Economic Rant

March 02, 2015

"The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed, lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work instead of living on public assistance."      -Cicero, 55 BC


21 Coptic Christians were not beheaded by ISIS. More crap. Remember the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is in fact really a Jewish Mossad agent man named Elliot Shimon. 21 Coptic Christians were not beheaded. Dozens of Iraqis were not burnt alive. The lies get bigger and more desperate. Remember, America murdered over a million innocent Iraqis for no reason at all. Countries have karma just like people do. America has a black karma that will end in our very destruction. We will pay for all our evil neocon wars of aggression.


Here is the Jewish Mossad agent, Elliot Shimon, the leader of ISIS.

Here is what liberals believe:


  • America’s Constitution is outdated.
  • States rights are outdated.
  • Government is more efficient than the free market.
  • The Second Amendment (gun rights) is outdated.
  • Women can have endless sex without any consequences.
  • The rich are evil, unless they are liberals like Bill Gates.
  • Your children can have lots of sex as long as they use a condom.
  • Karl Marx was a great philosopher.
  • Warren Buffett is the greatest investor.
  • Bill Gates is the greatest philanthropist.
  • Maynard Keynes was the greatest economist.
  • The Civil War was about slavery.
  • FDR’s New Deal saved America.
  • Germany started 2 World Wars.
  • The 6 Million Holocaust cannot be debated or questioned.
  • Picasso was the greatest artist.
  • Einstein was the smartest man ever.
  • Senator Joe McCarthy was evil.
  • Martin Luther King was a Saint.
  • Capitalism is about greed.
  • Socialism is about charity.
  • Men and women are the same.
  • There is no such thing as race- there is only one race.
  • Man evolved from pond scum.
  • Global Warming is a proven fact and cannot be questioned.
  • There are no government conspiracies.
  • Homosexuality is normal.
  • You can criticize every religion except one (guess which one!).
  • Guns are evil and only for police and military.
  • Vaccines are proven safe and effective and should be mandatory.
  • We simply could not live without government support.
  • Our Mideast wars are necessary to protect our freedom.
  • Republicans and Democrats are 180 degrees opposite.
  • Diversity (mixing of the races) is the ideal.
  • A one world government is our ultimate goal.
  • Oil and coal are evil and we must use solar, wind, and biofuels.


We warned you winter 2013 and 2014 would be miserable record breaking disasters. Well, the misery should be ending now finally. The media is still lying about Global Warming with record breaking cold, snow, and ice paralyzing the northeast. The headlines, "2014 warmest year on record" was a real laugh! Even the sheeple didn't fall for that one. In fact, it was one of the coldest years on record.


"Oppressors can tyrannize only when they achieve a standing army, an enslaved press, and a disarmed populace."

"If terror and oppression come to this land it will be under guise of fighting a foreign enemy."                     -James Madison


Would you like a brand new 2014 undriven leftover Maserati Ghibli for only $70,000? That's how bad the economy is now. The car dealers can't give cars away, yet the media tells you car sales are thru the roof. Even the rich can no longer afford a new car!


We live in Wilmington, NC with 200,000 other people. There is a million square foot mall here which is failing. It just went into default. Malls around the country are failing and will soon shut down. Once thriving malls will be ghost towns. No, they won't be

converted into office buildings, prisons, homeless shelters, or anything else. They will be ghost towns. The local Golden Corral Buffet just shut down as well. Dinner is now $11.99 because food prices are skyrocketing.


If you didn't watch this 26 minute Bill Holter video two weeks ago when we suggested

it then please do. He feels we will have a bank collapse this year, and has the facts to

support his opinion. Google this title or cut and paste the youtube site.

·  Bill Holter-Total Chaos for Three Months After Next Crash ...      26:20 minutes Feb 3, 2015 -by Greg Hunter


Do you have any doubts that Mossad and the CIA did 9/11? Is it hard to accept our own government killed our own citizens just to pass the Patriot Act? Then watch this five minute hilarious video. Hilarious? Yes, they tell the truth in a funny way. (Just cut and paste.)


