Economic Rant

December 10, 2015

"The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out... without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, intolerable." ... H.L. Mencken


Three December Rants will be sent out this month due to the world situation deteriorating. Our evil war of aggression in Syria is about to start World War III. The contrived massacre in San Berdoo is a warmup for The Really Big Hoax. The entire world economy is falling apart at the seams. Next Rant on the 20th.

We created ISIS with help from Mossad and MI-5. ISIS is merely a group of paid mercenaries. Now we find out Saudi Arabia has been a big part of this as well. They are big players here. Turkey just invaded Iraq. Saudi Arabia and Turkey are two of our worst enemies.


“Behind the ostensible government sits enthroned an invisible government, owing no allegiance and acknowledging no responsibility to the people.” — Theodore Roosevelt


The hallmark of an empire in collapse is the imposition of governmental totalitarianism, and reckless attempted military imperialism. Currently, the U.S. military is the most dangerous terrorist in the world. Contrary to

the view reflected in the Quinnipiac University poll, the biggest fear is that the U.S. Government is soon going to turn it reign of terror on its own citizens. History tells us this is what occurs when a powerful political system is in the final stages of collapse.



Is all you have to know about the fake San Bernadino shooting is that the supposed female Muslim "terrorist" tweeted to ISIS Caliphate Abu Bakr her loyalty before dying. ISIS was created by the U.S., Israel, U.K, and Saudi Arabia. Abu Bakr is a Jewish Mosad agent and Israeli citizen pretending to be the leader of ISIS. Another false flag attack to take our guns.


We have slaughtered 1.5 million innocent Iraqi citizens. this includes babies, children, women, the elderly, and non-combatant men. We and Israel are the two most evil nations on earth. We make the North Koreans look like nice guys. Countries have karma just like people do. We are going to pay for this in the form of the total destruction of America.


Think of gold and silver as irredeemable bonds that pay no interest, but have no credit risk, where the issuer is God or the universe itself. Got silver?

Look  at this two year chart of the GLD ETF. They are almost out of gold and down to about 600 tons. The SLV ETF is equally out of silver bullion. SLV has a mere 321 million ounces. This is a tiny speck worth less than $5 billion. The COMEX and London Bullion (LBMA) are out of gold. There are no gold or silver stores anywhere on earth. Only China, India, Russia, the Big Banks, and intelligent patriots own gold and silver

Want to hear something really shocking? The COMEX is down to only 121,000 ounces of physical gold bullion worth a mere $125 million. Anyone with $125 million can buy every registered (available) ounce on the COMEX. 98% of the 6.5 million ounces of gold is eligible (owned and not for sale). Only 2% (registered) is available. Something is very wrong here, and it is all to our benefit. Gold is in backwardation, and the spot price is higher than the futures price a month out.



Do you want to bet with JPM or against them?  They are prepared for the coming silver explosion.



The San Bernadino shooting was another staged event, like the rest of them. Notice that every time there is a mass murder or pretend mass murder there is a military police training exercise going on at the same time there. Some coincidence, huh? Immediately Nobama got on TV and started calling for more gun control. It's all about taking our guns away. America is the only civilized country with gun freedom. This is a warm up folks for the Big One...


That's right, "our" government, the CIA and Mossad are going to murder  more American citizens in order to declare martial law, pass more Patriot Act legislation and take all the gun rights they can. Just like they did when the CIA and Mossad blew up the Twin Towers on September 11.  Buy your firearms and ammunition now.

Try to follow the government logic here...if we confiscate all the guns, the terrorists will stop attacking us??? What? Seriously, the White House officially stated if we ban all the guns in America, the terrorists will stop attacking us.

To recap, the November 30 COT report was stunning yet again. The Big Banks dropped 16,000 short gold contracts, and are now merely 12,000 net short. This is only 3% of the OI of 398,000. Same as nothing. They dropped 7,000 short silver contracts, and are now only net short 29,000. This is 17% of the OI of 170,000.  We want to see this number  drop to less than 17,000- or 10% of the OI. 

