Economic Rant

November 01, 2015

The COT report for the 16th was right out of the Twilight Zone. The commercials added an incredible 30,000 gold shorts, so they are now 118,000 net short. This is crazy! The open interest (total contracts) is 467,000. So they control 27% of all gold positions with their net shorts. The commercials add 9,000 silver shorts, so they are now 59,000 net short. This is also crazy! The open interest is 161,000. So they control 36% of all silver positions with their net shorts.


On the 23rd the COT report was simply incomprehensible. The commercials added 45,000 gold shorts and are now net short an incredible 163,000 contracts. This is almost 12 million ounces of paper gold. The open interest is 468,000. The commercials added 8,000 silver shorts and are now net short a massive 67,000 contracts. This is one third of a billion ounces of paper silver. The open interest is 168,000.


On the 30th the COT report was a little worse. Gold net shorts were up 2,600 to an incredible 166,000 contracts. Silver stayed about the same at 69,000 net short. High open interest is bad for us. Gold OI is up to 467,000 and silver to 170,000. This is not good folks. Andrew Maguire is one of us. He says the Big Banks are breaking up and some are going long gold and silver. In fact, he says Satan's personal bank, Goldman Sachs, is heavily long gold and silver. This is what we need...a breakup of the cabal. No honor among thieves and all that. Google, "Andrew Maguire Historic Event is about to Shock the World" on King World News.



It can't be more obvious that the prices of gold and silver are manipulated by massive leveraged futures contracts from the Big Banks. Just understand that 69,000 silver contracts means they control over a third of a billion ounces (345 million) of paper silver. Notice the term "paper silver", not real physical bullion. This is MORE all the silver mined in the entire world annually. It is five times more than the silver sold for investment annually. There are 263 ounces of paper gold for every ounce of actual physical bullion. The same basic case for silver. This defines manipulation. All manipulations end badly, and exactly the opposite of what they had intended. That means this whole paper house of cards is going to collapse, and silver and gold will take off like rockets. Stack silver while you can still get some. You can't buy silver in Mexico, which is the second largest producer in the world (after Peru). That's right, it's not available. Be a silver stacker. Don't ask how much money you have; ask how many OUNCES you have.



Just ignore all of it. It's just noise. What they do or don't do doesn't matter. The Federal Reserve is a consortium of private Zionist banks who print "money" out of thin air, and then have the chutzpah to charge interest on it. They have almost zero per cent interest rates (ZIRP), yet counterfeit literally trillions of "dollars". Obviously, that is prima facie insanity. This will end in total disaster, and the U.S. dollar will no longer be the world reserve currency. You just need to know the dollar is worthless green toilet paper, gold and silver are the only real money, and silver is six times better than gold.



Bill Clinton went to Georgetown University where he found Professor Carroll Quigley. He wrote the neocon bible Tragedy and Hope. Quigley writes: "That the two political parties should represent opposed ideals and policies. . . is a foolish idea. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical . . .The policies that are vital and necessary for America are no longer subjects of significant disagreement, but are disputable only in detail, procedure, priority, or method. " In plain English, this means there is only ONE PARTY- Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Two sides of the same coin. When you vote Democrat or Republican you are only kidding yourself. It's like choosing six of one or a half dozen of the other. All the candidates you see are worthless scumbags. Voting is meaningless. Don't kid yourself.

Liberalism is a mental disease. Liberals really do love big government and hate freedom and responsibility. Facts scare them to death and they're allergic to reality. 

We keep hearing the term "expanded background checks" for gun sales. What does this mean? It means you cannot even give a family member a gun as a gift unless you are approved by the BATF to do so. A father is literally a criminal felon for giving his son a .22 rifle for his birthday. When a person dies he cannot leave their guns to the family without filing out a BATF form for each and every gun. Each family member becomes a felon for accepting a gun. You cannot give, sell, or trade a gun to your friend or relative. That's what expanded background checks really means. We already have extensive unneeded background checks. That does NOTHING to stop criminals from getting all the guns they want. The Brady Bill is a bad joke, and did nothing to make America safer. it's always about control and abolishing the Second Amendment, not safety. The government is coming after all your guns. Be clear about this. TOTAL GUN CONFISCATION like was done in Australia and Britain. Hillary was very clear about this at the NH Town Meeting.

