Economic Rant

April 01, 2015

"When it happens you will know that it is true, by then it will be too late." .. an old Russian proverb

This proverb applies very much to being prepared in 2015. Is all your savings in silver bullion? Are you prepping? Are you ready for the coming bank failures? Power failures? Martial law? Whatever is ahead? We don't know, so we have to be ready. You’ve heard the old saying, better 10 years too early than 10 seconds too late. It is just good sense to BE PREPARED. This has nothing to do with fear or paranoia, just good sense. This motto “be prepared” is just a good way to deal with life in general. It’s worked for the Boy and Girl Scouts for 100 years.

For the media, the most important issue of all for the first half of March was the election in Israel. A tiny, unimportant country of a mere 8 million people in the middle of a desert gets top billing in the news. That would be about 3% of the U.S. population, but they own every one of the 535 U.S. senators and representatives. No, Israel is not our “friend”,  not our “ally” in any way at all. No, they are not, “the only democracy in the Mideast”. They are a hard-core Marxist theocracy with no constitution and no bill of rights. It is run by Orthodox Jews. Every man or woman is forced to serve in the Defense Force- except for Orthodox Jews. Interracial and inter-religious marriages are strictly banned. Palestinians are routinely murdered to get rid of them. Anyone who calls this a “democracy” is a moron. They have the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the Mideast, yet refuse to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Iran signed it years ago and doesn’t have one nuclear weapon. Why can’t Iran have nuclear power?

The only people mad at you for speaking the truth are those living a lie.

Obama is now pushing mandatory, compulsory voting. You know, like North Korea and Cuba do. What a great idea- make criminals out of everyone who refuses to vote. Vote  for Tweedle Dum or Tweedle Dee, as if it makes any difference at all. You can be sure there will be no libertarian or conservative third party to vote for. There will be left wing Socialist and Green third parties to vote for though. Every one of the 535 people in Congress are simply Zionist sock puppets. It just gets better here in America every day and we have 21 more months of the homosexual Communist Kenyan to put up with. Is America great or what? After 239 years it is over, and we’ll soon be a Third World banana re-public like Argentina- who used to be the 4th largest economy in the world.

"The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars: the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth." — H. L. Mencken

Remember how Obama promised how wonderful government health care would be?  How you could keep your own doctor and all the rest? He and his neocon friends are going to keep destroying the 2nd Amendment. The bullets will go first. The green tip .223 (AR-15) bullets were banned for no reason at all. More and more we’ll see gun restrictions, but first the bullets will go. You can buy bulk .223s, 7.62’s, 9mm, and other common ammo by the thousand for 25 cents apiece. Isn’t it worth $250 for 1,000 rounds of your favorite ammo? They keep for decades in a cool dry place. .22s are still expensive, at 8 cents apiece, and it may be years before the price comes down.

Have you tried to tell your friend, relative or neighbor that no one died at Sandy Hoax? That no one was killed or injured at the Boston Non-Bombing? That Osama bin Laden died 12 years ago of kidney disease in Tora Bora? That 9/11 was an inside job done by the CIA and Mossad? That ISIS is a Mossad creation? There is no gold in Ft. Knox?  You didn’t get too far, did you? Trying to tell people they have been fooled is next to impossible. But it is all too easy to fool them in the first place. Actually, about 98% of Americans are fools because they voted for Obama or Romney. Only 2% voted Libertarian.

Gold and silver are probably going down in the short term. But not far, and not for long. April marks four years of this bear market. Fine. Accept that. Silver is the most under-valued asset in the entire world by far, and gold second.  We’ll keep repeating this- buy when there is blood in the streets. The Rothschilds are the richest family on the planet. They got that way by buying when there is blood in the street. Buying when everyone else is selling, buying when no one else is buying. You can believe the Rothschilds and the other bankers have vaults of gold (they are too rich to put their money in silver.) The cost of production of silver is about $23 an ounce. That price is only going to go up, not down. The demand for silver goes up every year, while the supply goes down. The demand is going to keep going up for a lot of reasons. Don’t complain if you bought silver at, say, $30, and you are “losing money”. No, you’re not. You did the right thing at the time, and you are stacking silver. Keep stacking silver. We’ll look back at $16 silver in 2015 with amazement and disbelief. Your poor old author is still buying bullion at this price. You should be, too.



