Economic Rant

November 16, 2014



We had a crash in gold and silver, and then a dramatic blast off. The HUI has fell and then took off. The October 31 COT report still claims the net gold shorts are 99,000 and silver 14,000. On November 7 the commercials unloaded a humongous 43,000 net gold shorts and are down to only 55,000 short positions. Their net silver positions are down

to only 12,000. You can bet the November 14 COT report will be conflicting, confusing, contradictory, and irrational. Also, on the 7th silver skyrocketed over 80 cents. The HUI has made a 10 year triple bottom at 150. All this is huge folks. The HUI, gold, and silver reversed dramatically on Friday. Major dealers are adding big premiums (e.g. $1.50) per ounce, are often out of stock, and promising backorders. This is only the beginning. The ratio of the Dow Jones Index to silver is now an insane 1,000 to 1. In 1980 it fell to a mere 15 to 1- and gold was 1 to 1. That's right, the price of gold equaled the Dow. Ratios like this are vital. Stop and realize 39 years ago the DJI to silver ratio was 15 to 1, but now it is 1,000 to 1. Time to sell stocks and buy silver, right? Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles can see that much.

November 14- right, the COT report made no sense at all. Is it even real? While the net gold shorts fell 5,000, the net silver shorts went up from 12,000 to 17,000. This makes no sense at all, and may be purposeful disinformation. Free markets of supply and demand should determine prices, not massive government manipulation with mere paper.


Look at this five year silver chart. There are two old maxims regarding investing...1) do not try to pick tops or bottoms, and 2) a trend in  motion stays in motion until it stops. It seems likely that this is a four year double bottom for silver, and it will not go below the $14.82 level and recent $15.04 low. (Thanks to SilverSeek). Watch this $14.82 price.

STOP THE PRESS!!!! November 5 the U.S. Mint has sold out of Silver Eagles, and has completely suspended all sales. The Canadian Mint has done the same thing. They have no silver. The U.S. Mint was hemorrhaging by selling Eagles at $18 (ripoff $2 premium). Same for the Canadian Mint with their Maple Leaves. Buy your silver now while you can get it. Buy it this week. Stop fooling around. Get every penny you can get ahold of and buy silver bullion. No SLV, no silver stocks, no storage programs, no, unsafe deposit boxes, no paper silver. Buy physical bullion. Bury it in your basement, or whatever you have to do. Build a concrete sidewalk over it if you want. Both mints claim they will resume on an "allocated basis". That is the same as nothing!!! By law both are required to produce gold and silver coins for the citizens.  They can't.


STOP THE PRESS AGAIN!!!! November 7 the COMEX shut down silver trading. This hasn't happened in over 30 years since the Hunt Brothers squeeze. The bond, stock, and dollar markets were all in chaos. On Sunday the 8th we sent out a special notice to all our silver bullion now.



What do you care if the paper price falls to $10, but no silver is available? The dealers are running out, the premiums go up, and there are "waiting times". Almost no one has silver in stock, so you have to backorder. "Waiting times" really means you may or may not get your silver at all. Many dealers merely have 1 oz rounds and coins. No bars. The dealers lose money selling silver under $23. The mines pay about $23 an ounce to mine it. They are either holding back their production, or cutting back, or even shutting down.


There are two kinds of silver investors now. One complains, cries, and whines about the falling silver price. He is upset that he bought silver at $30, or whatever, and has,  "lost so much money". Of course he doesn't have an answer about what else he could do with his money. Actually, there is nothing else to invest in. Silver is four times better than gold.

The second is mortgaging his house and buying all he can. This is a true Silver Stacker. He wants silver to fall to $10 so he can buy even more. He can see the Long Term, the Big Picture, the Long Road Ahead. He knows there is nothing else on this earth to invest in other than silver. If you want a side bet, and can afford to do it, then consider call options. You need a broker who can trade options. A December 2015 call with a strike price of $30 is about $600. The strike price means silver must reach $30 in the next 13 months. There are no margin calls like futures. Do NOT trade futures like your poor, old author. (By the way 1/3 of the futures account was just replaced at $16, and will be added to at $20 and $24.) Twenty of them would therefore be about $12,000. You can make a lot of money here, but if silver only reaches $29.99 you lose it all. This is only for people who can afford to take a risk with excess money they don't need to pay the bills. This is a very smart side bet.

The world is a strange place. The Hebrew newspaper Haaretz in Israel published this cartoon on November 2. This is Netanyahu piloting a plane into the World Trade Center.

