Economic Rant

July 01, 2015

"If voting did anything, they wouldn't let us do it." -Mark Twain. Mark had that all figured out over 100 years ago. He knew even back then there was only one party to vote for. We're no better than North Korea, China, or Cuba voting for Republicrats.


“I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.” — George Mason


For what it's worth, Pastor Lindsey Williams says his "Elite" friends tell him there will be a worldwide economic collapse anytime from September to December this year. He claims he has inside information from his "Elite" friends. He's the one who first said, "All paper will be worth paper." A lot of  very intelligent people are in basic agreement with his current prediction generally. Who cares if it happens in 30 days or 30 months? Are you prepared today? You can be 10 years too early, but never 10 seconds too late.

Never forget the Republicans gave us the Patriot Act, and now the TPP treaty. We only have one Republicrat party in America- Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. The Trans Pacific Partnership is a major pillar of the One World Order. The end of America as we knew it. Why do you think it is all kept secret- until it is passed? Just try an imagine the bill is so HORRIBLE it has to be passed in secret. 

67% of American women over 25 are overweight or obese. 75% of men are overweight or obese. The obese now outnumber the merely overweight. Even the children today are overweight and obese. Now tell yourself this isn't End Times. Tell yourself America isn't finished. We have failed in every way possible. 

Wonder why the price of gasoline at the pump isn't $1.50 nationwide? More oil is pumped than ever before. Demand is down. Why don't we have buck and a half gasoline in America? This chart tells you why. The same reason you're paying a fortune for groceries now- inflation. The dollar is worthless. Yes, it looks good on the chart, but it's worthless. The black line is oil prices. The Tan line is the supposed value of the U.S. dollar. Oil is not determined by supply and demand, but rather by politics. This is why one should rarely or never trade in oil futures or oil stocks. The world has operated on the Petrodollar for decades now. Well, that's all over. Countries around the world have  dumped the Petrodollar, as they are tired of paying America's bills. They have wisely chosen other currencies. the BRICS countries are the biggest group to do this. They represent 40% of the world population, and are attracting new countries all the time. Fox (Faux) News doesn't tell you these things, does it?

40% of Americans are unemployed or marginally employed.

We have a new statistic for you. About half of Americans are potentially in the work force- about 160 million. The government says 5.6% of them are unemployed. We know that this figure is really about 24%. But actually about 40% are unemployed or marginally employed. Define "marginally" as making less than $15,000 a year. So, we really have 40% without a job or without a real income. America is quickly becoming a Third World cesspool.

We've warned you repeatedly about the incomprehensibly insane worldwide $700 trillion derivatives position. We cannot even define what a derivative is, but we can talk about them. They are simply legalized gambling by the banks. They are unsecured bets on the outcomes of major events like the coming Greece collapse, or the impending bond collapse (they are almost all on the wrong side of that bet!). This is almost ten times larger than the entire GNP of the entire planet for God's sake! In 2013 we had a $76 trillion GNP for the whole world. Even government whore Warren Senile in Omaha Buffett warned in 2002 they were "economic weapons of mass economic destruction". How rare of him to tell the truth for once. Derivatives have never existed in the 5,000 history of man until now. Another proven sign of End Times. This is just one more reason you must be 100% invested in silver.  In June he reiterated this by saying, "At some point they are likely to cause big trouble." Just realize the $700 trillion in worldwide derivatives is ten times larger than the entire $76 trillion GNP of the planet. Nothing like this has ever happened. They are not a true market, and have no value at all. When, not if, they implode the entire world economy implodes with them. It could be next week, or years from now. Doesn't matter, as it is going to happen- and not in the distant future.


The entire world is going cash free. Cash means what's in your pocket. That stuff in the bank or your stock accounts are mere digital entries. The Powers that Be want to put an end to all cash. Everything will be digital. We don't have the time or space to go into this in detail. Just imagine a totally digital world without cash. Everything will be a computer entry. We really aren't far from that now. "Neither could they buy, neither could they sell without the Mark of the Beast."


