Economic Rant

February 15, 2015

If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be under the guise of fighting a foreign enemy. -James Madison


You've seen that America has been the Evil Empire for a long time now. Attacking innocent countries for no reason at all. Inventing Al Queda and ISIS. Slaughtering over a million men, women, children, and babies in Iraq. Attacking Afghanistan and Libya. Going after a tiny country like Yemen. Yes, now we are the Great Satan of imperialism.

We have lost our freedom and our quality of life. Imperialism always ends in disaster, as proven by Rome 2,000 years ago. America is finished after 239 years.


Too much is going on, and there is too much to cover in the rant. Please keep up on things on the Internet as best you can. War in Ukraine is imminent. A bank collapse is over due. A stock market crash could happen at any time. Another 9/11 fraud is in the wind. Race riots and martial law is ahead. There is every reason to be concerned and be prepared. 99% of everyone is clueless and totally unprepared for what is ahead of us. Great events cast their shadows before them, and there are many shadows you can see. If you don't see darkness ahead then you aren't paying attention. We will get warnings. We have already had our warning on the bank collapse. That could happen any day or next year. We have already had our warnings on this, so be prepared. Credit cards, debit cards, ATMs. and checks will all be useless.



Alan Greenspan: "Greece Will Leave The Eurozone", and "There Is No Way That I Can Conceive Of The Euro Continuing"

Wow, right from Alan Greenspan! Greece will leave, the Euro will collapse, and the European Union will disintegrate. For once, the New World Order is failing.


"Strong job growth, cheap gas fuel best economy in 15 years", screams the Washington Post on February 7. The lies get bigger as the government becomes more desperate. We have about 23% unemployment- or worse, gasoline would be $2 a gallon in a free market, and we are facing a total collapse of the economy. The average sheeple is too stupid to figure any of this out. Yes, they know something is wrong, they see things aren't going well, but they just don't get it at all. The DJI is over 18,000, yet pillars of America, like Radio Shack, declare bankruptcy- after 94 years of success.


The FCC on the 26th is going to declare the Internet a "public utility", control, and tax it. This totalitarian tactic is called "Net Neutrality" and bypasses Congress. Obama always wants to bypass Congress, so he can be Grand Emperor of America. Users of the Internet will be charged fees, and sites will be removed that are not politically correct. This is just 1) an illegal tax, and 2) one step closer to Internet control. Sign the petition at, and mail in a donation if you want.

Look at this 65 year labor chart. Unemployment is at 23% or worse. Many people have simply given up finding a job and are no longer counted. Many have taken jobs they are overqualified for out of necessity. During the Great Depression it was only 25%. Since 1985 old people over 65 started working because they were broke. Since 1985 our entire economy is collapsing.

Monsanto is now actually a part of the U.S. government. We all eating toxic GMO frankenfoods. Congress has made it impossible to label these, ban these, or even for any state to require labeling. 88% of our corn and 94% of our soy is now GMO. Wheat is next.



Hollande (France) and Merkel (Germany) flew to Moscow to meet personally with Putin. NOTHING was said about their talks in the media. They are both siding with Russia. So, is Greece. That leaves Cameron in the U.K. as the stupid lapdog of the American Neocons. Meanwhile Kerry (his real Jewish name is Kohn, and he's Czech, not Irish) flew to Kiev to promise the Ukrainians more arms. America is promoting a war in Ukraine we cannot conceivably win. All for nothing. The Minsk "peace agreement" this week is a joke. Watch for war to break out in Ukraine. That could spread very quickly, and very badly. Are you prepared for that? Are you prepared for this war to go nuclear? We have provoked Russia to the point of nuclear retaliation. China has joined with Russia, and they will both join together to vaporize America. All for nothing.