Here is what General George Patton said towards the end of WW2. He was killed soon after he said this. You were never taught this in history class were you?


"We have destroyed what could have been a good race, and we are about to replace them with Mongolian savages. . . . Actually, the Germans are the only decent people left in Europe. It's a choice between them and the Russians. I prefer the Germans." 


We exposed the American Sniper movie in the last rant as more neocon propaganda for the sheeple. Google "American Sniper movie hoax" and you'll see lots of exposes of this farce. Clint Eastwood is a senile, worthless, drunken, philandering, impotent Zionist sock puppet. He brags, "I'm a big supporter of Israel". Of course you are, you piece of garbage. Chris Kyle was a psychopath, lying murderer, not a hero of any kind. This is the top U.S. film in February. The brain dead unwashed masses are salivating over it, proclaiming it one of the, "best movies I've ever seen". What can you expect out of those without any operant brain cells? Even Alex Jones has exposed American Sniper as a total hoax with-out any merit whatsoever. Do not waste your money on this!


We started the war in Ukraine. It has been a part of Russia for 500 years. It is anything but "Russian aggression". We installed a corrupt puppet government, and stole all their gold. We are the criminals, not Putin and Russia. They are merely defending themselves against American imperialism.  Half of Ukraine trade was with Russia. Many Ukrainians hold Russian passports. This is simply none of our business, and never has been. Shooting wars can quickly escalate, and this one could escalate to nuclear war if we don't mind our own business. This country was founded on minding our own business.



Notice the endless propaganda to get more and more vaccines for your children. Well,

McDonalds in Texas was giving away free childrens vaccines with a Happy Meal®. Yes, that's true. No, that isn't a joke. It is not some right wing paranoid delusion. Google this and see for yourself..."free vaccines with Happy Meals". Now try and deny this is End Times. Numerous clinical studies prove unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinnated children. Go to and you'll see massive proof of all this.


The Southern California housing market finally cracked. As goes California so goes the nation. History proves this for 165 years now (the 31st state with 39 million people). House sales and prices are falling like a rock on the Left Coast. Reality is finally coming home to roost. This is huge folks. Meanwhile, Northern California is literally trying to secede from the People's Republic of Southern California and their majority non-white population.

Look at the six week chart from showing the REAL housing sales and prices without all the whitewash. A bloodbath the media didn't tell you about. The prices they give here are too high however. The average home was ALREADY down to $175,000. Bank repossessions are thru the roof. People are just walking away from underwater homes they can no longer pay for. The homebuilder stocks are set up for an epic crash. Every single one of them uses highly misleading accounting to overstate earnings and hide interest expense. They all now have inventory levels that are equal to or greater than their inventory at the peak of the last bubble – only sales volume is less than 40% of peak sales volume.


You simply do not have a choice except to put your savings into silver bullion you hold yourself. No paper silver (like SLV), no silver stocks, no storage programs, no unsafe deposit boxes. You hold it or you don't have it.  Silver is five times better than gold, and will go back to the traditional 15 to 1 ratio (it is now 73 to 1!!!!). There is nothing else on earth to buy than silver. Farmland is a fine investment, but only 1% of Americans know how to grow food.

The COT report on the 20th showed the commercials lowered their net short gold futures  a huge 27,000 to 144,000. They lowered their net short silver futures 6,000 to 48,000. On the 27th the commercial net short gold positions went down to 136,000, and the net short silver positions down to 42,000. This is better, but still high. We’re going in the right direction here with the Big Banks, but this needs to get better.



Does this look like a "strong dollar' to you? Let's take an honest look at the dollar over the last 25 years. It was 120 thirteen years ago. The recent "strength" is more than just suspicious. Alan Greenspan was a gold bug and free market advocate before he took over the Fed. Here is what he has to say now that he is out of office:

"The end has to come at some point… If you look at a chart of the U.S. dollar index it has gone nearly parabolic in the last few months… In any market that is so one sided, that is accelerating so rapidly, that trend will end… it will most likely end in a fairly violent fashion."