There are only a very, very limited amount of investments you can make in this world. Very limited. You can’t buy any stock market in any nation. You can buy residential or commercial real estate. There is no currency on earth with any value at all. The U.S. dollar is going to collapse. There is simply nothing else to put your life savings in.


Silver has bottomed six times in six months at the $15.50 level.


Here is a six month chart of silver showing the bottoming action very clearly. It may bottom again at this level in April if this is a 50% retracement. There is obviously a lot of reason to feel that the $15.50 level is the bottom for silver. The recent low close for silver was about, $15.50, while the high was about $18.50 this give $17.00 as the 50% retracement to look for. The 50% retracement to look for in gold is $1,220.

We’ll see if this is true in April. The total open interest for gold is 344,000. The total open interest (number of futures contracts) on COMEX silver is up to a massive 172,000 contracts. This is very bearish. A vital point here is that when a commodity puts in a bottom six times in only six months this is a massive and strong BASE. A base like this usually means an equally strong recovery.

NOTE: On March 31 it certainly looks like a classic 50 retracement for both.



Folks, stop and look at this. Until recently no homeowner in America had a house that  was worth less than the mortgage. Now 17% do. That means they should hand the keys to the bank and walk away. Give the debt to the bank. Would you buy a $5,000 car for $8,000? Obviously not. Then why hold onto a house when it is worth far less than what you owe on it? The banks have over 10 million homes that are underwater, yet listed as "assets". This is one more reason the banks will collapse. Eventually, reality will take over, and the banks will be forced to admit these are DEBTS, not assets. You can only lie so long until the real world kicks you in the rear.

The purple lines on the silver COT report below show the commercials had a net short position of 30,000 contracts last week. That just increased to 41,000. This is bearish for now. 10,000 would be nice. When they finally go net long nothing will hold silver (and gold) back from their free market price.

The COT reported on March 20 that net gold futures are down to only 56,000 but silver Is still at a high 30,000 net short. Net commercial gold futures were down an amazing 33,000 for the week. This is good news. This is the second week of their massive gold position reduction. On March 27 things got really confusing. Gold short futures were down another 3,000, but silver short futures were UP 11,000!!! Now we have a 50,000 net short gold, but 41, 000 net short silver position by the commercials.

Why even read the COT when it isn’t even audited? Well, it seems to be working. Also, probably not 1 in 1,000 people (maybe a lot less) ever read it.


Paul Volker (remember him?) gave a speech recently. He kept repeating the phrase “gold is the enemy”. Strange, huh? That would make silver an equal enemy. Look at this 11 year chart (courtesy of King World News) showing the disconnect between the dollar and gold. This cannot and will not continue. The same is true with silver. Reality always wins in the end. The dollar is going to fall and gold/silver and going to go up. Not either/ or, but both/and. Gold and silver have been the only real money for 5,000 years. The dollar has lost 95% of it's value in the last 101 years. Which one do you want?

Personal Note: do you like to cruise? Would you like to take a cruise? Right now some top 5.0 and 5.5 star lines are literally giving away cruises below cost. Princess, Holland America, Celebrity and only cruise lines are giving unbelievable bargains on cruises anywhere in the world. We're talking $100 and $120 per person per day for balconies and oceanviews. Just go to websites like Vacations to Go or Liberty Travel and  you won't believe the deals you can get. Ironically, you have other lines that are still trying to get $500 to $700 apiece per day!!! Go figure.

The silver open interest is at a very very high 172,000 contracts.

This is a chart of the silver open interest (blue line) vs. the price (red line). You can see when the open interest is low the price goes up. When the open interest is high (like now) the price goes down. You can also see here how silver has bottomed six times in the past six months. This is an extremely powerful bottom, but could continue very temporarily. This divergence may be ending as you read this.


If you won a million dollars cash in a lottery what would you do with the money?

     Well, you cannot keep it in any currency on earth. All currencies are worthless fiat

     money with no backing at all.       

     There is no stock market on earth to invest in, especially the American markets.

     T-Bills and T-Bonds are a joke.

     The entire bond market it a joke, but you could SHORT bonds.

     Residential real estate is going down.

     Commercial real estate is going down.

     Farmland is already expensive and only 1% of Americans are involved in farming.

     This leaves only gold and silver.

