Economic Rant

June 08, 2015

"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."


Look at this 35 year chart. The stock market goes up, up, and away like my beautiful balloon. The number of employed people goes down, down, and down. This only happened after 1990. Obviously none of this is rational, and cannot continue. 100 million working age people in America do not have a job. Emphasis on "working age people". The real unemployment rate is over 20%, not the ridiculous 6% figure the media trots out. Why lie about important statistics like this?

Dow Theory works, and Dow Theory is saying the markets are ready to fall. The DJI, DJT, and DJU must rise or fall together as a team for a true trend. Here are 1 year charts of the DJT and DJU. You can see they are clearly going downhill.

Socialism is great until you realize it’s your money that is being seized to fund it.


This is what America has come to folks. Twelve losers trying to be the Republican President. The Democrats have no one but the Whore of Babylon. Right now Jeb Bush will be your next president; continuing the Bush family evil. Is this a great country or what?  This is beyond pitiful. Words cannot describe this assortment of psychopaths. If there was another country to move to, the few intelligent people in America could move there. But, there isn't. This is End Times, and the entire planet is doomed. Only 2% will vote Libertarian. The other 98% will vote Republicrat as always. Just look at these 12 photos. This is America's future- a future in Hell run by the Devil’s minions.


Twelve narcissistic, power mad psychopaths who want to be president.

And speaking of the Whore of Babylon...

Money velocity is falling off a cliff. Lowest in 55 years! "Velocity" is how fast money changes hands. Money isn't changing hands very well now. This means our economy is dying. You must have good money velocity to have a strong economy. Right from the Fed folks. Just look at this 55 year chart. Times used to be good in America. No more.

The dollar topped in March. It is simply one of the least worst currencies. The Fed continues to print TRILLIONS of dollars in counterfeit money. Remember the U.S. GNP is down to only about $10 trillion a year. We are the second largest GNP in the world, with China now being first. Of course, they have four times the population, so that isn’t saying much. However they probably have about 30,000 tons of gold, and we have none.


The dollar has been falling since March.

The HUI has been a big disappointment in the last two weeks, but it still shows a December bottom.

You will hear more and more talk about a “cashless world”. The One World Order wants to put a total end to cash. Every transaction would be digital electronic from a government bank. Think this is a fantasy? Notice how many young people now have no cash at all on them, and operate with debit cards. Even for the smallest of purchases it goes on a debit card. They like it! Did you know France has already outlawed all cash transactions over 1,000 Euros? That’s a fact. Any purchase or sale over $1,000 must now be by paper, electronic, or digital means. You are a criminal if you buy or sell anything over that with cash. Notice the banks in America have stopped people from taking out cash over $10,000 even if you give them notice? Your money is no longer your money, and it only gets worse from here. The fundamentalist Christians for decades have warned you, “will not be able to buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast” (Revelation 13:17).

Bathhouse Barry Soetoro and his transgender "wife" Mooch celebrated International Gay Day on May 17. They emphasized compassion and understanding for TRANSGENDERED people like Mooch. Why doesn't someone get a DNA sample from "her" to prove whether she is a man or a woman? Just pick up one of the dishes after she eats out. Google "Michele is a transgender" and you'll be amazed at what you see. The two girls are NOT their children. His entire past is fiction. The president of the U.S. is a radical Marxist, white hating, homosexual, born in Kenya, married to a transgendered man. Now tell yourself this isn't End Times. Tell yourself America isn't finished. Tell yourself everything is just fine, and things are going to get even better. Obongo is just a low I.Q. puppet. Here is George the Puppet Master telling him what to do.

Speaking of Old George, he recently spoke to the World Bank. He warned them World War III was imminent. If you want to know more about this just Google, “Soros warns World Bank of World War III”. Right now nuclear war could break out in Ukraine, the Mideast, or over the Japanese islands China just took over.

Speaking of Mooch, all the First Ladies in America traditionally had one staff member to help them schedule their appointments and activities. Well, Mooch has 22 staff members, and they are paid $1.6 million a year. This comes to about $13 million during their two terms. This is how royalty lives, not American presidents and their wives.


Congresswoman Bonnie Coleman (D-NJ) just introduced a bill “Stop Online Ammunition in 2015”. This ugly, nasty, fat old cow knows this won’t do anything to make us safer or more secure. She simply wants to take your guns away, and knows the ammo has to go first. The ammo will disappear first, so buy all you can and store it away. This is also a good investment and is good for barter. Ammo is cheap now including the most popular AR-15, AK-47, and 9 mm. Load up while you can, since it is going to disappear. New Jersey is an especially onerous state with extreme gun laws and fat-assed RINO Chris Christie running the show. Polls show half of Americans think gun control is more important than Second Amendment gun rights! That’s how sick this country has become.