The June 19 COT report was very good. The gold shorts were only lowered 2,000 to 76,000 net short. The silver shorts, however, fell 6,000 to 29,000 net short. We have a lot further to go here though. It would be nice to see the silver shorts fall down to around 10,000, where they can have little or no effect. The silver open interest is now a humongous 200,000. The June 26 COT report  was a disaster. A massive 24,000 gold shorts were added, and the net commercial short position is now 101,000. No change in silver and it is still 29,000 net short. The open interest of 200,000 is still far more than the worldwide silver production- only a fraction of which is investment silver. Most all silver is for industrial use, or for jewelry.    

The Federal funds rate approaches zero while we have raging "money" printing and raging inflation. Obviously, that can't work. This can only end in a collapse of the U.S. dollar and the entire economy. Another reason to be 100% invested in physical silver you hold in your own  hot little hands. Look at this 63 year chart. This is crazy. The world is a strange place sometimes. Disinformation agent Jim Cramer on CNBC this week said to sell all bonds and buy gold. Unbelievable. He actually told the truth for once in his life. Why? Why would some one with zero character ever tell the truth?  

The 2015 figure should be 2.34 million annually not merely 1 million!

65 Year Housing Starts Chart

This is a 65 year chart of U.S. housing starts. You keep hearing how wonderful the home sales are. Well, we are below 1960 levels, when the population was much smaller than it is now. HOUSING IS COLLAPSING. It will keep collapsing. You'll see the average home, that sold for $225,000 in 2005, sell for $100,000 on a good day. On a bad day, you won't even get that much. You cannot argue with facts. The population in 1960 was only 181 million. It is now 320 million. That is 80% more people, so the housing starts should be 80% more. They should be at 1,800 on this chart, and not 1,000. Actually, the median here is about 1,300, so we should be seeing 2.340 (2.34 million). The home builders cannot sell the massive inventory of unsold homes they have. Yet, they continue to keep building more and more and more. The banks own tens of millions of underwater homes, and claim them as "assets". This can only end in disaster. This chart is from the U.S. Census Bureau. You cannot argue with facts. Home construction is in the toilet, and that toil-et will soon be flushed.

THE MEDIAN HOME PRICE IN THE PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CALIFORNIA IS NOW $397,000!!! Insanity rules in the home of the liberals. 

Silver futures Open Interest Over 200,000 = Over 1 Billion Ounces!!! Multiply those 200,000 contracts by 5,000 ounces per contract and you get over a billion ounces. The entire world production of silver is less than 900 million ounces. Only a fraction of this world production is sold for investment. No other commodity has such an insane number. Take a major commodity like lumber. It is a mere 4,300 contract, or 2% of the silver OI. Silver OI is 50 times greater than lumber OI.  This is unprecedented in commodity history. Something huge is happening folks. This has never happened before.

Look at the 97 year chart of the M1 Monetary Base. Things were fine until about 1970. Then serious inflation and serious money counterfeiting took over. After Obongo was elected it really got insane with "Quantatative Easing" 1, 2, and 3. This is just an Orwellian term for counterfeiting. You know, like Zimbabwe just did recently. It will end the same way here. Got silver?  Colt Firearms declared bankruptcy. This company goes back to the 17th century!  Another nail in the coffin for gun owners and gun rights. After the fake S.C. church shooting numerous anti-gun bills were introduced. 


Here's a 55 year chart of money velocity right from the Fed. In a healthy economy money changes hands quickly. Money isn't moving because the economy is dead. Look at this chart. You cannot argue with facts. This is the lowest velocity has been is over six decades and maybe eight decades.

Semi-automatic rifles like AK-47s and AR-15s are not "assault rifles" at all. Assault rifles are fully automatic, and almost no citizens own any. Semi-automatic weapons are rarely used in crimes despite what the media tells you. These are government statistics.


