Economic Rant

May 14, 2015

The Garland, Texas shooting is another government staged murder. Just like the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris. Telling the American people ISIS is hiding under their beds ready to kill them just gets more ridiculous every day. The FBI says ISIS terrorists in America are out of control! Only the brain dead would believe this stuff, yet the sheeple lap it up. Now the great unwashed masses actually believe ISIS terrorists are in every state just waiting to attack us. Just Google "Garland, TX shooting hoax", and you'll see tons of evidence how transparent it all is. Thank Zionists Pam Geller and Rabbi Spencer for this one. Ray Charles and Helen Keller could see thru this fraud.

This is Jennifer Greenburg Sexton, a Jewish DHS actress. My, my, she certainly gets around. One day she's a grieving Sandy Hoax parent whose child was murdered. The next day she's an attorney in Colorado representing James Holmes.  Can't DHS afford to pay more actors and actresses? The fake Batman trial is just like the fake trial for the Boston Non-Bomber. The sheeple drank the Kool Aid® again. No one died at Sandy Hoax,  no one was injured in Boston, and no one died watching the Batman movie.


This unnamed girl has Jennifer beat though. She was at THREE mass murders!!! What a coincidence. She was at three different mass murders grieving. My, my she sure gets around. She was at the Batman Non-Murder, Sandy Hoax, and the Boston Non-Bombing. Can't DHS afford more actors and actresses? The Social Insecurity Death Index does not report any deaths from any of these hoaxes, nor do the FBI murder statistics. Why? Be-cause no one died at any of them!

The average American minimum wage worker is only 36! Notice all those older people now working the lowest wage jobs in the country? Not kids anymore with their first job. 89% of minimum wage workers are not teenagers. There are 100 million working age Americans who have no job at all. Remember, these are people who are of working age, not retired. Liberals want to raise the minimum wage. First of all, there should be no minimum wage. Another communist idea. The government doesn't determine wages- the free market does. If the minimum wage was raised, 1) a lot of jobs would simply disappear, and unemployment would go up, and 2) all businesses would be hurt badly. The business of America is business. Hurt businesses and everyone suffers at all levels. The liberal plan to raise the minimum wage to $12 by 2020 is just more stupidity.


The number of manufacturing jobs has declined 37% since 1979. America used to be the manufacturing engine of the world. It just gets worse from here.

This is right from the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics).


The Trans-pacific Partnership treaty (TPP) is a secret bill that will be passed in secret this month. This is a disaster and we don't know the details. Why on God’s earth does any bill have to be passed in secret? The funny thing is the Democrats are blocking it, while the Republicans are fast tracking it. We no longer have a government by the people, of the people, or for the people. It would allow unlimited immigration and ban guns among other things. It is an unmitigated disaster, and we don’t know much about it. Like Nancy Pelosi famously said, “you have to pass the bill to see what’s in it.”

Here is what Politico reported on the 4th of this month:

If you want to hear the details of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal the Obama administration is hoping to pass, you’ve got to be a member of Congress, and you’ve got to go to classified briefings and leave your staff and cell phone at the door. If you’re a [congressional] member who wants to read the text, you’ve got to go to a room in the basement of the Capitol Visitor Center and be handed it one section at a time, watched over as you read, and forced to hand over any notes you make before leaving. And no matter what, you can’t discuss the details of what you’ve read.

Here's Nancy with your shit sandwich while she eats filet mignon.

On the 8th the commercials dropped 32,000 shorts on the COMEX, and are now only 74,000 net short gold. This is huge. Silver is up 3,000 shorts, and is now 37,000 net short. If they repeated this on gold for two more weeks they would basically have no gold shorts. Gold would immediately go to the Moon to refuel for the trip to Pluto. Remember, ONLY the COMEX commercial short positions are holding down the prices of gold and silver. The problem is that six months ago, in November, they lowered their net gold shorts to less than 50,000. Gold took off, but then they added huge amounts of new shorts and went to 200,000 net short. Can we even believe the COT report? It is unaudited. Al-most no one reads it. The weekly report seems to be working. Let’s see if gold goes up from here, now that they have so few short positions compared to what they used to have. It needs to go even lower and back under 50,000 net short. Silver needs to go down to the 10,000 or less net short level. 33,000 is simply not good. This goes to press before the COT report on the 15th.   

