Economic Rant

January 02, 2015

"...the mass of the people don't really notice anything, but just repeat whatever their rulers tell them." - Protagoras by Plato (427-347 BC). Plato said this 2,400 years ago.

Nothing new here. The sheeple believe everything they see or TV, hear on the radio, or read in the newspaper. The Internet is the last bastion of truth, and the New World Order is going to put a stop to that. More and more you will see Internet censorship.


The government is going to come after your IRA/401k. Believe that. Yes, they will. They are bankrupt and want to steal your life savings. Other countries have routinely done this, and America will soon do the same. Sell your IRA/401k, take the penalty, and buy silver. Buy silver bullion and bury it somewhere safe. No paper silver, no silver stocks, no storage programs, no unsafe deposit boxes.



There are trillions of dollars in life savings that will be stolen from honest tax paying citizens. Nearly everyone has their IRA/401k in the stock markets. Some very good websites that are writing about the direct relationship between junk bonds and the stock market. They point out when junk bonds fall, the stock market will fall with them. It is almost guaranteed for the markets to fall now, since junk bonds are falling. History proves them all to be right. Add Dow Theory to this, and it gets very worrisome. Don't be taken in by a false 18,000+ DJI. Have you forgotten the stock market took a full 50% hit recently in 2008? Did you forget that? The stock market is held up by media hype, hot air, and bubble gum.


The spending bill Congress just passed makes the 319 million Americans pay for the $300 trillion in derivatives the Big Banks hold. Remember the GNP of the entire country is now only $12 trillion a year. Obviously, this $300 trillion cannot possibly be paid. It would take a quarter century if everyone gave their entire paycheck every week. It would take 250 years if everyone gave 10% of their pre-tax earnings. The point of the new law is to seize all your life savings, bank accounts, stocks, bonds, and 401k/IRAs. This bill was actually passed by Congress, and is now the law of the land. Did the media tell you about this? Did you hear about it on radio or TV? In the newspaper? Did Fox (Faux) News tell you? Of course not.

Albert was right. Look at people today, especially young people. The communicate by mobile communication devices. These cellular miracles encompass their entire lives. They have forgotten what the real world is like, what real relationships are like. Here is a day at the beach for example. Why not just stay home?

Why was 19 year old Jessica Chambers murdered? Because she was a black thug gang associate. That's why. They squirted lighter fluid into her mouth and nose, and lit her on fire while she was alive. It took over an hour for her to die in the hospital. If she didn't believe in interracial dating and interracial sex she would still be alive today. She sure got what her hand called for in life. We all get what our hand calls for in life.

Fortunately, Eric Holder had to leave office in disgrace before he went to prison for all the crimes he committed. Obama appointed him solely due to his race, and for no other reason. He's a criminal and should be in jail. Well, so are the 535 people in Congress.

You can see from the chart below that almost no one in America farms anymore. We used to have 70% farmers. Today, we don't have 2%. 319 million people have to get their food from somewhere. Times have changed drastically and we certainly have gone way beyond being a nation of farmers, but less than 2% farmers just isn't going to do that. Family farms are disappearing by the day. It's all going corporate to the mega-giants like Conagra. Commercial and residential real estate is collapsing, but farm land is rising. The problem is almost no one knows how to grow food.

Look at the 14 year chart below on consumer prices. Any talk of "deflation" is too stupid to comment on. Yes, there is a housing crash, which is a totally separate matter. Yes, oil is very temporarily down due to political manipulations.  This won't last long. This shows consumer prices rising from 165 to 245 on the index in fourteen years. Right from the Federal Reserve. All talk about "deflation" is pure stupidity.

We've covered money velocity before. It is still falling. Money must move, change hands, keep going,  have velocity, or the economy is stagnant. Money is not moving much of anywhere. This is right from the Federal Reserve. More proof the economy is going totally to hell. Our entire economy is dying, and this fourteen year chart proves it.

