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September 15, 2015


Another fake shooting by "our" government. Allison Parker and Adam Ward were DHS crisis actors. Her real name is Allison Drescher. Here they are being made up with Hollywood style injuries. No one died, and Vicki Gardner was not shot. Vester Flanagan did not commit suicide. Chris Hurst (Allison's fake fiancé) and his pitiful photo album were more theatrics. Allison did not flinch or change her screams as the fake bullets hit her. This is physiologically impossible. Folks, when five 9mm slugs hit you at six feet, you are going to collapse, not run. Flanagan went by the fake name "Bryce Williams". The fake father, Andy Parker, is another crisis actor screaming for gun control. Andy was a lifetime professional actor appearing in various off Broadway shows, TV ads, etc. He was a founder of TheatreWorks Community. 40,000 people saw a live SCAM, not a live murder. They are coming to take your guns folks and will stop at nothing to do it. Democratic Government Terry McAuliffe is a far left anti-gun politicians. The morons in Virginia elected him on a hard anti-gun program. This entire hoax is about gun control and nothing else.


"There is no nonsense so errant that it cannot be made the creed of the vast majority by adequate governmental action." — Bertrand Russell

This is the official CDC chart for firearms deaths for blacks (top line) and all races (bottom line). We don't have a gun violence problem in America; we have a black violence problem. You can also see homicides have NOT increased in 35 years now. Homicide by AR-15s and other semi-automatic rifles are almost non-existent. These are NOT "assault rifles". Assault rifles are fully automatic, and you need 1) a gun dealer license, on top of a 2) class III permit to own one. Nevertheless, the media constantly calls AR-15s, AK-47s, etc. "assault rifles". Reality is irrelevant to them. 

Angela Merkel is the communist leader of Germany, and has every intention of destroying the country. She is doing an excellent job obviously. The brain dead self-destructive German people keep electing her.

Forbes magazine says she is the fifth most powerful person in the world, ruling over 80 million citizens for the last 10 years. Did you know Angela Merkel was a prominent leader in the East German Communist Party Youth? Did the media tell you this? Trump the Clown says she is, "the greatest leader in the world". Pope Frankie the Fake is very close to her. She just admitted 800,000 refugees into Germany. The real number is much higher. She has also bankrupted Germany by giving money to Greece, knowing it would never be paid back. Hitler is rolling over in his grave. This is who the brain dead Germans have chosen three separate times to lead them thru the gates of Hell. The German people deserve to be destroyed. They are the most stupid self destructive people in Europe.

"The most precious possession you have in this world is your own people." -Adolf Hitler


Moonbeam Brown signed California's SB277 bill. Now all children will be vaccinated with no exceptions. As goes California, so goes the nation. Soon, there will be a federal law requiring the vaccination of all school children with no exceptions for any reason. More and more vaccines will be required. Children in California get 25 injections before they leave high school, and then a long list if they go to state college!!! This will increase greatly as time goes on, and include more and more diseases.



They were the third largest economy in the world, but are now 50th. They chose social-ism, just like we did. In 1916 they went socialist, and this got worse over time. Then came Peron. Hyperinflation went to 3,000% in 1989. Taxes were raised endlessly. Pensions were stolen. They were the largest exporters in the world of beef, wheat, and other foods. The people are literally starving in the streets down there. They have plenty of land, good soil, and favorable climate, but are starving due to Big Government- that they freely chose. Screw them! Let them starve in the street and improve the gene pool. Same with the 51% of American voters who elected Nobama twice.


It is now about $180 trillion dollars, not the $18 trillion the media feeds you. Since total GNP of America is down to about $12 trillion that can never possibly ever be paid off. You, the taxpayer will pay it off in the form of the worst depression ever seen. Do you know what that comes to? Over a half million dollars for every man woman and child in America. You will see the greatest depression the world has ever seen.


Currency in Circulation (CinC), freed from the discipline of the gold standard, has increased from $3.96 billion in 1925 to $1,379 billion today, an increase of 34,800% over the past ninety years. The 1913 dollar is now almost worthless. The gold in Ft. Knox was taken 60 years ago. The Dow Jones dividend payout during the same period increased by only 6,700%, far less than the rate of inflation. You lose money investing in the stock market. Inflation far outpaces any illusory "gains".

Look at this 55 year chart of the ratio of Fed green toilet paper (the stuff in your wallet) versus the price of gold. In 1970 it was almost down to zero. This went to almost 1800 to 1 and is now almost 1200 to 1. Trillions of counterfeit "dollars" (they aren't dollars at all) have been printed in the QE Program. Quantitative Easing is merely Orwellian speak for out and out counterfeiting. The sheeple are too stupid to understand that simple fact. John Williams at ShadowStars also reports the real unemployment rate is 23% and not the official 5.5% rate. Silver is at least five times better than gold. The 78 to 1 gold to silver ratio is going to fall back to the traditional 15 to 1, or even lower. That would mean, for example, $6,000 gold and $400 silver. Of course, gasoline might be $15 a gallon when all this happens. Silver must hold a $14.30 close and the HUI a 104 close, or thing are not going to look good in the short term. Look at this chart- after 2000 things went completely insane.