This Earth is 14 times overpopulated.

The biggest problem we face by far is the severe overpopulation of our planet by 7 billion people. 99% of them are brain dead, worthless, useless, and can do nothing other than breed. We need to get rid of 93% of everyone on earth so we'll have a half billion. China and India would be the two best places to start. Together they have about 2.5 billion people just in those two countries. Plus the millions of Chinese and Indians around the world it would be hard to even count them all. The US is the third largest country with "only" 320 million. Think what a paradise it would be with a mere 23 million and only 500 million on earth. Africa has only 1 billion, but is outbreeding everyone by far. The Guardian says by the end of the century 40% of everyone on earth will be African at this rate.


In America whites are not reproducing. Legal aliens, illegal aliens, welfare recipients are breeding like cockroaches on the other hand. In 28 years the U.S. Census Bureau says whites will be a minority- like now in California. That's right California is the first state in 239 years to have a white minority. "As goes California..."


This 50 year chart from the Federal Reserve makes an excellent point, but it's one big lie. Our National Debt was almost zero 40 years ago. It is not "18 trillion now". It is more like 180 trillion- or ten times what they claim. The total GNP is only about 12 trillion- so this is 15 times the GNP. That can never be paid no matter what we do. It will be "paid" in the form of the worst depression the world has ever seen. All debts get paid, all the time, every time one way or another. People who tell you our National Debt is only 18 trillion are liars, fools, or both.


This communist legislation was passed 80 years ago by Franklin Roosevelt in 1935. Originally, the Social Insecurity Ponzi scheme had 42 working people to support every retiree. Like all Ponzi schemes, it worked in the beginning. Now we have less than three workers to support every retiree. If you think you are going to live off your Social Insecurity check, then think again. The checks won't stop physically; they will simply be worthless due to hyperinflation. The purchasing power of your check has already been cut in half in the last 20 years.  Right, your check now buys HALF of what it did around the 1995 area. Less than 3 working people now support each retiree. Plus, Obama now gives Social Insecurity Disability to anyone who wants it.


Here is the most "conservative" member of Congress...Zionist sock puppet Rand Paul. His allegiance is to Israel first, and America second. The Conservative Caucus (CPAC) met last week. They should be called the Neocon Causcus (NPAC) since they are all preaching the neocon philosophy and endless wars of aggression.

The free market price of crude oil would be about $40 a barrel. As recently as 2005 and 2009 it was, in fact, $40 a gallon with $2 gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. We do not have "low" oil prices at all- we have normal oil prices.

A dollar was worth a dollar in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was formed by a dozen  private Zionist banks. That dollar is now worth 4.26 cents. The Zionists stole the other 95.74 cents. Anyone who says, "audit the Fed" (like the Libertarians) are fools. We need to get rid of the Fed entirely. It is owned 100% by Zionist banks for 102 years now.


Net Neutrality is anything but neutral. Unelected FCC officials will control the Internet. They were never elected. There was no law passed by Congress. Just government bureaucrats ruining your life. One more step to censoring and controlling free speech on the Internet. This is the last bastion of free speech on earth folks. The One World Order people have to put an end to this as too much truth is getting out.


What is the best selling book in the world? 50 Shades of Gray has sold over 100 million copies. Countless millions of women (not men) have seen the movie. This is a disgusting, perverted, depressing, depraved, terminally sick story of a rich psychopath who abuses a woman mentally, emotionally and physically. She responds by falling in love with him. He responds by leaving her. Folks, words fail here. Why would all these women worship something so horribly demented and making a cult out of it? What is wrong with these millions of women?


What is the most popular movie in the world? American Sniper. A story glorifying a murdering, lying psychopath as some kind of patriotic hero. He represents exactly the opposite of everything America is supposed to be. Have you heard your sheeple friends rave endlessly and salivate over this abortion of a movie? This is a neocon masterpiece and proves just how stupid, brain dead, mindless, and clueless 99% of the American public is.

