Economic Rant

October 01, 2014


Here it is, off the official FBI website. No one died in Newtown, CT in 2012. The FBI admits that 20 children and 6 adults did not die at Sandy Hoax. All the other mass murders are government hoaxes to push anti-gun laws. This is the actual, official, government FBI report for 2012. No one died. Same with all the other hoax mass murders. Alex Jones is a disinformation agent, but he does report some good things like this. No one died at any of the other "mass murders" either. It's all about gun control.


Folks, we've been saying this for years. Finally others are catching on. If you put a silver dollar and a dollar bill (which was then a real silver certificate) under your mattress in 1965, your silver dollar would but all theses things, but your paper dollar almost nothing. Only silver and gold are real money. The U.S. Constitution says so. 5,000 years of world history says so. Reality says so.

The U.S. Dollar has skyrocketed from .80 to .86 in less than 90 days. Silver, in the meantime, fell over $4 in the same period. Reality always wins in the end. Silver is below the cost of production. It will skyrocket soon. Meanwhile the price could fall to $15.

Look at the currency explosion in the last 40 some years. Notice that same 1970 time frame where America really went down the Royal Road to Hell. (Thanks to Barron's and Lundeen.) We are going to see extreme hyperinflation due to this.


Nobama is sending 3,000 U.S. soldiers to Africa to, "fight Ebola". Seriously, this is real. This is not a joke. Wish it was. Are the solders going to kill the virus? Shoot it? Bomb it? We have no business at all in Africa. None. Now say, "this isn't End Times, everything is fine". Don't laugh when you say it. Don't cry either. The CIA engineered this Ebola outbreak in Africa. There was no problem until America set up clinics in Liberia. Just like the entire Boko Haram hoax they made up.  It is also possible they will engineer another one to kill our own people. They killed all those people on 9/11; don't think they won't kill ever more with the next fake terrorist attack. The next fake terrorist attack is very overdue after 13 years. This will be much worse than 9/11 and involve several cities at once. The whole point was to give us the draconian Patriot Act. This one will bring martial law and far more deaths.

The CDC says there will be a "million cases of Ebola" in Liberia by January. 1) That's a huge lie. 2) That's not our problem, is it? The same CDC that told you in 2009 that Swine Flu would be a level 6 (worst case) pandemic. The national Liberian newspaper blamed the U.S. not only for their Ebola infections, but for AIDS as well.


In 1940 America held an amazing humongous 3.1 billion ounces of silver. That's right- 3.1 BILLION ounces. That is four times the current 800 million ounces that are mined worldwide today. It's all gone, all of it. This is where we separate the men from the boys, and the women from the girls. BUY SILVER AT $17. "Buy when there is blood in the streets" said Baron Rothschild. $17 is well below the cost of production. The entire world is going to hell on a rocket ship, so prepare for it. Silver is your economic savior.

We keep quoting the 18th century banker Baron Rothschild telling us to buy when everyone else is selling. Who cares if silver falls to $16 or even $15? What does it matter? The cost of production is about $25 per ounce, depending on the mine and the country it's in. Look at the fundamentals. Is anything in this world getting better? Improving? No! Everything is going to hell. Look at the Big Picture, and put every cent you have into silver. Sell your IRA/401k, take the penalty, and buy silver bullion. Hold it yourself. No paper silver. No storage programs. Only generic bullion. Silver (and gold) below the cost of production is blood in the streets.


The HUI is falling as well and just broke 200. It must hold 190 support or we'll see more downside.

Here we see the only  support left at 190. We have to watch this. We now separate the sincere from the insincere. The dedicated from the day trippers. Those who can see what's happening, and those who are deaf, dumb and blind. Go read Jim Rickards book, The Death of Money. He explains in great detail why we are facing the world depression and economic disaster the world has ever seen. He is an ex-CIA agent and knows these things intimately. The book is flawed in ways. He thinks there is gold in Ft. Knox. He thinks "terrorists" did 9/11. His advice on what to do is also flawed, but the information in this book is very powerful.

Look at this 5 year gold chart from InfoMine. Huge support at 1200. If that is broken, there is nothing but air under the price of gold. There is already nothing but air under the price of silver. Again, the HUI has to hold 190.


Joan Rivers (real name Molinsky) told the world Obama was a homosexual and Michele was a transvestite. Two months later she was dead.  Just a coincidence certainly. The Obamas sent a condolence card to the family. No one could tell Jew jokes like Joan did. She said things no one else had the nerve to say. The most right wing, conservative people found her tremendously funny. She left an  inheritance of $150 million. She gave generously to far left (what else?) causes. She led a lifestyle of terminal materialism, depression, bulimia, divorce, suicidal thoughts, estrangement from her only daughter, and other psychiatric problems. Her second husband killed himself. Nothing fails like success. Her cost of success was all too high. Is there any point to clawing your way to the top for 81 years, leaving $150 million, and being completely miserable all your life?