Silver is the most undervalued asset on earth. If you suddenly won the lottery and got $50,000 in cash, what would you do with it? Put it under the mattress? Invest in an inflated collapsing stock market? Buy falling bonds? Buy a house or office building in a real estate bubble? Buy government Treasury paper with almost no interest? Money market funds with almost no interest? There are so very few choices. THERE IS NOTHING YOU COULD DO BUT BUY SILVER. Silver is five times better than gold- the only other choice. All paper will be worth paper. Silver is the most undervalued asset on earth now by far.

J.P. Morgan now holds 55 millions of silver bullion. Do you think you're smarter than Jamie Dimon?  Forbes magazine says he is in the top 20 most powerful people on this earth. And he has personally seen that JPM has 55 million ounces of silver bullion. Some people say he has 300 million ounces. Imagine what that silver will be worth at $100, or $500 an ounce?

The COT report on the 4th was even worse. The commercials now hold 69,000 net gold shorts and 23,000 net silver shorts. The good news is the silver open interest (total silver contracts) is down to 159,000 from 209,000 months ago. Low is good. The other good news is this negative COT report has done nothing to the price of gold and silver in these weeks. The COT report on the 11th  gold fell to 56,000 and silver rose to 25,000.       .


QE4 is coming, and it will be bigger than QE1, QE2, or QE3.

What is quantitative easing? It is an Orwellian term for counterfeiting money, for hyperinflation. The Fed (which is not federal and has no reserves) has been counterfeiting trillions of dollars in green toilet paper for years now. Yet, interest rates remain at almost zero. THIS CANNOT CONTINUE OBVIOUSLY. This defines insanity.



On January 4, 2013 Representative Jose Serrano (D-NY) introduced House Joint Resolution 15 to allow Obama to be president in 2016. If you don't believe this just Google "House Joint Resolution 15, 2013" and you'll see it's true.

H.J.Res.15 - Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.

On March 11, 2014 this is what Satan's Sister had to say when she was asked what was her greatest of all accomplishments....


"My accomplishments as Secretary of State?  Well, I'm glad you asked!  My proudest accomplishment, in which I take the most pride, mostly because of the opposition it faced early on, you know… the remnants of prior situations and mindsets that were too narrowly focused in a manner whereby they may have overlooked the bigger picture and we didn't do that and I'm proud of that.  Very proud.  I would say that's a major accomplishment."

Haven't done a Boombox cartoon in a long time. Deep truth for a cartoon. Liberals are always about control of everything in your life. It's all about control for the sake of control. Total lack of freedom. Big Government running your life. 99% of the people end up liking this!!! Just look at Europe, Canada, Australia, and NZ. The rest of the world isn't even worth talking about. Thanks to Dixon Diaz for this.

The U.S. government has gone from selling 89 million ounces of silver a mere 12 years ago to NONE AT ALL in 2014. This must tell you something, right? Thanks to the Silver Institute.



That is not a misprint. More proof of End Times. More proof the worst depression the world has ever seen is already coming to pass. This bubble will burst soon and the damage will be catastrophic.

The Dow Jones collapsed a full 50% seven years ago.

Look at this 10 year DJI chart. What happened in 2008? The Dow collapsed 50%. If this repeats, the Dow would fall to 9,000 this time. It could be a lot worse, however, and go to 5,000.

Stan Druckenmiller bought $300 million of GLD. He is one of the most successful investors going. Are you smarter than Stan? The dealers are running out of silver and adding big premiums. What do you care what the paper price is if there is none available? You simply cannot keep selling silver at $15 when it costs $23 worldwide to produce. Be a silver stacker. How many ounces do you have? That is the question. Buy some JNUG (Direxion 3X miners ETF). The HUI has gone from 650 to 105, so how can you lose on that? The potential is incredible there. Yes, there are times to put all your eggs into one basket and watch that basket carefully. This is one of them. All your money into silver bullion you hold yourself.


There have been chemical plant explosions all over the world- 6 in china, 2 in Japan, 1 in Russia and 1 in America. Obviously these are not coincidences. They seem to be small tactical neutron bombs. On top of that Russia is building up big troop strength in Syria. All this means world War III has already started.



Dick Cheney is Satan's brother in law, but he is someone to be heeded. Here is what he said on CNN television on September 1. He is warning us folks, so please listen to him. Another fake 9/11 Mossad/CIA disaster is long overdue, only much worse.