Here's a 40 year chart of the ice on the Great Lakes. You can see it is at a record 25 year high, yet the liberals keep blathering about "global warming". Liberals hate facts and are confused by reality. Liberalism is, in fact, a mental illness.

The Dow has almost tripled in the last 6 years since 2009. All the fundamentals are negative, yet it has almost tripled. That defines a bubble. The same is true with the S&P 500 also almost doubling in 6 years. The government props this up. The government control-led media keeps it propped by with happy talk on CNBC, Jim Cramer, and the rest of the financial propaganda shows. It's gonna go folks!


"Democracy has proved only that the best way to gain power over people is to assure the people that they are ruling themselves. Once they believe that, they make wonderfully submissive slaves." — Joseph Sobran


Joe Sobran was editor of that neocon rag National Review until 1993- until he woke up. He started criticizing our evil wars of aggression and the power of Israel over America. He was quickly fired. He was then banned by the media generally of course.


Amazon trades at 977,528 times it's operating income (OI). It should trade at well under 1 times it's OI. Wal-Mart, for example,  trades at 7.8 times it's OI, and that is far, far too high. Therefore it is literally over ONE MILLION TIMES overvalued. That is not a misprint- it trades at 977,528 times it's OI. The whole world has gone insane! Soon you will be able to short Amazon and make a fortune watching it collapse. The stock markets have not had a major correction since 2011. Whenever this happens you can depend on a serious bear market to follow. The DJI over 18,000 is a joke.

At $144.5 trillion this chart still understates the incomprehensible national debt, but it’s close. People who tell you our national debt is only $17.5 trillion are deaf, dumb and blind.


America has the highest corporate taxes in the entire world!!!

At 39%, the United States of America has a higher corporate tax rate than socialist Nor-way (27%), “­­­­­Communist” China (25%), or “Evil” Russia (20%). Remember those evil, greedy top 1% of wage earners pay 40% of all income taxes. Liberals hate the rich and envy them- unless they are also liberals like Buffett, Soros, and Gates. The successful are to be punished and robbed for working hard and doing something constructive with their lives. It just isn’t “fair” that everyone doesn’t have the same salary. If you took all the money in America and redistributed it to every one of the 320 million people equally it would change nothing. In 10 years the same poor bastards would be poor again and the very same rich people would be rich again.

The velocity of money is now LOWER than during the Great Depression of 1929. That’s right, it is down to 1.25, but during the Depression it was only down to 1.30. Velocity is how fast money changes hands and keeps moving. In a health economy you have a reading over 2.0.

“Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.” - H.L. Mencken


The idea ISIS is going to bomb the Mall of America in Minnesota is ridiculous. Or any mall whatsoever. Or that they kidnapped 150 Syrian Christians and will murder them. Oh wait, now it’s 200 Syrians. Now we’re being told ISIS is coming to America to kill us all. Look under your bed to see if there are any terrorists. Remember the CIA and Mossad created ISIS. If you doubt that just Google “ISIS fraud”, “ISIS hoax,” or “ISIS created by Mossad” and you’ll see the real facts. Abu Bakr, the leader of ISIS, is a Jewish Mossad agent named Elliot Simon.

Bibi Satanyahu (pictured above) will come to America on March 3 to order Congress to demonize Iran for the Greater Good of Israel. The Israeli Labor Party is completely against this, as his arrogance alienates Americans.


The media is scared to death that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the TSA will be shut down because of a funding crisis. The best thing that could happen to us would be for Congress to defund the DHS, and put an end to it permanently.

Does this look like global warming to you? Winter 2013-14 was a record breaking arctic blast freezer. Winter 2014-15 was another record breaker. Obviously this earth is getting colder, not warmer. It’s not over either. We’re now going to have a cold Spring, and a cool summer. The liberals still are saying 2014 was the “warmest year on record” when, in fact, it was one of the most severe in history.

Glacial Melting In Antarctica Makes Continent The 'Ground Zero Of Global Climate Change' says the Huffington Post on March 1. The lies get bigger and more desperate. Another RECORD BREAKING winter and they yammer abut global warming.


