Economic Rant

June 16, 2014

“Once the government becomes the supplier of people's needs, there is no limit to the needs that will be claimed as a basic right.” — Lawrence Auster

This is what we see today. Many people feel they are entitled to everything they want  without working for it. Food, shelter, medical care, clothes, school, have somehow become "rights". Actually, you only have a right to work for a living. Private charities will take care of the ones who honestly cannot support themselves, not government bureaucrats. The politicians who promise the most free "stuff" win the elections.

The only reason we have any rights left at all in America is due to the 100 million gun owners. This is the ONLY thing that stands between us and the worst, Orwellian totalitarian nightmare of complete control by government. Read that again...the most important reason for people to own guns is to protect themselves from government. Not self defense, home protection, or anything else.

 The new Obama coal regulations will close our coal energy plants. They will destroy the standard of living for Americans. Energy costs are already skyrocketing and lowering the standard of living- especially for the poor. Liberals always claim to "love the poor", but the truth is they  hate the poor. People like Hilllary, Obama, and Reid, want as many poor people as possible so they can always be voted into office. The poor can only get what they need from the government now, so they will vote for the biggest socialist, the most extreme communist. We get 70% of our electricity from coal. First, the claim by the media is only 40% of our electricity comes from coal. It is really 70%. We cannot do without coal powered electrical plants. We are the Saudi Arabia of coal, and have over 1,000 years of known coal reserves right here in America. You can make gasoline, kerosene (jet fuel), and diesel fuel out of coal for $2 a gallon with the SASOL process. The government won't allow one SASOL plant to be built however. This is purposeful to pretend we have an energy shortage. We cannot substitute natural gas, and we sure don't want anymore nuclear plants- they already supply 20% of our needs. There is a severe physical limit to hydro-electric plants. Solar energy is a joke, since there is simply no wattage in sunlight. You would need an entire million dollar acre of solar panels to sustain a normal 3 bedroom house. The batteries needed would be off the charts in price. Windpower is another bad joke. Biofuels are too ridiculous to discuss.

We have 1,000 years of known coal reserves, 100 years of known oil reserves and another 100 years of know natural gas reserves. We are floating in energy! The idea that CO2 is a "poison" is too ridiculous for words. What did we all learn in high school? That CO2 is vital for life on earth, and part of the photosynthesis cycle. CO2 is necessary for all life on this planet. This proves how totally stupid the general public is to listen to such insanity. Look at the cycle below- we all learned this in the tenth grade!!! CO2 is necessary for the very oxygen we breathe.

You've seen the above photo of the Great Depression in 1929 in previous Rants. Well, this time there won't be any free coffee, donuts, and soup. The Much Greater Depression will make the last one look like a Sunday picnic.

NO COPS WERE SHOT IN LAS VEGAS! No dead bodies.  Just another DHS scam for the sheeple. The May 23 Isla Vista (Santa Barbara) "mass murder" is another hoax like Sandy Hoax, and all the rest. Just Google "Isla Vista murder hoax" and you'll see the details. Now the Social Security Master Death Index (SSMDI) has been effectively shut down by using a three year delay. This has always been up to date free public information. Now there is a three year delay. Why? People saw these fake murders had no listed deaths! The fake dead people were not listed in the SSMDI because they didn't exist. Just DHS actors. No one died in the Navy Yard shooting. No one died at the LAX shooting hoax. No one died at the Clackamas Mall. No one died or was injured at the Boston non-Bombing. No Canadian mounties were killed in Moncton. No Seattle high school shooting. No Oregon high school shooting. Hoax after hoax after hoax. And so poorly done. Just Google any mass killing, with the word "hoax" or "scam", and you'll see proof it never happened.

The Seattle school shooting is a hoax. What is the point? To take your guns away, that's the point. Harry Reid is calling for universal gun registry. Harry and his friends want all your guns. You can't have a totalitarian police state if the sheeple own guns. The police admitted that Jerad Miller in Las Vegas had a fake gun. Why would a mass killer have a toy gun??? No cops were shot. No one in Wal-Mart was shot. Notice that the Millers were portrayed as anti-government, racist, white supremacist domestic terrorists. Anyone who doesn't worship the government is a terrorist now. Libertarians and people who believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights are now officially considered domestic terrorists.

