Economic Rant

October 01, 2015

"We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth and listen to the song of that siren, till she transforms us into beasts... I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it." … Patrick Henry


Bathhouse Barry's House of Sodomy

You see the White House bathed in the colors of homosexual pride. The White House used to be the most dignified, prestigious, renowned residence on earth. Americans have twice elected a foreign born, Marxist homosexual with a fake background, fake wife and fake daughters. America is through after 239 years. We'll soon be a Third World impotent backwater like Argentina. 

J.P. Morgan has officially stated the bottom is in for the gold and silver mines. Why would JPM the Enemy do this?  They have the largest derivative position in the world. They are the ones who have hoarded hundreds of millions of ounces of silver, while falsely depressing the prices with short futures contracts. Why would they tell the truth? Why would they tell the great unwashed masses to buy gold and silver mine stocks? It's a strange world we live in. Big names are buying gold and silver mines, ETFs, and bullion. Very big names. Jamie Dimon (JPM president) is personally loaded up.

Look at this half century chart of Dow Industrial earnings. The DJI is blue and earnings are red. Notice that earnings overall were always higher than the DJI. This is how it should be of course. Now, for the first time since 1929 earnings are far, far lower than the DJI. Earnings are dead. The stock markets are dead, not just in America, but all over the world. This will be a worldwide depression, and no country will be spared.

Look at margin debt going from almost zero! This is exactly what happened in 1929. People bought stocks on thin margin (leverage) rather than paying fully for them. This 36 year chart shows how extreme margin debt is. History repeats.

This is a 102 year chart to show you what the "Fed" did to the U.S. dollar. The purchasing power has gone to almost zero. From one dollar to five cents in 102 years. his means they stole all the money. The "Fed" is owned by 12 Zionist banks and always has been. The Fed chairman has al-ways been a Jewish Zionist. Added to this is the fact they stole all the gold in Ft. Knox. No audit has been done since 1955. One is required by federal law every 10 years. Reality always wins in the end. Try telling your so-called friends and relatives there is no gold in Ft. Knox and they think you're crazy. The dollar is green toilet paper with no value.


“The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.” The book Practical Idealism spells out this out. One light brown race is clearly the goal of the One World light brown race. No more beautiful rainbow of colors. Pretty much like Brazil; some lighter, some darker, but all various shades of brown.



The papacy is over with the 112th pope. This was predicted over 100 years ago by Saint Malachi of Ireland. Pope Frankie the Fake is Satan's ambassador on earth. He is touring the world now spewing his evil Marxist filth. He is a pure politician, not a spiritual inspiration. One in six people on earth are Catholics- 1.2 billion of them. Frankie has not mentioned Jesus Christ once since he came to America. He is supposed to be a messenger of Jesus Christ, Our Savior.


The five main parts of the Catholic Doctrine are: Christ is the Son of God, Christ was born of the Virgin Mary, Christ died on the cross and shed his blood for the sins of the world, Christ rose again from the dead, and Christ will come again to judge the living and the dead. Please notice how ALL five major points of the Catholic Doctrine are centered on Jesus Christ.

Frankie never talks about Jesus and hasn't mentioned him once during his tour. Saint Malachy of Ireland (1094 to 1148) prophesied this would happen. A book was written in 2012 by Horn and Putnam Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here. Malachy called Francis "Peter the Roman". Well, the father of Francis is from Italy, and his name is Pietro (Peter). He also said Francis would be the 112th pope after his death. That is exactly correct. Try and rationalize this prophecy off.


In Philadelphia the Pope said, "Jesus was a failure" and referred to the "failure of The Cross". Those are translated quotes folks. He told the world Jesus was a failure and his Crucifixion was a failure. InfoWars reported this on video. This is Satan's Pope.


America is no longer the World Policeman. America is no longer the Big Kid on the Block. Russia and China are now laughing at us. Russia is building military bases in Syria, and China just sent a warship to Syria. They are sending more. Russia and China made a military pact years ago, and their armies and munitions are far, far bigger than ours. America wants to put nuclear weapons in Germany to attack Russia. Germany is going to side with Russia and refuse to do anything this stupid. This pits about 1.4 billion people against a mere 300 million people. Militarily we are totally and completely outmatched by their new union. World War III is already starting.