There is a four part free education series on silver from This is the first of a four part series. This is a pictorial and very easy to understand quickly. We'll let you know about the next three series. Just copy and paste this link:

200 years ago Baron Rothschild said, "buy when there is blood in the streets". He did exactly that after the battle of Waterloo in France. He bought up every distressed asset he could find for pennies on the dollar (franc). The Rothschilds are now the richest and most powerful family in the world. Silver is $16, while the cost of production is about $23. You cannot lose on this. Be a silver stacker. Put every penny you can into physical silver  bullion you hold yourself. No paper silver. No storage programs. No unsafe banks boxes.No silver stocks. Just silver bullion in your own hot little hands.


There are only 62 nuclear electrical power plants in American. We get 1/5th of our power from nuclear facilities. Most of the rest are coal powered. They are all huge. What would happen if even ONE of these was attacked and taken down? It would take years to rebuild it. The Palo Verde plant in Arizona serves four million people. The STP plant in Texas serves two million people. Our local Brunswick County, North Carolina plant serves only 100,000 people. These could be taken out by a single cheap missile. Where would these millions of people go? They can't live without power. This is why you have to prep. Your power plant may only serve a small fraction of what Palo Verde does, but it serves YOU.      

Do you have a generator(s)? Gasoline, propane, kerosene? Do you have six month of food? Do you have an independent water supply? Do you have a six month supply of everything you need daily? Do you have firearms and ammunition? Do you have cash, or junk silver coins, to buy things when (not if) the banks close? Have you prepped for yourpets? Would you agree that maybe 1% of people (1 in 100) can answer yes to all these questions. That leaves 99% of everyone starving to death in the street.  If you have to move, then move! You are not going to survive in the city or the crowded suburbs. The more rural you are the better.

All this drama about black thugs like Michael Brown is to stir up racial violence. Blacks kill other blacks. Whites don't kill blacks. The red line is the firearms homicide rate for black males. The number of black males killed by whites approaches zero. Often light skinned Latinos are called "white" by law enforcement officials. Black males of all ages are killed by other blacks.

The silver chart below shows how Clive Maund ( sees the future of silver. A drop back to the $15 area in January, a nice double bottom is formed, and then we take off. He definitely feels silver and gold have bottomed. (Thanks to You may hear other analysts calling for $10 silver. Goldman Sachs predicts silver will stay at the $16 level for the next three years!!! That's called purposeful disinformation. After more than three and a half years we are now clearly in a two month bull market for silver, gold, the HUI and the GDX. Let's see if this continues.

HERE IS AN HUI CHART. So far we have made a beautiful long term double bottom. We also have a clear two month bull market. If this holds it is blue skies from here. The HUI must stay over the 150 area or we are in trouble. Watch that 150 number.

The GDX (Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners) index is like the HUI (or XAU). It has fallen 80% since 2011. This chart shows we are at the bottom. Why? Look at the extreme recent volume (buying) at the bottom of the chart. Dumb money has sold, while smart money is making extremely high purchases of gold and silver stocks. Be a contrarian. The crowd, the sheeple, the great unwashed masses are always wrong. Buy when they sell, and sell when they buy. Buy when there is blood in the streets. $16 silver is a lot of blood in the streets.

Christmas sales were terrible just like last year, but the media will tell you they were "record breaking". Christmas sales have been terrible for years now and getting worse Most people have no money and are deeply in debt.


Here is a another very pretty 6 month gold chart. We clearly have a two month bull market. The gold chart is more coherent than the silver chart. Remember that recoveries from long term bear markets are very, very dramatic. 

The COT report on the 19th was basically unchanged. The COT report on the 30th (delayed for Christmas) found 10,000 less net commercial shorts for gold, down to 105,000 net short. Silver was unchanged at 34,000 net short for the commercials.

