Economic Rant

September 01, 2014

The silver to gold ratio has been out of whack for over 25 years now. The historical ratio is 15:1, and is based on the amount of silver and gold contained in the earths crust. You will see this ratio fall from the current 65:1, back to the historical 15:1. This makes silver four times better than gold. The only advantage of gold is portability. At 15:1 we could well have, say, $6,000 gold and $400 silver in the next few years. Gold and silver just broke the 6 week downtrend, and are trying to take off. After 3 1/4 years of misery, and endless patience, the recovery will be dramatic. Every time a bear market ends in precious metals, the recovery is very strong. This is not a prediction, but we could well see a $20 or more rise before Christmas. This is your last chance at $20 silver. so take advantage of it. You have almost no downside and incredible upside. Silver and gold are selling at about the cost of production. It's hard to lose on that deal. Buying things when they are cheap is the key to getting rich. Silver is very cheap.


There is no 8,133 tons of gold in Ft. Knox or anywhere else. It was gone over 50 years ago. Yes, we keep repeating this so you'll know the U.S. dollar is worthless. The U.S. has been spending more than it produces for decades now. The party is over. Now we are printing counterfeit money 24/7, and the rest of the world is aware of it. The dollar will no longer be the world reserve currency. While no currency on earth has any value, there are much better choices than the dollar. The BRICS nations are leading this change.


Your poor old author is back in his silver futures at $19.60. Folks, don't play futures, as you'll go broke, get high blood pressure, and lose sleep. $18.70 was the bottom for silver. $1,240 was the bottom for gold. 190 was the bottom for the HUI. The HUI made a new high at 249. The miners are leading the metals. When you see the HUI close over 250 you will know we are on our way up. The COT report is financial Disneyland, and made up out of thin air. We promised not to talk about the weekly COT report anymore. Again, the Shanghai Silver Exchange is almost completely out of silver. The COMEX is almost completely out of available ("registered") silver. London Bullion Exchange has no silver. The military has no strategic silver. The U.S. Mint has no silver. No one has any silver folks- except "hoarders" like us. Keep stacking up physical silver in your own possession.

What do the people above have in common? Everything! They are the same person. The attractive young woman was surgically butchered to appear as a man. Notice the word "appear". Just a surgically mutilated woman, whose every cell has XX chromosomes. More proof this is End Times when you think you can choose, or "reassign", your gender with surgery. When reality is turned upside down you know End Times is here. Just pay attention and you'll see millions of signs this is End Times. You can see tomorrow if you just take a cold, hard look at today. Great events cast their shadows before them. This is End Times folks. Trust in that, believe in that. This planet is finished.


Warren Buffett has been senile for a long time. His famous Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) stock is a bad joke. George Soros, however, is sharper and more evil than ever. His Soros Fund is heavily invested in gold, and heavily short the S&P stock market. George knows what is going on, and knows gold is going to the moon, and the stock market is going to hell. Don't bet against someone with a track record like his.


Disinformation agent billionaire Jim Rogers says gold might be, "a good buy in a year or two". Not one word on silver. Why do you think you see jerks like this on CNBC? Because they are government stooges. Why would a billionaire sell his soul to the government? For a lot of reasons beyond us. Silver is a great buy now, because it sells at about the cost of production. If it goes any lower the silver mines will simply close, and the other metal mines will just hold back their silver and not sell it. You can't make money by selling something for less than it costs you to produce. 90% of silver comes from lead, copper, and other mining. There are very few actual silver mines in the world. Don't buy silver mine stocks however- buy physical silver and hold it yourself.


Would you like to see two minutes of real video proof that Obama is using cocaine when making some of his speeches? At least Bill Clinton used his cocaine after office hours. Bush is also reliably reported to be a regular cocaine user. Cocaine is often a drug of choice for psychopaths. Our own presidents are now narcotic addicts. Just cut and paste:



It is important to understand the U.S. and Israel collaborated to form ISIS. What is the point? To invade Syria, "to bring peace to the Mideast". General Dempsey said, "Can ISIS be defeated without defeating Syria? The answer is no!" How do you think ISIS suddenly appeared out of nowhere? Israel wants to take over the entire area. A Greater Israel from Iraq to Egypt. James Foley was not beheaded by ISIS. He was not a "journalist, but rather a known CIA agent. You cannot cut off someone's head with a pen knife! It was a CPR dummy. The whole hoax was too ridiculous for words. Lots of websites have exposed this fraud. Stevie Wonder can see that much. The ruse worked however, and the sheeple believe it. Look at the actual video to see how ridiculous it is. Just Google "James Foley fraud" and see for yourself.