Here is the gold COT report. Purple is the commercials (the last 30 days are not listed). We need to get the commercial net short positions in both gold and silver down to zero, and then net long. They are going to go long eventually and make a fortune on the way up. These people are evil, not stupid.     

“I want to be your champion.” Sure, you sick, evil bitch we want you as our champion.


An NBC poll in May showed more people dislike Hillary every day. They realize she has no character whatsoever. The Globe  (May 4) just reported she had two secret strokes that she hid from the public. She has kept her terminal health problems secret for over a decade. She has a proven history of blackouts, falls, memory losses, vision problems, blinding headaches, and collapses for more than ten years now. In 2009 she collapsed in the State Department garage, and broke her elbow. In 2011 she collapsed boarding a plane. In 2012 she fell and hit her head at home. This clearly shows a series of mini-strokes. Karl Rove in 2012 publicly said she had traumatic brain injury. For many years now we've been telling you she is dying and cannot run in 2016. Why is she pretending to run? For ATTENTION and money. She's a raving, screaming psychopath, and needs attention like vampires need blood. The Democrats have no one to run, and the Republicans have no one to run (except Jeb Bush!). Neither party can come up with any resemblance of a real human being. The Libertarians will get maybe 2% of the vote as usual. 98% of the public is brain dead. This is the end of America after 239 years- it's over.


The Economist is one of the biggest financial magazines on earth with a circulation of 1.5 million readers. It is also a Rothschild's owned disinformation rag. Why do affluent, educated, successful people read this garbage? This month they devoted the issue to hammering gold. (Silver doesn't exist.) Gold is not only worthless and outdate, but will keep falling in value. Only the stupid, fanatics, and crackpots would buy gold. Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger know that gold is the worst investment going. This means gold is going to go up soon.


The dollar is in a two month bear market.



This six month chart of the U.S. dollar shows it is crashing, and in a two month bear market. The dollar has no value. No currencies have any value. Just pick the least worst. All currencies are inflating terribly, and have nothing at all to back them up. For the first time in the history of this planet not once currency has any value at all. Another clear sign of End Times. We'll keep saying this...Ft. Knox is empty, and has been empty for over fifty years. We have no gold. We have no silver either. The dollar is green toilet paper without any value at all. The only real money is gold and silver. Our own Constitution says this very clearly.

Isn't this eerie? The end is near. Strange.              

These aren't human beings; they are baboons with clothes on. Yes, Freddie Gray was murdered, and six police officers (three of them black) have been arrested for that. Baltimore is a black town with black residents, a black police force, a black mayor, and a black attorney general, so where is the "racism"? The media never told you Freddie was a career criminal with a long record of 18 arrests. But he didn't deserve to die certainly. Rioting, looting, stealing, and destroying is always the Black Answer to their problems. The city officials got CVS to build a store in the ghetto. For years the “inner city residents” shoplifted so much that CVS lost huge amounts of money. So, they looted it and burnt it down. No good deed….the CVS officials are liberal brain dead do-gooder morons. They got what they deserved. Notice the fine citizens didn't burn down the welfare office.

Steve Wynn says the U.S. economy is hopeless.

Steve Wynn is the biggest casino magnate in Las Vegas. He says there is no hope for the economy, that any talk of a recovery, "is pure fiction, a lie". This is one of the sharpest businessmen in America, and he is man enough to tell the truth about America. He says the casino industry and Las Vegas as a whole is failing, and the entire country along with it. It's good to see someone tell the truth instead of lying for the government. He points out the official government figures for unemployment and inflation are ridiculous. Listen to Steve please. This man has a proven track record and is man enough to tell the truth.