Keep stacking silver. YOU CANNOT LOSE WITH $16 SILVER. The worldwide cost of production is about $23 an ounce. Demand is rising everywhere. Industrial demand will keep going up, because it cannot be replaced. Investment demand will keep going up as people around the world see all paper "currency" as toilet paper. Supplies, on the other hand, are falling. Real currencies are backed by silver and/or gold. There isn't one real currency on earth for the first time in human history. Every one of them is worthless colored paper.

Did you know the whole fracking industry is a scam? We don't need fracking at all. We have oceans of oil we can pump. Fracking is expensive, difficult, high tech, and costs about $75 a barrel for oil. Who needs that? The Big Banks had unknown trillions in oil fracking derivatives. This is why the media tells you, "cheap oil is bad"!!!!! Bad for who? Bad for the bankers, and good for everyone else in the world.

You can buy gasoline in some states now for $1.70 a gallon. Take away the egregious taxes, and that is about $1.00 a gallon actual cost. Oil runs the world- get that straight. When the Engine of the World is a buck a gallon something is very wrong. You cannot buy milk, soda pop, or beer for that price. Diesel, gasoline, and kerosene (jet fuel) run the entire planet.

No one knows how many TRILLIONS of dollars in oil derivatives were vaporized as oil fell from $100 to $50, but a lot of major countries have been hurt badly. The entire Mid-east oil producers have been decimated. Countries like Russia (the biggest producer of all), Venezuela, China, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico have been badly hurt. The international bankers have been crushed, but won't admit it. America is the second largest oil producer in the world, and we have been hurt badly. This is basically due to fracking. Cheap oil is good for everyone otherwise. The fracking industry is destroyed. Good, we don't need it. We have oceans of oil and natural gas right on our own soil. Beware of anyone who rambles about an "energy crisis" or shortage.


The Federal Reserve will come to any end in the foreseeable future. This is the biggest financial scam in the history of the world. They have stolen 95% of America's wealth, so they don't care. 95% of our wealth has been stolen. They have stolen almost every penny of America's wealth, so they just don't care if it ends. They are now printing over a trillion dollars a year in green toilet paper. The gold in Ft. Knox was stolen 50 years ago. Raging hyperinflation will be the result. The dollar is failing as the world reserve currency. Countries around the world are abandoning the dollar. They also refuse to buy our junk T-Bonds and T-Bills. Remember only about 100 years ago the British Pound Sterling was the world reserve currency. Note well that the pound sterling was based on SILVER, not gold. Also, Britain "ruled the waves", and was the most powerful military force in the world. Now it is a third world backwater and the Pound Sterling just colored counterfeit paper. Soon, America will be just another third world backwater. History proves that democratic societies (there has never been a real democracy on the face of the earth and never will be. We live in a republic, not a "democracy".) self destruct after about 200 years. Well, we're now 239 years old and about to collapse. Where did people get the silly idea America was going to last forever? That's ridiculous and history proves it.



The Wall Street Journal reported that the FBI has a Master File on almost ONE THIRD of all Americans. Is there a point to that? Yes, we now live in a police state.

One in 5 American households couldn't eat without Food Stamps. That's 20% of everyone chooses to depend on the gummint for the food on their table.

North Korea did not hack the Sony system. They had neither the motive or the ability. The Daily Beast among many others exposed this. Just Google "North Korea did not

hack Sony". This is another distraction from real issues.

Since 1971 consumer debt in America has increased 1,700%. That's insane.

Over 40% of single mothers are on food stamps. We pay young women to breed.

In 1970 65% of Americans were real middle class citizens. Now it is down to almost

40%. Our middle class was the very pillar and strength of America. All that is over.

The lower 50% of American own 2.5% of our wealth. The top 50% own 97.5%.

Only 55% of Americans aged 16 to 29 have jobs. 45% don't work.

We now have about 240 million working age people. Only 140 million of them work. So, 100 million sit around and watch TV.

The American military are simply paid killers murdering defenseless populations. They are certainly not "fighting to protect our freedoms".