On June 13 the open interest (OI) for the COMEX futures was a humongous 379,000 for gold and 162,000 for silver. Massive OI like this generally means a big move. This move is most probably going to be down, not up in the very short term. The trend is still clearly bearish despite the positive uptrend this last week. The commercials continue to drastic-ally reduce their short positions. gold is down to only 63,000 net shorts. Silver is down to only 14,000 net shorts. Strangely enough, the commercials raised their shorts almost 50% from 10,000 this week. They are eventually going to get out of their short positions and be net long. When then finally join us gold and silver will not be held back anymore. This manipulation thru the COMEX has been going on for more than 20 years, and is about over. All manipulations end is disaster for the manipulators.

Here is the Silver Bears chart from Casey Research for the fifth time. We are the BLACK line. This is the eighth long silver bear market in 46 years. Yes, history repeats, and not just rhymes. This is about over folks. The HUI really did bottom at 190 several monthsago. Be a SILVER STACKER. Just accumulate all the physical silver bullion you can in your own hands. No paper silver, no storage programs, no silver mining stocks.

Obama gave a speech at West Point. The cadets were forced to attend despite their total revulsion at their Commander in Chief (what a laugh!). He emphasized his commitment to attack Syria by saying he wanted to "save" the Syrian people. Like we "saved" the Iraqi people by killing a half million women, children, elderly, and unarmed men. We already backed down from Syria last year when China and Russia showed up with one single warship each. Then the fake Navy Yard shooting was staged by DHS to take the attention off American cowardice. We haven't won a war in 70 years. We lost in Korea and we lost in Vietnam. We are now a has been, over the hill military power. Obama openly told the cadets he was committed to endless wars against "terrorism". America is now a third rate military power behind both China and Russia. They have made a military pact to stop further U.S. aggression in the world, especially against Syria and Iran. We have now moved over a thousand troops and F-16 jets into Poland. Did you know that? We now have a permanent military base in Poland. We can't afford that. This is not defense in any sense of the word- it is insane, evil, naked aggression plain and simple. We are bankrupt, deeply in debt, and can't possibly afford this kind of insanity.

The Chinese own more of our T-Bonds than anyone else. Why? Russia still owns a lot. Why? Why would anyone buy worthless American Treasury paper valued in worthless U.S. dollars? The truth is sales are collapsing and the government is lying as usual. Want proof? the claim is tiny Belgium now owns almost $400 billion in T-Bonds. Folks, Belgium doesn't have $400 billion dollars to buy anything, much less T-Bonds.

Obama is just a puppet. There is only one party in America- the Republicrat Party. No different than Cuba or North Korea. The Federal Reserve makes currency, not money, out of thin air, and then charges the American people interest. The biggest financial scam in the history of the world. The dollar is worth 5 cents after the Fed took over 101 years ago. it is owned by twelve Zionist banks. Just Google, "who owns the Fed" to prove that. It's open knowledge, and hardly a secret, but maybe 1% of citizens understand this simple truth. Go ahead and Google "who owns the Fed" and learn something.

Australia raised their national minimum wage to $16.87 an hour. Yes, you read that correctly- almost $34,000 a year for uneducated, lazy, worthless, shiftless retards. You've heard by now the city of Seattle raised the minimum wage to $15. Business owners filed a class action lawsuit in protest. Many businesses will simply close down from this. Many cities in California are going to mandate equally such asinine wage minimums. Now look in the mirror and tell yourself this isn't End Times. San Francisco already has a minimum wage of $11.50, and is racing to match Seattle now. Just imagine giving some dumbass $15 an hour to flip burgers, wash dishes, empty the trash, or sweep the floor. The entire world has gone insane. Many self destructive big business CEOs are onboard with  this stupidity. For example, the founder of Subway said he agrees with a minimum wage indexed for inflation. Folks, the government has no business mandating any wages. The free market determines wages, not bureaucrats. A worker is worth what he or she is worth. You cannot legislate affluence. Why not $50 an hour for everyone? Then we could all drive Cadillac's and live the good life.

Wherever you look, it just gets worse. In New Jersey (home of ultra liberal fat ass Chris Christie) and California, if your under 18 child is a homosexual you cannot take him or her to a therapist to treat them. It would be interfering in their "natural inclinations" and cause them to be depressed and suicidal. That's right, you'll go to jail and your child will be taken away from you if you try to treat them. Is reality upside down or what?


