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July 01, 2014

"Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry." Unknown Sage

Remember the famous Brady Gun Law 20 years ago? This required background checks for everyone who bought a firearm in America. Well, after more than SIX MILLION background checks, at a cost of hundreds of million of dollars, all of 13 people were convicted of this. You read that right. Twenty years and over six million background checks and thirteen people were found guilty of trying to buy a gun with a criminal record. Did the media tell you this? Of course not. Every day the liberals and neocons are doing everything they can to take our Second Amendment rights away. THIRTEEN PEOPLE IN 20 YEARS.

The firearms homicide rate in America is very low. There have been no school shootings- only DHS scams for the gullible. In a listing of the top 15 causes of death in the U.S. for 2013 firearms are not even mentioned. When you take out gangs and murders in the projects it is extremely low. When you look at the homicide rate committed by white people only it almost disappears. The top fifteen causes of death are CHD, cancer, stroke, lung disease, accidents, diabetes, flu/pneumonia, Alzheimer's, kidney disease, blood poisoning, suicide, liver, hypertension, Parkinson's, and pneumonitis (lung inflammation). Far more people kill themselves than are shot!!!! Homicides are overwhelmingly due to young black and Latino males.

"It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable, and to propagandize and teach the American people to hate, so we will let the Establishment spend any amount of money on arms." - John Stockwell, former CIA official and author

The term "assault rifles" is incorrect and refers to fully automatic weapons required a class III BATF license. The AR-15s and AK-47s you see are merely semiautomatic.

The COMEX futures (COT) report makes no sense at all. After adding 49% net silver short futures on June 13, the commercials added over 8,000 more on the 20th. The net position was now over 22,000. They added 15,000 net gold shorts, and that position was now 88,000. None of this makes any sense. Is the COT report real? Are the commercials crazy? Are the metals really going to take off from here after three years of misery? Yourpoor old author took a real bath on his short silver futures when they suddenly blasted off. Don't play with commodity futures. It gives you sleepless nights and high blood pressure. The high leverage works both ways.

On the 27th things really got crazy! The commercials added an incomprehensible 53,000 net gold shorts for a total of 132,000 contracts. They added an equally incomprehensible 20,000 net silver shorts for a total of 43,000. This is two and a half times the entire world annual production of silver, or 2.15 billion ounces they control with leverage. Worse, only about 100 million ounces of the annual 880 million ounces mined are actually traded among real people. The rest is used in industry. Either we are going to see a fall in silver in early July or the commercials have finally failed after more than 20 years. Even if it is a fall of only like $1 they have still failed.

The commercials now hold 2.5 X the world silver production in futures.

They have been doing this for over 20 years now, but it is about over. The world is about out of silver, and the demand far exceeds the supply. The real miracle is that you can still buy silver at your local coin shop for $21! That is the real miracle. So, take advantage of it. Be a silver stacker. Buy all you can. In 1982 silver was $50 an ounce, but there was an ocean of silver available. Adjusted for inflation that would be $150 today, yet it is only $21. Maybe 1 in 1,000 Americans have any real amount of silver bullion. Maybe it is much less than that. The HUI has to break 250 to really take off. Watch that magic 250 number.

At a town hall meeting in June Hillary called gun owners, "a minority who terrorize the majority". so, now gun owners are terrorists. Simply owning a gun makes you a terrorist. Obama has been talking about severely restricting ammunition purchases. Many, many things are going on behind the scenes to take our guns. Make sure you have the guns you need, but more importantly you need AMMO. It's better to have 1 gun and 1,000 rounds, than 1,000 guns and one round. Several states have already severely restricted ammo sales. Google and Microsoft have now banned any ads for guns or ammo. They have also banned any politically incorrect speech. Seriously, any speech that hurts anyone's feelings is now banned. There go both the First and Second Amendments.

Things only get stranger all the time. After 50 years Lee Harvey Oswald has been formally added to the CIA Memorial Wall. The documents were declassified and they finally admitted he was a CIA agent. More proof the Kennedy killing was planned. No explanation was forthcoming. Finally, after a half century the government admits Oswald was one of theirs, and not some rogue on a personal mission. Did you hear any of this on the 6:00 news, your newspaper, on radio? Of course not.

The world bank derivatives position is 10X the world GNP.

In the last rant we exposed that there are ten times more financial derivatives out there than the entire world gross domestic product. Well here are four of the biggest banks in the world and their derivatives. Why should you care? Because they will take down the entire world economy with them.


