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December 01, 2015

George Orwell died in 1950 at the young age of 47. He was one of the very best social prophets the world has ever seen. A man way ahead of his time. If you never read his book 1984, you really need to do this. You've already found out when you tell sheeple the truth they get upset, they get mad at you, they think you're crazy. Tell them no one died at Sandy Hoax. Tell them Mossad and the CIA did 9/11. Tell them our government murdered Seal Team 6, and Bin Laden died at Tora Bora in 2001 of kidney failure. Facts only confuse them and reality scares them.

"No matter how paranoid you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine."---William Blum


"I will promise you this, that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am president, it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home. We will bring an end to this war. You can take that to the bank."  --- Candidate Barack Obama, October 27, 2007


It doesn't matter how many lies he tells it just doesn't matter. Just like Hillary. He lied before he got elected, and then kept lying for another 7 years. He only has one more year to keep lying and he'll be gone. Only to be replaced by an equally lying Republican.

The Paris bombing was obviously orchestrated. Why would a Syrian terrorist take his passport to a suicide mission? And the dying Syrian terrorist who supposedly kept repeating, "Syria, Syria, Syria..." as he lay dying. Why doesn't ISIS ever attack Holy Israel? Why do Israeli hospitals treat injured ISIS terrorists? Just remember that the head of ISIS is Israeli Mossad agent Elliott Shimon. That's all you need to know in one sentence.


The bombing was courtesy of Mossad, the CIA, and M-16. France will be under martial law, and the stupid French will applaud their slavery. Brussels in not on mere "lock down"- it is under martial law. AND NOTHING HAPPENED IN BELGIUM. The Belgians are also applauding their slavery. Yes, you get the point now...create a mass murder and then create a police state

"ISIS is a complete farce. It is a completely fabricated enemy funded by the United States and its allies."-Steven D Kelley - former CIA & NSA contractor


McCain the Insane with the Jewish Caliphate of ISIS Elliot Shimon

Here is Elliot in his Halloween Muslim costume.


ISIS really stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

Here is McCain the Insane again with the Jewish Zionist Mossad agent Elliot Shimon. He is the caliphate of ISIS. Let's say that again- a Mossad agent is the head of ISIS. Abu   Bakr al-Bagdadhi is Elliot. Why would McCain be visiting Elliot for years? Even Alex Jones and Rand Paul expose that ISIS was created by the CIA. They leave out Mossad though. Google "Elliot Shimon" and you will get tons of factual information.

Here's Wes Clark again almost nine years ago warning us of the Big NWO Plan. He was proud of what they were doing. Well, seven years later they're still after Syria and Iran.

History tells us – and be very clear on this  collapsing empires start wars. This war started slowly burning when Bush attacked Iraq, and now it’s escalating into a global conflict. This will end in nuclear war not far down the road.

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. H.L. Menken





In the 2015 report of the Social Security and Medicare Board of Trustees they state very plainly:

"Social Security as a whole, as well as Medicare, cannot sustain projected long-run pro-gram costs...", and that the government should be "giving the public adequate time to prepare."

Right from the U.S. Census Bureau folks. After 50, people are broke in America. Social Insecurity was bankrupt decades ago. No one wants to hire old people, even at minimum wage. The government and private pensions are all bankrupt as well. CALPERS (California Pension Personnel Fund) was broke decades ago. As goes California, so goes the nation. You are going to see tens of millions of seasoned citizens starve in the street.



Why a cashless society? To force you to spend and buy and consume. To have total control over your life in every way possible. To know every single thing you buy and sell. Banks will soon have negative interest rates for consumers in Europe. That's right...they will charge you to put money in the bank. This forces you to spend rather than save. Sweden is leading the way in cashless life. Stores now have signs, "we don't accept cash". Wherever you go you must have a credit or debit cards. Little children have their own debit cards. By 2030 they will be completely cash free. Can you believe this? Look at young people today with their debit cards and not a penny in their pockets. They love it!!!

We have had a billion ounce silver deficit in the last 12 years.

When we reported the COT report of the 16th we didn't discuss the open internet (OI).

Gold is up to 428,000 with 72,000 net shorts. This is 17% of the OI. That's not a big deal. Silver is up to 166,000 with 50,000 net shorts. This is a whopping 30% of the OI! This is still a big deal. We have to get the commercials to dump more silver shorts and buy more silver longs. (note: November 30 huge changes have happened!) Gold has been in backwardation longer than ever before in history. Backwardation means today's price is CHEAPER than next months price. Why? Because there is a physical shortage of gold you can buy today. This is huge. On the 20th the COT report was stunning for the third time in a row. The Big Banks are now merely net short 28,000 contracts. With an OI of 435,000, this is only 6%. Same as nothing. They are still net short 36,000 silver contracts. With an OI of 171,000, this is 21%. This is too high and must come down. We are going to see big changes soon. When the commercials finally go net long, you will see the prices of gold and silver explode. Remember there are 293 ounces of paper gold for every ounce of physical bullion. There are 196 ounces of paper silver for every ounce of physical bullion.