Your poor old author was in Manhattan this weekend. The biggest show on Broadway was Hedwig and the Angry Inch. This is about a transsexual rock musician who gets a botched sex change operation. He is left with one "angry inch" of his male member intact. Words fail here. This is the hottest show on Broadway! The sheeple line up for blocks to get tickets. Every show is sold out for weeks. You can't make this stuff up folks. Orchestra seats are $220. Now tell yourself this isn't End Times, that everything is just fine in America. We lost our soul decades ago. America deserves to die; it's a blight on the face of the earth. 

Take six minutes to watch how gun control took the guns from law abiding Australian citizens. This is well worth six minutes. Just cut and paste this you tube URL, or Google

“Gun Control in Australia- Watch and Weep”. This is what’ coming to America, and has already largely happened in the Peoples Republic of California. Always remember that what happens in California always happens to the rest of America. As goes California, so goes the nation has been true for over 100 years now. The gun laws in California are terrible and you can't own semi-automatic rifles like AR-15s. Fortunately, they only have a one year water supply left for 37 million people. It would be nice to see 37 million of them die (except for the 2% libertarians.) 80% goes for farming. This used to be the 5th largest economy in the world. That’s right, one single state. One state was never meant to hold 37 million people.


The biggest problem planet Earth has is 7 billion stupid, brain dead, subhuman “people”. The stupidest, of course, always breed like cockroaches. The ideal population is a half billion (500 million) for the entre planet. Yes, that means over 90% have to go. No, we shouldn’t kill them, just sterilize them. The population explosion gets worse every day. 90%+ have to go. The One World Order crowd is right about this. What a wonderful planet this would be with only a half billion people on it.


Here's the paper assets chart again. 105 trillion reasons to own silver. All paper will be worth paper. Only gold and silver are real money, and silver is at least six times better than gold. The world has over $105 trillion in paper assets and more every day. All of it worthless. The currencies, stocks, bonds, and all the rest of the paper nonsense have no value at all.  On top of this are $700 trillion in derivatives that have no value either.

Now, let's look at derivatives. There are over $700 trillion in derivatives in the world. This is TEN TIMES the entire global GDP. When, not if, these derivatives implode the entire world economy will go down the toilet.



In 2014 877 million ounces of silver were mined. This is going to fall significantly this year. Demand is growing strongly both from industry and investors. The current $17 price is completely out of touch with reality.

This is the Baltic Dry Index. It is the best indicator of worldwide sea shipping. It has fallen off a cliff. The entire world economy has gone to hell. The Shanghai Shipping Index has also fallen off a cliff. China ships more goods than any other country and they simply aren’t shipping much anymore. You simply can’t argue with facts.


Dow Theory works. Dow Theory says the stock markets are going down. Here is the DJI chart. Two and a half month bear market. Barely holding 18,000. The DJT and DJU are in the same bear markets. When they move together it proves a real trend.

All our presidents are outright psychopaths now. Not mere sociopaths, but real certified psychopaths.

Rod Serling predicted this over 50 years ago. A world run by psychopaths, ones that the American sheeple freely elected. Government is always merely a reflection of the people.


The HUI went to 210 in late January. We all thought the bear market was over and blue skies were ahead. Well, that didn’t happen obviously. The HUI is now in a 9 week bull market and looking good. Stocks are leading the metals. If this keeps up we’re fine. Right now the HUI is at 185 and strong.

Look at the extreme increase in margin debt in the U.S. stock markets. In 36 years it has gone from almost ZERO to historically extreme levels. This is the exact same thing that happened in 1929, when we had the worst market crash in history. The exact same thing. This is a mania folks, and the crash could happen anytime. Don’t be in the markets, and sell your 401ks/IRAs. Sell them, take the penalty, and buy silver bullion you hold your-self. If you don’t you deserve to starve in the street with the rest of the sheeple.

Do you want to see margin debt in the 1929 crash? Well, here it is…

These charts are identical going up to the crash. The DJI collapsed 89% in 1929. That would put the current Dow at about 1,800 instead of 18,000.