Wow!, the major Israeli newspaper telling the truth about the 9/11 fraud? That Mossad and the CIA did this, and not "Arabs with boxcutters"? How did those Arabs pack three buildings with thermite explosives? How did they get building 7 to fall when no plane hit it? How about the fact no airliner hit the Pentagon? Remember Haaretz published this.

Do yourself a big favor if you don't understand 9/11 was an inside job by Mossad and the CIA. Google "9/11 fraud", or "9/11 hoax" and see the thousands of websites that explain this factually.

The men (and women) who are killing innocent people in the Mideast for the Greater Glory of Israel are sincere, well meaning, but don't realize they are just cannon fodder for the Zionists. Henry Kissinger called them, "dumb, stupid animals". We should close every military base not on U.S. soil. We should bring home every single soldier. We are now the Evil Empire whose neocon imperialism has gone insane. Russia and China will put a stop to this if they have to turn us into nuclear ash.


Remember Ebola was a rare disease, and only exists in Sierra Leone and Liberia basically. And it was uncommon in those two countries. That is, until the CIA fronts Doctors without Borders, and the Red Cross, came to town. They purposely infected the Africans with Ebola "vaccines".  The African people know this and are trying to force them to leave. We sent soldiers down there so they can stay and keep killing off the people. We don't know where this is going. Is the point to declare martial law and shut down America? Vaccinate 100 million stupid bastards and their poor, innocent children? Outright kill off 100 million people? What? Only time will tell us. Keep watching the news for "Ebola vaccine breakthroughs". Watch the sheeple line up for them. If you doubt these wonderful "humanitarian" doctors didn't do this, just Google "Ebola scam" or "Ebola hoax".


The real U.S. Gross National Product (GNP) is down to $12 trillion. The median U.S. income is down to $28,000 a year- that's $14 an hour. America is quickly becoming a third world banana republic without the bananas. Just stop and think about this for a second- the average median income is now $14 an hour. The U.S. GNP is quoted at $16 billion. This is a false figure due to inflation and loss of purchasing power. The real figure in purchasing power is only at $12 trillion. The Chinese now have the largest GNP on earth at a real $16 trillion. Of course they have four times as many people. So they only produce a fraction of what we do per capita.


Look at the below 24 year chart of waiters (red) versus real manufacturing workers (blue).  Our actual work force is collapsing, while unskilled minimum wage jobs are rising. More and more America is a Third World cesspool. Soon, we'll have more waiters and bartenders than factory and other goods producing workers.

Nearly everyone has their 401k and IRA savings in the stock market. The stock market is a bad joke, a house a cards, a farce. The media darlings, the mania stocks come and go every week. You know, like Hollywood "stars". Let's look at stocks like Yelp Inc. (YELP) with a 3,800 price/earnings (P/E) ratio. An honest ratio would be about 20 to1, not 3,800 to 1.  That means they won't make any money until the year 5814. That's not a misprint. 3,800 years from now. What about world famous bank Wells Fargo (WFC) with a 300:1 P/E? They won't make any money until 2314.That is a 15X (1,500%) overvaluation. Bristol-Myers Pharmaceutics (BMYMP) clocks in with a 500 P/E. They won't make any money until 2514. That is a 25 X (2,500%) overvaluation. Stocks like Amazon (AMZN), Alibaba (BABA), Tesla Motors (TSLA) and LinkedIn (LNKD) have no P/E because they bleed money every day. They probably will never make any money. Why doesn't the stock market publish honest negative P/Es? BECAUSE NO ONE WOULD BUY THE LOSER STOCKS. Why would anyone in their right mind buy a stock that continually loses money? Only in America.

Look at the below 1 year Tesla chart. They have lost money selling this junk since they opened. CNBC and other liars tell the sheeple to buy, buy, buy. Buy a stock that loses money, has no P/E, sells a $120,000 fancy golf cart, and will soon go bankrupt? Look at the price rise. The public is more insane than they were in 1929, and the stock market is ready to collapse at 17,500. This will be the Much Greater Depression.


ONLY IN AMERICA: Dodge has just introduced a 707 hp Charger "Hellcat" for $65,000. Why would any sane person want a car with 707 hp to drive around on the street? Only in America folks.


ONLY IN VENEZUALA: Venezuela is sitting on the largest ocean of oil on the planet. They were recently selling gasoline for 25 cents a gallon (not a liter, but a gallon). Now they are importing oil. Why? Do to Chavez communism and the moron people who elected him so they could get "free stuff" from the government. Big Government destroys anything and everything.


