Economic Rant

October 31, 2014

“We Are on the Precipice of the Greatest Retirement Crisis in the History of the World.”  Forbes


Forbes magazine is not exactly a libertarian publication. For them to say this is HUGE.

The average American is not only broke, but deeply in debt. The real unemployment rate is about 23%. Social Insecurity was broke decades ago. All private and government pension programs are broke. The socialist schemes Americans now vote for cannot be sustained at all. The stock market is a house of cards, and there go all the IRAs and 401k’s. The dollar is worthless, and we have no gold left at all. We have a national debt of about $170 trillion, while our entire ­­­­­GNP is down to about $12 trillion. That can never be paid off. You, the taxpayer, will pay this in the form of the worst depression the world has ever seen.


On November 30 the Swiss will have a national referendum to return their gold and not sell anymore gold. They sold most all their gold at $400. This will fail, as the Swiss are as stupid as everyone else. Even if it did pass, it would fail. Why? 1) The Swiss sold their gold years ago. 2) The countries they so foolishly lent their gold to no longer have it, and can't pay for it. 3) The little gold they have left is now in deep debt due to the massive paper gold held against it. What is the point here? NO COUNTRY ON EARTH HAS A CURRENCY WITH ANY VALUE AT ALL. All paper currencies are toilet paper, so you must own physical silver. The Swiss referendum is a non-event.


Harvey Organ says there is simply no available gold or silver left in the world. He’s right. London Bullion is empty. The COMEX is empty. GLD and SLV are outright frauds and have nothing but paper. The U.S. government has nothing left. Ft. Knox was emptied over 50 years ago. There is less silver in private or government (e.g. Russia, China, India, Iran, etc.) hands than what is needed by business and investors. Silver is therefore much more explosive than gold.


“There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.” -Aldous Huxley said this 52 years ago (1962). This defines America today. The ‘pharmacological method’ is TV, sports, alcohol, drugs, the media, pharmaceutical drugs, and the rest of the mind numbing insanity we see everyday.



China is rapidly becoming the World Superpower with well over a billion people. Their GNP in 2013 was up to $12 trillion. 2014 will be even better. They are growing strongly- for now. America is failing. Our GNP has fallen to about $12 trillion in real purchasing power. The claim is that U.S. GNP is $16 trillion, but severe inflation makes that a very misleading figure. Remember, GNP depends on real purchasing power, not just numbers. China is growing, and we are failing. However, China has four times our population, which means they have ONE FOURTH of our standard of living- at best. Never forget that China and Russia have made a military pact against American imperialism. We could never win a war against either of them, much less both of them together. We are going to pay for our war on Syria and Iraq, and our intended war of Iran. America is now a third rate military power with a weak Zionist sock puppet homosexual Marxist as Commander in Chief. That fact alone proves America is finished after 238 years. All democratic systems self destruct after about 200 years. Big Government, a brain dead population, endless imperialism, hyperinflated currency have all put an end to us. We haven’t won a war in 70 years. The only reason we “won” World War II is that everyone ganged up on Germany and Japan. That was anything but a “victory”.


There have been three great empires in the history of planet Earth. Rome is now a dirty backwater of no significance. England is now a Third World cesspool full of subhumans. They sold all their gold years ago at $300. America is too pitiful to talk about. China could be the fourth great empire, but the average Chinese are too stupid to do that. However, they have been buying up all the worlds gold for years now with Russia, India, Iran, and other smarter countries. We have been printed unbacked green toilet paper by the trillions 24/7.


Sickly, senile, impotent, has been, pathetic Warren Buffet is still held up as the “Oracle of Omaha.” What a joke. Throwing darts would literally make you more money than buying his famous Berkshire Hathaway stock (BRKA). Seriously, at least you would break even, and not lose like this. Look at his losing picks:

Darden Restaurant group (DRI) is one of Buffett's biggest and favorite holdings. You can see there is no hope for this stock. If Senile in Omaha can't pick stocks, who can? People can no longer afford to eat out, especially at nice restaurants. Can’t he see that?

American Express (AXP) is another of his major holdings. Hopeless. Blind monkeys could do better than this. When a major financial company like this is failing, you know something is seriously wrong with the entire country.

Chicago Bridge (CBI) is another pick by Buffett. He sure can pick winners, right?

Conoco Phillips (COP) just fell off a financial cliff. The price of oil is falling thru the floor now. Another Buffett Miracle.

John Deere (DE) is the foremost farm equipment company in America. The Oracle of Omaha sure can pick winners. Farming is thriving, food prices are thru the roof, yet John Deere can’t sell farm equipment. Go figure.

NOW Inc. (DNOW) is another Buffett Miracle. Why waste time discussing a loser like this?

