Economic Rant

December 02, 2014


For decades now America has consumed much more than it has produced. Our annual deficit is enormous. Not only cannot this continue, but it can only end in total and complete economic disaster. People who tell you the National Debt is "$17 trillion" are liars, stupid, or both. That could be paid off over time with austerity and smaller government. The real National Debt is at least $170 trillion. That can only end in economic collapse and The Much Greater Depression. This means every man, woman, child, and baby owes about a half million dollars in debt. $500,000 for every American!!! All debts get paid all the time, and this one will be paid in the form of a total economic disaster and rampant poverty. The bankers certainly aren't going to pay anything.


We have been "paying" the annual deficit by printing trillions of dollars in counterfeit money. Well, the rest of the world is tired of worthless green toilet paper. Russia, China, and the BRICS nations have now dropped the dollar. The dollar will very soon no longer be the world reserve currency. No one is buying our Treasury Bills or Bonds anymore. In fact, everyone is dumping them. The government has resorted to "selling" Treasury paper to themselves at the Federal Reserve and the bankrupt Social Insecurity Fund. Then they print up the "money" to buy them!!! This is like trading hats with yourself in a closet and claiming you are getting rich. That means all your dollar denominated investments will be increasingly worthless. All paper will be worth paper.


Remember what is going on in Argentina, as it could well happen here. There is a false official exchange rate and a real street or "blue" rate. Inflation rages and the government makes it worse with capital controls and other counter-reactive measures. The government keeps printing worthless funny money, so the situation continues to get worse. Eventually the dollar will be recalled and a New Dollar will be issued. This might be at a 10 to 1 rate- against you of course. Gold and silver will skyrocket in price. This is why you need "junk" pre-1965 coins for everyday purchases.


Winston Churchill was no libertarian, but he summarized socialism beautifully. "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, a creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. It's inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." THE EQUAL SHARING OF MISERY.


Akiva Eldar is one of the top journalists in Israel. He is, of course, Jewish. here is what he had to say about the current state of the country: "Israel Jews' consciousness is character-zed by a sense of victimization, a siege mentality, blind patriotism, belligerence, self-righteousness, dehumanization of the Palestinians, and insensitivity to their suffering."


The neocons have had us in continual evil wars of aggression against Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, and are going after Syria and Iran. The ultimate war with be clear suicide against the Russian-Chinese alliance. Russia doesn't want war. China doesn't want war. Neither country has any wars going on. WE ARE THE WAR COUNTRY, not them. Why are the neocons doing this? Because they are suicidal. There is no other answer.



That's right. Police in New York are now matching death records to gun permits. If they find a dead person they go to the relatives house- without a warrant- and demand all the guns. Most people are so afraid of the police that they comply. Step by step by step. That's how to take all the guns away.


"Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy." Our soldiers in the Mideast are not "brave patriots defending our freedom" in any way. They are naive, well meaning, and clueless men and women who are mere cannon fodder. They die and get injured all for nothing except to support the international bankers.


Another fake beheading! Peter Kassib was not beheaded. Just more hoax videos to whip up emotions about the ISIS scam.


Another fake shooting. No one died at Florida State University. There was no massacre at Florida State University, and Myron May did not kill anyone. Just Google "fake FSU shooting" and you'll see the evidence. More fake shootings to get gun control laws past. You can't have a totalitarian police state as long as the citizens own firearms.



Yes, we published this before, but it is well worth doing again. The FBI admits no one died in Newtown, CT in 2012. No 20 children and no 6 adults. The Sandy Hook Elementary School had been closed for years. Adam Lanza died years ago. No EMTs were allowed into the school. No autopsies. No burials. No grieving parents crying on Oprah the next week. It was all TSA crisis actors. This is the official FBI Crime Report, and it clearly says 0 people died in Newton in 2012. Just Google "FBI admits no one died at Sandy Hook" and you'll see dozens of websites that go into great detail about this. It was all about instituting gun control. All the other mass shootings have been scams as well for the sole purpose of banning all guns in America.