THE HEAD OF ISIS IS JEWISH, HERE HE IS... ELLIOT SHIMON OR "Abu Bakr El-Baghdadi". Now, do you really believe that a radical Muslim terrorist sect would have  a Jewish leader born in Israel? Really? This is just too ridiculous. Even disinformation agent Alex Jones admits that ISIS and al-Queda were created by "foreign government agencies". Of course, he'll never admit Mossad created ISIS along with the CIA. (Alex has a Jewish wife, two Jewish children, a mostly Jewish staff, Jewish attorneys, and many Jewish advertisers).



This is a five year chart of J.C. Penney (JCP). This has been an icon of America for over 100 years. It is hopelessly broke and has lost money for over 4 years now. Soon, you will see them close stores, and then go bankrupt like Radio Shack and other pillars of America. It's all over folks. Meanwhile, the pundits on Wall St. and CNBC, tell you to buy JCP because it's going to "turn around" any day. Sure, buy at $43 and watch is go down to $9. That's a plan, right? This is just one of countless examples of mainstream companies that are going bankrupt.

On several Jewish websites this list of Jewish politicians with dual Israel/U.S. citizenship was published. This is only a partial list. No U.S. politician should have a second citizenship with any country. That's just basic democratic policy.


Elliott Abrams, Kenneth Adelman, Stuart Bernstein, Brad Blakeman, Lincoln Bloomfield, Samuel Bodman, John Bolton, Joshua Bolten, Nancy Brinker, Michael Chertoff, Bonnie Cohen, Eliot Cohen, Ruth Davis, Douglas Feith, Ari Fleischer,




Lawrence Franklin, David Frum, Christopher Gersten, Joseph Gildenhorn, Adam Goldman, Steve Goldsmith, Marc Grossman, Richard Haass, Henry Kissinger, Daniel Kurtzer, Frank Lavin, Jay Lefkowitz, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Edward Luttwak, Ken Melman, Michael Mukasey, Richard Perle, Robert Satloff, James Schlesinger, Mel Sembler, Martin Silverstein, Cliff Sobel, Mark Weinberger, Ron Weiser, Paul Wolfowitz, David Wurmser, Dov Zakheim, Robert Zoellick, and Edward Luttwak. The lists below are taken right from the website Jewish Currents ( Four of the seven Supreme Court justices are Jewish, including Sotomayor. That is over 57% This should be zero statistically (0.14). That is an overrepresentation of 408 times or over 4,080%. Yes, that is a correct figure- 4,080%.


In the Senate we have 12 Jewish members. Barbara Boxer, Ben Cardin, Russ Feingold, Al Franken, Herb Kohl, Diane Feinstein, Carl Levin, Bernie Sanders, Joe Lieberman, Charles Schumer, Ron Wyden, Frank Lautenberg,  Why do we have 12 U.S. Jewish senators when they are only 2% of the population? That is a 600% overrepresentation.

In the House of Representatives we have 29 Jewish members. Gary Ackerman (NY), John Adler (NJ), Shelley Berkley (NV), Howard Berman (CA), Steve Cohen (TN), Susan Davis (CA), Elliot Engel (NY), Bob Filner (CA), Barney Frank (MA), Gabrielle Giffords (AZ), Alan Grayson (CA), Jane Harman (CA), Paul Hodes (NH), Steve Israel (NY), Allyson Schwartz (PA), Steve Kagen (WI), Ronald Klein (FL), Sander Levin (MI), Nita Lowey (NY), Jerry Nadler (NY), Jared Colis (CO), Steve Rothman (NJ), Jan Schakowsky (IL), Adam Schiff (CA), Brad Sherman (CA), Debbie Schultz (FL), Harry Waxman (CA), Anthony Weiner (NY), Jon Yarmuth (KY). Why not a statistically representative 9 instead of 29? That would be a fair 2% representation.

This is what Huxley said about, "the people will come to love their slavery". You can see this around the world today. People depend on the government for their very lives, for the food on the plates every day. The WANT to be dependent; they hate the ideas of freedom and responsibility. They will ironically fight to preserve their dependence, rather than fight to be free.

The blue lines are people that rent, rather than buy a home. This 15 year chart proves people simply cannot afford to buy a home. We are now a nation of mere renters, not home owners. The 2004 green peak were fools who bought at the top of the bubble. All the media “good news” about the housing market is One Big Lie. Yes, there are a few bubbles like Los Angeles and San Francisco, but that just makes the entire situation worse.