On the 30th (the COT was delayed due to Thanksgiving) the banks are now short a mere 12,000 net contracts in gold (3% of the OI) and 29,000 net short (17% of the OI) contracts in silver. This is wonderful news.


IT'S ALL ABOUT PAPER MANIPULATION. This is why you have to own physical silver in your own personal possession. On November 27 (Black Friday) the Big Banks dumped 19,000 gold short contracts on the COMEX in a half hour at 8:00 AM. They crashed the price of gold $15 in one hour. 19,000 contracts is 1.8 million ounces of PAPER gold. They only have 150,000 oz of physical gold in the COMEX vaults. Do you know how tiny 150,000 oz is? China imports more than that every week! This is how ridiculous it is. The paper price is meaningless, but right now controlling the markets. Anyone who denies this manipulation is deaf, dumb, and blind. You can't argue with facts.

Back in the 18th century, the philosopher and writer Voltaire stated: “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value – zero", -and he was absolutely right.


 This is the purchasing power of the dollar since 1920.

Once the Federal Reserve was formed the dollar has gone from $1.00 to five cents. The Zionist banks who own it have stolen 95 cents out of every dollar. They print "money" out of thin air and then charge interest on it!!! Biggest fraud in the history of the world.


Amazon is THE most overvalued stock on the S&P. Why not short it and make a fortune? It is selling at 942 X earnings (P/E ratio), and should be selling about 6-8 times earnings. Because it's a story stock like Facebook and Tesla. Facebook has a 78 X P/E. Again, it should 6-8 times. There is no P/E for Tesla, since is has lost huge amounts of money from the very beginning.  They lose $20,000 every time they sell one of their overpriced golf carts. When the story is over you can make a fortune. The real point here is that the DJI, S&P 500, and all the other major markets are totally overvalued. They are all houses of cards ready to collapse. A stock market crash is very overdue. Reality always wins in the end. The longer it takes, the worse it will be.



Over half of American workers make $30,000 ($15/hr) or less. There goes the main pillar of America- the middle class. The Federal Poverty Level for a family of five is $28,410. About 4 in 10 make less than $20,000 ($10/hr). These are not just students, teenagers, the elderly, and slackers. One quarter are actually in debt ("negative net worth"). Every day in every way we are coming closer and closer to being a mixed race, poverty stricken, Third World backwater like Brazil. It's over after 239 years folks. Don't kid yourself. By 2050 America, like California, won't even be a white country anymore. As goes California, so goes the nation. We're going to keep saying that because it's been true for 165 years now.

Be prepared in every way you can with a six month supply of the things you need. All this has been covered repeatedly in earlier issues.

This is what we said in the late November Rant:

The HUI must hold 101, silver must hold $14, and gold $1,080. Well, silver broke $14 and gold broke $1,080. Only the HUI held up. Also  GLD (the ETF) broke support and is now at 103. SLV (the ETF) also broke support at 13.63. This is not good news at all. The great COT reports of the 6th and 16th are going to change all that for the better. Will the stocks lead the metals, or will the HUI break support as well?

WILL THE  MINERS LEAD THE METALS? Time will tell, time always tells. As of November 30 the HUI is holding strong. This is huge.

The six month HUI miners chart show powerful bottoming action.

Here is the gold to dollar (monetary base) ratio for the past hundred plus years. This shows you there is every reason to own gold and silver, and not green toilet paper fake dollars.



Retailers are going broke at all levels. Go look at stock charts of Walmart, Kohls, Dillards, Macy's, or Nordstrom. The rich and the poor are all going broke. Christmas sales have been terrible for years now. The media has denied all this of course. Well, this Christmas will be the worst this country has ever seen since 1929. Black Friday was a total failure despite the endless media hype. Just morons camping out all night to save $20 on things they don't need with money they don't have.

Thich Hanh is a very wise spiritual teacher. If you have never read one of his books please consider it. ISIS was created by the CIA, Mossad and M16 to be the Boogeyman.

Now we are fighting an imaginary "enemy" we created along with Israel.



This year about 870 million ounces of silver will be mined and recycled worldwide. Only about 206 million will be sold as bars and coins to investors. The rest is used in jewelry and manufacturing. That means anyone with $3 billion dollars could buy EVERY SINGLE OUNCE of investment silver in the world. This market is so tiny it means everyone in the world could have less than 50 cents worth of silver- about one gram. A small paper clip weighs one gram. Someone with Silver Religion who has a mere 100,000 ounces ($1.5 million) just stopped 3 million others from their one gram of silver. Just one hundred of such millionaires would stop everyone in America from their one gram. Chase Manhattan has about 350 million ounces. So, they have taken the silver from from 10 billion people. Well, there aren't 10 billion people on the earth. Now, you are starting to see just how tiny this silver market it.


