1931 to 1945 the Japanese slaughtered 350,000 helpless Chinese elderly, women, children, and non-military men. This is called the Rape of Nanking. For 14 years this went on, until after the war was over.  There was never an apology by Japan, almost no criminal trials, or war reparations, and only 38 officers were prosecuted. Iris Chang’s book The Rape of Nanking finally brought this to light. In addition to the 350,000 citizens, 300,000 Chinese soldiers surrendered after they were promised amnesty. Instead, they were murdered and thrown into the river. Beheading men, women, and children was a sport. Yes, chopping the heads off children and raping children. Raping contests were daily occurrences. Two officers had a beheading contest and cut off 150 heads each. Crucifixions were everyday events. Burning people alive with gasoline was a cheap way to kill them. Using live people for bayonet practice was funny to them. Long lines of soldiers raping women until they died of internal bleeding was normal. The hundreds of thousands of bodies were usually just thrown into the Yangtze River, rather than bother to bury them. Being a liberal, Iris missed the point entirely. (She later went psychotic and committed suicide.) The only reason this happened was Chinese citizens were forbidden to own firearms. They would not have even known how to load or fire them. They were defenseless against the Japanese. They had no 2nd Amendment or gun rights of any kind. They would not have even needed military weapons. If the citizens merely had cheap .22 caliber, single shot, bolt action, open sight rifles and .22 pistols this massacre would have never happened. This would have never have occurred if they just had gun rights. Also, for every soldier you kill or wound, you take their weapons. This doubles your weapons and ammunition supply. The Japanese would have retreated and gone home. Seriously, the Japanese would have simply turned around and left after severe damage. This is what happens when people don’t have gun rights. This is how Stalin killed 40 million people- they had no guns to defend themselves. The most important need for gun rights is to protect yourself from a tyrannical government- like the one we have now. The second need is to protect your home and family. The founding fathers made it clear that your only real protection from Big Government is the right to own firearms. The ammo will go first. Buy all the ammo you can afford. Unfortunately, .22 LR bullets are very expensive at 10 cents each. 5 years ago you could buy a "brick" of 500 .22 LRs for $10. Now that same brick is $50. Buy all the bullets you can and store them in sealed containers. You can get 9 mm, and AR ammo for about $350 per 1,000, and AK (Wolf) for $250. You can still get a new Romanian AK-47 for under $500. Load up on large cap magazines as well. Soon bullets will be sold by licensed permits only and large cap magazines will be banned along with semi-automatic (they aren't "assault weapons") rifles.

This is what happens when you are denied the right to bear arms. Here is a photo of children and infants in Nanking they were raped, tortured, slaughtered, and beheaded for fun and sport. Yes, children were raped, tortured, and beheaded for fun. Japan is the most affluent and technological Asian nation. Do you think that makes them human? Think again. The “Way of the Warrior” Bushido Code and Samurai Honor Code are all hypocrisy. Not only did they do all these things, but the war time atrocities with American soldiers were just as bad. They ate human flesh (i.e. American soldiers) when they ran out of food. This is documented historical fact.  They beheaded American soldiers, and tied their heads to their jeeps and tanks. They put female prisoners in whore houses for the soldiers. “Comfort women” whore houses were everywhere. The torture was incomprehensible. The Bataan Death March was just one of countless horrors. They proved repeatedly they are anything but real human beings.

By the way, who do you think saved hundreds of thousands of these Nanking people from death? None other than John Rabe, a high ranking vice president of the Nazi Party. He saved them with a Red Cross Safety Zone the Japanese dared not to violate. They feared the Germans, greatly even though they were allies. He was known as the “Buddha of Nanking”. Yes, the Germans actually protected the Chinese simply out of compassion. The Germans had no “death camps” or gas chambers. They had labor camps. The European Jewish population greatly increased during World War II.

When you don’t have the right to freely own firearms you have no protection at all from your own government. You have no protection at all against invasions. Why do you think Switzerland has thrived all these years? Every adult male is required by law to have military training, and keep a fully automatic AR-15 in his house. Mandatory two week military training every year. You will commonly see civilians on public transportation with their (unloaded) fully automatic AR-15s going to military training. Women and children are also taught to shoot. No country has ever even considered invading Switzerland for this very reason. They refused to enter World Wars I or II. No one ever even thought of invading them.

We have been suggesting shorting the Tesla (TSLA) golf cart for weeks now. Well, it topped at 260 and is falling. It is not too late to short it. This could go to zero- like the solar energy companies Obama gave your tax money to. Netflix (NFLX) at $359 is another potential short to watch. Wait for it to top and start to fall.

Yes, we got a bump in the road with gold and silver as of the 17th. Your poor old author dumped his 30 silver futures at a profit ($20.40), but is buying bullion at $20. These will be bought back at $19.00 if touched. They will We told you, “silver, gold and the HUI have bottomed, silver will be very volatile by nature, and we have blue skies from here.” Well, two out of three isn’t bad. Look at these gold and silver charts. The price went up too far too fast. This makes for weak markets. A normal and expected 50% correction would have made for a stronger market. Gold would have fallen 50% (1,200 to 1,400) to $1,300. Silver would have fallen 50% (19 to 22) to $20.50.  The HUI would have fallen 50% (190 to 260) to 225. All three of these broke that 50% support. To his credit P. Radomsky (Sunshine Profits on predicted all this very strongly weeks ago- well before it happened. Read his March 27 post on Kitco as he is still bearish. Will silver hold massive, triple $19 support? Gold will certainly hold $1,200 support.




