Economic Rant

February 02, 2015

When our country was founded, one of the most important acts was to guarantee the right to own firearms. This was to protect against government encroachment of your rights.

It was not about self defense, or anything of the like. The muzzle loading rifle was the only reason American won the Revolutionary War. The British tried to ban Americans from having these. Remember this was the AR-15 of the day, the AK-47 of the times. This black powder musket was the Ultimate Weapon in 1776.  Everyone should own a military style rifle. We are going down the road to loss of our gun rights. Here is a quick history of how this right has been eroded:


   1934 National Firearms Act- this levied taxes on firearms and transfers. It included short rifles and shotguns as well as silencers. Why not just punish criminals who use these rather than everyone else?

   1938 Federal Firearms Act- Regulated interstate shipment of firearms and ammunition, and prohibited their receipt by felons; required dealer and manufacturer licensing; and imposed firearms marking and record keeping requirements. This was almost 80 years ago and was a very, very bad law.

   1968 Gun Control Act- regulates the firearms industry and firearms owners. It primarily focuses on regulating interstate commerce in firearms by generally prohibiting interstate firearms transfers except among licensed manufacturers, dealers and importers.

Things went well for 30 years until this federal law was passed. The point was federal control over states for firearms.

   1972 BATF was formed- things get worse now when an entire police organization is formed to limit gun possession. They now have over 5,000 employees, and a budget over a billion dollars. 10 years later a Senate Subcommittee found that 75 percent of ATF prosecutions, "were aimed at ordinary citizens who had neither criminal intent nor know-ledge, but were enticed by agents into unknowing technical violations." The BATF created false crimes instead of upholding the law. The legislators who formed the BATF said this, "would enhance vital protection of constitutional and civil liberties of those Americans who choose to exercise their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms." What a joke!

   1986 Law Enforcement Officers Protection Act- banned armor piercing ammo. Why not just give enhanced penalties to criminals who use these in crimes?

   1986 Firearms Owners Protection Act- found that the BATF was a criminal organization and actually supported the Second Amendment. What a surprise.

   1990 Crime Control Act- established Gun Free School Zones to further limit gun rights under the pretext of "protecting the children".

   1994 Brady Act- never let a good crisis go to waste. This required an expensive back-ground check on everyone buying a handgun. Billions of dollars have been wasted on this law. It should be revoked. This really seriously took away gun rights. Everyone admits this had absolutely no effect on crime, or firearm deaths, in any way, shape or form. It just took away gun rights. This law would have not stopped John Hinckley from buying a handgun, by the way, as he had no criminal record.

   1994 Violent Crime Control Act- this law was absurd in every way. It called many semi-automatic rifles as "assault weapons". Get it assault weapon is a fully automatic rifle. All fully automatic rifles require 1) a federal gun dealer license, and 2) a special permit and fee for each such gun. Magazines holding over 10 rounds were banned, but this was later dropped.  California has totally banned semiautomatic rifles except for the police and military. As goes California, so goes the nation.

   2013 Obama proposes overall gun restrictions- on January 15 he gave a national speech further proposing more firearms restrictions.

   2014 Everytown for Gun Safety- Michael Bloomberg founded this Marxist organization this with his billions to put an end to all gun ownership. Soon background checks will be required in all states by federal law- even if a parent gives a gun to their child.

   2014 Expanded Background Checks- in 17 states so far. There is no "gun show loophole" to close. Buying guns at a gun show is the same as buying them at any gun shop. This literally stops a parent from giving a gun to a family member or friend. The other 33 states may soon follow.


As we all experienced, 2014 was a record breaker cold year. The winter was terrible. Nevertheless, the liberals claim "2014 Warmest Year on Record". They just can't tell enough lies. The climate crazies claim NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recorded the warmest temperatures since 1880. This is too absurd for words. They claim all the global warming, of course, is due to, "human activity including burning of fossil fuels that add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere." 99% of the sheeple will lap that up, since facts only confuse them.