America, the Evil Empire, is still after both Syria and Iran. Slaughtering over a million innocent men, women, children, and babies in Iraq just made the neocons more blood-thirsty. Russia and China simply will not tolerate this. Netanyahu is coming here to ask Congress to vaporize Iran for the Greater Glory of Israel. The Republicrats will bow down to him, grovel, kiss his rear end, and promise to destroy Iran. Now, tell yourself there is any difference between Republicans and Democrats. Two sides of the same evil, totalitarian, neocon, Zionist coin.



Kayla Mueller was not killed by ISIS, nor were any other Americans. No Jordanian pilot was burnt alive. No Japanese captives were executed. No Kurdish soldiers will be burnt alive. It's all total fantasy. John McCain is warning we have to, "stop ISIS before they come to America" to murder us!!!! Look under your bed every night to make sure no terrorist is under your bed. ISIS was created by Mossad and the CIA. The leader is Abu Bakr. His real name is Elliot Shimon, the son of two Jewish parents. Just Google, "ISIS created by Mossad and CIA" to see the facts.


The movie American Sniper is pure Zionist neocon propaganda.

A true neocon propaganda piece. “War is good for our society." Chris Kyle murdered innocent men, women, children, and babies, and is rotting in Hell. "All Muslims are evil and we must kill them.” That kind of thing. Do not waste your time and money on this crap. Why do you think it is so heavily promoted by the media? The sheeple are lapping this up like cream. Clint Eastwood directed this and said, "I'm a big supporter of Israel". It is based on pure fantasy. This is exposed in detail on Even Alex Jones exposes this on his InfoWars site.


Automakers have 3.5 million unsold cars they can't dump. This is $100 billion in backed up inventory they cannot get rid of. Remember our entire GNP is only $12 trillion now. The headlines nevertheless keep blaring, "auto sales up" and all the rest of the hype.

For the first time in the history of America the, dealers are unable to sell old, never driven 2014 cars in February. It's all going to hell folks. The auto industry is dead.



Elizabeth Warren (Elizabeth Who?) just dropped out of the presidential race. Hillary has assembled an entire cabinet of election experts, but will not say she's running. The Democrats have no one to run. Jeb Bush is the only Republican candidate. This is getting really interesting. Why is a dying woman assembling a team of election professionals? What is going on? We'll find out by the end of the year. For years and years your poor, old author was the only person on earth saying she isn't going to run. Google "Hillary won't run in 2016" and you will see a long list of people who have finally figured this out. It includes the Washington Post, Washington Times, Real Clear Politics, National Journal. MSNBC, Daily Caller, Newsmax (John Sununu nonetheless), and American Thinker. That is one impressive list of people who say she is not going to run for president. You heard it here first many years ago.


America is now a nation of home renters, not owners.

Home sales are another joke. Home owners are down 1 million, and home renters are up 10 million. Since 2005, when the housing market started to collapse, home ownership has fallen every year. Here is a 35 year chart of people who simply cannot afford to own their own homes. You will see the average American home sell for $100,000 before it's all over. That figure used to be $225,000 in 2005. We are becoming a third world banana republic (without any bananas), and a nation of renters, just like all the poor countries of the world. Facts don't lie. Both the residential and commercial real estate markets are hopelessly collapsing. 2015 is going to be a complete disaster.

Well, we got rid of criminal Eric Holder before he was sent to prison. Now we have a female clone of him in Loretta Lynch. The Republicans will soon confirm her. Now tell yourself there is a difference between Democrats and Republicans. Hired due to her color, her total lack of experience and education, she is a hard left Marxist who does not believe in the U.S. Constitution or Bill of Rights. To neocons like her, these two documents are merely impediments to their New World Order and totalitarian police state. She wants marijuana to stay a felony, and her own people to go to jail for merely possessing it. Yes, she went to Harvard due to the minority preference policies. A black, handicapped, lesbian, Marxist female can get into­­­­­ any of the top colleges and universities with an IQ of 10. You know, just like how Obama supposedly went to Columbia University. Not that anyone ever saw him there.