Want to hear something ironic? Home building is thru the roof. The big homebuilders are constantly building new houses they can’t sell. This makes the disaster that much worse. Very few families own their own homes anymore. More and more a feudal society of 1% land barons and 99% starving serfs. The big home builders now have huge and growing inventories of unsold and unsellable homes. What’s wrong with these people? Their stock prices are all going to hell as well. Eventually they’ll all have to declare bankruptcy and give the houses to the banks. The banks are already up to their ears in tens of millions of unsold homes. They call them “assets” and list them at fantasy land prices. Reality always wins in the end. Another ironic thing is that rents should be going down with all these empty and unsellable houses. However, rents are going up, and half of Americans are now paying half their take home income for rent and utilities. There goes the American standard of living! Closer and closer to a Third World banana republic.

One in four renters are now paying HALF their income for rent and utilities. Every day America becomes more and more a Third World cesspool. We've repeatedly covered the fact that the normal person can no longer afford to own their own home. We are now a nation of serfs and peasants renting from the Ruling Class Elite. Rental prices have gone up TWICE as fast as wages according to Zillow. Maximum rent should be 30% of your take home salary.

Here is a six month Pulte homes chart as just one example. The other top 10 home-builders basically look the same- dismal.

Major retailers to shut down over 6,000 stores.

The well known retailers are shutting down over 6,000 stores as they are losing money hand over fist. This includes Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, Barnes & Noble, Cache, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, JCP, Macy's, Office Depot, Office Max, Pep Boys, Pier 1, Radio Shack, RT, Sears, Staples, Target, and Walgreens. 

Sell your IRA or 401k and buy silver bullion before the government takes it and gives you worthless Treasury annuities. They will tell you this is for your "safety and security". That's all the sheeple need to and security, and they'll line up to get their annuities.


Here's what a former Federal Reserve Governor has to say:

"Now that I am out of government, I can tell you what I really believe...

"Central banks are now so heavily influencing asset prices that investors are unable to ascertain market values.  This influence is especially evident, with the Fed's purchase of government bonds, which has made it impossible for investors to use bond prices to learn anything about markets.

The government-sponsored housing entities remain sources of vulnerability to the U.S. economy, and repeated ad-hoc attempts to push Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to take greater risks at taxpayer expense are deeply counterproductive.  Such efforts have not succeeded”

- Kevin M. Warsh: Former Federal Reserve Governor.  Comments made to the Stanford University Institute for Economic Policy Research, 25 Jan 2012.


One of the goals of the One World Order crowd is an electronic cashless society. No more cash, just electronic entries to track every single thing you buy or sell. If you doubt that just look at the younger generation today. Many walk around with literally not a penny in their pocket. They will buy a 75 cent drink at the 7-11 with their debit card. They love the cashless society. More and more you will see a cashless society with all electronic transactions. The Scandinavian countries have progressed very far in this area. You remember all those stories from the Bible, that people will not be able to buy or sell without the "Mark of the Beast". Well, it's coming true. This will all be tied with with a national ID card of course. Countries like Sweden already have national ID cards (nationelt id-kort).

Let's stop talking about the price of gold and silver in U.S. dollars for one minute. Gold and silver are now in clear bull markets priced in "foreign" currencies. A chart of silver would show the same thing. Another very big deal is that the HUI is now in a 9 week bull market. Stocks are now leading the metals. If the metals were really weak. the HUI would also be weak (also the XAU and GDX).



As if there aren't enough problems, the bond market is in a massive bubble. It is ready to collapse. Bonds are by far the largest securities market in the world. Total bond values worldwide are about $90 trillion. (Derivatives are at least eight times bigger, but they are not a "securities market".) Bill Gross, the Bond King, was head of PIMCO until he was fired last year. PIMCO is the largest bond fund in the world. When, not if, this bubble pops the entire world economy will collapse along with it. As yields rise the bond price falls.

Be prepared for what is coming. Put away whole grains (not flour), dried beans, guns, ammo, and everything you need every day. Have a water supply even if you have to dig a well in your back yard. Just be ready for anything and everything.


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