Marijuana makes you lazy, foggy minded, forgetful, unmotivated, slothful, and many other problems. However, like all drugs, it should be perfectly legal for adults to use in their own homes. All drugs were legal for 137 years until the Harrison Narcotic Act of 1913. Alaska, is now the third state to legalize it, as well as Washington, DC. Now all the false allure and profit will be taken out of it. Now young people won’t think it’s cool, fashionable, exotic, hip, and “forbidden”. If all- and that means all- drugs were legal 1/3 of our jails would empty. One third of our courts would empty. One third of lawyers would be looking for a job. Criminal gangs and cartels would disappear overnight. The police would be free to arrest real criminals, especially violent ones, and greatly reduce the crime rate.

Corruptisima republica plurimae leges. [The more corrupt a republic, the more laws.]

-Tacitus, Annals III 27


The short term outlook for silver and gold is bearish unfortunately. Your poor old author sold all his futures at options, looking to get back in at a lower price. You can go to www. and read Clive Maund on both gold and silver if you want more information. He is one of several reliable writers, but he sees lower prices in the short term. Have faith and be a silver stacker. Look at the Big Picture, and do not be upset about the short term. Silver is the most undervalued asset on earth, and gold the second most undervalued.


The FCC is just bypassed Congress, and took control of the Internet with their Orwellian misnamed “Net Neutrality” policy. This 332 page abomination will take your Internet freedom away. Prices will go up due to taxes and compliance laws. Go to to learn more about it. Donate to them if you like. This criminal act just took Internet control away from us consumers, and gave it to government bureaucrats. This will take our freedom and stop the free market we now have. This is anything but neutral. The Federal Communications Commission approved the policy known as net neutrality by a 3-2 vote at its Thursday meeting, with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler saying the policy will  ensure "that no one — whether government or corporate — should control free open access to the Internet." George Orwell would be proud of Tom.


Do you want to hear scientific facts about why vaccines don’t work? Google Mary Tocco + Vaccine Propaganda. Copy and paste:

You can also Google "don't vaccinate your children" or whatever phrase you like.

Obama banned M855 AR-15 ammo by executive order. This is NOT armor piercing at all, and Congress would not ban it. So, he "bypassed Congress" as usual and banned it. We've told you for years the bullets will go first and then guns. Load up on ammo while you can.


Vermont is the only state that allows citizens to carry concealed pistols without a permit. They have the lowest crime rate of all. That’s right, the lowest violent crime and homicide rate in the country, yet any law abiding citizen can walk around armed with a pistol under his or her clothes. Their homicide rate is a mere 0.3 per 100,000. Washington, DC is one of the only areas in America that refuses to issue any concealed carry permits (except to politicians). Their murder rate is 16.5 per 100,000. That is FIFTY TIMES THE RATE OF VERMONT!!!  The same is true in cities such as Chicago that have almost total gun bans (except for politicians). If we set off neutron bombs in cities like that, America would be a much better place.


Want to hear some interesting facts about Americans?

2/3 are living paycheck to paycheck, mouth to mouth survival.

Half have no emergency food in the house, except maybe three days worth of things like canned soup and tuna fish. When, not if, the banks shut down they will starve to death after 72 hours.

1/3 of households have collection agencies hounding them for one or more unpaid debts. Not merely in debt, but have bill collectors calling them up.

People under 35 overall have a negative 2% savings rate. Yes, that means they get deeper into debt every week.

That gives you a lot of hope for the future, doesn't it?

This is not your next president. She is dying of cancer(s) and other diseases. She may be bedridden or dead before 2016 is over.

Here is Jewish Elliot Simon, aka Abu Bakr, the head of ISIS again. Mossad succeeds again. Israel and the CIA collaborated to form ISIS. Just Google that.


Here is a 5 year Monsanto stock chart. $50 to $130 in that time. Pretty impressive performance. Monsanto now owns Congress lock, stock and barrel.

This 15 page rant is the longest ever. Be sure to PREP. Get ready. Be prepared. This is not paranoia, but simply good common sense and logic

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