She clearly stated we need to confiscate all the guns. Commie Bernie would do the same.

There are about 200 countries on this earth. The ones with the strictest gun laws have the highest violent crime rates overall. The ones with the most gun freedom have the lowest violent crime rates. Violent crime skyrocketed in Australia in 1996 when the guns were taken. We don't have a gun problem in America, we have a BLACK problem. If you look at the white crime rate it is very small. This is why 90% of most all state prisons are filled with black criminals. No amount of gun laws is going to stop them.


The CFR came along first being founded in 1921 and set its sights on a one world government based on a centralized global financing system.  Only Americans are members of the CFR and since its founding, most key US national security personnel, top generals and admirals, and presidential candidates have been a CFR members. Chelsea Clinton is a member and being groomed as a future president.


In 1954, the Bilderberg group was established.  Its membership consists of world elite from America, Canada, and Western Europe.  Many CFR members became (and are today) members of the Bilderbergers.  Insiders have claimed that this group has morphed into the global shadow government we often speak of.


The Trilateral Commission is the most concerning.  The TC got its start in the early 1970’s.  David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski founded the TC because they felt the CFR had become too large and unfocused.  It was the TC that fronted Jimmy Carter for President, and no less than 18 TC members made their way into the Carter administration. 


All three of these organizations are, in fact, about 1/3 Jewish. Even though Jews are only 1 in 500 (1/5th of 1%) of the world population. The one world order is the Zionist Dream where Israel will be the world capital.


United Nations police are coming to a town near you! Strong Cities Network (SCN) will have international U.N. police in every country. Part of the One World Order. Just Google "Strong Cities Network" and the government will brag about this new blue helmet police force. Those blue helmets will make nice targets for people who are tired of this crap.


No one was killed or injured at ZombieCon in Ft. Myers. More fake shootings to take your guns away.



Look at this 15 year chart of coal. Obama and his neocon friends destroyed 96% of the coal industry after he took over. America is the Saudi Arabia of coal. We have 1,000 years of known proven coal reserves. We must have coal power to survive. Most of our electricity comes from coal, but this is falling badly. We could have $2 a gallon gasoline/diesel/jet fuel for ten centuries with the SASOL process. Electrostatic filters can make sure there is minimal pollution. Liberals who proudly drive around in those stupid electric and hybrid cars are really driving COAL CARS. Where to they think the electricity comes from? The Moon?


The insane Clean Power Plan claims carbon dioxide is our enemy and we need to eradicate CO2!!!! This proves how stupid the American public is. Remember in the 6th grade you learned about photosynthesis. Trees "breathe" carbon dioxide to make oxygen. If they don't have CO2 they wither and die. Did you know trees emit CO2 at night? Yes, they do. Look it up. Now the liberals have the sheeple believing CO2 is The Enemy. The Clean Power Plan is the One World Order plan to make everyone a poverty stricken, brain dead serf. Solar, wind, and biofuel energy are preposterous. There is no wattage in sunlight. Windmills have failed miserably all over the world. Biofuels cost more to produce than you get back. Nuclear energy should be done away with. Hydroelectic is very limited. That leaves coal, oil, and natural gas. Cold fusion is decades away at best.

Denmark, the Home of Socialism, has to pay the citizens to use wind power. The people refuse to use wind power unless they are paid to do so. They have vowed to use no fossil fuel by 2050. THEY HAVE THE HIGHEST ELECTRICITY RATES IN THE EN-TIRE WORLD. The standard of living in Denmark is pitiful, and they live in World War 2 hovels. It is a Third World country for white people. Danes are literally the stupidest and most self destructive people on earth. It's terribly depressing just to visit the country. Ironically, they have huge oil reserves and are a major exporter of oil.