The neocons are pushing for a war against the Chinese-Russian alliance. This is obviously suicide! We couldn't win a war against China or Russia, much less both of them together. We are now a third rate military power, and haven't won a war in 70 years. We lost in Korea and we lost again in Vietnam. We are planning to attack Syria and using ISIS to do it. Again, ISIS is a creation of the CIA and Mossad.

Here is the silver bears chart again. We now have a 3 year 3 month silver bear market. It will be over any day. After these 8 previous bear markets there has always been a dramatic bull market with skyrocketing prices. Expect that any time. The only thing to be concerned about is the $18.70 low for silver $1,240 low for gold and 190 low for the HUI. Meanwhile load up on $20 silver and be thankful you can get it at that price. We had bear markets in 1968, 1974, 1980, 1983, 1987, 1998 and 2008, and 2011.

Last winter was too miserable for words. This has been one of the coldest winters, springs, and summers on record. The oceans are cold as well. This coming winter is going to be another deep freeze. December and January will be the worst. Expect more snow as well. Get ready for it. Yet, the liberals keep babbling about "global warming" despite cold weather decade after decade. The United Nations is the center of the One World Order of course. The U.N. International Panel on Climate Change just put out a 127 page report warning of, "severe, pervasive, and irreversible impacts for people and ecosystems". This includes rising sea levels  that will put major cities like New York "under water" and all the rest. In 1999 Al Gore said New York would be underwater, and the ice caps would disappear by 2014. New York is doing fine, and the ice caps have more ice than ever. These people are all crazy. Liberalism per se is a mental illness.

In the last rant we published the video shot of Dindu Nuffins committing felony strong arm robbery and felony assault and battery. The officer responded to the 9/11 call, Brown rushed  him despite seeing his gun. Brown knocked him back into the police car, slammed him in the face breaking his eye socket, and the officer shot him to death. Nancy Grace had the nerve to say, "the white policeman shot him as he was walking over to his grandmothers house." Brown is a 6'4", 280 pound bully, and thug, not a "gentle giant" on his way to college. He had already been suspended from school for stealing an I-Pod.

Black men kill other black men.

Black men kill other black women.

Blacks kill blacks. White don't kill blacks. The white on black crime rate is almost non-existent.

The CDC issued a report on black crime and health:

Homicide is the leading case of death for black males 18-34.

It does not even count in the top ten causes for white males of the same age.

Homicide is the leading cause of death for black females 15-44.

It does not even count in the top ten cause for white females of the same age.

Black men have TEN times the HIV/AIDS rate as white men.

Black women have TWENTY times the HIV/AIDS rate as white women.

The spousal homicide rate for blacks is 8.4 times the white couple rate.

The spousal homicide rate for interracial couples is 7.7 times the interracial rate.

The interracial divorce rate is over 80%, but you'll never see this in the media.

The Black Women's National Health Project found wife beating to be the NUMBER ONE HEALTH PROBLEM of black women.

Here he is minutes before being shot robbing and beating the convenience store owner after stealing a box of cigars.


We keep  pointing out that 1970 was a general timeline when America starting becoming a totalitarian police and welfare state. Money printing and inflation was reasonable before 1970. Our incarceration rate was reasonable. Welfare was not out of control yet, nor Food Stamps, Social Insecurity Disability, Medicare or Medicaid. This chart shows our National Debt was payable until about 1970. Now it is not.

The above 50 year plus charts show how disability, food stamps and welfare have all exploded in the last five decades since the 1970 area.

The above chart shows how money counterfeiting has exploded- especially after Obama was elected in 2008.

