Economic Rant

July 31, 2015

”Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian."  -Henry Ford

George Carlin knew the truth, but he couldn't say it in public. His career would have been ended instantly. He alluded to the truth, but stopped by using such terms such as "the elite". Just like Judge Andrew Napolitano was fired by Fox (Faux) News in 2012 for revealing Israel is the only reason we want to attack Iran. After he left office, Jimmy Carter said, "Anyone who criticizes Israel commits political suicide.". Well, that includes career suicide, too.

American presidents are the perfect reflection of the American citizen. The Congress is also a perfect reflection of the American citizen as are the local politicians.



Just Google "Chattanooga shooting hoax" and see the facts. Notice it was on the second day of Jade Helm. What a coincidence. When it comes to the gummint we all know there are no coincidences. Notice disinformation agent Alex Jones is calling this, "more Islamic terrorism". Just one more DHS hoax to take your guns away. If you take just a few minutes to look into the hoax videos you'll see how ridiculous this is. CNN accidentally aired a video where a flat stuffed dummy with no blood was the supposed shooter. That was withdrawn immediately. Witnesses like Gina Mule are felons "testifying" to get their charges dropped. 99% of the sheeple fall for this. The real shame is all the pro-gun groups have fallen for every one of these hoaxes. The NRA, GOA, NAGR, and all the rest are too stupid to realize none of these "massacres" are real. Your author doesn't support any of them anymore. They're all just part and parcel of the system. Like the Libertarian Party- sanitized and Kosher Approved.


The Lafayette theatre shooting was still another hoax. Anything to take your guns. Again, just Google "Lafayette theatre hoax" to see the real facts. 

Four years ago the HUI hit 650. It has been slashed to 108. That's a 83% collapse. Silver fell from $49 to $14.50. That's a 70 % collapse. Gold fell from $1,900 to $1,095. That's a        

43% collapse. Call your broker and buy JNUG. This is the 3X Gold Miners ETF. How can you lose? That is not financial advice, just and opinion that was acted on. The metal stocks have been hit much harder than the metals.


The above COMEX chart proves there is no sellable gold left in stock. "Registered" means you can buy it, and "eligible" means someone else owns it. The same is true for silver, but a similar silver chart was not readily found. There are only 58 million ounces of registered silver in July. That is next to nothing. That is only about $800 million, and is the largest silver hoard on earth- except for JPM owning 350 million ounces of course.

That's about $5 billion worth. $800 million means everyone in America could not even buy $3 worth (1/5 of one ounce). That would be a pre-1965 real silver quarter. The point is there is just no silver out there to buy.



This chart was published on Friday July 10 by the WSJ. Bonds are crashing and will take down the entire world economy. Remember this is the largest market on earth by far.



Ron Paul is still working with huckster Porter Stansberry selling his soul for money. He is old, doesn't have long to live, and is a multi-millionaire. His new ad is Still selling that worthless book America 20/20.

Anytime you don't see a time bar at the bottom of a video, you know it's a scam. You order a $5.00 book, but then you get hit with a $99.00 bill for the newsletter. You get their equally worthless newsletter whether you want it or not. These people should all be in jail. This book is terrible and full of information. Yes, the ad sounds great, but it's all sizzle and no steak here. Why did he sell out? Why does he support his disgraceful son neocon Zionist sock puppet Rand?



That's right- they just stole the life savings of everyone in the country. Now they're all broke. They will give them worthless government paper in return. This is going to happen here folks. If you still have a 401k or IRA you deserve to starve in the streets when it does happen. Dump your retirement account, take the penalty and buy physical silver bullion. Other countries have already done this and it's coming here to America.   