Germany is about to go under. They are loaded with debt, and run by communist Angela. Deutsche bank is the 11th largest bank in the world by assets. They are going to collapse. They will fire one quarter of their employees- 23,000 will be jobless. Germany was always considered the Strong Man of Europe. No more. They should have never joined the EU and given up their currency. When Germany goes, the rest of Europe will collapse. They will side with Russia, as they see America is their enemy, not their friend or ally. We stole their gold, and won't give it back on top of everything else. This six month chart of Deutsche Bank says it all. It's going under- along with Germany.


Here are the Obamas at a recent rally. 


The tail is wagging the dog. Paper TEMPORARILY sets the world price for precious metals. This is ending as you can see. Severe shortages of silver and high premiums. There are only 47 million ounces of registered (available) ounces of silver on the COMEX, but an open interest of 154,000. This means there are 328 imaginary paper ounces for every real ounce stored there. This is fantasy land folks. Do you see how the non-existence paper positions control the real world price? Well, that is over now. Dealers are out of silver, miners can't begin to mine enough, demand keeps increasing, and larger and larger premiums are being added. The mines simply cannot keep selling silver for $15 when it costs $23 an ounce worldwide to produce it- with no profit. That's the cost of production. The open interest ((OI) for silver is up to 157,000. That's bad.


On Friday the 18th the COMEX report was stunning! The commercials cut their gold short positions 23,000 contracts down to only 33,000 net shorts. This is only 8% of the total contracts (open interest), so they have little control now. The cut their silver short positions 4,000 contracts down to only 21,000 net shorts. This is 14% of the total con-tracts and still too high. Then the SHTF...

On Friday the 25th the COMEX report could not have been worse. The gold net shorts went up 24,000 to 57,000. The Silver net shorts went up 10,000 to 31,000. It will be weeks before the prices can go up. This is bad news in the short term.

9/29- Silver and gold got hit hard as expected.


Want to hear something interesting? American Jewish people WANTED the Iran treaty!

Wow! The Los Angeles Jewish Journal published a poll of American Jews. 49% wanted the Iranian treaty, and only 31% opposed it. This is right from a hardcore Jewish publication. It is Israel and Satanyahu who don't want the deal. They want to destroy Iran and Syria without using their own soldiers. Netanyahu visited Putin. Vladmir told him very clearly to go home, keep his mouth shut, mind his own business, or face the consequences. Russia will continue to support Syria and Iran. China has joined Russia in this. We cannot even think of fighting these two countries. We would be decimated in hours.


"What a lovely pair you have Christina."

It is no secret at all Hillary is a bisexual. She had sexual affairs with women while Bill  also had sexual affairs with women. Here she is lasciviously glaring at Christina Aquilera's breasts. We need another homosexual president?


On the 22nd, the FBI announced they had recovered the 30,000 damning emails Hillary had done her best to delete. We told you this would happen. The Denver IT company had always said they were never fully deleted in the first place. This means there is no way in hell she can run for president. She may well go to jail over this. National security is deadly serious business no matter who you are.

Radar Online ( has just verified that Hillary is too sick to run for president. Same thing we've been telling you for many years now. The Drudge Report  ( also picked this up. No one else on this earth told you that over four years ago. We did. Google "Hillary has MS", and see what you get. Ed Klein wrote the book "Blood Feud" exposing the Clintons and Hillary's terminal health problems.

Now, he has written another book, "Unlikeable- The Problem with Hillary". He now exposes that she is an operant psychotic. She is more and more unhinged and irrational every day. She is more and more and more violent all the time.  SHE WILL NOT RUN FOR PRESIDENT. Forget what the media says.


ALL TEN TRAITORS ARE RUNNING FOR PRIME MINISTER OF ISRAEL. Jindal, Santorum, Walker, and Perry dropped out.

"The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth." -H. L. Mencken


Ann Coulter has always been neocon, pseudo-conservative. She is Kosher Approved, always supports Israel, and pushes our evil wars of aggression in the Mid East. Her books are best sellers, she's a columnist, she's a Fox TV commentator, and you see her on TV regularly. She has almost 700,000 followers on Twitter. Ann is more influential than you may think. She was watching the 11 Zionist Republican sock puppets at the debate on the 16th and finally had an epiphany (sudden realization). Every one of them swore their allegiance to Israel, and emphasized their welfare comes before out own welfare. Their most important point was always the total destruction of Iran. Well, Ann tweeted to al-most 700,000 people, "Just how many f*cking Jews do these people think there are in the United States?" The answer to that, by the way, is only 2%, or about 6 million. 80% of Jews (and blacks) vote Democratic all the time, every time. Why pander to a group that doesn't vote for you? In 1989, then Chief of Staff, James Baker said, "F*ck the Jews, they don't vote for us anyway." It's a fact. Israel, a country of only 8 million people, completely controls America. Only 6 million of them are Jewish. Another 6 million live in America, and 3 million elsewhere. A total of only 15 million. They own every one of the 535 Congress men and women. They are very overrepresented in both the Senate and House.    