JPMorgan Chase - zombie bank

Total Assets: $1,947,794,000,000 (nearly 1.95 trillion dollars)

Total Exposure To Derivatives: $71,289,673,000,000 (more than 71 trillion dollars)

Citibank - zombie bank

Total Assets: $1,319,359,000,000 (a bit more than 1.3 trillion dollars)

Total Exposure To Derivatives: $60,398,289,000,000 (more than 60 trillion dollars)

Bank Of America - zombie bank

Total Assets: $1,429,737,000,000 (a bit more than 1.4 trillion dollars)

Total Exposure To Derivatives: $42,670,269,000,000 (more than 42 trillion dollars)

Goldman Sachs - zombie bank

Total Assets: $113,064,000,000 (just a shade over 113 billion dollars yes, you read that correctly)

Total Exposure To Derivatives: $43,135,021,000,000 (more than 43 trillion dollars)

Remember James Holmes, the supposed shooter at the Aurora, CO Batman movie? How can he be two people? Notice how that has been put in the memory hole and forgotten?

Folks, Ray Charles and Helen Keller can see these are two different people. Leave it to the government to screw up their own hoax. The police, the government, and the media said these were the same James Holmes.


No one was shot at the Aurora, CO Batman movie

No children were shot at the Sandy Hoax school.

The Navy Yard shooting hoax was done to get the attention of us backing down in Syria.

No cops were killed in Las Vegas.

No students were killed in Santa Barbara.

No shoppers were killed at the Clackamas mall.

No one died in Stockton, CA.

No one was hurt at the Boston non-bombing.

Notice James Holmes "attorney" is also the grieving mother of a Sandy Hoax dead child with a new husband! How convenient. She sure gets around doesn't she? Her real name is Jennifer Greenberg Sexton and she is a Jewish DHS actress. Why was there never a trial? What happened to James Holmes?  IS the DHS short on actresses and has to use the same ones for different roles? Are they on a budget? Anyone who still thinks children were murdered at Sandy Hoax School is a moron.

The entire world economy is going to implode!

This is a two year chart of the world MSCI Stock Index and the world GDP projection for 2014. This is called a "death cross" for good reason. The entire world economy is going to collapse. Remember there are almost 10 times as many derivatives as the entire world gross domestic product.

Beezer Homes (BZH0

The housing market continues to collapse for nine years now.

This is a six month chart of Beezer Homes. This is one of the top ten home builders in America. All the home builders are failing and are excellent candidates for short sales. They all have high inventory, poor sales, falling sales, but keep building more and more unsellable homes every day. This can only end in disaster.


Go to the Drudge Report and read about Hillary's health. She has been dying for years. She has a very serious heart condition, is on blood thinners, has a history of blood clots, a history of fainting, definitely has one or more cancers, and THAT IS WHY SHE DROPPED OUT OF POLITICS two years ago. You don't leave politics if you want to run for office for God's sake!!! For over three years we've been telling you she's dying. No one else in the entire world was revealing this. Now the media is finally figuring it out. Best selling author Ed Klein just wrote a book Blood Feud exposing all this. It is already #89 on Amazon. You don't even need to read his book. It's all facts.


The Federal Reserve isn't federal and has no reserves. It is a private banking group of a dozen Zionist banks. Just Google "Federal Reserve scam" to see proof of this. For 101 years they have robbed Americans by printing green toilet paper out of thin air and then charging us interest on the toilet paper. The 1913 dollar is now worth 5 cents. They have stolen 95% of our money. Ft. Knox is empty and has been empty for over 50 years now.By federal law a complete audit must be done every 10 years, but none has been done since about 1960. It's empty. This is why you must own gold and silver.  The Constitution says only gold and silver are real money.

Look at this (almost) 50 year food chart for meat, poultry, fish and egg prices. Prices have gone up almost FIVE TIMES and are now accelerating to 20% a year. The USDA admits we have about 20% overall annual food price inflation now. Many people just cannot afford to eat anymore. The government now feeds ONE FIFTH OF ALL AMERICANS. That's right- 20% of all Americans are on food stamps. That is in addition to the endless less of other welfare programs.


All this endless talk about how well housing sales are thriving is ridiculous. Housing prices peaked 9 years ago in 2005. You can see from the above chart (thanks to Investment Research Dynamics) that housing sales are in the toilet

There is something very bothersome about the major pro-gun groups like the NRA and the GOA. They claim all these fake mass shootings are real. Either they are that stupid or they are afraid of telling the truth. The NRA sold out decades ago, and was taken over

by the liberals. If you are an NRA member drop your membership and don't support them. The GOA seems to be failing. The other gun groups are outright frauds like the Second Amendment Foundation.

Did you know some states like Alaska allow open gun carry for anyone over 18? And concealed gun carry for anyone over 21 without a permit? They have a very low homicide rate. Every state should have the same laws. The cities with the strictest gun laws have the highest violent crime rate. NYC, Chicago, Washington, DC are proof of this. Did you know the violent crime rate in Australia skyrocketed after they banned guns 20 years ago? The media tells you the opposite.