Who cares about a lousy, worthless little country like Greece? Well, they are the straw that will break the EU camels back. Do you have any idea how much money they owe to the EU bankers? About 3.4 TRILLION dollars. The entire GNP of America is down to about 10 trillion dollars, so this is huge. This is not minor debt at all. Greece has already defaulted, will leave the EU, and ally with Russia. The EU will disband, Germany will also ally with Russia, and the EU and Euro will both collapse. Good riddance!

June 28 NEWSFLASH: GREECE HAS IMPLODED- IT'S ALL OVER! Tsipras and his communist Syriza party have destroyed Greece.

The above photo is not from some Hollywood movie. It shows the Chinese army slaughtering citizens. How many citizens did people like Pol Pot and Josef Stalin murder? That is ONLY because the people had no guns. Guns were outlawed. That is what Obongo and his friends are doing. The good news is there are only 1.4 million active soldiers- and half of them are off in the Mideast fighting for the Greater Glory of Israeli Imperialism. There are also 1.1 million reservists. Not good odds against 320 million people and 100 million gun owners is it? A lot of soldiers are simply not going to fight their own fellow citizens. They will gladly gun down unruly mobs, but not regular citizens. The military will have more than their hands full fighting welfare recipients in the ghettos and barrios. So, forget all those Alex Jones stories about how, "they are coming to your house to take your guns." That would be suicide at 100 to 1 odds against them. The Second Amendment is about defending yourself against an out of control government, not about  hunting, defending your home, or sport shooting. 

The median income in America peaked around 1999. It has gone down badly in the last 16 years and will keep going down. 


McDonald's (MCD) has 14,300 restaurants in the U.S. alone, and over 36,000 worldwide. They are failing. For the first time ever they are closing 700 restaurants, and cutting back on the numbers. This used to be one of the strongest of all American companies. Now it is failing. Ray Kroc started this in 1955. This has been an American icon, the most successful restaurant chain in the history of the world. Another icon down the toilet. When  people can't even afford to eat at McDonalds, you know the economy is hopeless. Month after month the stock price falls even further. It went from $30 to $100 in only 7 years from 2005 to 2012. That is nothing less than incredible. However, in the last three years it has lost money. CEO Easterbrook denied closing any stores in his big media speech! 

McDonald's is falling more and more each month.


    The Trans-Pacific Partnership is so evil they keep it secret. The end of American independence and freedom.

    Pushing radical immigration plans that has already turned America into a racially mixed cesspool.

    ObamaCare is about control, not health. This helps create a permanent government recipient class for the middle class to support.

    Federal control over state run education systems using Common Core curriculum

    Completely taking all guns away from everyone but the military and police.

    Gaining more control over private business by granting the EPA global governance in the name of climate change, affecting every aspect of our lives

    Blocking energy independence, thereby slowing economic growth and breeding more dependency

    Gutting welfare reform and keeping millions on the dole

    Turning over regulation of the Internet to the United Nations

    Forming a One World Order and One World Government with the capital in Israel.

    Making a feudal world with 1% rulers and 99% serfs.

How is it that the DHS crisis actress you see here was hysterical at the Batman non-murder, Sandy Hoax, and the Boston non-bombing. If anyone knows her name please send it in and we'll publish it. Is the DHS budget so tight they have to recycle the same actors and actresses over and over? Leave it to the government to mangle a good hoax. No one was hurt or killed at any of these staged events. They were FEMA exercises. Now we have the staged Charleston church "racist" murder. What's next?



This hoax shooting was used as a diversion to fast track the TPP treaty. The Charleston, SC church shooting stinks. Dylann Roof had many black friends on his Facebook page. He was addicted to Suboxone. This is a narcotic meant to help narcotic addiction. Yes, an opiate meant to help opiate addiction! Rather contradictory. Suboxone is know to cause aggressive and violent behavior. The pastor was a personal friend of Obongo. Obongo went right on TV to blame it all on easily obtained guns. Right there, you know this is another government staged event to promote gun control and take the guns away. Did you know Dylann had just attended a Bible study group there? His close black friend Christon Schriven was interviewed on video by BBC. He said he had been friends with Dylann for years, and he liked black people. Christon said,."He had no intentions of hurting those people in the church." Doesn't that sound strange for a white boy to attend a prayer group at an all black church? Then the pictures of Dylann with a Confederate flag and white separatist Rhodesia and South Africa patches on his jacket. His Facebook page was LOADED with black friends. This is another staged event to take your guns folks. Either no one died at all (like Sandy Hoax), or drugged up Dylann was used as a stooge.