Here's a 13 year chart of food inflation in the U.S. Notice in the last ten years this has gone from about $84 to over $180. Wow! And the government tells us inflation is under 7%? We used to have the most plentiful, varied, and inexpensive supply of food in the entire world. Why? THE FREE MARKET made it that way. People on welfare could eat like royalty in America. All that is over folks. Food prices go up by the day now.


$710 trillion in world derivatives.

$73 trillion world GNP.

Can only end in total disaster.


Still not clear this is End Times? There are now an incomprehensible 710 trillion dollars in worldwide derivatives. This is almost 10 times more than the entire global GNP of 73 trillion. Let's spell that out...there are far, far more derivatives that all of the entire worldwide global gross national product. This is going to end in the worst disaster the world has ever seen. People who own gold and silver will prosper. Here is a good definition of derivatives:


"A derivative, put simply, is a contract between two parties whose value is determined by changes in the value of an underlying asset. Those assets could be bonds, equities, commodities or currencies. The majority of contracts are traded over the counter, where details about pricing, risk measurement and collateral, if any, are not available to the public."

In other words, derivatives have no intrinsic value at all. No value of any kind actually.

Little doubt left in your mind about this being End Times? One in ten Americans are on antidepressants. That means about 30 million people, mostly women. One fourth of American women over 40 years of age are prescribed antidepressant medication. "Only" 15% of men in that age group though. Zoloft, Lexapro, Prozac, Paxil, Cymbalta, and Luvox are the most common. Why are women so depressed, so anxious, so miserable they have to try to numb themselves with toxic, dangerous drugs?


Folks, for the first time in the history of the world no currency on earth has any value at all. Throughout human history there was always at least one valid currency backed with gold and/or silver. No more. Every currency on earth is worthless colored toilet paper. This is why you have to own physical bullion and hold it yourself. Even gold and silver mining stocks are valued in U.S. or other worthless currencies.


Silver is At or Below the Cost of Production

You can't lose buying silver. There is no valid reason for any mines to hedge production. If the price of silver falls anymore, the mines with either have to shut down temporarily, or store the silver they mine without selling it. That would mean no cash flow. There is nowhere else to put your savings. Silver is six times better than gold. Real estate is collapsing. The stock markets are houses of cards. Where else are you going to put your "money"?

The commercials have been manipulating the price of silver using futures contracts. The above Commitment of Traders chart for silver shows that the commercials have drastically reduced their net short futures positions down to about 14,000. (Look at the lower purple lines.)

Have you noticed liberals always try to save the world with YOUR money, never their own. Jane Fonda is a perfect example. She has a net worth of $120 million and owns the Jane Fonda Foundation. Her foundation is worth a lousy one million dollars. By law she must give away 5% of her foundation worth. However she hasn't give away ten cents in the last five years. In the last ten years she has only given away about $3,000. That is not a misprint. She is worth $120 million, but gives away $300 a year? Fox News and the Smoking Gun exposed her, yet the IRS has done nothing. This is felony tax fraud. She reports to the IRS each year that she devotes at least 10 hours a week working for her foundation. 520 hours a year to give away nothing? How interesting. Why isn't she in jail for this? Where is the rest of the media on this? Jane is typical of liberals who want to save the world with YOUR money.

The "Fed" is printing green toilet paper 24/7. People are too stupid to understand hyperinflation kicks in every day. Here are some 1988 prices just to prove how bad things are.


1988 PRICES:
Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average 2168
Average Cost of new house $91,600
Median Price Of and Existing Home $90,600
Average Income per year $24,450.00 ($12 an hour)
Average Monthly Rent $420.00
Average Price for new car $10,400.00 (a real car)
A gallon of gas 91 cents


We spent $3 trillion (remember our GNP is only about $14 trillion) on our evil war of aggression in Iraq. We murdered over a half million Iraqi men, women, children, infants, the elderly, and soldiers defending their own country. After all that, the country is a total disaster. Countries have karma just like people. The American karma is black, evil, malinant, and we going to totally collapse. Then there won't be one free country in the world. Just one big Prison Planet of 7 billion brain dead, slavery loving, sheeple. This is End Times folks. It's over. Don't kid yourself. Prep. Get ready. Be prepared. Do everything you possibly can to prepare for what is coming. See you in July.







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