Economic Rant

September 15, 2014


The September 11 headlines across the country were "President orders air strikes on Syria". Russia and China will absolutely not tolerate this. They proved that last year when they put warships off the coast of Syria, and made the American government turn away and run like the cowards they are. Don't kid yourself, and don't be in denial. We are doing our best to start a nuclear war we cannot possibly win. The president has no authority whatsoever to declare war. Only Congress can do that. We are on the edge of a nuclear holocaust, but the media can only prattle on about Ray Rice being thrown off the Ravens team.


“This present window of opportunity, during which a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be open for too long – We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” – David Rockefeller – UN, September 23, 1994


“I've got a pen . . . And I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward . . .” -Barack Obama

No president in history has ever talked about, "bypassing Congress". Barack is a low I.Q. , homosexual megalomaniac who wants to be Emperor of America. He doesn't understand he is merely a Zionist sock puppet who will be tossed away like a used Kleenex in 2016.

Don't leave home without your Race Card! -Barry Soetoro


Whenever I get into another big mess, I just pull out my Race Card and it all goes away like magic. My friends Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and Jesse Jackson have used their Race Cards for decades. It always works for us, no matter what we do. There is no limit on  how many times you can use your Race Card! Use it as many times as you want, whenever you want, whatever you do, and wherever you go.  I would never leave home without my Race Card, and don't you leave home without it.



The source of this chart is the Federal Reserve. Look what happened after we elected an avowed Marxist president. Proof America is going completely to Hell. Soon we'll be another Third World banana republic without any bananas.



It gets worse. Look at the chart below. America has always been based on a huge middle class with few rich and few poor people. This chart is also right from the Federal Reserve. The rich (red) are getting richer, and the poor (blue) are getting poorer. The middle class is disappearing. The very bedrock of America is evaporating.

On October 3, 2001 BBC radio reported Sharon said this angrily to the Israeli cabinet. It cannot be denied. He said it and he meant it. Take that to the bank. "We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it." That includes every member of Congress, the entire media, the banking industry, the Federal Reserve, the schools, and a long list of other things.

America is one of the only countries in the world where you can still own guns, handguns and semi-automatic rifles. Remember an assault rifle is fully automatic, you must have a gun dealers license, and also have a class III permit. Only police and military own assault weapons. Very, very few citizens own one. Yet, the media calls all semiautomatic guns "assault weapons". Legally owned assault weapons have accounted for two deaths in the last 80 years.  In 1967 Jamaica passed very strict anti-gun laws. Then in 1975 a special Gun Court was established. Violent crime literally exploded after that. In 1996 Australia banned guns. Violent crimes also exploded. We could go on with examples like that all day. The more restrictive the gun laws the higher the violent crime rate generally.



Charles Vacca was not shot. It's all a hoax. The video is so pitiful you'll laugh. Just Google "Arizona gun instructor hoax" or similar term to see endless proof it never happened. More anti-gun government disinformation. Snopes says it's "true", which proves SNOPES IS ANOTHER HOAX. Websites like exposed this in detail.


Now Britain claims aid worker David Haines was beheaded by ISIS. Here's the truth about ISIS folks. The U.S., Israel, and Britain created ISIS. How do you think a huge army like this appeared overnight out of nowhere? Who do you think funds them and gives them guns and ammo? ISIS was created so we can attack Syria. Russia and China will not tolerate this. They will retaliate. Russia has a warm water port in Tartus, and is an active trading partner with Syria. China is also an active trading partner and ally.


Want real life proof the economy is hopeless? Atlantic City in 2005 was booming. Now they have a mere 7 casinos, and one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. More and more casinos will close, until it becomes a ghost town full of slums, poverty, and crime. Las Vegas was also booming in 2005. Things LOOK good on the surface out there, but Las Vegas is failing badly. Here is a Wynn Resorts (WYNN) stock chart to prove that:

If that doesn't impress you enough, how about the Las Vegas Sands (LVS)?

The restaurant business is going to hell as well. Darden Restaurants (DRI) is one of Warren "Senile in Omaha" Buffett's main holdings. DRI is a huge conglomeration. His famous Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) stock is a bad joke. Look at this:

McDonalds (MCD) is the most important restaurant stock in the world. As goes McDonalds, so goes the economy. For over ten years now this is been one of the best performing, most profitable stocks on the face of the earth. If you can't afford to eat at McDonalds, you just cannot afford to eat.  Look at it now...

Target (TGT) is second only to Wal-Mart in retail sales. Do you know anyone who doesn't shop at Target? We shop there regularly. Everyone we know shops there regularly. Here is a one year chart of Target...

The main reason to own firearms is not home protection,  hunting, sport, or anything of the like. IT IS TO PROTECT YOU FROM THE GOVERNMENT. First gun control, then total control. The neocons, and new world order people, know that America is the last bastion of gun freedom. It has eroded badly in the last 40 years, but we still have access to guns and ammunition. The only thing holding the government back from a total police state is the tens of millions of gun owners in America. Nothing else.