Over one third of the entire state of New Hampshire was without power for Thanksgiving! Don't be fooled by the very short reprieve we're having. December is going to be brutal and this will be followed by January and February. Be sure to have some way to keep warm if the power goes off.



Inflation has brought up the price of most everything. The ONLY cause of inflation is printing counterfeit "money". It is no mystery at all. It is important to realize that "quantitative easing" is just Orwellian speak for counterfeiting worthless green paper. The Fed is printing trillions of dollars in counterfeit "money". The U.S. Constitution defines real money only as gold and silver. This can only end in a complete collapse of the dollar, and extreme hyperinflation. Yes, residential and commercial real estate will collapse for different reasons. Do not be fooled by the temporary drop in the oil price to $75 a barrel. In a free market oil would be $50 a barrel and gasoline $2 a gallon, so $75 is anything but cheap. The U.S. is now the largest producer of oil because of shale oil drilling. Our entire oil producing industry is at risk due to these low prices. In addition, the dollar is being dropped around the world. It will not be the world reserve currency for the simple fact we have no gold or silver to back it. We now counterfeit trillions a year. Nixon sold all the silver, and the 8,000 tons of gold was gone 50 years ago. Ft. Knox is empty. The Chinese may now be the largest gold holder on earth with 20,000 to 30,000 tons of gold. Plus their silver. No one is buying our worthless Treasury paper. Hyperinflation is your future.  Only gold and silver will protect you, and silver is four times better than gold. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO INVEST IN. Buy silver bullion and hold it yourself. All paper will be worth paper- keep remembering that.


Want to hear something really disappointing? You probably thought the Dalai Lama of Tibet was a nice guy, a real freedom fighter, and all the rest, right? Then you saw him hanging out with Hollywood a**holes, and had your doubts about him. Well, your doubts were on the money. He is nothing but a CIA stooge promoting American imperialism. Just Google "Dalai Lama CIA" and you'll get a wealth of factual information.  Henry Makov, for example, reveals the Dalai Lama admitted to being on the CIA payroll back in the 1950s, and still is. The commie front National Endowment for Democracy gave him a medal. He got the phony Nobel Peace Prize like Nobama. Things are not what they seem folks. They just aren't what they seem.

While we're on that subject, Pope Francis took office in March of 2013. He is such an extreme leftist socialist he had to state (quote), "I am not a communist" at an international meeting on October 28 this year. He no longer represents the Catholic church, the Bible, or what Christ taught. There are millions of proofs of End Times like this. There was an old prophecy that the last Catholic pope would be in the year 2000. Well, in 2005 Benedict XVI was the 265th and last real pope. Francis is a pretender, a farce, a phony, and not the head of the church at all.

The American Congress is completely controlled by Israel and all the Jewish groups such as  AIPAC, the Anti-Defamation League, etc. Did you know AIPAC is the largest lobbying group by far in the entire world? Thanks to D. Dees for this.


The COT report may or may not be true. On the 21st the commercials increased their net gold shorts 21,000 to 71,000 and their net silver shorts 1,000 to 18,000. On the 1st (there was no COT report on the 28th due to the holiday) they dropped their net gold shorts to 68,000 and silver increased to 22,000. Nothing much happening in other words except the open interest (total number of contracts) fell dramatically. It is probably more disinformation. On Monday night (December 1) silver fell to $14.40, and then rose $2.30 to $16.70. Gold rose $43.50. The manipulation is about over.




Liberals believe you can marry anyone- your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, your son, your daughter, anyone you want.

Liberals believe family values are "old fashioned" and "out of date".

Liberals believe the Constitution and Bill of Rights are also "out of date".

Liberals believe homosexuality is simply an alternative lifestyle.

Liberals believe you can change your sex with surgery.

Liberals feel oil company profits of 4% are "greedy", but a government tax of 15%

on oil is fair and just.

Liberals believe the government knows how to spend your money better than you can.

Liberals believe in freedom of speech- as long as you don't offend anyone.

Liberals are fanatically obsessed with safety and security- which can only come from

the government.