Below is a chart of the U.S. IQ in yellow, and the world IQ in red. The projected IQ goes beyond 2014. The world is getting stupider every year. Most countries today have an intelligence and educational level barely above retarded. In 1900 there were only 76 million people in the U.S. and 88% of them were white. The average IQ was 99. Now there are 318 million and only 64% of them are white. The average IQ has dropped to 90. Iceland is still 99% white and their national IQ is still 100. So much for diversity.

There are now 177,000 active COMEX silver contracts. This is insane, and exceeds the silver mined on earth every year. Each contract is for 5,000 ounces of silver. This is 885 million ounces. Only 200 million ounces are used for investment yearly. These futures contracts are more than four times the amount of investment silver sold worldwide every year. This is how the Big Banks manipulate the price of silver and gold. All manipulations end, and end badly. This one is about to end very badly. However, the Big Banks will then go massively long on the COMEX and make money going up. They're evil, not stupid. The recovery will be very dramatic.

The Big Banks also own $1,200 trillion in derivatives. That is sixteen times the GNP of every country on earth added together. SIXTEEN TIMES. The U.S. has the largest GNP at about $12 trillion. There is no valid reason whatsoever to create derivatives. The ONLY purpose is to make the banks rich- and you poor. When- not if- these derivatives implode the world economy will collapse with them. Derivatives have never existed in the history of mankind. We cannot even accurately define what they are. This is madness, and more proof of End Times. Reality always wins in the end. Even Senile in Omaha Buffett warned they were weapons of economic mass destruction.


WE ARE AT WAR. Syria could be the start of World War III. Russia and China are not going to tolerate us attacking Syria. We cannot win against either one of them, much less both of them. The Greater Israel Plan is to take over the entire Mideast and put an end to Syria, Iraq, and Iran. Israel wants to get rid of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia as well.



We are going to repeat some charts that were in the last Rant. These are from Jim Rickards book The Death of Money. Go to your local library and get a copy, or buy one at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. The "unfunded liabilities" ARE our national debts. They are, in fact, bills that must be paid, but can't possibly be paid. The entire GNP of America is down to about $12 trillion. With a $128 trillion national debt and 300 million people  that means everyone (including babies) owes about $400,000. A family of four owes $1.6 million dollars. All debts get paid either by the buyer or the seller. YOU, the taxpayer, YOU the citizen, will pay your $400,000 in the form of the worst depression the world has ever seen.


The stock markets are in fantasy land. The sheeple are buying up all the junk CNBC pushes. Want some examples? We've discussed the worthless Tesla (TSLA) car. Alibaba (BABA) is now the Big Darling. The Devil wouldn't invest in that stock. How about Twitter  (TWTR) losing $600 million a year? Why would anyone invest in a company that hemorrhages every year? The stock market is about to collapse.


The real unemployment rate is about 23%. Actually, it is much worse, as 1) many people just gave up and aren't counted, and 2) many have taken jobs "beneath them" just to pay the rent. Look at this labor force participation chart right from the Department of Labor. Notice what happened after Nobama was elected.

The middle class is disappearing. The middle class has always defined America. We are becoming a banana republic more every day, but we don't even have any bananas. More and more we are a poor country with a small class of rich at the top. This defines banana republic. Small business owners now number less than 12%. This is a new low. However, the number of government workers continues to increase. That is a hallmark of any socialist, communist, or Marxist country.

Housing is collapsing. Commercial real estate is collapsing. Home builders are up to their ears in unsellable homes, yet keep building more. Mortgages are falling. People can't afford to buy a home. We are becoming a nation of renters, now owners. This is the opposite of everything about America for 238 years. In 2005 the average home sold for $225,000. You will see this figure fall to $100,000. That's right- the average home will sell for $100,000, but there won't be any buyers for it.


Here is a money velocity chart. This is how fast money changes hands. Money must constantly be moving- and moving quickly- in a healthy, vibrant economy. Well, money is barely moving at all- even worse than the Great Depression. Our economy is dead. Money is not changing hands because most people are not just broke, but deeply in debt.


The Misery Index is now 33, but was "only" 27 during the Great Depression. The Misery Index is simply real inflation plus real unemployment. We have about 10% real inflation and about 23% real unemployment. The media tells you we have about 3% inflation and 6% unemployment, which is ridiculous.


The banks are literally "bankrupt". Life in America was pretty good right up to about the 1970 area. That is when we clearly and quickly were becoming a totalitarian police state.If the entire GNP is $12 trillion, and the banks are $60 trillion in debt, the banks cannot pay that off. So you will. YOU WILL PAY THEIR $60 TRILLION  BILL. That is about $200,000 per person, or $800,000 for a family of four. Since the average family is not only broke, but deeply in debt, that means the worst depression even seen.