The Aurora Batman movie trial just ended with the conviction of "James Holmes". Who is James Holmes? Does he even exist? No one was killed or hurt at the movie. Just DHS actors. Here are two completely different photos of "James" directly from the police mug shots:

Now here is a photo of Stephen Barton who was supposedly shot in the face. Turns out "Barton" (whoever he is) is a Mossad mole who ran back to Russia after these doctored photos were taken. Here is another photo of him with Joe Biden. And guess what? He was a witness at Sandy Hoax!!! Steve sure gets around. Leave it to the government to screw up a good hoax. The chances of him being at both "tragedies" is about 100 zillion to 1. Again, no one was killed or injured at the Aurora Batman movie. You can read more about him at 99% of the sheeple bought this DHS hoax hook, line and sinker. Tell them it never happened, and they think you're crazy.

Look at this "patriotic" poster from WWII. Endless evil wars of aggression are nothing new to America.

This quote from Jefferson is the kind of thing that should be taught in all schools- public, private, Catholic, Jewish, or Muslim.


Politics makes strange bedfellows. Here are some strong pro-gun rights people that will really surprise you:

Zionist Sock Puppet Rand Paul, Sarah Pseudo-Conservative Palin, Ted Wanna Be a Republican Cruz, Liberal Glenn Beck, Zionist Mossad agent Mark Levin, John Bolton- Ambassador to the UN, Sean Hannity- Fake Conservative, I'm a liberal Bruce Willis, Tom Selleck, Brangelina- yes, Brad and Angie and she is a member of the CFR, Whoopi Goldberg. Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Johnny Depp- can you believe it? Amber Heart-Johnny's wife, Eric Clapton, Gary Sinese, Dean Cain, James Hetfield of Metallica, Penn Gillette, Bill Engvall- Blue Collar Comedian, Richard Petty, Jennifer Lawrence- she's from Kentucky, Vince Vaughn- a really true blue American gun advocate, Stephen Spielberg- hard to believe, Tom Brokaw, and Kurt Russell. Vince Vaughn actually said the real reason to own guns is to protect yourself from the government. He won't last long in Hollywood.




Tell yourself the economy is fine. Listen to the media. Countless major chains are failing. Retail sales are in the basement. Take a look at the following list of companies that have announced upcoming store closures:


    Abercrombie & Fitch: 180 stores (by 2015)

    Aeropostale: 75 stores (through January 2015)

    American Eagle Outfitters: 150 stores (through 2017)

    Barnes & Noble: 223 stores (through 2023)

    Body Central/Body Shop: 265 stores

    Bottom Dollar Food: 66 stores

    Build-A-Bear: 25 stores (through 2015)

    C. Wonder: 32 stores

    Cache: 21 stores

    Chico's: 120 stores (through 2017)

    Children's Place: 200 stores (through 2017)

    Christopher & Banks: 17 stores

    Coach: 70 stores (fiscal 2015)

    Coco's/Carrows: 70 stores

    Deb Shops: 300 stores

    Delia's: 92 stores

    Dollar Tree/Family Dollar: 340 stores

    Einstein Bros. Bagels: 39 stores

    Express: 50 stores (through 2015)

    Frederick's of Hollywood: 31 stores

    Fresh & Easy Grocery Stores: 50 stores

    Friendly's: 14 stores

    Future Shop (Best Buy Canada): 65 stores

    Golf Galaxy: 54 stores (by 2016)

    Guess: 50 stores (through 2015)

    Gymboree: 26 stores

    JCPenney: 40 stores

    Jones New York Outlet: 127 stores

    Just Baked: 10 stores

    Kate Spade Saturday & Jack Spade: 28 stores

    Macy's: 14 stores

    Office Depot/Office Max: 400 stores (by 2016)

    Pep Boys: 63 stores ("in the coming years")

    Pier One: 100 stores (by 2017)

    Pick 'n Save: 20 stores (by 2017)

    Radio Shack: 1,784 stores

    Ruby Tuesday: 13 stores

    Sears: 77 stores

    SpartanNash Grocery Stores: 10 stores

    Staples: 55 stores (2015)

    Target, Canada: 133 stores (bankruptcy)

    Tiger Direct: 31 stores

    Walgreens: 200 stores (by 2017)

    West Marine: 10 stores

    Wet Seal: 338 stores

    Wolverine World Wide: 80 stores (2015 - Stride Rite & Keds)


A REAL BUY AT ONLY $512,000 for 912 square feet

Here's another crap shack for you. Would you pay $512,000 for this two (small) bedroom 912 square foot shack in Pasadena? Look it up on at 3060 E. Del Mar Blvd 91107 if you doubt this is selling for almost a half million dollars. It is 63 years old, and was built in 1952. It needs a lot of work, on top of the $512,000.

