Economic Rant

August 15, 2015

"The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth."
--H. L. Mencken

Hillary paid her personal physician to release a false report about how "good" her health is. CNN and other channels reported this heavily to reassure the sheeple she isn't dying of various cancers and other terminal illnesses. The sheeple drank the Kool Aid as usual. The Economic Policy Journal says she has brain cancer. They quoted Roger Stone, a 40 year political activist with vast political contacts. You may laugh at the tabloids (National Enquirer, Globe, etc.), but they often report news the lame stream media will not report. They consistently say Hillary has terminal health problems. The New York Post headlined, "Hillary's Health Issues are Much Worse than She Lets On." Bill Kristol is a major influential Zionist, and he has stated clearly she has terminal health problems. Ed Klein's 2014 book Blood Feud detailed how bad her health really is. Since then she has gotten much worse. Karl Rove came out and said she, "has brain damage." Google, "Hillary is sickly" to see a lot of good information. Again, why is she running? For the attention and the money. Psychopaths like her can never have enough of either. The Democrats have no one to run. Can you believe Al Gore and Joe Biden as candidates!!!

Chris Duane at says the bottom is in for silver. Chris counts his silver in ounces, not dollars. THIS IS THE WAY TO SEE IT. How many ounces do you have? He has been stacking silver for the last four years of this bear market. No one foresaw silver falling under $15. Check out his website and join up if you want.

Here's a chart of the home ownership rate collapsing right from the Fed. A nation of serfs and peasants more and more. Go to to get the facts about the housing market.

The median price for a San Francisco house is now $1,360,000

This miserable crap shack sells for ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!

953 Teresita Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94127,2 beds 1 bath 1,323 square feet

Look at this crap shack FIXER UPPER for a cool $1 million with 2 little bedrooms and one small bathroom. Ain't it a beauty? Look it up on Zillow if you think this is a joke. It would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars more to make it livable. It's a row house in a crappy neighborhood, surrounded by other fixer upper crap shacks. What a deal! The average rent is an impossible $4,272 monthly. That is a correct figure. If you have never been to San Francisco- it is a big nothing. It is Socialist Heaven and Homosexual Heaven though. Karl Marx would love it there. The median San Francisco home price is now $1,360,00. No, you don't get a nice mansion at all for this price. This bubble makes Southern California look tame by comparison. This also means rents are as impossible as purchasing a house.

Meanwhile rents are going to the moon! Rents have doubled in the last 20 years. This means the standard of living is going down in America in just one more of countless ways.

Gosh, no one is working anymore, just collecting a gummint check. 11 million on Social Insecurity Disability alone. The Disability payments were just cut 20%. Soon regular Social Insecurity payments will also be cut. Social Insecurity checks have already been quietly and secretly destroyed by inflation. They will only buy half of what they used to buy, but the sheeple haven't figured that out.

Income is collapsing as the economy goes further down the drain. Again, right from the Fed. Can't deny America becoming a Third World cesspool more and more every day. More and more America has become a Third World banana republic full of uneducated, low I.Q., Third World immigrants rife with various diseases committing endless violent crimes. 

Imperialism is grabbing as much land and power as you can by military force. The two most imperialistic countries on earth are America and Israel. Ironically Israel is the tail that wags the dog. They want to take over the entire Mideast and are doing a very good job of it. Notice the Israel Defense Forces are NEVER involved in any of their evil wars of aggression. Imperialism always destroys the imperialists. Genghis Kahn, Rome, and Japan are historical proof of this. 

We don't give investment advice here, and recommending silver bullion doesn't quality as investment advice. Howsoever... the HUI has fallen from 650 to 108 or 83%. This is the most undervalued paper asset going. Ultimately all paper will be worth paper, but that isn't going to happen this year. JNUG is the 3X gold and silver miners ETF. That means it is triple leveraged. It doesn't expire like options do. How can you lose buying JNUG with the HUI at 14 year lows?  Buy when there is blood in the streets. The HUI got hit much harder than gold or silver. The GDX fell 67 to 14or 79%. The XAU fell from 230 to 62 or 73%. Buying some JNUG is just the best idea going right  now with spare money. Yes, your poor old author bought some, even though all paper will ultimately be worth paper.