Monday, CNN ran a preview clip of an interview scheduled to air on Tuesday night’s broadcast of CNN’s “AC360,” in which former Vice President Dick Cheney said because of the unfettered rise of ISIS, “We could see another 9/11-style attack with much deadlier weapons.”

Don't say you weren't warned. 

It is necessary to reduce, if not destroy, the tendency of Jewish people to practice a very great number of activities that are harmful to civilization and to public order in society in all the countries of the world. -Napoleon Bonaparte, 1808

(quoted by Stephen Mitford Goodson in A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind, p. 54)

This is a one year weekly chart of HSBC bank. It is the fourth largest bank in the world with 2.7 trillion in assets (the entire US GNP is down to about $12 trillion). It is clearly failing. You'll see more Big Banks fail very soon.


Have you seen the Tiny House series on TV? Tiny House Nation, Tiny House-Big Living, Tiny House Buyers, and Tiny House Whatever. Did you know this is a government agenda program? That's right. The New World Order wants you to live in an under 500 square foot tiny house. This is no entertainment show- it is more propaganda to get you to accept a much lower standard of living. Imagine just a couple with no children trying to live in a 500 square foot house!!! Just like the Third World countries only with electricity and running water.


Pope Frankie the Fake went to Israel to kiss everyone's ass big time. He met with President Reuven Rivlah. She refused to shake his hand or bow down to him because he had (my god!) a Christian cross. So, he covered his cross and bowed down to her in subservience. Orthodox Jews hate Jesus and hate Christian crosses. They will cover any cross they can. That's a fact and not debatable. Frankie is just another Zionist sock puppet and emissary of Satan.



Why does Alex Jones beg for donations for Prison Planet and InfoWars? He's was double digit multimillionaire who lived in a $900,000 mansion. His Jewish wife Violet divorced him, and took everything he had. Google "Alex Jones exposed" to read the whole story. Why didn't he have a charitable trust and GIVE AWAY money, instead of begging for more? Here at Young Again we give away money, not ask for more. The profits from our website go to the trust. If Alex had any character he would have a trust, give away money, refuse all donations, and live simply. 

Social Insecurity Disability has risen exponentially since Nobama took over. The benefits will be cut 20%. Next will be all the other entitlement programs. Good. Let the welfare scum starve to death in the streets.

The FDA is going to ban sales of powder caffeine! Seriously, they are. Coffee, energy drinks and many soft drinks are full of caffeine. You can buy capsules of caffeine at any drugstore, gas station, or 7-11. Control, it's always about control for your safety and security of course. Its for your own good and, "we're only here to help you" sayeth the gummint. The control never ends, and only gets worse. 

Any talk of leaving and emigrating from America is foolishness. There is nowhere to go. Countries like Costa Rica, Argentina, Uruguay, and Panama are shitholes. Even American Latinos can't possibly live there. Australia and New Zealand are socialist hellholes with pitiful standards of living. There is no freedom left on this planet anywhere. THERE IS NOWHERE TO GO! We live on one big Prison Planet. Get that straight. Yes, you can go south of the Equator to avoid the radiation from nuclear war. That is a fact. Your standard of living will be intolerable though.

We'll go out on a limb here. There was a lot of warning about 9/11 way before it happened. Look at this 1997 Simpsons TV show. This clearly says "9 ll". No doubt about it. Homer is holding up a wad of money.  There were many references to 9/11 long before it happened. This was arranged years before it happened. Again, the CIA and Mossad did this with precision placed thermite explosives. Building 7 fell when no plane hit it!!! That tells you everything right there. If you actually think the Twin Towers were taken down by "Arabs with boxcutters" you're brain dead. 911truthskipton has been taken down. Go to,, or other similar websites to learn more.

How about the Johnny Bravo TV cartoon? Here is April 2011 with Johnny in front of a movie theatre. The poster says "coming soon". Well, five months later it did. Look at the tower burning. Just google "warning for 9/11". Wiki has devoted an entire section to this.

It goes way beyond the NWO crowd using cartoons to play with the sheeple. CENTCOM Commander General Tommy franks predicted this FOUR DAYS before it happened. On September 7 he said, "My biggest fear is an attack on the WTC". He must have been in on it to be that accurate. There are countless other examples of major players like this. 


Look at this 50 year chart of home ownership. After Nobama was elected, home ownership has collapsed. This chart is right from the Fed. We are now a nation of renters, not owners. This is a hallmark of a Third World country. It will only get worse from here. You will see the average home sell for $100,000 before it's over. If you want to sell your house, sell it now for whatever you can get while you still can. Rent and put your money into silver. Silver will explode, home prices will collapse, and you will be able to buy any kind of home you want. 