Meanwhile, we have a severe shortage of actual silver bullion, while prices are collapsing. This shortage will only get worse. The mines now sell directly to the big industrial users. The U.S. Mint has none. The military has none. SLV is almost empty. The COMEX is almost empty of registered (buyable). London Bullion is out. Major coin shops simply have one ounce bars. This makes no sense of course, and cannot continue very long at all. Do not buy from the big dealers, as they are out of silver. They claim to have large stocks, and promise immediate delivery. Once you send your check, the story changes, and you have to wait and hope you get delivery. This is huge for us folks.

Are you unhappy that silver has fallen? Don’t be. Just buy more physical bullion- if you can find any. “Buy when then is blood in the streets” said Baron Rothschild. That made him the richest man in the world. These are the four rules that made people like Buffett and Soros rich. Well, under $20 silver defines blood in the streets. Let’s go over the four points on how to get rich...

     Buy and hold and add on dips

     Be right and sit tight

     Buy value and hold for the long term

     Never trade, never trade, never trade


Every paper currency in the world has failed. The American currency has failed THREE times in the last 238 years, but you’re not taught that in school. The U.S. dollar is being hyperinflated into oblivion, and this is being done on purpose. There hasn’t been any gold in Ft. Knox in over fifty years. The Federal Reserve isn’t federal, and has no reserves. They print green toilet paper 24/7 out of thin air. Gold and silver are your ONLY economic savior, and silver is four times better than gold. Dump your IRA/401k and buy silver bullion. No silver stocks, no paper silver, and no storage programs. You must hold this yourself, if you have to dig a hole in your back yard and put a concrete patio over it.

There are over 300 million people in America. So far, only about 5 million have signed up for Obamacare. That is 1 in 60 folks. Remember that anyone under the age of 40 should not get health care as a group. Any form is a total disaster for people under 40. This means the younger people are unjustly paying the medical bills for the older people. Go to and read the article Don’t Get Health Insurance under D. You insure your health with diet, supplements, hormones, exercise, fasting, no bad habits and no Rx drugs. Then read Be Your Own Doctor. That’s REAL health insurance. Not after the fact allopathic (treat the symptom and ignore the cause) treatment. Rand Paul is another Zionist sock puppet who sold his soul to the New World Order, but he will dump Obamacare in 2016 if elected. He is the Republican front runner, with that disgusting, fat assed Christie in second place. The Democrats have absolutely no one at all to run in 2016, since Hillary is dying of cancer. An article in the Wall St. Journal verified she is not running. Her own people are admitting she won’t, but lying about the reason. All these “Ready for Hillary” and “Defeat Hillary” groups are scams for stupid people. This is what America has come to…a Third World backwater totalitarian Marxist police state that doesn’t have one decent person to run for president in either party. Only 1% will vote Libertarian, and many states refuse to let you vote for a third party candidate. Never vote for the Lesser of Two Evils. Vote Libertarian when you can. The powers that be do NOT want third parties and have tried to ban Libertarians.

This is a March food line in Venezuela. Yes, it goes back for miles. People wait for days to get government handouts. This is the price of socialism. This is what you get when you depend on government, instead of standing on your own two feet. This is what Marxism does to people. Venezuela has massive oil reserves, natural resources and great agricultural capacity. In a free market there would be cheap plentiful food for everyone with a job.

The above chart from Barron's shows that things were pretty reasonable until about 1970. Now the Fed prints green toilet paper 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, month after month. There is no gold in Ft. Knox, and hasn't been for over 50 years now. Your only economic protection is gold and silver, and silver is four times better than gold. SEVERE HYPERINFLATION IS YOUR FUTURE.

America is going to allow women in deadly military combat. We will join Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Norway, and Sri Lanka. Now can you see this is End Times?

Did you know that none of the twenty "dead children" or six adults at Sandy Hoax were ever born, or ever died? That's right, not one birth certificate or death certificate for any of them. Nancy Lanza was really Anne Haddad, a DHS actress. Peter Lanza never existed and was never once interviewed. Adam Lanza- "the killer"- hadn't been seen in five years and was long ago deceased. Yet, 99% of the sheeple have no doubts about the "tragedy" at Sandy Hoax. Just Google "Sandy Hook hoax" or a similar term and you'll get thousands of pages of inarguable proof. Same with the Boston Marathon hoax. Same with the Colorado theatre shooter (notice how he completely disappeared?). The Navy Yard shooting in DC was another hoax to take your attention of Syria. American backed down for the first time in 237 years. That's right- the politicians backed down when they saw those Russian and Chinese war ships off the coast of Syria. First time America has ever backed down since 1776.

That's it. Pay attention and you'll see evil has taken over the world, this is End Times, nuclear war is right down the road. Prepare as best you can financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

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