This is a 22 month chart of JNUG ETF (when it started). How can you lose here? $426 to $8. Your poor old author loaded up at $8 and it has already gone to $12.The HUI is the most undervalued paper asset going. Use some side money to make a quick fortune here. This is a 3X gold miners ETF, which means you win or lose three times more with leverage.

The HUI has finally bottomed after more than 50 months.

This one is certainly worth repeating. If Hillary wasn't dying of cancer(s) and other terminal illnesses the American sheeple would elect her without a doubt. Satan's Sister would be the President and Commander in Chief of the most evil nation on earth. Remember Donald Trump is a DEMOCRAT and far left liberal. He  is not really running at all; he is trying to break up the Republican vote so a Democrat will win. He's a pompous clown, not a "front runner". The Donald is so involved with Israel he might as well be Jewish. He supports the Clintons and Chuck the Commie Schumer. His son and daughter both married Jewish spouses. He is personal friends with Bibi Satanyahu. He has extensive real estate holdings in Israel. He is a far left liberal. 

Bonds are the largest financial market on earth. There are about $100 trillion in bonds. Bonds are collapsing. The smart bond funds are going to cash. The bond collapse will take down the entire world economy. Nothing is more important to the world economy than the bond market, and it's collapsing!

The Big Banks are now only 15,000 net short gold on the COMEX

The Big Banks are now only 12,000 net short silver on the COMEX

Folks, this is huge. The COT report came out Friday July 31. The open interest (total contracts) for COMEX gold is 436,000 and the commercials are only 15,000 net short. This is merely 3% of all the contracts. The open interest in silver is down to 175,00 and they are only 12,000 net short. This is merely 6% of all the contracts. If we are to believe the COT report that means the Big Banks can no longer manipulate the price of precious metals. Soon, they will no longer be net short. Then they will go long after more than a quarter century. They are evil, not stupid. They made a fortune on the way down, and they will make a fortune on the way up. When they join us on the long side, you can believe the prices will go to the Moon to refuel for the trip to Pluto. If you want to read the next COT report just Google "August 21, 2015 COT report" after 4:00 PM on Friday. After more than 50 months it seems the bear market is over. This simply cannot go on when the cost of mining an ounce of silver is $23 worldwide. It is amazing there is any silver for sale at all at this price.

On the 7th nothing much happened. The net gold shorts are still 15,000 and silver up to 14,000. On the 14th the gold shorts stayed the same, but silver increased 8,000 shorts to 22,000. This is a little mystifying, but not a big deal.                  .

The COMEX now has 124 ounces of paper gold for every ounce of actual gold. This is crazy. The same basic situation is true of silver as well- all paper and no bullion. All this paper fantasy is going to blow up in their faces.

Meanwhile the dollar is in an almost six month bear market. You just can't keep counterfeiting trillions of dollars without consequences. Why isn't this chart worse? Because it takes time for the damage to manifest. And manifest it will with a vengeance.


Wow, the top military officials have finally figured it all out.


Have you seen the ads for the latest Movie of the Month? Ricki and the Flash portrays elderly 66 year old, elderly, homely, hook nosed, dreadlocked, yenta Meryl Streep as a "fabulous, volcanic, rock goddess". That's a quote- "rock goddess". Can you believe that? This kind of sickness passes as entertainment today. Yes, the sheeple will certainly go see it, because the media told them to. America leads the world in depravity. The sheeple can't get enough of America's Got Talent, Big Bang Theory, Dancing with the Stars, and the rest of it. 

If you have the money and want to take a 5.5 star luxury cruise at unreal prices we suggested the Celebrity line. Just call your favorite discount broker (libertytravel, vacationstogo, etc.) and book a 10 day BALCONY cruise for $139 a day each! On top of this you get a $200 cabin credit, and a $400 unlimited internet package. Yes, we took this and it was great. Just don't buy anything but excursions once you get on the ship. Drinks are $11 and specialty coffees $5 (excellent coffee is free all day). 

Obama has bypassed Congress to destroy the electrical energy industry. America is the Saudi Arabia of coal. We have more coal than anyone else. 40% of our electrical energy comes from coal. Obama has destroyed all this with regulations and government agencies. He has bypassed Congress to destroy the electrical energy in America. Your utility bills will go to the moon. There will be massive electrical shortages. The idea of replacing coal with solar, wind, and biofuels is too moronic to discuss. Coal can be inexpensively converted to any fuel you want with the SASOL process. We could have $2 a gallon gasoline, jet fuel and truck diesel today with SASOL plants in every state. Those bad, evil Nazis invented this 75 years ago. Our government will not allow any SASOL plants of course. The liberals will not allow nuclear plants to replace the coal plants. America is doomed, finished, thru, over, done. The New World Order wanted to destroy this country, and has already almost succeeded in every way possible. It just gets worse from here.