ONLY IN SOUTH AFRICA: South Africa had the most gold, platinum, diamonds, and other vital minerals in the world. Now that the African people chose "freedom from oppression" for communism it is the world murder and crime capital. Rhodesia is second. They can't mine their natural resources. They can't even grow food to feed themselves. Their standard of living went totally to hell. Violence, anarchy, poverty, and starvation now rule. The Zulus wisely aligned themselves with the white government years ago, and prospered. Now they are starving, too. The entire continent is a hopeless toilet.


ONLY IN IRAN: The U.S. has threatened to vaporize Iran for years for the Greater Glory of Israel. Obama admitted to writing a secret letter to the Supreme Leader of Iran asking them for help in fighting Isis. Iran is very anti-ISIS. What nerve we have! We have threatened them for years, and we're now asking for help? Iran hasn't attacked anyone for 500 years. Bibi Netanyahu says, "Iran is the greatest threat to the planet". Actually, Israel is, by far, the greatest threat to the planet by light years.


ONLY IN RUSSIA: Russia has very little debt, and has been loading up on gold for years. When gold explodes in price Russia will be rich and America will be poor. We

have no gold. Ft. Knox was emptied a half century ago. They have wisely aligned with China and the other BRICS nations. They are not starting any wars (many Russians live in Ukraine). Now Russia is flying bombers in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico to let us know to stop bothering them. They can and will vaporize us now that they have joined up with China.


ONLY IN CHINA: China is drowning in debt, but has bought up huge amounts of gold. They will do much better than us. They now have the largest GNP in the world in terms of purchasing power (the only real measure). They are now number 1 and we are only number 2. With over 1.2 billion people their standard of living is a quarter of ours though. Fortunately, they have a lot of internal problems.


We warned you the 2014 winter would be horrible. It was. We warned you this 2015 winter will be just as terrible. It already is. There is snow in 18 states, including South Carolina in the first week of November. An Arctic freeze is taking over 42 states the first half of November. As we send this out, the entire country is frozen from Arctic blasts. This is going to be really bad. Get ready for it. What are you going to do if the power grid goes down for ANY reason? If you live in the city or crowded suburbs then move and stop making excuses. The more rural you live, the safer and more independent you are. What are you going to do if the public water supply stops? We now have a propane tank, two small generators, a large (5,000 watt) generator, a manual water pump, and gasoline.


The Navy claimed Seal Robert O'Neill was the one who killed Osama bin Laden at Abbottabad in May 2011. What a crock. Bin Laden died of kidney disease in Tora Bora a decade ago in December 2001. This was well known to the military and world intelligence agencies, and is indisputable. The American sheeple will believe anything the media tells them. Google "bin Laden died in Tora Bora" for more facts.


There are over $700 trillion in derivatives worldwide now. This is $100,000 for every man, woman, child, and baby on earth. When- not if- these derivatives implode, the entire world economy collapses. This $700 trillion figure is almost ten times the entire

world gross national product. This is insanity. Stop and consider that for just one minute. The international bankers own almost TEN TIMES the amount of derivatives compared to the entire world production of goods and services. This is prima facie psychosis. We can't even define a derivative. We can only say it is a financial instrument that derives it's value from another financial instrument. That is meaningless. These derivatives are going to implode, and the entire world economy is going down in flames. You are going to pay the bill, not them. You will pay this in the form of the Much Greater Depression. Remember all bills get paid all the time, and there is no such thing as an "unpaid bill". You will pay it all.


Did you ever ask yourself what would have happened if Germany had won World War II? Let's look at how the world would have changed...

   *There would be no USSR. It would be a basically free Russia and Germany would

     annexed large portions of it.

    *There would have been no Cold War, no Communist Eastern Europe.

   *There would be no Red China and Mao killing 50 million Chinese. China would be a        

     nationalist country with far more capitalism.

   *No Communist Vietnam or Vietnam war. No 50,000 dead U.S. soldiers.

   *No Communist Cambodia and murder of 2 million Cambodians.

   *Korea would be one free country. There would have been no Korean war.

   *Cuba would be a free, bustling tourist haven.

   *Liberalism, multiculturalism, feminism, and political correctness wouldn't exist.

   *Marxism wouldn't exist.

   *Neocons wouldn't exist.

   *You would never see disgraceful American presidents like Carter, Clinton, any of the         

     Bush family, and especially Obama.

   *America, Canada, all of Europe, Australia and NZ would be white countries with no  

     Third World immigration.

