Economic Rant

August 01, 2014

George wrote 1984 over 60 years ago. He warned us. He saw it coming. We didn't listen.


In 2013 it cost the British taxpayers a mere $58 million to maintain the Royal Family in their beyond opulent lifestyle. It cost the America taxpayers $1.4 billion to maintain the Obamas, and continually send Michele around the world with all her friends. That means we spent 24 times the amount of money on the Obamas as the entire Royal Family. TWENTY FOUR TIMES. While millions of black children go without food. they make Queen Elizabeth and her gang of thugs look like saints.


For over three years you've heard it here that Hillary is dying and cannot run for president in 2016. Who does that leave for candidates? NOBODY!!! Get ready for a good laugh, because here is the list of Democratic hopefuls...

Joe Biden, Martin O'Malley, Andy Cuomo, Deval Patrick, Mark Warner, Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, Brien Schweitzer, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, Howard Dean (!), and communist Bernie Sanders. Haven't even heard of most of them, right? This is what America has come to folks- nothing. Not that the Republicans have anyone to run.


On July 16 the Washington Post and all the major (and minor) newspapers loudly announced: "Many States Have Budget Surpluses". This is 180 degrees opposite of reality. Every state in the union is bankrupt, totally and completely bankrupt and very deeply in debt. The Peoples Republic of California is the worst. Their state retirement fund (CALPERS) is the largest in the world, and totally bankrupt. Moonbeam Brown is running the circus out there. Remember, "As goes California, so goes the nation". Never forget that as over 100 years of history proves it is true.

On July 18 the Big Banks reduced their net gold shorts 9,000 contracts to 157,000. That is still  huge. The silver net shorts are the same at 59,000. That is equally huge and equals about three the physical silver actually sold annually. About 800 million ounces are mined worldwide, but only about 100 million actually traded. The rest is used in industry in various ways. 59,000 contracts (5,000 oz per contract) comes to an amazing 295 million ounces. Please get clear about this...the commercials control three times the annual silver sold every year with highly leveraged futures contracts. The Federal Reserves is surely supplying the green Monopoly "money" they use to do this. On July 25 they did almost nothing. Next report is August 1.


Ronald Reagan helped promote this open border disaster back in 1986. Remember his amnesty for illegal aliens 28 years ago? He signed a bill giving all the illegal aliens amnesty. Why not a prison sentence and then be deported? He was no conservative and outspent every president prior to him. He was a grade B movie actor and governor from the Peoples Republic of California. Here are some of the 60,000 plus "children" who are pouring over the border. That's right MS-13 gangsters. How did all these children get thousands of miles from Central America unaccompanied? They are full of highly contagious diseases and are spread all over the country. Yes, they are carrying a laundry list of highly contagious TB, measles, scabies, lice, chicken pox, whooping cough, hepatitis (they are born with it), and other infestations. Now you'll get them.

Did you know Time magazine named Adolf as Man of the Year in 1938? Why? Because the Weimar Republic destroyed Germany. Adolf brought it back to the most prosperous nation on earth, far more prosperous than America. He did this largely by getting rid of the evil bank monopoly. He knew the Federal Reserve of 1913 in America was evil.

Now in 2014 we have the Whore of Babylon on the cover of Time.

Here is what Hillary Clinton said in a TV interview with Diane Sawyer on March 11. Diane simply asked her what was her proudest accomplishment as Secretary of State. Can you make any sense out of this at all? Serious brain damage here.


"My accomplishments as Secretary of State? Well, I'm glad you asked! My proudest accomplishment in which I take the most pride, mostly because of the opposition it faced early on, you know, the remnants of prior situations and mindsets that were too narrowly focused in a manner whereby they may have overlooked the bigger picture, and we didn't do that, and I'm proud of that. Very proud. I would say that's a major accomplishment."

You have surely noticed Obama is the only president in history that has ever obsessed about "bypassing Congress". No other president has ever uttered that term. This is the difference between a free republic and a dictatorship.





Since 2001- 13 years- all of 28 Israelis have been killed by Hamas rockets. Let's repeat that- 28 Israelis in 13 years. Over 60,000 (there is no exact count) Palestinians have been murdered. Women, children, the elderly, handicapped, and non-combatant men have been slaughtered. The IDF is bombing schools, parks, apartments, hospitals, and even the UN Shelter!!! They will slaughter anyone anytime anywhere. Israeli leaders have called for the mass slaughter of Palestinians for many decades now.

They refer to them as "insects" and "cockroaches to be crushed". Chairman Heilbrun in 1983 is typical with his statement, "We have to kill all the Palestinians unless they are resigned to live here as slaves." We could go on with dozens of such comments from Golda Meir, Ariel Sharon, Menachim Begin and others. They brag about these things publicly. They will kill or expel every last Palestinian. Israel for Jews and only Jews.


Remember the Baltic Dry Index chart we used to print? This tells you how much international shipping is going on. Well, it just reached a major six year low. This is one of the most dependable economy indicators going. The scale has dropped from 9000 to less than 1,000. International shipping is one of the very most basic economic indicators we have. You can't argue with facts. The world economy is in the toilet.


$2,000 BILLION TO OVER $50,000 BILLION- 2,500% RISE     

This 44 year chart shows that total U.S. credit (e.g. DEBT) has gone up exponentially from about 2,000 billion to almost 50,000 billion- or 25 times. America is broke and has  been broke. The inevitable conclusion will be the worst depression the world has ever seen. Things were pretty reasonable in America until about 1970.