This is her photo on August 25, 2008 at the Democratic National Convention. That could be a Jimmy Dean sausage in his/her/it's panties, but probably not. The joke is on us folks.

America twice elected a black, homosexual, non-citizen, hard core Communist as president. He is married to a transsexual, and they adopted their two children. That's right.. those two girls are not their biological children at all.  Obama often calls her "Michael" in public. If you have any doubt that Michelle is really a man, just Google, "Michelle is a tranny" and you won't have any more doubts. Finger digit ratio is a very scientifically proven gender indication, and her hands say she is, in fact, a man. You'll find proof she has the hands of a man as well. The First Lady is really the First Tranny.


Bill Holter is a good writer for Miles Franklin Metals. He feels we may have a total banking collapse this year. If that happens, the banks would close WITHOUT NOTICE, and no one would have any money, credit or debit cards, checks, or ATMs. We have already had our warnings about this. How many people have cash at home? About none is the correct answer. That means they could not buy groceries, gasoline, or pay their bills. He makes a good case for this scenario, whether it takes place this year or next year. Go to and hit "daily blog". Choose Bill Holter, and look at his Febru-ary 4 column with Greg Hunter. "Total Chaos for Three Months after Next Crash" is the article. You can also find this using Google. It is very important you read this short, hard hitting, factual article. You can see the full 26 minute youtube video here:            (cut and paste this)

35 Year U.S. Dollar Chart


Think the dollar is doing well against the other currencies on the U.S. Dollar Index? Well, let's look at the past 35 years since 1980. It was 160, fell to 60+, and is now 95.

Everyone around the world is abandoning the dollar, T-Bills, and T-Bonds. They are also abandoning the Petrodollar, where international oil is priced in dollars. It is no longer the Reserve Currency of the world folks. People know the Fed is printing trillions of dollars in funny money every year. The smart ones know there is no gold in Ft. Knox, and hasn't been since 1955. All currencies on earth are unbacked colored paper. Only gold and silver are real money. Put every cent you have into silver bullion. Hold it yourself. No silver stocks, no paper silver, no unsafe deposit boxes, no storage programs. YOU HOLD IT, or you don't have it. Please get that straight.


We need to end the Federal Reserve, not "audit" it. Ron and Rand Paul and pushing to "audit the Fed". What a fraud. The Federal Reserve was formed in 1913 by a consortium of Zionist banks. These include Lazard, Israel Seif, Kuhn Loeb, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Hanover Trust, Rothschilds Bank, and Warburg. These are facts, not secrets. Just Google, "who owns the Federal Reserve" to see for yourself. They have stolen 95%

of America's wealth in 102 years. The dollar of 1913 is now worth 5 cents. Let's say that again- the dollar lost 95% of it's value under the Fed. They stole it all folks. The biggest financial fraud in the history of man- and it is still going strong. Go figure.

Silver Shares Trust (SIL)


Here is a new chart for you...the six month SIL (silver shares). You can see it made a perfect double bottom the first of November, and we have a three and a half month bull market as of February 13. No, you shouldn't buy paper silver like SIL, but this shows the bottom was in during November.


Richard Russell is the editor of Dow Theory Letters. He is 90 years old, and one of the few honest newsletter writers. He says the economy is about to crash and to put your money into silver and gold. You can go to his website for more information.


"The darling of the investment world has been the US dollar. The dollar is as loved as the gold miners are hated. The frenzy with which the dollar is being bought is frightening. The fury with which gold is being sold bespeaks of the formation of a bottom. Sell the most loved item and buy the most hated item." … Richard Russell


The COT report on February 6 improved slightly. The insane shorting by the Big Banks has finally stopped. They now have 206,000 net short gold and 56,000 net short silver futures contracts. This massive, humongous shorting had very little effect however. This proves the manipulation is almost over. They did everything they could to make silver and gold fall, yet got almost no effect. They are failing folks. This is major stuff. On  February 13 the commercials dropped their net gold shorts down to 172,000 and silver down 3,000. This is a good sign folks. We now have a three and a half month bull market in gold, silver, and the HUI.