On December 4:

Another stunning COT report. The Big Banks dropped 9,000 net gold shorts, and are down to a mere 3,000 net short with an OI of 391,000. THIS IS 1%!!! This is a 25 year record. They only have 1 real (registered) ounce for every 300 ounces of paper gold. Almost none, in other words. We are off to the races folks. When the commercials are net long gold and silver you are going to see fireworks. For over a quarter century they have kept a lid on the prices.  They added 1,000 net silver shorts and are still 30,000 net short with an OI of 163,000. This is still 18%. The COMEX only has 1 real (registered) ounce of silver for every 200 ounces of paper silver. That is about 43 million ounces which could be bought for a mere $600 million. Imagine that!


Chris Duane at the Silver Shield says do not count your silver in dollars. Count your silver in OUNCES. How many OUNCES do you have? We bought silver at $5, $10, $20, and even $30. It only matters how many ounces you have.


We will report the December 11 COT in the December 20 Rant. Every Friday after 4:00 PM EST just Google "month, day, year COT report" and look for the silver and gold COT report.

Look at the powerful four month support for the HUI. The miners have not broken support at 101. Gold, silver, GLD, and SLV have all broken support badly. The HUI has to close over 143 before we have any real confirmation of a turnaround though. The miners are leading the metals. It is now about 116.

The GDX (Gold Miners) chart show the very same powerful four month bottom.     

Saudi Arabia is collapsing. Remember this is Arabia run by the House of Saud. Evil bastards. Salman and the Wahabist Sauds need to fail so the country of Arabia can be free  again. Low oil prices, deficits, less bank deposits, high debt, high bank rates, falling GDP and support of ISIS all add up to a collapse. They are our enemy in every way.

Did you know Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain have all refused to accept even one Syrian refugee? Muslims refuse to help fellow Muslims? None of the Gulf States will allow one single refugee. Didn't see that on Faux (Fox) News. By the way, crude oil could easily fall to $30 or even less. Production is up and demand is down. The entire world economy is dying.



This Ponzi scheme is $40 trillion in debt. With our total GNP at a mere $12 trillion annually that is hard to comprehend. You are not going to collect your Social Insecurity that you paid for all your life. Right from the government:

“Social Security as a whole… as well as Medicare cannot sustain projected long-run program costs…” They continue, saying that the government needs to start “giving the public adequate time to prepare…”

Prepare to starve to death in your last years is what they mean. This is YOUR money; this isn't welfare. They stole all your life savings and wasted it. Social Insecurity has been bankrupt since 1970. They have been stealing to support it. It was always a Ponzi scheme started by communist Franklin Roosevelt in 1935 eighty years ago.


Putin is paying back Turkey 100 times over for killing their soldiers. They are sealing the Turkish/Syrian border. No more million dollar a day stolen oil caravans going to Erdogan and his son Bilal. Turkey was heavily supporting ISIS and stealing Syrian oil every day. Putin put an end to that crap. No more Russian tourists. No more imports from Turkey or exports to Turkey. Gazprom turned the gas off, and 60% of Turks will freeze this winter. Putin knows how to take care of pompous psychopaths like Erdogan. Now we find out Saudi Arabia has been heavily supporting ISIS.

If Hillary wasn't dying of various terminal illnesses the sheeple would elect her. Especially the women! Americans would actually choose the Whore of Babylon as their president and Commander in Chief. America is the most evil country on earth along with Israel. 

The subhuman Greeks willingly elected the communist Syriza party. Well, now the commies passed a law that all Greeks have to declare every asset they have on their Tax net federal income form. Cash, jewelry, car, bank account, stocks, foreign bank, safe deposit box, EVERYTHING. Yes, your cash and jewelry. What is the point? Asset confiscation. Make criminals out of the 99% who won't declare anything. Then take away their assets and throw them in jail. Why do people prefer communism, slavery, and poverty over freedom and affluence? If they all died the world would be a better place. 

The U.S. dollar is losing purchasing power. That is the bottom line. The fact that it is "up" versus other fiat currencies is irrelevant. IT IS DOWN IN PURCHASING POWER. Nothing else matters. Ignore what the dollar does. Ignore what the Fed does with interest rates. It's all just distracting noise.