In addition, the five biggest banks have over $40 trillion in derivatives. There are sixteen times more derivatives held now than the entire GNP of every country on earth combined. When these implode, the entire world economy will go with them. Now tell yourself this isn't End Times. Remember all bills get paid all the time, and there is no such thing as an unpaid bill.

The Big Banks are not going to pay these bills- you are. Bet on that. Take your money out of the banks, and keep a small checking accounts to pay bills. Sell your IRA/401k and buy silver. Yes, we'll keep repeating that until you do it.


The stock market capitalization to GNP is up to an incomprehensible 203%. During the Great Depression is was less than half that number at 87%. Most everyone has the IRA/401k invested in the stock market. They will all starve in the street. Sell your IRA/401k and buy silver bullion you hold yourself. 203% versus 87%.


Bill Gross started PIMCO Bonds over 40 years ago. It is worth about a quarter trillion dollars. Remember the entire U.S. GNP is only about 12 trillion, so he alone was responsible for over 2% of the entire American economic production in a very real sense. He just resigned the same day Commie Holder did. Gross knows the bond market is on the edge of collapse, and he doesn't want to be blamed. You probably don't even understand the bond market. Just know that this is a PILLAR of the economy. When bonds collapse, everything else is going to collapse with them. Bill Gross got out of Dodge!


The more gun laws you pass, the more violent crimes occur. Look at Houston versus Chicago. Chicago has NO gun stores, and does not allow any concealed carry permits. Houston has about 1,700 stores that sell guns, and many people have concealed carry permits. Houston has a murder rate of 9.6 per 100 K,  while Chicago has a whopping 38.4!!! They are very similar in racial makeup, median income, and other factors. Chicago has basically outlawed guns, while Houston has gun freedom. Chicago has more than FOUR times the murder rate and bans guns.


America leads the world in gun ownership with a known 270 million firearms for 312 million people. We rank #103 in homicides. There is a NEGATIVE relationship between gun ownership and violent crime and murder.  The more guns the less violence. Switzerland and Finland are also the highest rated gun owners in the world, with the lowest homicide rates. Jamaica has an almost total ban on firearms, but ranks #6 in worldwide homicide rates. There are no gun shops in Jamaica. All guns are illegal. People cannot even protect themselves against the criminals. The same is true for countries like Honduras, Ivory Coast and El Salvador. They have almost total gun bans and the very highest of all homicide rates in the entire world.



Insanity reigns in New Jersey. All toy guns are now banned- even for adults. Any toy guy must now either be transparent, see thru plastic or a complete bright fluorescent color. They banned the shipment of air guns and BB guns years ago. Soon they will ban real guns. Step by step by step...Obese, disgusting "Republican" Chris Christie clearly demonstrates what the sheeple of New Jersey are....they're brain dead.

Speaking of air guns and BB guns, did you know you can't ship them to California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, or Washington? Why can't you ship an air gun to these states?


Aldous Huxley warned us many decades ago. If you never read Brave New World, please go yourself a big favor and read it. The main point was the sheeple will come to LOVE their slavery and hate freedom and responsibility. That has already happened around the world, and now in America. The election of an abomination like Obama two times proves that beyond any doubt. Also the election of 535 Congress people, none of which have any character whatsoever. America is finished after 238 years. Just like Argentina and England we will be a Third World poverty stricken, Marxist police state, mixed race cesspool. That has already happened, but the poverty part will come in the next few years. Never forget we have 5% of the world population, but 25% of the prison inmates. America is the world police state on earth with ONE FOURTH of all prison inmates.

Yes, the show is being run as the One World Order crowd sees fit. As George Carlin said, "It's called the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it."


Get ready for what's coming folks. Another 9/11 hoax is way overdue. Nothing good is ahead of us. Be prepared.

Our elections have as much meaning as they do in Cuba or North Korea- none at all. Don't you love morons who keep saying things like, "vote 'em out", or "vote Republican"? We have a ONE PARTY SYSTEM in America- the Republicrat Party. Only 1% of Americans have the brains to vote libertarian. Right now it looks like Elizabeth Warren and Mitt Romney in 2016. Why the hell is Elizabeth Warren? Right. You don't even know, do you? Liz is just another Zionist sock puppet like Mitt. Like all 535 members of Congress.


Prep and keep prepping. Walk around the house and make a list of things you need. Get ready for what is coming. BE PREPARED. Move to a safer rural area no matter what you have to do. Make sure you have whole grains and dried beans, junk silver coins, cash (green toilet paper), canned goods, a water source, generator, propane, guns, ammo, and everything you use every day like bath soap, dish soap, toilet paper, paper towels, light bulbs, rechargeable batteries, and all those other things we use daily. After 13 years another 9/11 hoax disaster is very overdue. This will be blamed on ISIS of course. Expect martial law. Expect anything and everything. Just be ready.

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