“We don’t have all the facts, but we do know that, once again, innocent people were killed in part because someone who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on a gun,” Obama said. Were you told that South Carolina bans guns in all houses of worship- unless the pastor personally allows them? The pastor at this church was a South Carolina state senator and strident anti-gun activist. He hated guns. We'll get the details to prove this is another DHS scripted event in the next 30 days. Why photo-shop his picture if this was real? Those patches were added. The Shelby County police took him to Burger King for a Whopper after he supposedly slaughtered 9 people. That's a fact. Are you kidding? The truth will out, but only on the Internet. Now there is a trans-parent, ridiculous, asinine, silly "manifesto" making the rounds he could not have pos-sibly even thought of writing. He has a low I.Q., little education, and never worked at 21. How could he afford a $1,000 bulletproof military quality vest? Now all Confederate flags must be banned even on coffee cups and T-shirts. Wal-Mart has already done this. The One World Order marches on..."Hillary Clinton blames S.C. shooting on free speech." The Internet will be controlled soon. No more First Amendment folks. 


 Look at this photo with no Rhodesia or RSA flags, and then photoshopped. The original Obama patch was covered up. 

This is a 60 year plus chart of gold and the total market debt. In 1972 Nixon closed the gold window. This closed the silver window at well. What happened? DEBT TOOK OFF. This is why we must have a gold and silver standard.

The California drought is the worst in history.

There are simply too many people on this earth. California was never meant to sustain an incredible 37 million people. Look at this population chart to see how insane all this is. After the Black Death plague the population took off. The plague happened about 1350 and it is estimated over 100 million people died. Good riddance! Why? Because it was mostly the poor, lazy, ignorant, and stupid. 


We have to reduce the world population down to a half billion from seven billion. That's right, 93% have to do. One way or another way, they will. Nuclear war, biowarfare, plague, starvation, and other means will do that if we don't stop the breeding of the poor, stupid, lazy, ignorant, and shiftless. It's obviously not the educated, affluent people who are breeding like cockroaches. White people around the world only produce 1.7 babies per couple, when they must bear 2.2 babies per couple just to keep their numbers. Africa is the worst, with all of Mexico, Central, and South America second.

The Lusitania had 4 million rounds of .303 Enfield ammunition on board

National Geographic on satellite TV currently has a propaganda show on the sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 by those evil Germans. 1,200 people innocent drowned and only 700 lived. Bullshit! The Americans and British killed those innocent people. The Lusitania had 4 million rounds of Enfield .303 ammunition in the hold. Note, that is 4 million rounds meant to kill German soldiers. These were made in America, and were being shipped to England in a passenger ship.  The passengers, of course, did not know about this. The Germans were fully justified in sinking a known munitions ship. How do we know this? 93 years later the truth was revealed. Divers went down in 2008 to 300 feet and found the ammo. The Lusitania had been hustling bullets to England for months, and the Germans got tired of it. All this was published in the Daily Mail. The point is that false flag operations are ancient history. 9/11 was done by Mossad and the CIA, but blamed on the Arabs. Iraq had nothing to do with nothing, but we invaded it anyway and murdered Saddam Hussein. National Geographic, of course, never once mentioned this vital fact of 4 million military bullets in the one hour show. 