Less than 1/4 of companies plan to do any hiring at all in 2015. 3/4 won't.

The N.Y. Times claims 100  million Americans are in or near poverty.

The Fed prints over a million dollars in counterfeit "money" every year now.

There hasn't been any gold in Ft. Knox for 50 years now.

The vast majority of medical expenses do not go for health care at all. They go to insurance companies and paper work, not treatment of real people.

The U.S. has a massive trade deficit, while China and Russia have trade surpluses.

The last Gallup poll found Hillary is the most admired woman in America.

The last Gallup poll also found Obama is the most admired man in America.

Pope Francis is the first openly communist Pope. This is the end of the Roman Catholic papacy.

Men 30 to 50 have seen a drop of 27% in their wages in the last 40 years. The

standard of living in America is collapsing.

Half of American workers earn $505 or less every week- before taxes.

The real rate of inflation is not the media 2% figure; it is about 10%.

The unemployment rate is about 23%, not the 6% media figure.

While 1 in 5 families is on food stamps, 1 in 4 children are on food stamps.

Here's the freeze and frost map. Most of the country is under freeze and frost conditions. The rest of this winter will continue to be brutal over most of the U.S. Be sure you are ready for the rest of this winter. We told you this winter would be horrible, just like last winter. Any talk of "global warming" just gets more and more ridiculous.



An AP poll found 48% of Americans think life in general and the economy will improve in 2015. Only 11% think it will get worse The rest don't have a clue. At least 1 in 9 have some brains. The floor is going to fall out of the financial system in 2015. Obama has two

years to serve with no one to answer to. The chickens are going to come home to roost. We are about $170 trillion in debt (when the entire GNP is only $12 trillion). That means everyone in America is a half million dollars in debt. We have more derivatives than the entire GNPs of every country on earth added together. The Fed is printing a trillion dollars in counterfeit money every year. The stock market is held up with bubble gum and duct tape. The housing market is about to collapse. Half of Americans make $14 an hour or less. Nothing good is ahead of us, there is no good news.



Even "conservatives" are constantly telling us we are running out of energy, running out of oil, and we have an energy crisis. How ridiculous!!! We have oceans of energy right on U.S. soil. We don't need fracking. That has been a junk bond Ponzi scheme from the beginning.  Fracking is very high priced and not needed at all. We have 100 years of known oil reserves right here in America. We have 100 years of gas reserves right here in America. We have 1,000 years of known coal reserves right here in America. You can make gasoline, diesel or jet fuel (kerosene) from coal cheaply with the SASOL process.

We could have $2 a gallon liquid fuel forever with SASOL plants in every states. Hydroelectric produces a considerable amount of energy, is not going away, and can be greatly increased. Nuclear energy would provide energy for thousands of years.


Don't kid yourself, 2015 is going to be a very bad year and 2016 even worse. Nuclear war with the Russian/Chinese alliance looms closer all the time. The banks are about to collapse when (not if) the insane derivatives positions implode. Residential and commercial real estate is going to collapse. You'll see the median American home sell for $100,000. That figure was about $225,000 in 2005 when the market cracked up. Food prices will continue to skyrocket. Cheap oil will end and go back to $100 a barrel. The stock market could go at any time. We already have 23% depression-style unemployment. This will only get worse. More and more jobs will be low paying, and not enough to live on. Inflation will keep destroying the country. Remember, the ONLY cause of inflation is printing unbacked currency. Our evil wars of aggression in the Mideast will continue.

Every day you'll see this country turned more and more into a totalitarian police state. The Constitution and Bill of Rights went down the toilet a long time ago. The militarization of the police will continue. Civil rights will continue to vaporize. Never forget America is the worst police state in the world, with 5% of the world population, but 25% of the prison population.

Silver is your economic savior. Put every penny you have into silver bullion you hold yourself. Get serious about prepping. Move if you have to.

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