Billionaire Donald Trump is certainly not one of us, but he has been telling the truth lately. He warns of a total financial collapse in America that could even happen this year. He exposes the fact the world is awash in crude oil, and gasoline should be $2 a gallon and oil $40 a barrel. He exposes the fact the U.S. is awash in both oil and natural gas, but we aren't using them. Google "Donald Trump Collapse of America" if you want to learn more about what he says.



Germany is the Strong Man of Europe and has been for over 50 years. They are now aligning with Russia and the BRICS countries against the U.S. Good for them!!! They first told us to fight our own wars, as they are not sending anymore soldiers to fight the bankers wars in the Mideast. Then we stole their gold and won't give it back. They now realize the U.S. dollar is worthless Monopoly® money. They are through with us. They don't want to align with Russia, but are now forced to choose the lesser of two evils.


Remember back in 2007 when campaigning for president, Obama promised to form an internal domestic military force to equal our regular military force? Well, the sheeple cheered when he openly bragged about forming a POLICE STATE. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is quietly growing by leaps and bounds. Look at this photo. You are going to see more and more DHS personnel, trucks, tanks, officers and others. You will see them in train stations, bus stations, local shopping malls, and sports events. For your own "protection, safety, and security" of course.

Homeland Security Investigations, POLICE/RESCUE


We do not need DHS at all. We do not need a domestic internal army. We already have enough city, town, county, state and federal police to take care of the job. Plus the National Guard. In 1970 the federal prison population was less than 20,000. Only about 1/5th were locked up for drugs. Now the population is about 185,000, and half are in for drugs. That is a 9,500% increase.  We have 5% of the world population, but 25% of the world prison inmates. We make North Korea and Cuba look like Club Med.

If there is one stock that accurately reflects the economy is it McDonalds (MCD). It is failing. People cannot even afford to eat cheap fast food. For the last ten years MCD has been one of the very, very best performing stocks of all. Now it is failing badly.

Wal-Mart (WMT) is an even better indicator of our economy. If you can't afford to shop at Wal-Mart, you can't afford to shop anywhere! They are the low price leader, and the largest retailer in the entire world. They are failing as well.


Do you want to see the truth about Israel? Look at the 1946 chart on the left. Then look at the current chart on the right. The Israelis have stolen almost every last square mile of  land from the Palestinians. They will continue to do this until they have every last square mile, and there are no Palestinians at all. The admitted Zionist goal is Israel for Jews and no one else but Jews. They have almost succeeded.


This has been true for over 100 years now. Whatever happens in the Peoples Republic of California will eventually happen in the rest of America. In 2009 they dictated how big our televisions could be and how much power they could use. They banned semi-automatic rifles and erroneously called them "assault weapons" (which are fully automatic). They limited ammo magazines to 10 bullets. They are soon going to demand a "bullet permit" to buy ammo and ban mail order purchases. California is the most bankrupt state in the nation. Latinos have taken over Los Angeles. They have the biggest retirement fund in the entire world- CALPERS- and it is broke.


Go to this website to learn about The UN Plan for Global Migration:


You can also just Google "UN Plan for Global Migration".

It is well worth your time to read this article. It clearly explains and proves the ultimate goal of the One World Order (under the guise of the UN) is a planet without borders. One light brown race without whites, blacks, or Asians. Everyone living equally in abject poverty under total and complete control in every way. The capital of the One World Order would be Israel of course, the Chosen People. Currently, Brazil is probably the best example of this with a huge population of over 200 million. The races have largely been obliterated, and the poverty is overwhelming. One light brown race, and the lighter you are the richer and more successful you are. The ghettos and favelas (slums) are everywhere and too horrific to describe. Only 4 out of 10 have a high school degree and can read and write. One third unemployment for working age people is normal. The standard of living is pitiful, and there is no middle class basically.  Eventually every county on earth is destined to be like Brazil.

Are you better off today? As recently as 2003 the median American net worth was about $88,000. Today, adjusted for inflation is is only $56,000. A collapse of 26% in only 11 years!!! In 11 more years will the American standard of living be cut in half from 2003?

That or worse folks. That or worse.


Go here to see a great 4 minute video on silver:


Just copy and paste this or go to to see the video. Please do this.

This gives the facts on why silver is the best investment on earth and why you need to be 100% invested in bullion you hold yourself.


Any talk of "audit the fed" is proof of a pseudo conservative organization. You can't audit a scam like this. It is the biggest economic scam in world history for 100 years now. The print green toilet paper out of thin air and charge us INTEREST for something without value. Since 1913 they have stolen 95% of America's wealth. The 1913 dollar is now worth a nickel. Right, five cents. Thank the Federal Reserve for this. It is owned by 12 Zionist banks. Just Google "who owns the Fed" to see which ones.

WASHINGTON — More than 35 percent of Americans have debts and unpaid bills that have been reported to collection agencies, according to a study released Tuesday by the Urban Institute. Folks, we're talking about 77 million people facing the wrath of the debt collectors. In some cities like Las Vegas it is a full 50%!!! Mostly this is due to inability to pay their mortgage.


That's it for August folks. Buy all the silver you can at $21. Prep and keep prepping. An Ebola outbreak may be the follow up to the fake 9/11 disaster. Yes, this will be planned by your friends at the New World Order.

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