Liberals feel you are far too irresponsible to own a gun. Only the government can have guns. You call 911 so the police can come identify your dead body.

Liberals believe drilling for oil on our own soil is evil and bad for the environment, and that we should import all our oil from other countries. Screw their environment!

Liberals want judges to rewrite the Constitution every week to make some left wing extremist crackpots happy.

Liberals want to drive electric cars that get 80% of their electricity from coal, and then want to close every coal energy plant in America.

Liberals hate free enterprise, and any company (unless it is owned by other liberals) that makes a profit. Any profits should be give to the government for more welfare programs.

Liberals believe illegal aliens have the right to free education, medical care, welfare,

unemployment, drivers licenses, Social Security, citizenship, the right to vote, and for the American taxpayer to foot the bill for all this.

Liberals believe in Global Warming, even though we have had record cold weather for decades.

Liberals are the most self destructive people on earth.

Liberals worship the government as their God.

Liberals hate reality, facts, truth, and the real world.

Liberals never believe in personal responsibility, and hate freedom.

Liberals believe all races are equal in every way.

Liberals believe that basically everything you need should come from the government.

All liberals have a very morbid, dysfunctional psychological profile.


For several years now we've said Hillary is dying and can't run. In  25 months she may well be dead or permanently hospitalized. No one else on earth said that. No one. Well, CNN just reported a poll of 165,000 voters. Elizabeth Warren (MA) got 42%, Bernie Sanders (VT) got 24%, and Hillary only 23%. Don't believe a word of this. It is disinformation. Hillary would win a presidential election hands down today, but can't run. Another valid poll gave Hillary 57% of the vote. "Defeat Hillary" and "Ready for Hillary" are both scams for money. The Democrats have no one to run, and the Republicans only have Jeb Bush. Jeb, and his Mexican family, will take 14% of the vote and run away with the election. Yes, we have at least 14% Latinos now, and they don't need citizenship (or even I.D.) to vote anymore. Is this a great country or what? Vote for the Libertarian candidate, and don't vote for the lesser evil. A vote for evil is just that- a vote for evil. Always do the right thing in life win or lose. Here is what she said this month at a speech in Boston:


ďDonít let anybody tell you that it's corporations and businesses that create jobs. You know that old theory, trickle-down economics. That has been tried; that has failed. It has failed rather spectacularly."


The top 1 in 10,000 people now own 11% of all the wealth in America. This is about 16,000 people worth over $100 million each. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The middle class disappears by the day. The middle class has always been the backbone of this country. Without the middle class we have another multicultural (define that as mixed race) Third World backwater- like England and Argentina have become. Just 100 years ago "Britain ruled the waves", and America was a second class country. Argentina was the third largest world economy, and is now 42nd. Socialism is the cause of all of this.



Almost 70% of government spending is geared towards dependence welfare programs.

Only 86 million Americans are working, while 148 million are collecting some kind of

government benefits. Over 100 million are collecting outright welfare of some kind.

64 million are collecting Social Insecurity. This program was bankrupt over 40 years ago.

54 million collect Medicare. Totally bankrupt.

70 million collect Medicaid. Totally bankrupt.

The people on Social Insecurity Disability would equal the entire state of Virginia- the 8th largest state . Only 13 people pay for each these deadbeats. It used to be 51 people.

The government now has 80 different welfare programs.

1 in 6 people cannot feed themselves without food stamps.

43% of non-white immigrants who have been here over 20 years are still on welfare.

Soon, all these "entitlement" programs will come to an end, as the government can no longer rob Peter to pay Paul. Peter went broke a long time ago. Then you will see total anarchy in America as the welfare deadbeats demand more "government help".


Israeli spokeswoman, Tzipora Menache, stated that she was not worried about negative ramifications the Israeli onslaught on Gaza might have on the way the Obama administration would view Israel. She said: "You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House. You see, I know it- and you know it- that no American president can be in a posit-ion to challenge us even if we do the unthinkable. What can they [Americans] do to us? We control congress, we control the media, we control show biz, and we control everything in America. In America you can criticize God, but you can't criticize Israel."