General Electric (GE) has been a pillar of America for 125 years. This is beyond pitiful. GE has defined America, and now it is going under. What did the media say about GE (Bloomberg News)? "GE surpasses analysts' profit estimates for third quarter". Well, that third quarter couldn't look any worse, could it? At the 2014 Berkshire Hathaway stockholder meeting this May, Buffett and Munger specifically said to buy this at $35. You can see it is down to $24 and falling. They are both senile, drooling morons.  

General Motors (GM) has also been a pillar of America for over 100 years (1908). Hopeless. This was an engine of our commerce. Buffett loves this, too.

McDonalds (MCD)


Buffett does not own MCD, but for over a decade McDonalds was one of the strongest and best performing of all American companies. Look at it now. A pillar of our country for over a half century is now going under. In 8 years from 2004 to 2012 this stock skyrocketed from $30 to $110. This is simply unheard of for a major corporation like this. Now you’ll see them collapsing, as people just cannot afford to eat out in fast food restaurants anymore. They can barely afford to eat at home now.


Again, the COT (Commitment of Traders) futures report cannot be trusted, and could, in fact, be purposeful disinformation. On the 17th the claim is silver futures are unchanged at 16,000 net short, but gold is up a massive 10,000 contracts to a 79,000 net short. On the 24th silver is at 15,000 and gold up 24,000 to a massive 85,000 net contracts. Add the fact the COMEX lowered silver margins to a mere $5,500. All this clearly warned us about the collapse of metals and their stocks on October 30. Expect more damage. There is no short term support here. Remember, all this is manipulation, and all manipulations end badly. This cannot go on due to shortages of both gold and silver.

Hillary says business does not create jobs- Washington does.


The American sheeple would readily elect the Whore of Babylon if she could run in 2016. No words can describe how brain dead they are. America has chosen communism, socialism, poverty, big government and totalitarianism over freedom and prosperity. Would someone please explain that one?



In an October interview with Charlie Rose, Hillary Clinton said, "I may not run for president because the job is too hard.". She then went on to detail the many problems with serving as president of the United States. HILLARY WILL NOT RUN IN 2016.

The Economic Rant is the only one in the world who was saying for many years now. No one else on earth said this. She is dying of cancer, or multiple cancers. She has other serious, terminal health issues. She is obese, on a junk food diet, her legs are grotesque, and she is under extreme stress, even though she dropped out of politics two years ago. After a major face lift (which was never admitted by the media), she should look about 58- instead of 78 (she's 68 now). She's dying, and the media is finally picking up on it. We've been telling you this for many years now. When you look at the fact the Whore of Babylon would be our next president (if she wasn’t dying) you can see this is End Times. The Democrats have no one to run, and the Republicans only have Mitt Romney and Jeb (my wife and children are Mexican) Bush. Vote Libertarian, and don't vote for the lesser evil. Voting for evil is obviously the wrong thing to do. Do the right thing and vote Libertarian. Always do the right thing in life; don’t vote for the Lesser Evil.


Right now it seems Jeb Bush is the Republican of choice. He is married to a Mexican and has Mexican children. Right there is the 12% Latino vote. Sheldon Adelson, the Zionist King Maker, is putting his money on Jeb. Yes, Sheldon put his money on Mitt the last time, but lost. The Democrats have absolutely no one to run. When Hillary makes some cheap excuse why she doesn’t “want” to run, they simply have no one at all to go against Jeb Bush. It doesn’t matter which Zionist sock puppet wins. There is only one party  in America, the Republicrat party. Two sides of the same coin. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. It doesn’t matter who wins the pretend 2016 election. Nothing will change. The Libertarians will get 2% of the vote if they are lucky. The other 98% of the voters are brain dead and prefer slavery, dependence on gummint, and poverty to freedom, independence, and affluence.

Look at this 65 year chart of the bottom 90% wage earners (blue) and the top 10% wage earners (red). IT HAS COMPLETELY REVERSED. The bottom 90% got far more income distribution than the rich. Well, that ended about 20 years ago, but now it has REVERSED The rich get everything, and the rest of the 90% are now in the hole, down the toilet, drowned in debt. This chart alone proves that America is finished after 238 years.


Real median household income has fallen off a cliff for 15 years now. You can’t argue with facts. This chart is right from the Fed.


Has “our” government weaponized it and planning to infect the whole country? Is it about martial law and more totalitarian government? Who knows? GlaxoSmithKline will soon offer a spurious vaccine for the sheeple. They will lap it up like fresh milk. GSK will make billions in profits while killing millions. Good, this will improve the gene pool and get rid of lots of stupid people. No, that’s not a joke. This goes far, far beyond profits on vaccine though. For more news on Ebola go to natural news and before its news and other websites. Do not listen to Alex Jones and his Zionist disinformation agents on this subject however. Doctors Without Borders is an evil CIA front run by Zionist Bernard Kouchner. They are spreading Ebola in Africa along with the Red Cross and other “humanitarian” medical organization. The natives in Liberia and Sierra Leone are ware of this, and trying to run them out of the country. They don’t want their “help”. If you want a great article on what is really happening written by a native here it is:


Folks here is a 16 year charts worldwide temperature from NASA and Remote Sensing Systems. This proves we have had global COOLING for 16 years now. RSS supplies NASA and other government organizations with weather data. Global warming is a total scam. The fact is we have global cooling. Last year was another record breaking deep freeze, and this winter is going to be another record breaking deep freeze. Get ready for it. Do whatever you have to do to prepare for another horrible winter.