In June of 2011 here is what Eric Thorson, Inspector General of the Treasury, said:

“Before I discuss the details of the audits that are the topic of this hearing, I would like to make one point very clear – 100 percent of the U.S. Government’s deep storage gold reserves in the custody of the Mint has been inventoried and audited.”

Of course this is a huge lie. When a politician denies or affirms something you can bet it is just the opposite. Here's proof he is a liar...


The green toilet paper in your wallet is worthless. Buy silver and hold it.

Now, here's a media darling...Twitter (TWTR). Look how it has failed. Did CNBC bother to mention that? From $75 to $30 in less than 20 months. That other media darling Apple isn't doing too well either. The stock markets are sickly. Dow Theory says a crash is coming. Just look at the DJT and DJI and DJU charts. 

$134 to $113 in 90 days for Apple (APPL)? Wow! The entire stock market is ready to go.

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is the Banker's Bank of the entire world. Second to that is the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Both, of course, are owned by the New World Order Crowd. The same ones that stole our 8,000 tons of gold from Ft. Knox over 60 years ago. Strangely enough, they have been warning the sheeple about the impending disaster ahead for years. Why would they do that? Seriously they have been warning up repeatedly? Yup! They know the great unwashed masses won't listen to a word they say. They they'll say, "we told you so!, we told you so!" Then they can rub everyone's face into the mess and get a good laugh. Google "BIS warns of economic disaster" and "IMF warns of economic disaster" to get lots of details here. 

Some very influential investment people are warning of total and complete disaster in the next few months and probably this Fall. Just to name a few of dozens of people well worth listening to. Google them if you want to know who they are. Every one of them is a professional investment advisor or financial authority. 

  Greg Mannarino in May said the market had topped.

  Bill Gross, The Bond King, has been screaming about a bond collapse.

  Doug Casey, "a catastrophe of historic proportions".

  Bill Fleckenstein says a "calamity in the coming months."

  Richard Russell "tear apart the current economic system"

  Bill Holter says all the signs are there for a disaster very soon.

  Marc Faber is looking for the stock markets for collapse 40%"

  Henry Blodget goes further and is looking for a "50% collapse".

  Mike Swanson swears an imminent stock market collapse is baked in the cake.

  Egon von Greyerz says we are "headed for the worst destruction ever".

  Ron Paul sold out to Stansberry Research, but his message is true- disaster ahead.

  Dave Skarica is 100% sure the market will collapse, and is very short the markets.

  Gerald Celente has promised a stock market collapse by Christmas.

  David Stockman says we are "on the verge of a massive collapse".

  Robert Kiyosaki said, "it is coming, and coming quick."

  Jeff Gundlach said the situation is "terrifying" and something is "very, very wrong".

  Andy Hoffman is looking for a worldwide calamity by year end.

  Clive Maund is going to short the markets with leveraged bear ETFs.

  Dave Kranzler warns the coming crash will take the country by surprise.

  John Embry says this economic balloon will soon pop and be horrendous.

Look at this one year DJT chart. 9,300 to 8,000 in 12 months. Get out of the stock market, get out of your IRA/401k, and buy silver bullion you hold personally. 

Trying to put a time and date of this will just make all of us look stupid in the end. You cannot put a time or date on any of this. The "Shemitah" talk, for example, is simply ridiculous. Yes, we can see it coming, but we don't have a calendar. If you know a real psychic, prophet or seer that's great. You can't and don't need to know exactly when any of this will occur, just that it will occur. Be ready today. Just be prepared today. You can  be ten years too early, but never 10 seconds too late. Let's make that you can't be one tenth of a second too late. 