What crops America grows

This is what America grows every year. Corn is our main crop, but 40% goes to worthless ethanol. Thins of how many people all that corn could feed! It takes more energy to make ethanol than you get back- a net LOSS in energy. The government subsidizes this and forces the gasoline companies to sell it to you. In Brazil ethanol is made from garbage (sugar cane bagasse), and is still unprofitable. Their government shoves it down their throats, too. If you can't make a profit using garbage, how can you make a profit using valuable, expensive corn? Soybeans are our second main crop. The oil is extracted and the residue fed to farm animals for the most part. Much is exported, but little is actually used as food in our own country. Asians have eaten healthy soy foods for centuries. Most all the corn and soy is now GMO, and soon wheat will be GMO, too.


The King holiday is a total farce. He never was a doctor of anything. His legal name was Michael King, and he never had it changed. He got the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, which shows what a joke that is. So did communist Nelson Mandela, He plagiarized everything he wrote. He was a Communist puppet. The worst part is he was a demented sex pervert and woman beater who had regular drunken orgies with prostitutes. His FBI record is so disgusting it was sealed until 2027. His own wife requested that, as she knew what an evil, sick bastard he was. This is never done, except rarely in the case of national security. When it is open in 12 years, you can believe it will be whitewashed to death before being released to the public. His close friend Reverend Ralph Abernathy exposed his perversions in his book, And the Walls Came Tumbling Down. This cannot be disputed, as it is first hand knowledge by his long time associate. King was fornicating in a drunken orgy with prostitutes (plural) the night before his murder. Black people need a real hero, not a cheap, lying sexual pervert. To have a national holiday named after a disgusting person like this is more proof America is finished as a country. To read more, go to this website:


Albert Einstein was always held up as the epitome of genius. Far from it. Here's what he said over 80 years ago:

"There is no the slightest indication that nuclear energy will ever been obtainable. It would mean that the atom would have to be shattered at will." -1932

Five captives were never decapitated by ISIS. And they aren't planning on beheading a Japanese captive. All lies. More baloney to take your attention off the real issues. Remember that ISIS is a phony creation of Mossad and the CIA. The purpose is to create the Much Greater Israel Expansion, and destabilize all the surrounding Mideast countries. Israel wants to expand from sea to sea. Syria and Iran must be attacked and destroyed for the Greater Good of Israel. Russia and China will not allow this though. Add Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, and a whole list of other Mideast countries. Google "Government Fear Factory: Isis is Here" and watch the 6 minute video to learn more about this. You'll see that ISIS was, in fact, created by Israel and the U.S. to destabilize the entire Mideast.


If you go to most any Wal-Mart you can buy an Olympic Arms AR-15 for only $647. You can go to most gun stores and get an AK-47 for about $500.  You can get an American made AK-47  for only $700. You can also get a Ruger mini-14 .223. Those are your best three choices. You need a good military gun in your home. Put a nice $100 reflex sight on it. Or a under $100 3-9X compact scope. Get a  generation 1 night vision scope for only $350. How about all three scopes so you can do what you want? Once they are sighted in, you can exchange them at will.


The biggest problem we have on this planet is overpopulation. This planet was never meant for 7 billion stupid subhumans. We should have a half billion people, not 7 billion. 19 out of 20 need to go. China would be the first place to start. Who is breeding? White people arenít. Jewish people arenít (except Sephardics). The Japanese arenít. The Russians arenít. Even China has dropped down to 12 per thousand annually (same as U.K. and Australia), but still account for about 20 of the world population. Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Latvia, Hungary, Slovenia, Andorra, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Greece, Serbia and Ro-mania all have birth rates of about 9 or less per 1,000 annually.

Who is breeding like cockroaches? All of Africa. Every single African country. The birthrate is 40 or more per 1,000 annually in Niger, Mali, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Zambia, Burundi, Malawi, Congo and Angola. Mexico, Central, and South America are also racing for the highest breeding award after Africa.