     Silver is five times better than gold, and will return to the historic 15:1 ratio.

You could buy silver and gold mining stocks, but they are denominated in some          currency of other. All paper will be worth paper in the end.   

You really have no choice but to invest in silver bullion.


Have you noticed the liberal  media has turned on Hillary? Now you see anti-Hillary political cartoons. Isn’t that funny? Google “Hillary Won’t Run in 2016”, and you’ll see a longer  and more powerful list every week now. The media made a big deal about her emails, instead of just covering it up, or dis-missing it as unimportant. Or just not reporting it at all. We have 21 more months of Obama, but Hillary would be worse, as she is intelligent and cunning. Obama is relatively stupid and clueless, just a puppet on strings reading his masters teleprompters. Hillary is a diabolical psychopath, the 20th century Whore of Babylon.


The tide has turned folks. Her arrogance and hubris finally took her down. Even if she wasn't dying of various serious diseases she couldn't be elected. Why the huge and very professional election campaign? To put money in her pocket. The multi-billion dollar Clinton Foundation isn't enough for her. Her endless greed knows no bounds.

This is not your next president. She is dying of cancer (or cancers plural), plus other serious medical conditions. She will soon be bedridden, hospitalized, or otherwise disappear from the public eye. Just stop and realize that Americans are so sick, so demented, so warped they would elect the Whore of Babylon as their president. Well, they elected a Kenyan, Marxist homosexual twice. A bisexual female psychopath is a slam dunk. The Democrats have NO ONE to run. Right now there is no doubt Jeb Bush is the next president. Have you heard Ted Cruz speak? He sounds like a true patriotic, conservative libertarian. He promises to dismantle CORE, get rid of Obamacare, shrink government, re-turn our civil rights, supports gun owners…Too bad he’s a pathological liar and just en-rolled his entire family in Obamacare.


In June of 2014 Hillary said, "I was broke when I left the White House". Here is a photo of her 20 acre, $11 million mansion in NY she had at the time, and still has. She and Bill  also had $18 million in book advances, and a $3 million DC home among countless other assets, fees, and pensions. The public is finally tired of her.


Look at this 15 year food chart right from the BLS, right from the government folks. 1 in 5 American households cannot eat without food stamps. People can't pay their rent, utilities, buy food, or put gas in the car anymore. On top of that, most of them are deeply in debt and their credit cards are maxed out.


Saudi Arabia invades Yemen, and this could lead to a major war involving America, Iran, China, and Russia. Yet, the media yammers on for the third day about an airline crash. Iran has backed Yemen and is fighting ISIS, yet they are supposed to be our "enemy". Again, ISIS was created and paid for by Mossad and the CIA. Funny, they haven't attacked Israel even once. Saudi Arabia is now our enemy, not our lap dog. Please remember that. The House of Saud is against us now, and then will go down.


Let’s go over it again regarding the Boston bombing trial. No one was hurt or killed at the fake Boston bombing. One Tsarnaev brother is dead, and the other will get life in jail (or death). If you don’t understand that, please Google “Boston bomb fraud” or “Boston  bomb hoax”. Handicapped DHS actors were used as victims with their legs blown off. THERE WAS NO BOMB! It was a Hollywood flash bang smoke device.


The famed billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones said, “the current market mania will end in revolution, taxes or war". More importantly he said, "This gap between the 1% and the rest of America, and between the US and the rest of the world, cannot and will not persist. We're in the middle of a disastrous market mania". Jones is telling the truth, but the mass media won’t put him on CNBC saying things like this. You have to get the truth off the Internet- the last bastion of freedom on earth. When someone like him speaks the truth, you need to listen.



What are the two major occupations in America now? Cashier and retail sales clerks at about $11 an hour. That is where the majority of people are employed. Is this pitiful?


Look at the eight year collapse in hourly wage (blue chart),  household median income (green line), and home ownership (red line). Our entire standard of living is going to hell and will keep collapsing every year. Closer and closer to a Third World banana republic every year, only we don’t even have any bananas. This is right from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Think America is bad? Free speech is alive and well in France. The French cartoonist Zeon was arrested for publishing this cartoon of Israel murdering Palestinian children and put in jail. Shame on him for telling the truth. Why should we care what is happening in France? Because this will spread to the rest of Europe, and then it will spread to us. More and more free speech is being taken away from us.