Jim Fetzer wrote a fine book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. Amazon and other retailers refuse to carry it. Refuse to let Jim give his opinion of Sandy Hook? Well, they won't allow any books claiming the Holocaust never happened. What are they afraid of? They will sell you endless books on communism and Marxism, sexual perversions, homosexuality, and all kinds of things. You can read it for free:  Readers of the Rant already know that no one died at Sandy Hoax, and it was just a FEMA drill.



Go to Zillow and look up 706 N Madison Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029.

This mansion has 1 bed with 400 square feet for a mere $409,000. Right, 20 feet by 20 feet. The bars on the windows tell you what kind of neighborhood this is. The California real estate mania may have topped finally. Courtesy of Dr. Housing Bubble (DHB). Just go to to keep up on the American real estate facts. This is an excellent site. As goes California, so goes the nation. You are going to see an unprecedented real estate crash out there.

DHB doesn't stop with real estate, but discusses the overall economy. Did you know that 30% of "millenials" (young people 18-34) live at home with their parents? (34% in California). In 1980 it was only 20%. Did you know 69% of millenials have never been married? In 1980 it was only 45%. 

Liberals love the word "diversity". A more accurate and honest term is race mixing. Go to Brazil to see how well things work when you mix various races.

"We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force." -Ayn Rand


If you understand liberalism is a mental disease then you get it. Why is it that liberals want to run your life for you? It's always about control for the sake of control.

Hillary can posture all she wants, and pretend to run, but she isn't really running. She is too sick and too unpopular. Even the media has turned against her. You now see negative articles and cartoons about the Whore of Babylon. Kosher Commie Bernie is the only one the Democrats have. Just imagine that... an outright communist as the only real Democratic candidate. Trump is just a clown trying to screw up the Republican candidates. Never forget he is a far left Democrat and has always been one. Right now Rubio is leading the pack with the heaviest Jeiwsh financial support. What happened to Old Jeb? Only God only knows. He was supposed to keep the Bush Dynasty going. 

"It will be of little avail to the people, that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so in-coherent that they cannot be understood." --James Madison, Federalist Paper 62  

We do not have a crime problem in America- we have a BLACK problem.

This is the gold COT report before the report of 11/27. You can see this has finally turned bullish. The red bars are the commercial shorts. These have fallen dramatically. They only control a mere 3% of the net shorts as of November 30. Same as nothing.

Here is the silver COT report. More problematic as you can see. Again, the red bars are the commercial shorts. This has to come down from 44,000 to under 10,000. They control only 17% of the net shorts as of November 30.

Obama actually said this.."I think that at a certain point you've made enough money."

Now he is telling you how much money you can make. If you make any more than he allows he will take it from you- by force- and give it to lazy, stupid people who don't work. This doesn't apply to the politicians and crony capitalists of course. Why doesn't this apply to Gates, Trump, Soror, Buffett and the other neocons? He's worth $12 million, and every year makes more millions. Why hasn't he made enough money?

Actually the top 1% pay 40% of all income taxes. The "rich" are taxed to death already. If you took every penny from the rich and gave it to everyone else it wouldn't make a bit of difference. A few years later the lazy and stupid would be broke and the intelligent and hard working would be rich again. Look at most lottery winners for a lesson in this.

Guns are the ONLY thing between you and a totalitarian government. Religion is our expression of our spirituality. Two main pillars of Marxism, communism, and police states are 1) no guns, and 2) no churches.



Turkey shot down a Russian jet with no warnings that was not in their air space. Then they shot down a rescue (not attack, but rescue) helicopter, and killed a second Russian soldier. Putin is going to stick it up Erdogan's ass six feet deep. No, he will not attack them militarily. He will do much worse. He's already started with crippling trade sanctions. No more Turkish imports. No more Russian tourists. They get 60% of their gas from Russia, and that has been cut off. Half of Turkey will freeze this winter.  Putin is the consummate chess player. He will destroy Turkey's economy quietly, without fanfare. All this is about OIL. ISIS has taken over the eastern Syrian oil field. They transport the oil by truck to Turkey. There it is sold domestically and exported to Israel and Asia. Erdogan and his son Bilal make hundreds of millions off this. Russia has already started using fighter jets to destroy the oil caravans. Trust that Putin will pay back Erdogan 100 times over. 


American citizens have 310 million guns. The entire military has 4 million guns and more than half of them (including the National Guard) is in the Mideast killing innocent people for the Greater Glory of Israeli Imperialism. Who do you think will win if the government comes after those guns? The odds are 165 to 1 against them. Mother Jones is a disgusting communist rag and they want all guns banned. A pillar of any totalitarian government.

November 27 another mass murder hoax in Colorado Springs courtesy of the neocons, Zionists and One Worlders. Hillary has come out and said she would confiscate all the guns. She praised Australia, Canada, and the U.K. for doing this, and admires them for taking all the guns.

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