You've noticed the insane push to vaccinate your children against everything. Now it is measles. About 2% of families refuse to vaccinate their children. The other 98% should go to prison and lose custody of their children. Anyone stupid enough to vaccinate their children will join Hillary in Hell when they die. California wants to end all exemptions. As goes California, so goes the nation. Soon there will be no exemptions for any reason.

"I understand that there are families that, in some cases, are concerned about the effect of vaccinations," Obama said in a pre-Super Bowl interview with NBC's Savannah Guthrie on Sunday. "The science is, you know, pretty indisputable. We’ve looked at this again and again. There is every reason to get vaccinated, but there aren’t reasons to not. You should get your kids vaccinated. It's good for them, and the challenge you have is if you have a certain group of kids who don't get vaccinated, and if it grows large enough that a percentage of the population doesn't get vaccinated, and they're the folks who can't get vaccinated, small infants, for example ... they suddenly become much more vulnerable." Hillary had to chime in on this with, "The science is clear, the earth is round, the sky is blue, and vaccines work. Let's protect all our kids." The Whore of Babylon will soon be hospitalized, die, and go straight to her reserved place Hell. Google, "dangers of vaccines" and you will come up with endless scientific websites proving they are neither safe nor even effective.

While pseudo conservatives such as Rand Paul and Chris Christie pretend to be for freedom of choice in vaccinations, they really are not at all. When they even dared question the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, they were hit with firestorms of criticism by the media. The "opponents" all agreed vaccinations work, they are scientifically proven, you must do this for your children, but in some cases you might have a limited choice in the matter. This crisis can only be solved but universal vaccines of course and in no other way. People who do not vaccinate their children are criminals who should go to jail.

The government may well start jailing parents who refuse on religious, moral, or health grounds. There are only 2 reported cases per state. That's right, only about 102 cases in the entire country. The media, however, is reporting a pandemic that threatens the entire nation.


Crude oil should be about $40 a barrel and gasoline/diesel/jet fuel about $2 a gallon. That would be a fair free market price. We now have a huge glut of oil. Tankers are backed up in American ports and cannot unload. There is a glut of international oil.


Look at this one year Beazer Homes chart. Does this look like a booming housing market to you? This is one of the biggest six homebuilders in the entire world- and they are failing badly. A massive inventory of unsellable homes, yet they build more homes every day. These people are all crazy! All the major homebuilders are bankrupt, cannot sell the huge inventories they have, but are building like there is no tomorrow. This is obvious insanity. Plus all the banks have literally millions of unsold- and unsellable- homes they lists as "assets". They are drop dead losses folks. All these house are terribly underwater, yet the banks list them as full value. This is out and out fraud! Reality always wins in the end. When this is exposed the banks will collapse.

Fortunately the Super Bowl is over.  If anything shows the decline of America this is certainly it. The Super Bowl is the perfect expression of the collapse of America:


The pre- and post- insane media hype exceeds any other event including Christmas.

The pseudo-patriotism with the National Anthem and America the Beautiful is sickening.

Some disgusting liberal degenerate is always chosen to lead this.

The mindless pro-militarism, complete with fighter jets and Blackhawk helicopters. Are we celebrating our murder of millions of innocent men, women, children, and babies in the Mideast?

The psychotic narcissism of the players themselves. The self-aggrandizing posturing of these egomaniacs strutting and buck dancing defines psychosis. The half time show degeneracy is clearly Satanic, and promotes the One World Order. This extols every evil of America. Madonna and Beyonce really do demonstrate what America has fallen to.

The drunken Superbowl parties where endless alcohol, chicken wings and pizza are hogged down by people with the lowest IQs in the country.