In July silver started to collapse for four months from $21 to $15. While silver is doing great, it still has to break through the 200 day moving average. It still has to break thru the $18 to $19 area to take off. Gold strongly broke thru itís 200 day moving average and then fell. Yes, silver bottomed in November at $15, but we have volatility and resistance ahead of us. Load up on all you can, and be thankful this three and a half year bear market is finally over. We now have a three month bull market in gold, silver, the HUI, the GDX, and the XAU.

On the 16th the commercials added more net gold shorts, and were now at a very high 138,000 contracts. Their net silver shorts went up to a very high 47,000. They have added an extreme 33,000 gold contracts in a mere three weeks, yet the price has skyrocketed.

On the 23rd the commercials added an incomprehensible 40,000 net gold shorts and 9,000 net silver shorts. They now hold a massive 178,000 net gold shorts and 56,000 net silver shorts. Your poor old author sold every one of his silver futures and silver call options.

This COT report was scary! On Monday the 26th prices for gold and silver collapsed.

On the 30th the COT insanity continued. The commercials added 21,000 contracts for a mind boggling 206,000 net short. They added 5,000 more net silver shorts for a massive 62,000. This COT report is even more scary. The good news is that they need more and more to get less and less manipulation. Silver should fall to $16, where there is massive support. If it doesn't, that shows this massive manipulation is simply not working any-more. Consider silver call options. January 2016 $30 strike price would be reasonable if you really believe in silver. Avoid futures!  These are only used for entertainment by people who can afford the losses. The price of that entertainment is high blood pressure and poor sleep.


Great three month bull market, but the very short term is bearish. Look for silver to drop to the $16 level.

What does "206,000 gold" and 62,000 silver" contracts mean in the real world? IT MEANS THE BIG BANKS HOLD MORE LEVERAGED GOLD AND SILVER THAN ARE SOLD FOR INVESTMENT EVERY YEAR. The "Federal Reserve" gives them counterfeit money to do this. That's a fact! This is how they artificially keep the prices down. Why would they want to do that? Silver and gold are the only real money. They are barometers of the economy. They tell you how well the economy is- or isn't- doing. If they were not controlled, gold would be over $5,000 an ounce today, and silver over $200.

206,000 gold contracts means they control an amazing 20,600,000 million ounces of gold. That is over 20 million ounces of gold at almost $1,300 an ounce. Only 2,400 metric tons of gold are mined annually (80.4 million troy ounces).

62,000 silver contracts means they control an amazing 310,000,000 ounces of silver. That is 310 million ounces of silver at almost $18 an ounce. Only 819 million ounces of silver are mined every year according to the Silver Institute. Only 100 million of these are sold for in-vestment purposes. The rest is used industrially.


We keep repeating there is no gold in Ft. Knox, and hasn't been for 60 years- since 1955.

This is vital to understand, so we'll keep repeating it. It's an "open secret". Lots of intelligent people have known this for decades. The sheeple don't know- and won't listen- if you tell them. Go tell your best friend or neighbor Ft. Knox has been empty for 60 years, and they'll think you're having a mental breakdown. The U.S. dollar was the world re-serve currency until recently, but had no backing at all. It was also the petrodollar. Now every country on earth is dumping the dollar, as well as the T-Bonds and T-Bills. It's just one huge financial fantasy. Everyone around the world are dropping the dollar. THE GREEN TOILET PAPER IN YOUR WALLET IS WORTHLESS.


The U.S. military is going to protect the Phoenix Super Bowl game with Blackhawk helicopters and fighter jets. Your tax money will pay for this insanity. Folks, if you can't see this is End Times then you just aren't paying attention.