The gold forward lease rate, or GOFO, has been negative for months. This means gold is cheaper today than six months in the future. This is completely irrational of course, but most important. (There is no silver forward rate, or SOFO.) This is very bullish. The GOFO rates in London are negative. They should never be negative, and they are more negative now than any time since 1999. This has only happened twice in history. That shows extreme tightness in the metals market. It shows mistrust and fear. It shows that people are saying I want my gold now. I donít want gold in the future, I want it now. Negative GOFO rates should never happen. The same would be true if we had a SOFO (silver forward lease rate). Here is a 15 year chart:

On October 3, 2001 here is what IAP News reported and was aired on Israeli radio:


"Every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it."


The Washington Post reported the following:

"I know what America is," Netanyahu told a group of terror victims, apparently not knowing his words were being recorded. "America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won't get in their way."

The HUI chart is looking good, and has rebounded from 148 to over 180. Yes, this could be a mere 50% retracement from 250 to 150, back to 200. If you see a strong close over 200 we are well on our way. Friday the 28th was a disaster, of course, with a loss of 14 points. Monday morning, however, bought back 13 points of this.

Ted Butler has been watching the Big Banks and their futures positions for many years. The Cartel Leader has always been J.P. Morgan. Well, JPM now has the smallest short futures position they have held in 14 years. On the other hand, they are up to their eye-balls in physical silver bullion. Butler feels the bottom is in, and silver will take off. Imagine what will happen when the Big Banks go long gold and silver futures and the COT report is reversed! When the Big Banks are net long silver and gold the prices will go to Pluto.


The main problem we have in the world is over 7 billion stupid overbreeding subhumans inhabit it. The One World Order people are right; 95% of them have to go. Imagine America with 15 million people. China with 50 million people. India with 50 million people.  Birth control hasn't worked very well, especially in all the African countries, India, the Philippines, Haiti, and other such countries. How do you get rid of 6 and 1/2 billion people? Good question.


Al Sharpton may be killed off to incite more racial violence. His health is obviously terminal, and he weighs less than 140 pounds at 5'10"! He looks very skeletal. He doesn't have long to live. He credits his 150 pound weight loss to a "vegan diet". How about gastric bypass?  He has been a Zionist tool for decades, and is a serious detriment to all black people. He and Jesse Jackson have done more to hurt their own people than any others. That is what he is paid to do, and why he has not one, but two, TV shows. He may be executed in a big city like Chicago in front of a huge crowd by a white "neo-Nazi". The stooge killer will then be shot, so the fake cover story can't be questioned. The whole point of Ferguson, Missouri was to incite violence over an innocent cop to take the attention off of Obamas endless and continual failures. If Big Al is killed off in 2015, remember you read it here first. This will be a perfect excuse for martial law, mass killings, and FEMA camps.

It used to be that people who came to America illegally were convicted of a felony and imprisoned, then permanently deported. Now they are rewarded. Now Obama is going to pay business owners to hire criminals. Is reality upside down now?  Obama is now Emperor Obama and it will only get worse in the next two years.

In July 2015 the huge Freedom Fest will be held in Las Vegas. Don't bother. If you think Steve Moore (Wall St. Journal), Steve Forbes (Forbes magazine), Grover Norquist (Americans for Tax Reform), Peter Thiel (hedge fund manager), and Dinesh D'Souza are libertarians then keep thinking that. The Libertarian Party has been sanitized and taken over by liberals just like the National Rifle Association and other groups.


If you live in a city or suburb what are you going to do if the power goes out? It is all too easy to hit a power plant with a small missile and take it out permanently. What are you going to do without electricity and water? You'll be out of food in days. You have to move to a more rural area. You need your own water source. You can drill your own small well with a hand pump. You need a large and small generator. Instead of gasoline get a large propane tank and convert your generators to propane. You need lots of whole grains and dried beans as staples. No expensive freeze dried crap. You need canned meats and dog and cat food for your pets as  bagged food has a short shelf life. You need guns and ammo. Walk around your house and make a list of every single thing you need to stock up on. Then start seriously prepping.

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