The Department of Homeland Security has a field day here searching people who merely want to attend a football game. We have no rights at all left in America against search  and seizure. The Bill of Rights was gone a long time ago.

The extreme commercialism. Free enterprise is wonderful, but this is a cancer. $4.5 million for a 30 second ad? The ads overshadow the game itself now.

Drunken degenerate white people (96% of the attendees) worshipping the black criminal (85% of NFL players are, in fact, black) players as some kind of gods.

The irrational obsession for football, instead of the passion to lead a free, healthy responsible life.  The average fan is old (over 50), surprisingly affluent (over $50,000 annual income), white (80%), and male (60%).

Google the, "NFL Arrests Database" and you’ll see the records for 778 separate arrests since 2000. NFL players are overall just low I.Q. criminals with no character. It seems the only redeeming feature of these men is playing football.


Your poor, old author dumped all his futures and options on January 23 when the Big Banks added an incredible 40,000 net short gold futures contracts. These were bought

back and doubled on the 5th, and the call options are back at December 2015 with a $30 strike. Futures are for crazy people with too much money. Long term call options make sense- IF you have extra money. They are a good way to leverage without losing sleep and getting high blood pressure. Only extra money you can afford to lose should be used for call options here. Notice, "extra money you can afford to lose". You can get 10 to 1 on this in 10 months- if, in fact, silver goes to $30.


Japan is about to collapse as their debt to GDP ratio is twice as bad as Greece when they declared bankruptcy. Look for Japan to collapse first. The European Union is also falling apart, and that's good! They were just one more step forward for the New World Order. The Euro currency will keep failing. These three events will be signs for us. Yes, we will get signs. Yes, we will get warnings. We are getting them NOW. Just pay attention and you can see tomorrow. Just open your eyes and you can see what is ahead of us.

Look at this 30 year chart. We published the Baltic Dry Index two weeks ago. It just hit a new ALL TIME LOW IN HISTORY. The entire world economy is going to hell folks. This tells us about worldwide shipping. Worldwide commerce is dying.

There is a 50 year chart of the gold to silver ratio. It was 15 back in 1970. It will go back to the historical, natural, usual 15 to 1 ratio, and probably overshoot to 10 to 1. With $5,000 gold, that would mean $333 to $500 silver. The current insane ratio of 73 to 1 will not last and cannot last. Silver is at least 5 times better than gold.

Months ago we pointed out the Tesla car was the biggest stock fraud going, and gave a long list of reasons for this. Well, this is what’s happened since then. 290 to 204 and falling. Elon Musk, the CEO, says, "Tesla may be worth $700 billion someday."

Look at the cash flow. They are drowning in debt, and held up by the stupid stockholders. Soon, all this will end in bankruptcy. The Tesla car is a vastly overpriced golf cart. You can believe the executives are putting all the money in their bank accounts, while the moron stockholders are going to lose it all. CNBC keeps pushing this fraud. They have no P/E ratio as they lost money every year.


Amazon also has no P/E because it doesn't make any money. It has never made any money. Nevertheless, the sheeple have bid this stock up to $380. This means if you held Amazon stock for 1,000 years, you would lose money on your investment. Why would anyone in their right mind invest in a stock that loses money and has always lost money and will always lose money? Again, the executives are banking all this money. Get ready to short this one.



Have you prepped really well? Are you ready for whatever is coming? Have you moved out of the city or crowded suburb? Do you have whole grains, dried beans, and other foods stocked up for six months. Have you prepped for your pet? Do you have a source of potable water? Do you have a generator? If you get a propane converter and a large tank of propane this is infinitely better than gasoline. Have you stocked up everyday needs like toilet paper, paper towels, soap, dish soap, laundry soap, light bulbs, batteries, and other items? Do you have firearms and LOTS of ammunition? Be prepared. That motto has been good enough for the Boy Scouts for decades now. This is just good common sense to be prepared for what any aware person can see coming.

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