We'll waste a few lines on "Doctor" Ben Carson. He did badly in high school. He was admitted to Yale only due to affirmative action. He was admitted to the University of Michigan only due to affirmative action. He was admitted to Johns Hopkins only due to affirmative action. If you listen to him speak it is obvious he has a low I.Q., and is not eloquent at all. He speaks very slowly because his brain works slowly. He is anything but an accomplished "neurosurgeon". He ALWAYS was the least member of a surgical team mostly watching and assisting the real surgeons. He was the spokesman for the junk supplement NutriVerus®. This garbage was claimed to cure AIDS, cancer, and other serious diseases. The FDA put a stop to this. He wants forced vaccines for all children. He is anti-gun rights. He is simply an uneducated quack with false credentials. He's also an-other socialist Zionist sock puppet. The fact that he is seriously considered at president is more proof this is End Times. Even worse is Jewish communist Bernie Sanders. Vermont elected him back in 1990. Think about the fact we have an openly communist U.S. senator, who has been in Congress for a quarter century. Any talk of clown Joe Biden is wasted time. America is finished.

Speaking of Bernie, here is what he said about women in 1972. This was published in the Vermont Freeman newspaper and later reported on NBC. Do you know any women who want to be raped by three men at the same time? He obviously is looking for some.

Pope Frankie the Fake is now Satan's ambassador. He is  now doing away with both divorce and abortion. There is an old Irish prophecy that the papacy would come to an end. It came to an end with Pope Benedict. In 1139 St. Malachy was the Archbishop of Armagh, Ireland. He said the 112th pope would be the end of the papacy, and would be a false prophet. He said the Vatican would fall. There are 1.2 billion Catholics on earth, 1 out of 6 people, or 16th are Catholic. The church goes back 2,000 years to St. Peter. They blindly follow Frankie the Fake instead of rejecting him. They're too stupid. 

Ed Klein wrote a book on Hillary called Blood Feud over a year ago. He reported that Hillary's cardiologist, Dr. Allan Schwartz, had found serious heart problems. A cardiac stress test indicated that her heart rhythm and heart valves were not normal. Put into layman’s language, her heart valves were not pumping in a steady way. This is on top of all her other serious medical problems. For many years now we've told you she was dying and could never run in 2016. Now lots of people have jumped on that bandwagon. Just Google, "Hillary is too sick to run" and see the list you get now. 


There is almost no available silver left in the world. The COMEX has almost no "registered" (buyable) silver. There are 228 paper claims for gold for every physical ounce they have. It is ever more extreme for silver. There are 338 ounces of paper silver for every physical ounce of registered (available) silver in the COMEX.  London Bullion has no silver. The ETFs like SLV are almost out of silver. The U.S. Mint and military have none. We now have a paper price and a real world price. Right now most dealers have a $2 premium of what little they have left in stock.

We went to Myrtle Beach, SC this weekend. This is a perfect example of how America is totally collapsing. This has been the most popular beach resort in the entire South for many decades. Every summer millions of people pour into Myrtle Beach. Well, mainstays like Planet Hollywood, The Outrigger, and Philips Crabhouse have shut down. Many stores were empty, and had "for rent" signs on them. Every store was always rented before. Myrtle Beach Mall was a large, thriving shopping mall for many years. There are now 36 stores and 6 food stalls. It will shut down completely soon. There is world class golfing here all year round, and direct flights from the Northeast used to bring high end golfers 365 days a year. The golf courses looked empty. Traffic was light on a beautiful, sunny, warm Sunday morning. It should have been bumper to bumper. The ocean was almost 80 degrees. Ryan's Buffet, the most popular restaurant in 30 miles, had only a dozen tables filled. Myrtle Beach is dying and America is dying with it.  Second time for this chart. Please look at it closely. It is a DEBT chart of the world.

The U.S. has 5% of the population but 29% of the world debt. Japan has less than 2% of the world population but 20% of the world debt. China has almost 20% of the world population but only 6% of the world debt. Russia basically has no debt at all. Germany has about 1% of the world population but 5% of the world debt. All debts get paid all the time, every time. There is no such thing as an unpaid debt. Either the buyer or the seller pay that debt. We will pay that debt in the form of the worst depression the world has ever seen. You will see America turn into a Third World country. It already has a very good start if you compare the situation today with, say, 1970. Thanks for the Visual Capitalist for this very well done work.


Here's what you get for $1,120 in Venice, CA. An 805 square foot fixer upper shack with two tiny bedrooms. It needs extensive remodeling. If you think this is a joke, just go to and look up 1143 Harrison Avenue 90291.



1143 Harrison Ave, Venice, CA 90291, 2 beds, 2 baths, 805 square feet.

Many good people feel very strongly bad things will happen before Christmas. Be prepared. Get read. Prep, and prep some more. Read back issues of the rant for down to earth, practical, realistic prepping advice. Do not buy anything from the prepper websites. They sell overpriced, unhealthy, junk food.

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