The prepping advice you get from 99% of the prep websites is horrible. Overpriced freeze dried foods, powdered eggs, powdered milk, dried fruit, powdered cheese, potato flakes, bottled water, sugar, honey, white flour, canned green vegetables, and a long list of bad advice. You want brown rice and any other whole grains like barley, oats. Flour goes rancid. Nut butters go rancid. Pasta doesn't hold up long term. Lots of dried beans. Fruit has almost no nutrition surprisingly. Condiments like soy sauce for the rice and beans. You can live off rice and beans forever, and millions of people south of Texas do just that. Forget eating meat, poultry, eggs, or dairy. You need a water SOURCE, not bottled water. We have a hand pump and shallow well. Yes, some canned goods. Some vitamin/mineral supplements like our All  Your Minerals and Vitamins® with 13 vitamins and 20 elements. Salt. Prep for your dog or cat with canned tuna, salmon, mackerel, turkey, chicken, Spam®, ham, etc. Mix that with 50% brown rice. Powdered soy milk. Instant coffee for barter. Cheap alcohol for barter



Venezuela did it in 2015, Argentina did it in 2000, Portugal in 2010, France and Ireland in 2011, and Poland in 2013. Here's the shark cartoon again. If you still have a IRA or 401k you deserve to starve to death in the streets. One Monday morning you are going to wake up only to hear the "your" gummint has seized the life savings of every citizen for their "own good, safety, and security". They will get worthless Treasury annuities in re-turn. Sell your IRA/401k and buy silver bullion you hold personally.

Pope Benedict XVI was the last real Catholic Pope in 2013. Pope Francis is the Devil's minion, but the Catholics are too blind and brain washed to admit this. He is a hard core communist, and a major pillar of the New World Order. There was an old prophecy that the Papacy would end, and it has. It's over. Francis represents everything that is evil. The Catholics of the world should disown him and get a new Pope, but that will never happen. There are about 1.2 billion Catholics in the world (40% in Latin America), and they believe he is God's personal spokesman. That means he now controls about 1/6th of the world population with his One World poison. He was pushing Agenda 21, which is now the new Agenda 2030 which replaced it. Their goals are so stupid and naive, such as "end all hunger", and "end all poverty". Good luck with that crap! If we divided up al the money and all the property on earth equally today, what would happen? In ten years we would have the same amount of rich and poor. Agenda 2030 is simply the New World Order. 

Now can you see it's End Times?

Hillary will drop out, but it would make no difference whether she or Jeb is the next president. There is only one party in America, the Republicrat Party. Two sides of the same coin, but the same coin. 99% of the great unwashed braindead public actually think there is a huge difference between Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. You might as well live in North Korea or Cuba when you vote.

The Tesla car is a total fraud. They lose $4,000 per car despite massive tax subsidies you pay for. That's right, they vaporized $359 million dollars in only one quarter. Why not short this $250 stock price disaster? Because it's a "story stock". The whores on CNBC push this fraud and the sheeple keep sucking it up. The same is true with the other story stocks like Google, Priceline, Netflix, Facebook, and Amazon. Reality is irrelevant, profits are not important, but reality will eventually take over. You will see Tesla go totally bankrupt selling $100,000 luxury golf carts. Amazon at $523 is insanity. Look at their business plan above. Twitter and MySpace have already collapsed. Apple is collapsing now.

This is a quote from General Wesley Clark in 2007. America is the most evil country on earth, and will soon pay the price with a total collapse. He said this eight years ago, but the plan was in place long before that.

America is $180 trillion in debt with a GNP of maybe $10 trillion.

America has 5% of the world population but almost 30% of the world debt. Japan has less than 2% of the world population but 20% of the world debt. China has about 1/6th of the world population, but only 6% of the world debt. Russia has about 2% of the population but no debt. The total global debt is not "$59.7 trillion". That's ridiculous! The U.S. debt alone is about $180 trillion. The total world debt is probably closer to $500 trillion than $59.7 trillion. America and Japan are going to be the first- and worst- to go under. Europe overall will follow.

Every American owes about $600,000 in national debt.


Gerald Celente is finally getting a conscience:

The other issue is Israel. I do not— why give my money to Israel? I do not support their government. I do not want to be called an anti-Semite. It is the same thing that I want about any government. I do not want to be called names about it like people so frequently do. By the way, they are Ashkenazi, who are the heads of these governments, the Eastern Europeans, they are not Semites in Mesopotamia. Beginning with Ben-Gurion. Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, Netanyahu, they are all Ashkenazi, Eastern Europeans. It is a colonial overtaking of a country. They kill a lion. It is headline news. But I just told you 4,000 Yemenese are killed. They do not count. 2,000 Palestinians slaughtered last year by Israel. They do not count either.

Be prepared, get ready, prep and prep some more.

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