There was no second beheading of Steven Soloff!!!  He was a dual citizen of Israel and the U.S. Another fake execution so we can send more troops to the Mideast. Just Google "Soloff execution scam", or "Soloff execution hoax" and you'll see how transparent all this is.


THER IS NO EBOLA THREAT!!! Ebola has been around for 40 years now, and is hardly a problem in Africa, much less anywhere else. There have only been 1,700 cases reported in the last 40 years until 2013. Hardly an epidemic. Soon, you'll be offered an Ebola vaccine for you and you whole family. Then you'll be offered an expensive treatment drug. More scams, just more scams. 1) Ebola isn't a threat, 2) There is no vaccine and won't be for a very long time, 3) There is no drug to help you, and won't be for a very long time. Scientists can't even accurately define what a virus is, much less create a vaccine to prevent it, or a drug to treat it. It's not even a viable threat in Africa, much less anywhere else. More scare stories. Soon, you find Ebola vaccine in the local drug store and grocery chains, along with a long list of other vaccines. Then the government will demand all school children be vaccinated- for the own "safety and security" of course. In North Carolina children get 17 vaccination shots before they get out of high school. God only knows how many they get in states like California.

Having said all this, there is still the possibility the military laboratories have altered the Ebola virus to make is a powerful biowarfare agent. It can be contagious in the airborne state, and you don't need physical contact to get infected. "Our" government could purposely cause a plague here in the U.S., and blame it on the "Muslim terrorists" like they did with 9/11. Don't put anything past them.



Germany refuses to support our evil wars anymore. Germany is mad because we stole their 700 tons of gold and refuse to give it back. The German people are so brain dead they didn't even protest the theft of 700 tons of their own gold we stole. They are sick of American hegemony, imperialism, and endless wars. We have 21 military bases there. Can you believe that? Why do they need even one U.S. military base? They are the strongest country in Europe. They will soon diplomatically demand every base be removed. This is obviously one of the biggest and most important changes to happen this year. Germany will align with Russia, and the rest of Europe will be terrified.


Doug Casey has finally jumped on the silver bandwagon after all these years. About time Doug. He denies there is any gold and silver manipulation by the Big Banks, when a little child can see that. He has always hated silver, and still calls it an, "industrial metal, not a monetary one". Funny, the U.S. Constitution says gold and silver are the ONLY money. Silver has been used far more as money over the centuries than gold for a lot of reasons. Surprisingly there is far more physical gold available than silver. Most all silver is used up, while almost no gold is physically used up. There is 15 times more silver available by mining, but now gold reserves are larger than silver. He calls it the "poor man's gold" because it is not portable like gold. Well, many billionaires and millionaires own silver. Warren Buffet was the biggest silver holder in the world until about 10 years ago (Warren is senile now.) Jeff Clark at Casey Research says silver is a much better investment than gold. Better to wake up late than never. We saw all this 20 years ago, and bought at $5. We sent out a special bulletin on September 5 warning that metals will fall in price in the very short term. We asked our readers to read the Jeffrey Lewis article Silver and other Unmentionables  on If you didn't read it go to his website at and hit the "NEW" button. You can also read the Jeff Clark article as well. This is a very important article to read and you really, seriously must read it.

Here we see a five year silver chart with a low of $14.82 almost five years ago, and a high of $48.55 three years ago. We do not know how far silver and gold can fall. The further they fall the more you should buy. This is where we separate the boys from the men, and the girls from the women. The fundamentals are better for us all the time. Nothing else matters. Silver is your economic savior. You have no choice; there is nothing else to put your savings into. Look at the Big Picture and the Long Road Ahead, not the short term. (thanks to Silver Seek)


Speaking of billionaires, many of them are predicting a stock crash. Let's name some...

Sam Zell says, "a correction is coming" to put it mildly.

George Soros bet $2.2 billion the S&P will crash with his SPY puts.

Carl Icahn is very, "nervous and worried" about the markets.

Stan Druckenmiller is, "fearful" about the markets.

When people like this warn you about a stock crash you need to listen very closely.


Do you believe crude oil was only $3 a barrel in 1970? Seriously, it was. We could have $2 a gallon gasoline, kerosene (jet fuel), and diesel fuel if the government would just allow SASOL plants, allow us to pump our own oil, and allow offshore drilling. They refuse to allow them. SASOL produces fuel from coal, and we are the Saudi Arabia of coal. We literally have 1,000 years of known coal reserves. Yes, we could still import oil, but we wouldn't need to. The wars in the Mideast are NOT about oil- they are about Israeli imperialism.


The Peoples Republic of California is the official home of American Communism. As goes California, so goes the nation. This has been true for over 100 years now. Berkeley is the official capital of Communist California. They just passed an ordinance that the marijuana shops must give poor people free drugs. Seriously, this is not a joke. They passed a law that pot shops must give free marijuana to scumbags on welfare. That sure will get them off welfare, right? They define "poor" as anyone making less than $32,000 a year. A couple making $64,000 a year is "poor". These "poor" people are "entitled" to free marijuana. That sure is going to help them learn a trade, go to school, and get a job, right? If you can't see this is End Times you're deaf, dumb, and blind.