They've owned the Federal Reserve for 102 years now. Four out of seven Supreme Court justices are Jewish (yes, Sotomayor, too). They are 1/3 of the CFR and almost 1/3 of the Trilaterals and Bilderbergers. They openly admit they own the entire media of radio, TV, movies, newspapers, and magazines. Why do all 10 "Republican" candidates swear their primary allegiance to Israel over America? Yes, every one of them.  Plus the four that dropped out. How do 15 million people have control over 7 billion? They are only 1/5th of 1% (1 in 500) of the entire world population. The Catholics are 1 in 6 on the planet- 1.2 billion. They don't run or control much of anything.

The above chart shows almost all the COMEX gold is owned and not for sale (eligible). Almost none of it is available (registered). The same is true for silver. It's all a paper game folks. We now have a paper price and a real world price.

Look at this 65 year chart of total world debt compared to GDP. The entire planet is awash in debt! These figures are right from the Fed. All bills get paid eventually.

There is no such thing as an unpaid debt. Either the buyer or the seller pays the debt. The world population will pay this debt in the form of a worldwide depression. The bankers will walk off with your money and laugh.



-Student loans leave tens of millions hopelessly in debt

-1 in 5 now use food stamps to feed themselves- over 60 million people

-Total unfunded debt is 180 trillion- over $500,000 for every citizen and baby

-Trillions of counterfeit money printed as Quantative Easing

-Impossible health insurance costs

-Almost nobody works anymore

-The few people who do work get less every day

-Family income and standard of living have gone to hell

-We are now a nation of renters, not owners

Here's another chart for you- consumer debt is thru the roof. The average sheeple is drowning in debt and living far over their collective heads. Look at this 28 year chart.

White people are the only self destructive race on earth. Look at these German bimbos welcoming the hoards of "refugees". No brain cells at all.


He wants Oprah Winfrey as Vice President. What more do you need to know. Why can't people understand that Donald Trump is a far left Democrat? He's always been a democrat. He has been a strong supporter of  the Clintons, and Zionists like Charles Schumer. He believes in government health care, mandatory vaccines, banning semi-automatic rifles, taxing the rich, government schools, and a long list of other Democratic pillars.    

 Google "Trump is an anti-gun clown", and see the facts for yourself. He constantly pretends to be what he isn't to be popular.

Here's Bozo the Clown

Donald Trump is, and always has been, a far left, hard core Democrat. His pretence of being a Republican is ridiculous. Not that there is any difference in the first place. There is only one Republicrat party in America. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, two sides of the same socialist coin. Now the media is pushing neocon, Zionist sock puppet Carly Fiona as the Savior of America. She sounds like the Prime Minister of Israel. Bernie Sanders is an openly communist Jewish Zionist. America truly is the Great Satan. 


Janel Yellen actually said that interest rates, "could stay at zero forever". After that insane remark she further said the Fed is considering NEGATIVE interest rates. That's right- you would lose money if you bought Treasury paper.  Why do people listen to someone this crazy? CNBC has reported the Fed may go to negative interest rates. Why hasn't the Fed raising interest rates been discussed in the Rant? Because it doesn't matter. More smoke. Forget about the rates. Forget about the Fed. Just media distractions. 

Jefferson said the government is our enemy, not your friend. Now every country on earth is socialist, communist, Marxist, or a dictatorship. There isn't one square inch of freedom on this entire planet. There is nowhere to go, nowhere to hide.    


The government is your enemy, not your friend.

The ONLY thing between the American people and an Obama dictatorship is 100 million gun owners in America. Nothing else. This is why the neocons, Zionists, and One Worlders are so obsessed with taking all the guns away. And they will do it. It's just a matter of time. The more guns in a country, the lower the crime rate. The less guns in a country the higher the crime rate. After Australia banned guns in 1996 the violent crime rate skyrocketed. That's a face. Now criminals have guns, but law abiding citizens don't.

Watch the Glencore Commodities (GLEN) price. It fell from $$350 to $70. This will be the worst stock disaster since Lehman Brothers in 2008. They have TRILLIONS in derivatives. When these go the entire derivatives market will implode. Remember there are many more times derivatives in the world than the total GNP of all the countries on the planet. That's how insane things have gotten economically. Watch Glencore!