If you don't think Donald Trump is just another Zionist sock puppet, ask yourself why his children Eric and Ivanka married into rich powerful Jewish families. Eric married Lara Yunaska. Ivanka married Jared Kushner, and then converted to Judaism. His media manager is Jewish. Donald Trump is going to Israel to meet with Satanyahu. He called Bibi a "great man, a terrific guy, a terrific leader." He is a long time personal friend and supporter. Like all the rest of the presidential candidates The Donald puts the welfare of Israel before that of America. Israel first, America second. He bragged he is, "the best thing that could happen to Israel" if he is elected, and that he is, "1,000% behind Israel". Why isn't he 1,000% behind America?



Brazil is the 7th largest economy in the world, and the largest economy in Central and South America. It is completely and totally broke! Venezuela, Canada, Russia, and Japan are not far behind. Venezuela has the largest oil fields in the world, but chose communist coke dealing Maduro for president after communist Chavez. Now they're starving. This will be a worldwide depression, and no country will escape it. 


Today's price of gold is higher than the price of gold a month away. Why? Because there is little real physical gold to be had. There are now over 300 ounces of paper gold in the COMEX for every physical ounce. This is preposterous! The tail doesn't just wag the dog; it wags the entire kennel! The situation with silver is basically the same with about 200 ounces of paper silver for every physical ounce.

Look at money velocity for the last 55 years. Money must move or the economy is dead. This is right from the Fed. Money isn't moving because the economy has collapsed.

We all know global warming is a fraud designed to give us a worldwide "carbon" tax on vital life supporting carbon dioxide. Anyone who finished the 6th grade in school knows that carbon dioxide supports plant growth and all life on our planet.  Above you see the red line which is what NASA and NOAA scientists actually measured. We clearly see global cooling. However, the falsely reported higher temperatures (the blue line) in the media. This is a 95 year chart.

Congress has a shit sandwich for every American, and filet mignon for themselves. Never forget that the stupid Americans voted for every one of the 535 traitors. Politicians are merely a reflection of the people. America is done after 239 years.

He was the leader of the Pan-Europa integration movement meant to destroy white Europe entirely. Go to Wikipedia for "Richard Kalergi" for more information on him. His quote says it all. He was of Greek-Japanese mixed race and had a serious complex about that. Now in 2015 Europe is finally being destroyed racially. Sweden is probably the best example of this. The only self destructive race on earth is the white race.


In 1777 Queen Maria Theresa had a 40 year reign over the Austrian empire. She had this to say:

"Henceforth no Jew, no matter under what name, will be allowed to remain here without my written permission. I know of no other troublesome plague within the state than this race, which impoverished the people by their fraud, usury and money-lending and commits all deeds which an honorable man despises. Subsequently they have to be removed and excluded from here as much as possible."


Six out of ten Americans are in favor of banning "assault rifles" because they are brainwashed. They are no civilian assault rifles! An assault rifle is a fully automatic machine gun that requires 1) a gun dealer license, and 2) a class III BATF permit. Almost no one has an assault rifle, and crimes are simply never committed with one. Only the police, military, and some gun dealers have them. An AR-15, AK-47 or mini-14 is simply a semi-automatic rifle. Period. Less than 3% of all violent crimes are committed with ANY kind of rifle or shotgun. Now these rifles are called "weapons of war", and will be banned. Go out and buy an AR-15, AK-47, mini-14 or similar rifle today. California banned them years ago. As goes California, so goes the nation.

The left is openly calling for total gun confiscation now. The New York Times put that on the front gun confiscation and nothing less. Anyone who doesn't turn in all their guns will be a felon and go to prison. The only thing standing between us and a totalitarian communist government are the 100 million gun owners. Nothing else.



The expanded background checks bill failed Thursday the 3rd by TWO votes- 50 to 48. Every one of the 13 Jewish senators voted for it of course. This will pass in 2016. You will not be able to give a gun to your own friend or family member. All guns transfers (sale or gift) will have to go thru the BATF with extensive paperwork and fees. Closer and closer and closer to total gun confiscation. You will be a felon if you give your own son or daughter a gun. When you die every gun must have a BATF transfer or your family will all be felons. By the way, why do we have 13 Jewish senators when they are only 2% of the U.S. population? There should only be 2, not 13. Why are there 4 out of 7 on the Supreme Court (yes, Sotomayer is Jewish)?