   *All the white countries would all have free gun rights. Hitler gave full gun rights to  

     every German citizen of every race. There was never any "gun registration". The 1938

     Weapons Act gave the people back gun rights the Weimar Republic had taken.

   *Pornography would not flourish, nor would it be outlawed.

   *Israel would not exist. It would be Palestine, and Arabs would live there peacefully.

    The land was Palestine until 1948. Israel is NOT the Biblical home of the Jewish

    people at all; Judea was their home.

   *Jewish people would have their own safe homeland in a country like Madagascar

     where they could flourish, have their own society, and live in peace.


The downside is that the government would own the major industries. However, America would still be a major producer of vital commodities like oil, steel, cars, and such. Remember the Volkswagen was a government industry, and paradoxically the most successful car factory in the world. Ironic to say the least. They would also own the major transportation systems. The government now already owns all the bus systems, so that only leaves the airlines and railroads. AMTRAK is hardly a private railroad. They also believed strongly in welfare programs for the truly needy. This should be left up to private charities, not the government. However, German "fascism" included free market enterprise for everything else. Owning your own business was encouraged. The German people had far more civil rights than we do today under National Socialism. That's a fact and cannot be debated. Nationalism per se is a good thing. Private property rights were basic. The incarceration rate was extremely low due to a low crime rate. Every German citizen had the free right to arms. Pre-WWII Germany was the most prosperous and cultured country on earth. They had a national unity rarely seen in the world. Nat-ional Socialism was virulently anti-communist and anti-Marxist. Remember Adolf was elected twice by popular vote.



Every major country on earth is drowning in debt. Japan is the leader, but the U.S. is right behind them. We have over 300% debt to tax revenue. China is drowning in debt as well, but note that Russia isn't.


Various countries have tried over 3,000 types of currency in the history of this planet. Every one of them has failed. The American currency has already failed twice. The average life of a currency is less than 50 years. The dollar is finished. The Fed (which isn't federal at all, but merely a collection of private Zionist banks) is printing green toilet paper 24/7 by the trillions of dollars. For the first time in the history of man not one currency has any value. Not one. Now are you starting to see this is End Times?

Will the American people ever revolt? No chance at all. To the sheeple, voting for Republicans is revolutionary. We will continue to descend into socialism, outright communism, Marxism, and totalitarianism.


Here is North Carolina the Republicrats got 96% of the Senate vote and the Libertarian got a mere 4%. That means 96% of the voters are stupid hillbillies who want government handouts. The Libertarian candidate simply had no charisma or eloquence. The Libertarians sold out years ago, and were taken over by the liberals.

Quote of the day, no, of the week, make that a month. Yet it probably is quote of the year! No. DECADE. Wait a minute. It's the greatest quote ever! Can anyone make any sense whatsoever out of what she said?

“My accomplishments as Secretary of State? Well, I'm glad you asked! My proudest accomplishment in which I take the most pride, mostly because of the opposition it faced early on, you know… the remnants of prior situations and mindsets that were too narrowly focused in a manner whereby they may have overlooked the bigger picture and we didn’t do that and I’m proud of that. Very proud. I would say that’s a major accomplishment.”  -March 11, 2014


Hillary has serious brain damage from her concussion in 2012. Karl Rove exposed the fact it took her six months of very serious therapy just to function. Bill Clinton admitted this. You can see by the above quote she does have serious brain damage. This is in addition to the one (or more) female cancers she has, and the other medical conditions she is hiding from the public. Next year she will be forced to make some weak excuse about why she doesn't want to run for president. SHE CAN'T RUN IN 2016. She has already started admitting this. In the next 26 months she may die or be permanently hospitalized. Right now it looks like Jeb Bush. His Mexican wife and two children guarantee 14% of the vote, just like Obama being black guaranteed 12% of the vote.


It's sad to say this, but the Libertarian Party has sold out. Liberals have taken over and watered down everything. Now they are promoting homosexual marriages and other things that have nothing to do with freedom. Ron Paul is out of office, but refuses to tell the truth about much of anything. He claims all the mass murders are real. He says Arabs with boxcutters did 9/11. He wants to audit the Federal Reserve, instead of ending it completely. Auditing a fraud is a bad joke. He says 20 children and 6 adults died at Sandy Hoax. He refuses to criticize Israel for anything. He is closely allied with his son Rand, who is nothing but a Zionist sock puppet. The NC Libertarian governor candidate, Sean Haugh, had no charisma, no eloquence, and no real hard hitting message at all. It's like they purposely put someone like him up there to lose. He got 4% of the votes.