Look at this 8 year chart right from the Census Bureau. The richest 10% of Americans got richer, while the other 90% got poorer. These are government figures folks. This is what Nobama has done for America. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Even the bottom 10% who gets all the welfare, got poorer. 

Look at Palestine in 1946 after World War II when the Jews were allowed in. Today the Palestinians are almost decimated. They have almost no land. They are routinely slaughtered by the Israeli soldiers. Soon, Israel will be all Jewish. The two most imperialistic countries on earth are America and Israel. Both will be destroyed.

Retail sales represent 70% of our economy.

Four years ago it all went to Hell. It just gets worse from her. This is a Fed chart.

Sorry to say, every one of the pro-gun groups refuse to admit 9/11 was an inside job, Sandy Hook was a hoax, the Batman movie was a fraud, the Virginia reporters were not shot, and all of these fake shootings were just DHS productions to take our guns away. Your author refuses to support any of them anymore including the Gun Owners of America (GOA). The Libertarian Party is the same way. The Libertarians sold out years ago. If you have any doubt about Sandy Hoax just Google "We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook". Eric Holder announced: "We need to brainwash people into thinking differently about guns." Buy your guns and ammo because they are going to disappear.


Germany is closing all of their nuclear power plants. They get one quarter of their electricity from nuclear power. They have no possible way to replace this. Of course they will prattle on about solar, windmills, and biofuels which have absolutely no value at all.  This will end in total disaster for the German people. Not only the loss of power, but the incredible expense of abandoning and tearing down these very costly plants. This is spreading to the rest of Europe as well. Most countries refuse to build new nuclear plants, and are closing some of the ones they already have. All of Europe is committing suicide. Europe has always been socialists, and no European country was ever a free republic like America. Now they are going full tilt communism. Their standard of living will continue to deteriorate to a Third World level, especially with the endless immigrants. America is doing the same thing tearing down our vital coal plants. We are the Saudi Arabia of coal. We get most our energy from coal. This is national suicide. "Electric cars" are really coal cars. We must have coal electrical plants, but they are being phased out.

The dollar has been in a 15 year bear market as you can see from the chart above.

Yes, for the last four years it has gone up, but this is not going to last. the dollar is worthless, and the rest of the world knows it. It is no longer the world reserve currency. The Chinese Yuan is heavily backed by gold. The dollar is backed by hot air and scotch tape. Buy all the physical silver you can, if you can buy any at all now. We warned you a year ago the coin shops would be empty. 

Look at this 85 year chart of power usage in America. The population has, of course, been growing by leaps and bounds. This is due to immigration, since white people don't even reproduce enough to maintain their numbers. Power usage peaked about the time Nobama got elected. Now it is falling, even though the population is still growing by leaps and bounds. People cannot even afford to pay their utility bills.

Wouldn't you agree that Walmart is the most important indicator of how the economy is doing? Well, Walmart is falling apart. Look at this one year chart to prove it. If Walmart can't make it, then who can? Look what has happened in just one year!




The stock markets of the top ten nations are collapsing. The U.S., China, Japan, Germany, U.K., France, Brazil, Ilaly, India, and Russia are all collapsing. The most important thing you can do now is PREP. Walk around your house and make a list of things you need and use daily. Now get at least a six month supply of everything.

Go to and look at the back issues to see detailed suggestions for prepping. Forget the prep websites- they're all nuts. They suggest stupid things like powdered milk, expensive freeze dried foods, white flour, sugar, white rice, powdered eggs and all kinds of junk. Now is the time to prep. Get ready for what is ahead. Be prepared. Prep as much as you can in every way you can. Prep for your pets. When, not if, the banks shut down, commerce in America is going to stop. The grocery stores will shut down and the shelves will be empty. Just be ready and be prepared. Nothing good is ahead of us. If you want to see tomorrow, just take a good hard look at today. Great events cast their shadows before them. There are many, many dark shadows now.

This is state gun ownership compared to entire countries.  This is as large as we could make the chart so it's a little hard to read. The state of Nevada has as many personal guns as Finland- and they are all hunting rifles in Finland. The state of Georgia has as many  personal guns as Turkey. The state of Nebraska has as many personal guns as the Czech Republic- and they have the least onerous gun laws in Europe. Louisiana has as many guns as communist Argentina. If you take out the black crime rate we have very very low guns crimes in America. That is proven by FBI statistics.

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