Look at this 35 year chart of the New York Stock Exchange margin debt. It used to be about zero. Now it is a half trillion dollars!!! The exact same thing happened in 1929 when the Great Depression kicked in. Folks, get out of the stock market. Sell your IRA or 401k, take the penalty, and buy silver bullion you hold personally. There are many warnings like this. Great events cast their shadows before them.


The brain dead Canadians can't get enough socialism, communism, and Big Government shoved up their rear ends. They just elected Trudeau and his Liberal Party. Karl Marx would be proud of them, as they are doing everything he ever advocated. Seriously, no one in Canada has any brain cells. One person we knew did know what was going on, so he packed up, moved, and left the country. While Harper was a 10 year disgrace, Trudeau will be an even bigger disgrace.


Saudi Arabia may collapse. Good! King Salman is hospitalized and dying. The House of Saud may be finished. The Royal Family may well flee to Africa. Good riddance. They are the enemy. The only produce 10 million  barrels of oil annually (13% of total production). They will keep producing no matter who is running the country. Everyone would starve to death if they didn't. Their collapse will not do much at all to gasoline prices no matter what you hear. The House of Saud are partners with Satan. Pray for their demise. They have ironically allied with Israel. Go figure.

Just one other way your standard of living is going totally to Hell.

Here it is folks, right from the BLS. Food prices are skyrocketing, but wages aren't. Just one of the million reasons America is going to Hell on a greased slide. Restaurants are closing because they can't make a profit. No, they can't raise menu prices and stay in business. People can't afford to eat out anymore, even at fast food restaurants. All you can eat buffets will soon be a thing of the past. They don't exist in Europe. Did you know that? Food prices in socialist Europe have always been higher than in America.

Do you find you have less and less friends? The more you talk to people, the more you see they are deaf, dumb, and blind- and like it that way. The more you talk to people, the more they think you really are crazy. Tell them no children died at Sandy Hook, and they feel sorry for you. Tell them the government is your enemy, and they start avoiding you.

Tell them the CIA and Mossad did 9/11, and they stop talking to you.

Look at this 9 month dollar chart? Does this look bullish to you? The dollar will soon lose it's status as the world reserve currency. The Fed keeps counterfeiting TRILLIONS of "dollars" in green toilet paper. You know, the same thing they did in Zimbabwe. Didn't work out too well for them, and won't work out too well for us either.




How about $409,000 for this 20 X 20 s.f. broken down shack? Think this is a joke? Go to

Zillow, or any of the housing cites and you'll see this is true. Notice the bars on the windows? It's in a crime ridden "ethnic" neighborhood as well. Thanks to Dr. Housing Bubble again. He has an excellent website at It was built in 1921, is almost 100 years old, and is in terrible condition, really terrible. The "Zestimate" (Zillow estimated value) is $585,000. You read that right- $585,000.

706 N Madison Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029,1 bed, 1 bath 400 square feet

The median San Francisco Bay area home price is $1.2 million! That is not a misprint. You get almost nothing for that price. The red line on the four year chart below is San Francisco rental prices. The gold line is New York rental prices. Who on God's earth can afford to pay an average of $4,000 a month to rent a house? That's $48,000 a year. That's a half million dollars every ten years. You are going to see a real estate collapse the likes of which this world has never seen. This will make the Tulip Bulb Mania look mild. This is Homosexual Heaven, and the home of Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi.

This is a perfect reflection of what America has come to....over 300 million government tit suckers. We'll soon be just another poverty stricken Third World backwater full of non-white immigrants.

HILLARY IS A PERFECT REFLECTION OF AMERICA. She would be your next president if she wasn't dying. To hell with her emails, and endless list of felonies she's committed over the last 22 years when "Billary" was elected. None of that would stop her from being elected. Only her terminal health problems will stop her. That leaves Kosher Commie Bernie as the only viable Democratic candidate. Just stop and realize America may elect an openly Communist Zionist. Is this a great country or what?


Look at this military expenditure chart. The U.S. has only 5% of the world population, but spends an incomprehensible 45% on our evil wars of aggression. China and Russia don't. In fact, China has four times our population but spends about 7% of the world total. We spend NINE times more on our military than we need to.