This 60 year chart makes a good point, but it's a lie. Our National Debt is not a mere $18 trillion. That would be payable. It is actually about $180 trillion- or ten times what the government claims. This means every baby, child, man and woman in America owes about $300,000. A family of four owes about $1.2 million. Yes, we've said all this before, and we'll keep saying it. There is no such thing as an unpaid debt. All debts get paid- either buy the buyer or the seller. YOU, the taxpayer, YOU, the American citizen will pay this debt in the form of the greatest depression the world has ever seen. YOU will pay this debt with the total destruction of what was once the greatest country in the world. The International Bankers sure aren't going to pay this debt. You can bet on that. What does $180 trillion even mean? Our Gross National Product is down to about $12 trillion, so it absolutely impossible to ever pay this off. It is was a mere $18 trillion it could be paid off  over time with austerity, the ending of our evil wars, abolishing the Federal Reserve, ending Social Insecurity, and stopping all welfare programs.


Mexico has degenerated into anarchy, chaos, lawlessness, and poverty due to the drug war. There is only one answer... legalize all drugs for adults. Period. It is the drug laws that have caused all this. Legalize drugs and the cartels and gangs go out of business today. The violence ends today. The killings end today. Cocaine would be 50 cents a gram, and sold in convenience stores. Remember all drugs were legal in America for 137 years until 1913. The Harrison Narcotics Act of 1913 was the start of the police state in America. All drugs were completely legal, yet few people were addicted. The ones that had a drug problem with outcasts, not criminals.


No one in the Senate or the House read the 30,000 page Dodd-Frank Act before passing it. 30,000 pages, and none of it good. You are now defined as an unsecured creditor, rather than a lender or a depositor. That means the bank can take YOUR money and keep it. It happened in Cyprus, and it will happen here. Stanley Fischer is the President and CEO of the Federal Reserve. He is a dual citizen of both Israel and America. Dual citizenship is illegal for everyone else. He gave a speech in Sweden on August 12 of this year. He very clearly stated that bail-ins would occur in America to save the banks. He was very explicit about this, and did not mince words. Bail-in means the bank takes your money because they're broke.

GET YOUR MONEY OUT OF THE BANKS. Keep a minimal checking account.


Radio Shack is an international multibillion dollar megacorporation. It's broke, bankrupt, finished, through, over after 93 years. This one year change shows you everything you need to know. From $43 to 65 cents. Traditional businesses like Radio Shack have defined America for 238 years. Now you see them go under all the time.

This 44 year chart of money velocity shows money is  not changing hands, not moving. This means the economy is dying. Money is dynamic, and must change hands constantly for a prosperity to flourish. People just don't have money to spend. If money isn't moving and changing hands constantly the economy is stagnant and the people are poor.


Did you know America is #1 in gun ownership, but #103 in worldwide per capita homicide rates worldwide. We are #103 out of about 200 countries. The countries with the most gun ownership (e.g. Switzerland) always have the lowest homicide rates. The countries with the least gun ownership always have the highest homicide rates. When Australia instituted an almost total gun ban their homicide and violent crime rates skyrocketed.


We've told you megalomaniac Bill Gates is on video giving a speech admitting his vaccination programs in Third World countries are really for population reduction. Did you know he owns 500,000 shares of Monsanto stock? Did you know he is a cheerleader for GMO foods around the world? His Gates Foundation Trust is the Devil's charity. He has worked with the NSA and other spy organizations to build back doors into your computer thru Windows. Now they can spy on you at will. Bill and Melinda are major leaders of the One World Order.


Nothing good is ahead of us. Nuclear war is down the road, and not far down the road. We are overdue for another government manufactured disaster like 9/11. This time it is going to be much worse and kill more people. It will be an excuse for martial law and starting another war. Do all you can to prep. Walk around the house and make a list of all the things you need. If you live in a city of crowded suburb then move. Ask yourself what would happen if your local electric plant was sabotaged. What would you do? The more rural you are, the better. Have a water source such as a shallow well with hand pump. Get a large propane tank and convert your generator to propane. Buy whole grains and dried beans, not that expensive freeze dried junk. Be prepared, always be prepared.


Huxley and Orwell warned us what was to come decades ago. If you haven't read books like Brave New World and 1984 you really need to do this.

p.s. on a personal note, if there is an IMAX theatre near you, please go see the 40 minute 3-D movie "Lemurs of Madagascar" for $8. Lemurs only exist in Madagascar, and are disappearing due to the destruction of the forest. The 22 million African natives have burned down 90% of the forests, and are doing their best to burn down the last 10%. They practice "slash and burn" agriculture. This is so realistic you will see cuddly lemurs burning fires, and deadly snakes two feet in front of you feel you could reach out and touch.

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