Here Pope Frankie the Fake bows down to his handlers David Rothschild and his Zionist friends. This is disgusting! Folks, you can't argue with facts. The Catholic Papacy ended with old Frankie. He is Satan's Ambassador and promotes hard core Marxism. There are over a billion Catholics on this planet, and nearly all of them worship Satan's representative as a god.

In 1942 Time magazine named mass murderer Josef Stalin as man of the year!!!

Now Angela Merkel is Time's person of the year for 2015. Forbes says she is the most powerful woman in the world. Here is Angela Kasner in her East German Communist uniform in 1972. She joined the communist Free German Youth at 17.  Dirty bitch is a hardcore commie, but the stupid, brain dead Germans have elected her three times to take their freedom away. Hitler is rolling over in his grave. Now tell yourself this isn't End Times when white people freely choose communism over freedom and prosperity.


If New York City was all white the murder rate would fall 91%. 9 out of 10 jails would close. 9 out of 10 courts would close. 9 out of 10 judges and lawyers would be out of work. 9 out of 10 policemen would be out of work. There would be no barrios, no Harlem, no projects, no ghettos, no dangerous areas. This is right from the NY Police Department and can't be denied.

"Hillary has a vision for America that’s very similar to mine."

America is no longer a free market, or true capitalism. It is crony capitalism. Buffett and Clinton are a perfect example of this. Buffett is having a $33,000 a plate fund raiser for Hillary. They both want a One World Order.    


It turns out that there are 27 major global stock markets that have fallen by more than 10 percent from peaks that were set earlier this year.  If you want to verify this information for yourself, just go to Trading Economics.  These stock market declines are most impressive… China: down 30 percent, Saudi Arabia: down 26 percent, Germany: down 13 percent, United Kingdom: down 12 percent, Spain: down 15 percent, Brazil: down more than 22 percent (13,000 points overall), Malaysia: down 17 percent, Turkey: down 16 percent, India: down 12 percent, Chile: down 11 percent, Columbia: down 30 percent, Peru: down 40 percent, Bulgaria: down 20 percent, Greece: down 30 percent, Poland: down 19 percent, Malaysia: down 10 percent, Egypt: down 32 percent, Indonesia: down 18 percent, Canada: down 12 percent, Ukraine: down 45 percent, Morocco: down 13 percent, Ghana: down 17 percent, Kenya: down 27 percent, Australia: down 13 percent, Nigeria: down 30 percent, Taiwan: down 15 percent, and Thailand: down 20 percent. Pray that Saudi Arabia and Turkey collapse totally.

It is now more important to PREP than buy silver. This is not an either/or situation, but rather a both/and. You must prepare in every way you can. Great events cast their shadows before them. There are very dark shadows over us now. Get ready Move out of the city or suburbs and stop making excuses. We have discussed this in detail in previous issues of the Rant.


Look at this 50 year chart of single family home sales. When you look at sale PER POPULATION you see they historically lower than ever. Ignore all the propaganda about how wonderful the housing market is. The moron homebuilders keep building new homes, unsold inventory keeps rising, but sales keep falling. Everyone is broke. Now most renters are over 40. People over 40 used to be home owners, not renters homes, unsold inventory keeps rising, but sales keep falling. Everyone is broke. Now most renters are over 40. People over 40 used to be home owners, not renters. 

Here's the House of the Month, courtesy of  Dr. Housing Bubble.....

667 s.f. for a mere $1.5 million. It is 60 years old, in terrible shape, and sold "as is" with no guarantees at all. If you think this is a joke just look it up on Zillow. The housing mania will collapse as all bubbles collapse.

1147 Harrison Ave, Venice, CA 90291, 1 bed, 1 bath listed at 667 square feet. 

That's it for the Second December Rant. The third on will be sent out on the 20th. 

America is Freddy Kruger. America is the Evil Empire. What used to be the Beacon of Freedom to the world is now the most evil emperialistic nation on earth. Now the government is turning on it's own citizens. We have 5% of the world population, but 25% of the prison inmates. We make North Korea, Cuba, Red China, Russia, and Myranmar (Burma) look free by comparison.

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