We used to get $2.41 back in growth for every dollar of debt.

Now we get back THREE CENTS for every dollar of debt.

That alone tells you we are already in a depression, not waiting for one.

You can say, "we're not in a depression because there are no soup kitchens". Well, we have electronic soup kitchens now rather than physical ones. ONE IN SIX AMERICANS IS ON FOOD STAMPS. They can't eat without the government feeding them. This is in addition to the endless school lunch (and breakfast and dinner) programs and all the other free food the government gives out. Here in Brunswick County, NC all public school children eat for "free" (meaning the tax payer foots the bill). The poor were "stigmatized" and "embarrassed" by their free meals, so now everyone gets government food. Now the poor won't be embarrassed anymore. This will all end when American goes completely bankrupt very, very soon.

The number of people (not counting Social Insecurity or Medicare) of Social Insecurity Disability, food stamps, and welfare have exploded in the last 40 years.

In 1929 the stock market capitalization as a percentage of the GNP was "only" 87%. Now it is an incomprehensible 203%. The markets are going to crash, and there is no way around it. Do NOT be in the stock market. Sell your IRA/401k, take the penalty, and buy silver bullion.

We have a real 23% unemployment rate, not the official "6.2%". Actually, it is worse that 23% because many people gave up years ago. They don't even bother to look for a job anymore. Almost 1 in 4 employable Americans is out of a job.


The Misery Index is actually WORSE than in 1929. Now try and say we're not in a depression. People today are actually more miserable than 85 years ago in the depression.

The American banking system is drowning in $60 trillion worth of debt. What does $60 trillion mean? The entire GNP of America is only about $12 trillion. The banks are bankrupt, and YOU are going to pay the bill, not them. YOU are going to pay the bill when they shut down one Monday morning, and you never get your money back. Take your money out of the banks. Leave a small checking account and nothing else.


CNBC, and the rest of the disinformation agents, cannot stop touting the Tesla car. Money Morning, for example, said the stock will double within a year. It is already $286, and they say it will double? They have run at a LOSS since they opened. They will continue to run at a loss. They sell a lousy 2,000 cars a month- and lose on every one of them. The sheeple are still buying TSLA stock like hotcakes. Why would anyone in their right mind buy a stock that loses huge amounts of money? The junk model is $70,000. For that you can buy a beautiful, new 450 hp Corvette Stingray. The "nice"  S model sells for $120,000!!! You get pleather (i.e. plastic) seats for that price. They are building a $5 billion (that's billion folks) lithium battery plant in Nevada. Their new "breakthrough" graphene battery is a bad joke. Elon Musk claims you will be able to drive 350 miles on a charge, and recharge in 20 minutes. All total fantasies. No graphene batteries have been made, nor tested, and it is just a theory. It will never happen. Even if it did happen in twenty years or so, the batteries would be more expensive than ever, and would still need to be replaced every five years. Now it costs $12,000 to replace the S battery every five years. That's insane! Plus, it degrades every year. You cannot reasonably heat or cool a battery car. By the way, YOUR tax money subsidizes the sale of every Tesla car to the tune of $7,500 for the junk model. Why does the government need to support TSLA with YOUR tax money? If the cars had any value, they wouldn't need subsidies.

Here is Bibi Netanyahu explaining how Mossad and the CIA did 9/11, not "Arabs with boxcutters". The 13th anniversary of 9/11 was on Thursday, but nothing happened. Some were predicting a "terrorist attack" much worse than 9/11 to be blamed on ISIS.


How Empires End:

*government reach exceeds their grasp

*dramatic expansion of war without clear plans

*population is overtaxed

*heavy taxation ruins the economy

*costs rise, but not salaries

*tax revenues fall as people are broke

*the government hoards

*government borrows and borrows

*authoritarian control

*violent economic and social collapse

*empire turns on itself and citizens are now the enemy


Gosh, doesn't all this sound all too familiar? Far, far too familiar. All eleven of these factors have already come to pass.


The biggest problem of all we face on planet Earth is extreme overpopulation. There are over 7 billion brain dead subhumans that breed like cockroaches. Ideally, a half billion would be the goal. That means about 93% have to go. Killing 6.5 billion outright isn't a very nice thing to do, but that is what the New World Order has in mind. Mass sterilization is obviously impossible. This planet could be a very nice place with 1/14th of the current population. China and India are the worst problems. Meanwhile the subhumans continue to overbreed and the entire continent of Africa is the worst problem. Nearly every African country has the highest breeding rate in the world.


Get ready for what is coming. BE PREPARED. Move to a safer rural area no matter what you have to do. Make sure you have whole grains and dried beans, junk silver coins, cash (green toilet paper), canned goods, a water source, generator, propane, guns, ammo, and everything you use every day like bath soap, dish soap, toilet paper, paper towels, light bulbs, rechargeable batteries, and all those other things we use daily. After 13 years another 9/11 hoax disaster is very overdue. This will be blamed on ISIS of course. Expect martial law. Expect anything and everything. Just be ready.

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