Do you remember in George Orwell's book 1984 the government would name things exactly the opposite of what they were. The ministry of war was called the Ministry of Peace for example. This is what's happening today. Our evil wars of aggression are said to be protecting America from terrorism. Inflation from counterfeiting currency is called quantitative easing. The totalitarian police state officials are the Department of Homeland Security. Marxism is called economic democracy, fairness, and equality for all. The people who violate your civil rights at the airport are the Transportation Security Admin-istration. Love that word "security" don't they? Just tell the sheeple you'll make them, "safe and secure" and they'll burn the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Let's look at "quantitative easing" today. Inflation is a hidden insidious tax. Inflation robs you of your wealth and savings. There is nothing mysterious about it at only comes from the Fed printing green toilet paper. Now we are told quantitative easing is good for the economy, and stimulates commerce. So, why can't we all counterfeit our own money, instead of letting the Fed do it for us? The European Union embarked on a massive program of quantitative easing. as did the Japanese. The Euro and Yen are just as worthless as the Dollar. All currencies on earth are worthless colored toilet paper. This has never happened before. Only gold and silver have value, and silver is about five times better than gold. For the first time in the history of this planet no currency has any value at all. The American currency has failed three times in the last 239 years. That started with the Continental..."ain't worth a Continental" was the phrase back in 1779.


"The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth." Ö H.L. Mencken

Look at the 30 year chart of Social Insecurity and Social Insecurity Disability payments. This is a Ponzi scheme gone broke folks. It just gets worse every year. The redistribution continues. This cannot continue obviously. Just one more cause of the Much Greater Depression. If you are depending on your SSI check to live then you are going to end up starving in the street. They went bankrupt decades ago.



The media has warned us of a measles pandemic that threatens to exterminate every American. Your only hope is the Magic Measles Vaccine. Run down to your local grocery store, 7-11, or hot dog stand and get your whole family vaccinated. Bill Gates and his friends will make sure you can get all the vaccinations you want either free or cheap. Be sure to get your whole family vaccinated so you can be safe and secure.

 The truth is rather different, however. There are only 80 confirmed cases out of 312 million people. That's like one person in the entire state of Oregon. We all know measles is common in children, and most all of us reading this had measles as a child.


Who is James Holmes and who isn't? What the heck is going on here?

The fake James Holmes trial is starting. The media is all over this hoax. Below is Jennifer Greenburg Sexton, a Jewish DHS actress. Here she is posing as Laura Phelps (with her "husband" Nick) as a grieving Sandy Hoax parent, who just lost her child. Later, we find she is also James Holmes attorney in Colorado. Isn't that strange? My, how she gets around. Can't these DHS clowns get their charades right? Can't they hire a second DHS actress to be Holmes attorney? Is their budget limited? Leave is to the government to screw up their own hoaxes. Sandy Hoax, the Batman movie, Boston Marathon, DC Navy Yard, and all the rest of the "mass murders" are just staged DHS staged events to promote gun control and a totalitarian police state.

Obama says he is going to tax the top 1% rich people and give it to the poor. Baloney. Prices will go up, employment will fall, and the middle class will pay the bill as always. One hallmark of any police or Marxist state is no middle class. 99% poor and 1% at the top. Cuba is a perfect example of this.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is one of the two scam outfits putting out all the disinformation about how ďwonderfulĒ the housing market is doing. The other scam outfit is the National Association of Homebuilders (NAH). They provide the glowing articles you see and hear in the media. You will read that the homebuilders are building millions of new homes, and getting millions of new building permits. This is true. The problem is they aren't selling any of these new homes!!! That's the problem. Their inventory of unsold homes gets bigger every month.

On top of this, the banks are holding millions of underwater homes they cannot sell. The bankers are too stupid to rent these homes, and get some income out of them. Soon, they will be forced to become banker landlords and rent these. You are going to see further collapse in both residential and commercial real estate. The average American home was worth $225,000 in 2005. Now it is supposedly worth $175,000, but no one is buying. You will see the average home sell for $100,000 before it is all over. Our local newspaper continually says the  housing market is on fire, prices are thru the roof, sales are off the charts, and all the rest of the baloney. Yes, it is true the builders are building like there is no tomorrow. That just makes things worse. All the major builders have huge unsellable inventories. Yet, they continue to build and build and build. The banks have huge inventories of underwater homes they claim as "assets". Actually, they are massive debts they will have to own up to soon.


The first McDonalds was built in 1948. This is THE largest fast food chain on earth. They have 35,000 outlets in 119 countries. This was one of the most powerful and best performing stocks for many years. Now it is failing. People cannot even afford to eat fast food, much less at a real restaurant. Look at this 10 year chart. The price went from $30 to over $100! Now it is failing. The very biggest fast food chain in the world is collapsing. In the last three years their price has fallen, and their outlook is worse than ever.