"In 10 years there will be no Israel"

Henry Kissinger made this statement in 2012 to the New York Post. Well, 7 more years to go. Israel is a cornered rat now, but a rat with a huge stockpile of nuclear weapons the U.S. taxpayer bought for them. The entire world is turning against them.

Will Israel be a glass desert by 2022?


Our local paper today proclaimed on the front page, "Realtors Report Best June in 9 Years". What a load of garbage! Go to to keep up on the real news. That's where the photos of California crap shacks have been coming from.

Donald Trump is a far left Democratic narcissist pretending to be a Republican. This is just too ridiculous for words. He is best friends with the Clintons and has contributed to Hillary generously. He has contributed to Zionist Senator Charles Schumer. He is now leading the presidential hopeful pack and far ahead of Jeb "I married a Mexican" Bush. All the "controversy" is merely free publicity for him. He is all for open immigration. The real point is he wants to ruin the Republican vote so Hillary can be president. He may run as a Third Party candidate to do this. He wants to ban semi-automatic rifles, falsely calling them "assault weapons". An assault weapon is fully automatic of course. All his rhetoric is fake, but the sheeple lap it up. His daughter and son both married Jewish spouses. Ivanka married into the billionaire Kushner family and converted to Judaism. Of course you can't "convert" since Judaism is a race, not a religion. His grandchildren are therefore Jewish. Eric married Lara Yunaska, and will have Jewish children. Trump is a huge friend of Israel and Satanyahu, and does TV ads in Hebrew supporting him.


Does a deeply discounted 5.5 star luxury cruise sound good? Go to your favorite cruise discounter (i.e. liberty travel, vacationstogo, etc.) and look at the Celebrity line. For some reason they are giving away cruises for less than $150 a day per person, PLUS a $100 cabin credit, plus a free $300 package such as unlimited! internet. We're talking about balcony cabins at this price. Who knows why this is happening, but take advantage of it. Other 5.5 star lines such as Azamara want $350 a day per person with no perks at all, and 50 cents per minute internet rates. Yes, we took the Equinox in March and were very happy.



What else do you need to know? That speaks for itself. Supply is declining while demand is rising. There is estimated to be only about 2 billion ounces of non-industrial silver on earth. It is used up and little is recycled. Most all the investment silver on the earth is owned by someone. JPM alone owns 350 million ounces. There is very, very little for sale. The U.S. Mint has none. The U.S. military strategic stockpile has none. The COMEX has almost no registered (available) silver. London Bullion is basically out. Nearly all the silver is owned by someone and not for sale. Yes, theoretically silver could fall to, say, $12, but there wouldn't be any for sale at that price.


The COT report of the 24th was absolutely incredible. The commercials dropped an incomprehensible 27,000 net gold shorts, and are down to only 22,000. They dropped4,000 net silver shorts, and are down to only 11,000. This should be the turning point. They simply cannot manipulate prices with so few short positions. Soon, they will join us on the long side and rake in more trillions of dollars. The Big Banks are evil, not stupid. They make it going up and going down. Look at a 20 year chart of the HUI. We are almost down to the levels of 14 years ago.


Look at this second HUI chart below. It is now at a 14 year low!!! From 650 to only 110. Your poor old author bought a boatload of "JNUG". This is the 3X Junior Gold Miners ETF and highly leveraged. How can you go wrong here? It doesn't expire. The precious metals stocks are at a 14 year low. JNUG was selling for $7 this week, and is $9 now. If that logic appeals to you, just call your broker and buy some. We're talking about a possible 50 to 1 return here. Yes, all paper will be worth paper eventually, but this is a rare opportunity.