Putin met with Netanyahu personally last year. He told him to his face Russia will not tolerate any attack on Syria or Iran, and China will back them 100% on this. Netanyahu fears Putin very much, while Obama is a mere Israeli sock puppet. Netanyahu has openly bragged, “We the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know that”. Well, he doesn’t have any control over Russia or China,


We saw a mini-crash in the stock market in October. Many analysts are warning against a major crash and said this is a warning. Casey Research, for example, sent a letter out to all their subscribers warning about an imminent stock market crash. This is not good folks. Most all working people have their money in the stock market in the form of IRAs and 401k’s. We’ve been begging people to sell their IRA or 401k for five years now, take the penalty, and buy silver bullion. If you don’t you deserve to starve in the street with the rest of the brain dead.

Here is proof of a total failure in housing sales over the last year. The media tells you exactly the opposite- home sales are thru the roof. Home prices are rising. The real estate market is “on fire”. Baloney. Both residential and commercial real estate are in the toilet. It’s almost impossible to sell your house for what you want. Do not buy any real estate!!!




Obama just appointed a Jewish lawyer with no medical experience whatsoever to be the new Ebola Czar. That tells you everything you need to know. The government is purposely flying in Ebola patients from Liberia to infect Americans. This is prima facie insanity to IMPORT AN EPIDEMIC. What is all this about? To create another crisis in order to institute ever more totalitarianism and government control over the citizens. Like Rahn Emmanuel said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.

There is no protection from a viral epidemic like Ebola. The only thing you can do is isolate yourself in your home and don’t go out. This is why you need to prep. Move out of the city or crowded suburbs. Have a water supply (we have a hand pump and shallow well in the back yard). Have six months of food. Have a supply of EVERYTHING you need every day. Walk around the house and make a complete list. We do not know what is ahead of us, but we know it’s very dark and very bad. Great events cast their shadows before them, and we can see some black shadows certainly.

Anyone who talks about deflation is nuts! Anyone with an I.Q. over 10 can see we have terminal inflation. Here is a 14 chart of food prices right from the Fed.

The Federal Reserve is printing green toilet paper 24/7. Here is a chart of how government counterfeiting has exploded since Obama was elected.

Real unemployment is about 23%, not the silly 6% figure the media puts out. Here is a 14 year chart of the civilian employment to population ration. Only 59% of Americans are working. This number is far, far, too low.

You see “money velocity” collapsing. Money must move, change hands, and be dynamic in a healthy economy. When money doesn’t move the economy is stagnant. And that’s exactly what we have- a stagnant economy.



The Ottowa shooting is another hoax. The Canadian government had the video cameras placed at every critical angle to capture the entire scam. Then the crisis actors came in and did their jobs. The Canadians have already basically banned all guns up there except for a few hunting rifles. This one is to promote the ISIS baloney and tell you the “terrorists are coming for us”.

The Marysville Washington shooting is another hoax. No one was killed or hurt. On October 23 an announcement was posted on the Internet that a SWAT training drill would be done on the next day, the 24th. How transparent can you get? Bloomberg tried to pass another gun law in Washington state, but it was failing badly. On October 14 the media reported it would not be passed. So, the Zionists got together and had another fake shooting to gain support for their bill.


50% of American workers make less than $14 an hour. 39% make less than $10 an hour. We are already a Third World backwater socialist banana republic without any bananas. California now has less than 50% white people. As goes California, so goes the nation. This has been true for over 100 years now. More and more America will be a non-white nation as all the colored races outbreed whites greatly.

The HUI collapsed on October 30. This does not bode well. In the last Rant we said gold was headed for $1,000, silver for $15 and the HUI much lower.

You do not have to understand the above silver chart. Just understand that the COMEX ownership (“open interest”) of silver is now almost 900 million ounces. This is more than produced around the world each year. THIS IS HOW THE PAPER PRICE IS MANIPULATED. This is going to end soon as there is heavy demand, but not enough silver produced. The cost of mining it is about $23 worldwide. Mines cannot lose $8 an ounce selling silver. First Majestic has already stopped selling all silver. Soon the dealers will add a premium to the paper price. Then the dealers won’t have any silver. Then the industrial users will have no silver. This is where we separate the sincere silver stackers from the cry babies. Be a silver stacker. Stack it at $16. Stack all you can at these prices. Silver and gold will soon explode as this insanity comes to an end. This 30 year manipulation is about to end because we’re out of silver and gold. Reality is going to come back with a vengeance here.

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