TEN YEAR HUI CHART- very important

It seemed like 190 was the bottom for the HUI. Then the further collapse. This may be a triple bottom for the HUI at the 150 area over the last ten years. It looks good. This makes a lot of sense, and may (or may not) be correct. If so, this would be extremely powerful, and you can see in late 2008 when silver and gold literally exploded. Silver mining stocks are a tremendous value on the surface due to their low prices and high leverage. However, all paper is going to be worth paper. You must own bullion, not paper. These are bad times. In normal times silver stocks would be a better buy than bullion, but these are not normal times anymore.

White males have always been the backbone of the American work force for 238 years. This is failing, like everything else. You can clearly see as the white male work force falls in numbers, the country goes completely to Hell. That is factual. Our GNP is now down to a mere $12 trillion dollars. You can't argue with facts.

Both residential and commercial real estate are hopeless. The media keeps telling you that real estate sales are booming, prices are rising, and everything is just wonderful. Exactly the opposite is true. The banks own tens of millions of unsellable homes they falsely list as "credits". Shopping malls and strip malls shrink by the day. You will see all real estate fall thru the proverbial floor in 2015. If your home is underwater, then give it back to the bank. Let them pay off the debt. Do not even think of buying a home. It is al-most impossible to sell homes now (except in a very few select markets, and only very temporarily). In 2005 the median price for an American home was $225,000. This is

down to about $175,000 or less. You will see the median home sell for $100,000 within the next five years. The banks will become rental agents. Rents will fall due to a glut of houses, apartments, and condominiums. If you can possibly dump your house, take what you can get, and buy silver bullion. Rent, just rent a modest house, and invest your money in silver. If you love your home, it is not underwater, and plan to retire in it, then keep it. If you live in a city, or crowded suburb, then move before the feces hits the fan. During the Great Depression many farmers did well, while everyone else starved. The cities suffered the most. Be rural, be independent as much as possible.


Want to hear a Joan Rivers joke? This is an exact quote from page 36 of her book Diary of a Mad Diva:

“February is Black History Month. In honor of it, tomorrow I think I’ll hold up a liquor store and fuck me a white woman. And when the police shoot me and turn me over, I’ll have on a shirt with a picture of Sasha and Malia [Obama’s daughters] to show how far we’ve come.”

If a gentile comedian had told that joke they would have probably been imprisoned and their citizenship cancelled and then deported. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would have demonstrated for their execution. Joan didn't hear a word of complaint. Why? Because she was Jewish. She told the best Jew jokes in the world, along with Don Rickles. The Anti-Defamation League used to write her letters of complaint all the time. Being Jewish gave her the right to say anything she wanted. After she said Obama was gay and Michelle was a tranny (transsexual) she suddenly died during a routine diagnostic procedure. Just sayin'.

Look at the BLACK line. It should say "2011 to 2014", not 2011 to 2013. That is a misprint. History tells us this bear market is over. This is the sixth long bear market in 46 years. Nothing new. We published this Silver Bears Chart several times, and this is the updated version. The black line tells us this is about over after three and a half years.

Buy silver now at $16 while you can still get it. Silver is your economic savior.


New York City has the most draconian drug and gun laws in the country. Of course, criminals have all the guns they want. The police are finally going to stop arresting people for less than an ounce of marijuana. Oregon and Washington, DC just legalized small amounts, and Florida is very close to doing that. The NYC Police Union said this decriminalization, "was the beginning of the end of our society." They think a mere plant will make America collapse! Many countries in South America were forced to legalize coca tea, coca leaves, and less than a gram of cocaine. Bolivia, Columbia, Chile, Argentina, and Peru all allow this. No problem. People buy coca soft drinks and coca cookies and drink coca tea. Big deal. The police are free to arrest real criminals. All drugs should be legal for adults like they were for 137 years in America until 1913.

No more drugs gangs, no more cartels, no more dealers, no more violence, no more false allure, no more profit in drugs. People with drug problems would be shunned, marginalzied, avoided, jobless, and often homeless, not criminals. Jails and courts would empty. 1/3 of lawyers would have to get real jobs. Police would be free to fight crime. What a wonderful idea. What adults to in their own homes is their own business.


Prep and prep some more. Have guns and ammo. Buy whole grains (no flour), dried beans, some canned goods, no expensive freeze dried junk, and have a six month supply. Walk around the house and make a list of what you need every day. Stock up on everything. This is just good sense to BE PREPARED. It worked for the Boy Scouts for over 100 years now. Nothing good is ahead of us.

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