Now look at this 48 year chart of young people 24-34 who are still living with their parents. America has totally changed since the 1970 era. A lot of these younger people have college degrees, too



The Supreme Court has prepared the way for the feds to confiscate $17 trillion worth of 401k and IRA retirement funds. Yes, we'll keep reprinting the shark cartoon above until all our readers sell their 401k and IRA accounts and buy silver bullion. Their decision in Tibble vs Edison gave the government more powers to take the life savings of American citizens. They will give you worthless Treasury annuities for your safety and security. They want that $17 trillion folks, and they going to get it. Sell your retirement account, buy silver bullion, and bury it in your basement if you have to.

If Hillary is going to be our next president, why is the media constantly criticizing her? Now everyone knows she and Bill made $25 million in the last 16 months for giving 104 speeches. Who would want to listen to either of them, much less pay for the "privilege"? She’s dying of cancer and other illnesses fortunately.


“The government is merely a servant―merely a temporary servant; it cannot be its prerogative to determine what is right and what is wrong, and decide who is a patriot and who isn’t. Its function is to obey orders, not originate them.” ― Mark Twain      

Here it is again...J.P. Morgan has been accumulating the largest horde of silver on earth in the last four years. All the time the price was falling they’ve been stacking. Have you been stacking along with them? More and more people feel they have 350 million ounces of silver and not merely 55 million. That is very possible.

Chris can see it’s End Times.

We do not have 8,000 tons of gold in Ft. Knox. It was gone over 50 years ago and no audit has been done in that time. Federal law requires a real, thorough, and verified audit every 10 years. We have none. China, on the other hand, has about 30,000 tons. While the dollar is less popular every day, the yuan is more popular every day. More and more the U.S. dollar is not the reserve currency of the world. More and more the yuan is becoming the reserve currency of the world. In total the Fed counterfeiting exploded from $800 billion to $4.5 trillion between 2008 and 2014. This is what causes inflation- printing counterfeit money. Yes, it’s that simple.


Who cares about a worthless cesspool like Greece? Why do we keep hearing about an unimportant, worthless, bankrupt country like this? Why are terms like "Grexit" (Greek exit) are always in the media? Because it is the straw that will break the camels back. Greece cannot possibly pay any of their multi-billion dollar loans. They are hopelessly broke. They will default and the entire EU will collapse. They will leave the EU. They are aligning with Russia. The EU was a major pillar of the One World Order, but it has failed. The whole idea was to make all the 28 countries "equal". Trying to make a primitive, backward country like Romania equal to a powerful, industrialized country like Germany is prima facie insanity. Of course it has all failed.


Robert Gates, the President of the Boy Scouts of America, just allowed homosexual scout leaders. They already allow homosexual scouts. Same deal with the Girl Scouts of America- lesbian leaders and lesbian scouts. Ain’t that just wonderful?


Look at the 35 year inflation chart. The blue line is the real inflation of about 10% currently. The red line is the fake government media figure of 0%.  Notice that the government basically told the truth until about 1990. For the last 25 years they've been lying as fast as they can talk. Go to the grocery store and tell yourself inflation is 0%.

On the 15th the commercials added a mere 3,000 net gold shorts up to 78,000. They added a mere 1,000 net silver shorts up to only 38,000.                    .

On the 22nd we had the worst disaster in COMEX history. The commercials added 55,000 net gold shorts. That's right- 55,000 net gold shorts up to a humongous 132,000 short. This is a total and unmitigated disaster. Never before in history. They added a huge 24,000 net silver shorts up to 62,000. This is terrible news, plain and simple.

On the 29th the commercials dropped an amazing 23, 000 net gold shorts and are down to 110,000. They dropped a mere 1,000 net silver shorts and are still u to 62,000 net short .

It is important to notice that after adding an almost incomprehensible 55,000 gold shorts and 24,000 silver shorts last week- almost nothing happened! This shows they have almost lost their power to control the prices of precious metals. They are almost out of ammunition. The bottom was in for gold in November and for silver in December.    

SILVER IS THE MOST UNDERVALUED ASSET ON EARTH.  That one fact is all you need to understand. 

The housing market continues to fall apart, despite the media telling you it is booming. Yes, there are bubbles in places like Los Angeles. These are the exceptions that prove the rule. Did you know that most the sales by far are short sales, distressed, bankruptcy and foreclosures? Did the media tell you that? Cash sales pale compared to them. The banks now hold tens of millions of unsellable, underwater homes at list prices. These are losses, not assets, and they will have to admit this one day. 

That’s it for June. Prep as much as you can. Be ready for whatever is coming. A “mere” bank holiday (closure) will end in martial law and mass starvation. Jade Helm tells you all you need to know. This is obviously about military control of civilians. Just be pre-pared. Common sense tells you to be prepared for anything and everything as much as you can.

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