The Dodd-Frank Act of 2010 makes all bank depositors "unsecured creditors". In plain English you are a nobody with no rights whatsoever.  That means when (not if) the banks fail they will take all your money. This is what a bail-in is all about. Keep a small amount of money in your checking account to pay your bills. That's it. No IRA/401k. Get your money out of the banks. All paper will be worth paper. Not even gold and silver mining stocks. They used to be a wonderful investment, but they are denominated in dollars and are paper. Real silver bullion in your own possession. Have some pre-1965 silver coins for barter.

Thanks to Tom the Dancing Bug and Ruben Bolling for this. It is so difficult to expose the Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty because it is so complex- and so secret. This cartoon tells you all you need to know....the biggest nail of all in the coffin for America.

Thanks to Mark Lundeen for this chart

You do not have to understand bonds to understand this chart. Bond prices are inverse to the yields. If the yield goes up, the price goes down. If the yield goes down, the price goes up. That simple. The European bond yields have been going up, so the prices are collapsing. We have mentioned German bonds falling in price, but you can see Denmark, France, Belgium Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden also have serious problems. It is just a matter of time before all the European bonds start collapsing in price, as bond disease is contagious. This contagion will go around the world. This is the largest true market in the world. Remember that...nothing is bigger than bonds except derivatives (and they are anything but a true market.)

This is not your next president. She is dying of cancer(s) and other terminal illnesses. She is in this for the attention and the money. The stress is killing her as well. She will never make it for 18 more months. She has tried to cover up her serious health problems, but they get worse every day. Truth always outs in the end. Ain't she pretty? 

In 1933 Franklin Roosevelt (the father of American communism) outlawed gold by executive order 6102. He demanded everyone turn in their gold at $20. Remember that people carried gold coins in their pockets as normal currency. After the confiscation, he then raised the price to $35. Intelligent people kept their gold of course.

In 1950 there were $39 in paper dollars for every ounce of gold.

Now supposedly there is $5,226 in paper for every real ounce of gold 70 years later.

Even if that was true, it would be a complete disaster.

Actually, there is no gold at all in Ft. Knox, and hasn't been for 50 years.

The U.S. dollar has no backing whatsoever- it's green toilet paper.

Now can you see this is End Times for America?

(Thanks to Mark Lundeen for this chart, too) 

Remember real silver coins prior to 1965? Even real silver dollars! Well, in 1964 if you put a $100 bill under your mattress along with 100 silver dollars, what would you have today? With the $100 bill you could only buy about 35 gallons of gas. With the 100 silver dollars you could buy a used car for $1,600. Got it?  Gold and silver have been the only real money for 5,000 years. Every currency on earth has failed, and American currency has failed twice already. Remember the term, "ain't worth a Continental"? That failed in 1780. Then Confederate money followed. The current U.S. dollar is worthless, but people are too stupid to understand that. It has already failed, but few have figured that out yet. Turn your dollars into silver bullion today. That includes all paper assets. All paper will be worth paper. Sell your 410k/IRA and buy silver bullion. Empty your bank accounts.

The White House, aka the Homo House, was lit up the night the Supreme Court voted to make homosexual marriage legal in every state- whether they want it or not. Obongo is a known homosexual, and Michele may well be a transsexual. The Supreme Court has four Jewish judges and three gentiles. Since they are only 2% of the population this should really be 1/7th of one judge. They are 28 times, or 2,800%, overrepresented here. You see the results? Right down the road to the One World Order.

This is probably your next president. The One World Order wins again. No matter which puppet wins the puppet masters always run the show.  You can see by the TPP, Greece, and endless other issues things are getting really bad. Great events cast their shadows before them. You can see tomorrow if you just take a good hard look at today. PREP, and keep prepping. The stupid Greeks cannot buy food or anything else. They didn't prepare because they're stupid. 99% of Americans are just as stupid. Have six months of food, guns, ammo, silver, silver coins, soap, dish soap, laundry soap, light bulbs, batteries, a generator, gasoline/propane, paper towels, toilet paper, toothpaste, and every other thing you need. This is simply good sense, not paranoia. Be prepared as the Boy Scouts have said for over 100 years. That is their motto.


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