France has also declared war on cash in the name of “terrorism”. Capital controls too ridiculous to even describe. One is you cannot pay in cash over $1,100 (1,000 Euros). Is that ridiculous? There are many other restrictions on cash. This is what is coming to America- a war on cash and capital controls. This, too, will spread to the rest of Europe and then to America. We already have some capital controls, but far more are coming.


Think Russia is bad? Well, they are building massive fallout shelters for their people to protect them from nuclear war. The only shelters in America are for politicians and their families. Nothing for the citizens at all.  Think Australia is reasonable? They are going to tax bank deposits! That's right, tax your savings, pushing savers. You can't have Big Government without endless taxation. Watch bank deposit taxation spread to Europe and then to America.


Cerberus Capital Investment owns Freedom Group. Freedom Group is buying up major gun companies like Bushmaster, Marlin, Remington, and others. Cerberus is not owned by George Soros. It is owned by liberal Jewish Stephen Feinberg. This is worrisome, as it is estimated they are producing 20% of the guns sold in America now, plus billions of dollars in ammunition every year. The other owner of Freedom is William L. Richter, a real mystery. His wiki page is blank. Ex-vice president Dan Quayle is on the board of directors for Freedom Group. Dan is a gun owner and conservative, but would sell his soul for the right price. His handler, when we was vice president, was Zionist neocon William Kristol. Buying up major gun makers is a perfect way to take our guns away. Keep your eye on Freedom Group because Feinberg is not about freedom at all.

Who is the one people you absolutely cannot criticize? What is the one country you absolutely cannot criticize? What is the one religion you absolutely cannot criticize? What is the one race you absolutely cannot criticize?

Here is a six month DJT chart above. Remember we spoke about Dow Theory in the last issues. Well, the DJT is telling us this is NOT a bull market, and you cannot expect the DJI To keep going up. If you look at the DJU chart it is even worse. The DJT has done nothing in the past four months but go down slightly. Now look at the six month DJU chart below. Does this look like a bull market? Dow Theory says the DJI, DJT, and DJU move together as a team to validate a trend. All three must move in sync, or there is no valid trend. The DJI is already failing folks, and the S&P 500 and other stock markets

will go with it. Dow Theory works and history proves it works. The American stock markets are weak and propped up, and could collapse at any time. Sell your 401k or IRA, take the penalty, and buy silver bullion.


The DJU is an obvious disaster.

The American sheeple wanted “free” health care. Nothing is free but air and sunshine.  

Our air is polluted, and sunshine has almost no wattage to use. Someone always pays the bill. People who talk about “free” government programs are brain dead. The sheeple are going to get an ugly surprise when they find out they get almost no medical care at all for “free”. Government health care has failed miserably in every country it has ever been tried in. Cuba might be the best example of this. Their health care is “free”, but there is no health care. No real doctors, no real hospitals, no real diagnostic equipment, no prescription drugs, no real anything. But it’s free!

Warren "Senile in Omaha" Buffett has Alzheimer's

Look at their 50 year chart of his failure with BRKA. We've discussed him numerous times. He still has a loyal following no matter how badly he does. CNBC drags his senile old ass on camera to lie to everyone almost every week. The blue line is the S&P 500, and the red line is BRKA. (Thanks to Business Insider)

The housing crash happened in 2005- 10 years ago. Look at what has happened since then. There are less and less actual homeowners every day. People are RENTING because they cannot afford any kind of house. America is going to Hell on a greased slide. Every day, in every way, America is collapsing into a Third World police state

The average home sold for about $225,000 10 years ago. You will see that average home sell for $100,000 (in today's dollars) within 10 more years. We stay in our home because it is paid for, and we plan to retire in it. Yes, there are a few "hotspots" like Los Angeles and San Francisco where the exception prove the rule. These hotspots will simply be the last- and WORST- to collapse. The media is always yapping about these hotspots, as if they are the rule.

That's it for April. Be sure to prep. Have food, a source of water, a generator, a supply of every single thing you use daily, guns, AMMO, and whatever else you like. Have some green cash along with junk silver coins.  Just be prepared, be ready for the unknown. We really don't know what the future will bring, but we can make some very strong predictions based on what we see today. Great events cast their shadows before them. You can see the general future if you just take a good hard look at today.

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