This is from the Stockholm International Peace Research group in 2008.

Want some good news? Satan's favorite corporation is failing. Isn't that wonderful.


America has 5% of the world population, but produces almost a quarter of the world economy!!! All that is over though. Soon America will produce 5% of the world economy, and just be another Third World mixed race cesspool- like Brazil. China has about one fifth of the worth population, but only produces about 14% of the world economic output. America also has 25% of the worlds prison inmates, and is the worse police state by far. Yes, worse than Cuba, North Korea, China, and Burma (Myranmar).

Don't be taken in by Trump. He's always been a liberal Democrat. HE IS A LIBERAL DEMOCRAT. He's always supported the Clintons. He also supports far left anal orifices like Chuck Schumer. He loves Big Government. He is not a Republican. He's great at talking out of both sides of his mouth. He "loves" guns, but will take your semi-automatic rifles, and not allow you to give your guns to your loved ones when you die. He "hates" Obama Care, but will replace it with Trump Care. He is going to "crack down" on immigration, but will have a "Big Beautiful Door" (his quote) open to all immigrants. Anyone who can't see thru this clown is deaf, dumb, blind, and stupid.



This was the headline on this weeks National Enquirer. Not just for the top secret emails, but for lying about the Vince Foster murder.

Look at this 6 month HUI chart. Strong bottom, great upside. If this continues, we are on our way.


Hillary was at the New Hampshire Town Hall Meeting. She was asked about gun confiscation. She freely admitted she would do that if elected.

Here is her friend Diane Goldman Feinstein. The above quote is true. Yes, she actually said that. Talk about senile! She has served 23 years in the Senate. She is not only a gun owner, but has a carry permit. Of course, you can't own guns, much less have a carry permit. Only the elite... Folks, the government is going for total gun confiscation, but they have to do it step by step by step. First will be banning semi-automatic rifles (which are NOT "assault rifles"). Then expanded background checks. Then the bullets. Then the large cap magazines. Step by step by step. Buy all the semi-automatic guns, bullets, and high cap magazines you can, while you can.


Jonathan Johnson is the head of the huge company. He is one of us. He says it is just a matter of time before we have a bank holiday. Not if, but when. He has $10 million in gold and silver to pay his employees for 3 months. He also has 3 months of basic FOOD, so his employees can eat. In fact, he has enough food for each employee AND their spouse. If more CEOs were like him, we would have a fine country. He is running for Governor of Utah. He wants states rights and freedom from the federal government. You know, just what this country was founded on over 200 years ago.


Walmart is the largest retailer in the entire world, and it is FAILING.


Walmart (WMT) one year

McDonalds may go the way of the dinosaur. Ray Kroc franchised it in 1955- sixty years ago. It is the second largest employer in the world after Walmart. 30% of franchises re-port they are "insolvent". Three quarters of all outlets are, in fact, franchises This "breakfast all day" stuff is an exercise in desperation. They don't serve McMuffins, even though they show them prominently on TV ads. They have 35,000 outlets in 119 countries, and serve 68 million people a day. They are failing. Food prices are thru the roof, and rising all the time. The economy also worsens all the time, and people simply cannot afford to eat out. It is NOT cheap to eat there at all, by the way. Walmart, the largest employer on the entire earth, is also failing. They admit 2016 will be worse. People are broke! If you can't afford to buy at Walmart, you can't afford to buy anywhere.


Here's a six month chart of Tesco Grocery (London TSCO). It is the 7th largest employer in the world. It's going to Hell in a handbasket as well.

TESCO (TSCO London) six month


The international bankers are planning 1) charging you to put your money in the bank, and 2) restricting how much money you can take out. Yes, that means they control your money, and charge you interest for holding it!!! Some European countries already have severe restrictions on how much of YOUR money you can take out. Get your money out of the bank and buy silver bullion. Keep a small balance to pay monthly bills. There is going to be a bank holiday here in America in the foreseeable future. There is also going to be a dollar collapse. Don't be a victim!