This is an interesting chart. The hedge funds are all now net short gold. Why is this good? Because the crowd is always wrong in the end. They have never done this before as you can see by the chart. Combined with the COT report of the 24th, this is all great news. More and more it looks like the bottom is in. The hedge funds are going to take a Big Bath here. The lame stream media keeps bashing gold and ignoring silver.

Speaking of hedge funds...Ray Dalio runs Bridgewater, the largest such fund in the entire world. Stupid Ray was heavily invested in China. The Chinese stock market has basically collapsed and is still collapsing. Ray then concluded, "there are no safe places to invest anymore." How about some gold and silver Ray? How about some gold and silver mines? 

This is not your next president. Satan's Sister, the Whore of Babylon, the Wicked Witch of the West is dying of cancer(s) and other terminal diseases. The stress of campaigning is overwhelming. She is doing this for the attention and the money. The Democrats simply have no one to run. In 2016 she will announce she, "was just told by my doctor" she has cancer and must drop out of the race. Then all her fellow Democrazies will cry big crocodile tears for her, and pretend how heartbroken they are. The fact America would elect her as president in 2016 proves this is End Times.

Not surprising that America leads the world in gun ownership with 90 guns per 100 people. The problem there is that gun owners often own lots of guns, so these are not evenly distributed at all. Did you know that out of 218 countries listed on Wikipedia America comes in at 111 for murder rates? That's right, the socialist countries that BAN gun ownership have the higher murder rates- like Honduras, Venezuela, Belize and El Salvador. If you take out the black murder rate all this drops to almost zero. That's right, the blacks in Detroit, Chicago, New York, DC, New Orleans, St. Louis Baltimore, Oakland, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Memphis, and Atlanta are committing all the murders. Why do you think 90% of the state prison inmates are black when they only comprise 12% of the population? Take out the black murder rate and it goes to almost zero. Texas is the Gun Capital of America, but the white murder rate is extremely low. In fact Texas is actually the Gun Capital of the world.

Nobama said "the greatest frustration of my presidency" was his inability to ban guns. With all the evil wars of aggress, the economy collapsing, the dollar failing, the housing market ready to tank, Social Insecurity bankrupt, and all the other serious problems he says his inability to ban guns is his biggest problem. Remember, you cannot have guns in a police state, socialism doesn't allow guns, communism won't tolerate guns. Only a free country guarantees your right to own guns to protect yourself from the government. It's not about home defense, hunting, sport shooting or anything else- it's about protection from the government.

The Boy Scouts of America accepted homosexual scouts. Now they accept homosexual scout leaders. Baden-Powell formed the BSA 107 years ago. They always stressed character and honor. Not tell yourself this isn't End Times, and everything is just fine.

Sandra Bland was an extremely sick woman who killed herself in jail. Did you see the actual police video on youtube (not the TV!)? She made a video talking about her depression and PTSD. She was a "cutter" and cut her wrists repeatedly. She had a heavily scarred wrist from this. She was on marijuana at the time. She was an epileptic and was on dangerous seizure medication. Epileptics have severe psychiatric problems including outright psychosis. The officer just wanted to write her a warning and let her go. She kicked him and cut him with her ring. There was NO ONE near her cell when she hung herself. There is a jailhouse time-dated video camera to prove this. The only reason this is national news is because she's black. If she was white you would have never heard the story at all. The coming toxicology results cannot be argued with nor the jail video cameras in the police car and the jail. 

Too many people are saying we're going to have a massive economic collapse this Fall. Whether it happens this Fall or not isn't important. It is important you are prepared today. You need six months of everything you use daily. Brown rice, dried beans, condiments, guns, AMMO, toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex, laundry soap, dish soap, bath soap, feminine hygiene, batteries, light bulbs, generator, propane tank, a water source, and everything else you need to live every day. PREP and keep prepping. This is simply good common sense, not fear or paranoia. Be prepared.

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