UKRAINE IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. When the Obama crowd tried to attack Syria they ran like the cowards they are. Russia and China stood up to them. We retreated for the first time in our 238 year history. The Navy Yard fake shooting was done to take the attention off Syria. (Google "Navy Yard shooting hoax"). Ukraine is a Russian issue having nothing to do with us.


IRAQ IS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. It never was and never will be. The entire Mideast is none of our business. Who cares if the Sunnis or the Shi'ites run it? Not our business. The country is in flames after we murdered a half million of them and wasted

$3 trillion. America has an evil karma to deal with.








What did the founding fathers say? Friendships with all, but alliances with none.


The Obama administration is doing many things behind the scenes to take your guns away. For example Google and Microsoft have a new ad policy that does not allow gun or ammo ads. That kills sales and availability and pricing. The government has told the banks to treat gun shops like pornography and gambling and not to give them any business loans. Also to call in any current loans. Now guns are "evil". The guns are going to go folks, but the ammo is going to go first. Step by step, the guns and ammo are disappearing. Once they have control of both we will live in a totalitarian police state, or have a civil war.

 Look at the above four year silver chart (courtesy of Bob Kirtley). This has been a dismal three year bear market, but it is finally over. Silver bottomed in the $18 area.

Be a silver stacker. The best time to buy silver is when you have money in your pocket. It would actually make sense to take out a loan to buy $21 silver now, as long as you have a job and can pay the interest. Using a loan to invest is nearly always the worst advice possible. Buy and hold and add on dips. Buy value and hold for the long term. Be right and sit tight. Never ever trade. Silver is the best investment on earth.


This means you and I support them.

There are over 100 million working-age Americans who are unemployed. Yes, some of them are validly unemployed, such as homemakers and full time students. We have never had a time when almost 1/3 of the working-age population was jobless.


There are about 100 million households in America. Soon these 75 million families will not be able to make it from check to check. They they'll go without food. Then they'll go without utilities. To hell with having a car, air conditioning, clothes, medical care, and things like that- they will not be able to make it anymore. Talking about medical care, look at these figures:






Healthcare Spending Per Family









Under Obamacare this will increase dramatically until it is simply not payable As in poor countries, people will simply go without the medical treatment they need. It is already at that point actually. People are now paying doctors cash after their health insurance was cancelled.

Want more proof of End Times? Almost 1/5 of American men are now tattooed, and almost 1/4 of American women. Yes, the women now outnumber the men. Tattoos have always been the providence of very primitive societies. Tattoos used to be for prisoners, mental patients, drug addicts, and men who actually served in combat (military-only tattoos). You never saw tattoos on a college campus. Now they normal. As recently as the 1970 era even strippers and prostitutes would not get tattoos as it lowered their marketability. This has never happened in history among white people. This is a first. The empirical, published, scientific literature on the psychology of tattooing speaks for itself, especially for women. Tattoos are clearly and directly associated with personality and mental disorders including suicide, drug addiction, alcoholism, divorce, promiscuity, violence, depression, and promiscuity.


Still more proof of End Times? Our military never accepted homosexuals for 230 years. Now accept both homosexuals and transgendered recuits. Yes, you can now be a transgender and be a soldier. Isn't life great in America?


There is a $37 trillion bond market in America alone. 30% are Treasury bonds and the other 70% are private bonds. This is almost three times the entire annual GNP of the United States! The bond market is ready to implode. That alone will destroy the economy.


Be prepared for what is coming. Go thru your house and make a list of everything you really need. Store at least a six month supply of everything possible. If you live in a city or crowded suburbs then move. Stock up on whole grains and dried beans, not that ex-pensive freeze dried junk. Guns and ammo. Load up on ammo, especially .223s (AR) and 7.62s (AK). Gasoline  goes bad after a year, but propane doesn't. Have a generator with propane conversion.

The Whore of Babylon had the hubris to say she and Bill were "dead broke" when they left the White House. Of course they were multimillionaires all along. The really sick part about all of this is that she would very probably be our next president if she wasn't dying. America is that demented  they would have the Whore of Babylon as president. Now can you see this is End Times? Not just America, but the entire world. It's over folks. Jesus isn't coming back and wouldn't waste him time. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are not going to ride thru the sky. There will be no "Rapture". Nuclear war is right down the road. Just remember that GREAT EVENTS CAST THEIR SHADOWS BEFORE THEM. Yes, you can see tomorrow if you just take a good hard look at today.

This is what Arnon Soffer said ten years ago. He was a chief advisor to Ariel Sharon. No, it has not been taken out of context or anything else. That is the Israeli philosophy to kill and kill and kill. He further said, "If we don't kill (the Arabs), we will cease to exist."

Think we are in a recovery? This is a six month chart of Target. This is one of the largest retailers in the world.

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