Ronald Reagan, Speech to the British House of Commons, 8 June 1982

"The center of world power is the unchallenged superpower, the United States, attended by its Western allies...For a small but growing chorus of Americans this vision of a unipolar world led by a dynamic America is a nightmare...Our best in American strength and will-- the strength and will to lead a unipolar world, unashamedly laying down the rules of world order and being prepared to enforce them."

You thought Ronald Reagan was a "conservative" didn't you? He was a California B movie actor who said the right things, and then did the wrong things. He preached about austerity, and then OUTSPENT EVERY PREVIOUS PRESIDENT. Here he is promoting the One World Order very clearly. Yes, life was far better with Reagan as president, but he was still another neocon One World Order Zionist sock puppet.


Everyone keeps quoting the price of gold in U.S. dollars, as if the price in all the other currencies is equal when converted. Gold is doing much better in many other currencies, especially the Euro and Yen. Look at these one year charts to see how really well gold is doing in other countries. The same is true for silver of course.

Here's another gold chart in Japanese Yen.

Here is a five month chart of the Swiss 10 year bond. Pretty clear this has collapsed.

The Swiss Franc (SF) is just more worthless, unbacked colored paper. They sold their gold a long time ago. They refused by national referendum in 2014 to even have a minimal amount of gold backing. The Swiss National Bank (SNB) is on the verge of collapse. No currency on earth has any value at all. The SF is going to fall, like every other worthless fiat (by decree) paper fraud. Put your savings into physical gold and silver. Silver is five times better. Hold it yourself. No paper metals and no storage programs and no unsafe deposit boxes.

Wow! The Baltic Dry Index is THE main international shipping and trade indicator. This tells us how much ocean shipping and trade is taking place in basic commodities such as metals, grains, and oil. It is at a 30 year low. This is terrible. It proves the entire world economy is going down the toilet. Look how well it was doing 2004-2008. You will never hear the mainstream media talk about the Baltic Dry Index. In fact, you'll rarely hear anyone on the Internet talk about his most important world economic indicator. We haven't covered this in a long time. This is more proof of how bad things are.


Right now it looks like Jeb Bush and Elizabeth Warren (who the heck is she?) are the presidential candidates. Jeb will pull the 14% Latino vote. Warren would pull the 50% female vote. Marco Rubio would  also pull in all the 14% Latino voters, but the Bush family wants a third president to serve. This year Hillary is going to be forced to admit she isn't running. She will make up some lame excuse as to why she isn't, but won't admit she is dying of various diseases, including cancer(s). There is a special place in Hell waiting for the Whore of Babylon.

Are you seriously prepping? If you live in the city, urban, or crowded suburban areas you must move to a more rural area. The more rural the better. You need at least six months of whole grains and dried beans put away. Plus some canned goods, condiments and other things to add to those whole grains and beans. Prep for your pets. Walk around the house and make a list of everything you really need to live well. Toilet paper, paper towels, tissue paper, laundry soap, bath soap, shampoo, light bulbs, toothpaste, and every other thing you use daily. Cheap liquor is a great barter item and lasts forever. Do you have a large and a small generator? Gasoline to run them (it only lasts a year). It is better to get a propane conversion kit and a 100 gallon or larger propane tank. Do you have firearms and lots of ammunition? Ammunition is more important than how many guns you have. Do you have a source of clean water? Can you put a shallow well and hand pump in your yard? What are you going to do if your local power plant goes out for any reason? What are you going to do if the water supply stops or is contaminated?  Why do you think the top government officials have underground  bunkers in states like West Virginia and Colorado? Silver bullion is your economic savior, but that is only one part of the picture. The neocons are pushing us closer and closer to nuclear war. Russia doesn't want war. China doesn't want war. America and Israel and the war mongers, and will end up destroying themselves with their insanity. Israel will be a glass desert after the war kicks off. 2015 is going to be a terrible year folks. Get ready for it.

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