62% of American workers have saved less than $1,000. 51% of America workers make less than $30,000. MarketWatch revealed these facts. Social Insecurity is bankrupt and the sheeple have no money. 1 in 5 sheeple use food stamps to eat. Half of all households get a gummint check. Every day America becomes more of a Third World cesspool. The true unemployment rate is about 24%. About the only jobs available are minimum wage ones. The plans to "legislate affluence" by raising the minimum wage will backfire badly. America is finished after 239 years.


In May 2011 here is what Nobama said in a televised conference speech:

“On Friday, I was joined at the White House by Prime Minister Netanyahu, and we reaffirmed that fundamental truth that has guided our presidents and prime ministers for more than 60 years—that, even while we may at times disagree, as friends sometimes will, the bonds between the United States and Israel are unbreakable, and the commitment of the United States to the security of Israel is ironclad.”  Did you know all 535 members of Congress have signed the AIPAC Loyalty Oath- except one? After her term was finished, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) told the truth about this. It can't be denied because it's true. All 534 senators and congressmen have to swear allegiance to Israel above and beyond their allegiance to America. Israel first, America second.


Finally you can get .22 long rifle name brand bullets for five cents if you look. You can buy conversion kits for your 9mm pistol or AR-15 rifle and shoot .22s for practice. Re

member the good old days, not long ago, when a "brick" of 500 name brand .22s was only $10? Yup, that's two cents apiece. Be happy you can find them for a nickel now.


Doug Bandow, a former Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan and a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, warns that seniors must plan for "Social Security’s Coming Crash."
And in an alarming article, U.S. News & World Report argues that payouts will inevitably end, and says you must learn how to "Prepare for the End of Social Security" now.
However, one famous economist, James Dale Davidson, boldly predicts:
"We could see the end of Social Security as soon as 2016, and there is nothing President Obama, Congress or any other government agency can do to stop it."

"Right now, there are five massive cracks in the American economy’s foundation that are converging for the first time in history," Davidson explains in a newly released video. "This is a landmark development that I am convinced will trigger the greatest depression we’ve ever seen. Yes, worse than the 1929 Great Depression.”

Yes, Social Security could end as we know it in 2016     

If you want to see the entire 54 minute video for free just Google “James Davidson The Collapse”. Bypass the first 8 minutes though.

This is the defense minister of Iran. He is a serious and competent man.

This is the defense minister of China. A cold blooded man you do not want to fool with.

Here is Bathhouse Barry, the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Military. No, this isn’t photoshopped. We have a screaming homosexual sissy as our defense minister.

Here are the defense ministers in Europe. No, this isn’t a joke. Silly bitches.

Here is Russia’s commander in chief. A tough, battle seasoned general.


When, not if, World War III happens, we will be greatly outnumbered by Russian, China, and Iran. We will lose that war in the first five minutes. Most our soldiers are in the Mideast fighting for the Greater Glory of Israeli Imperialism. America is now the only war monger on earth, along with our "ally" and "best friend" Israel.


For the last month the COT report has been historically as bad as it can get. However the Big Banks did little damage to silver or gold, as you can see by this six month chart. In fact, a new five month high was even made for one day. This is good news. They are losing their power. The physical market will save us. Metal is metal, and paper is paper. Remember that all paper will be worth paper. Hold real bullion in your own hands.



The World Almanac of Facts and Statistics stated that the Jewish population in 1939 was about 15 million. In 1946 they stated it was slightly higher. Now ask yourself how “6 million” Jewish people were burned in ovens in those seven years. It never happened. Do you really believe ONE THIRD OF ALL JEWS IN THE WHOLE WORLD WERE GASSED, yet their numbers increased? That's absurd. Jews (except Sephardics) have a very low birth rate. It is simply impossible to produce over 6 million babies in 7 years. Why do they need a "Holocaust" to be Jewish? These facts speak for themselves.


Yes, this has been a long Rant. Prep and prep some more. Keep prepping. You must be able to survive a bank holiday, dollar collapse, martial law, nuclear war, or whatever other nightmare is ahead of us. Be ready, be prepared. See you in two weeks.

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