Economic Rant

February 01, 2016

"Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away." Elvis Presley


This is another long Rant because the world collapse is speeding up. Sit down with a cup of coffee, relax, have fun, get a good laugh, learn things you’ll not find anywhere else, and read it all please.



We have to print this again. The former Fed Chief Richard Fisher said this month on national television, including CNBC. This is unreal. Maybe he actually feels guilty for what he's done. Maybe he just doesn't want to be blamed when the collapse occurs. He

admits the fed caused all these problems, is out of ammunition, and is now powerless. Wow!


“It is not China,” It is The Fed that is at fault: “What The Fed did, and I was part of it, was front-load an enormous market rally in order to create a wealth effect… and an uncomfortable digestive period is likely now.” He concludes there simply can’t be much more accommodation. ”The Fed is a giant weapon that has no ammunition left.”


We live in a pseudo-two party dictatorship. Voting is a joke, and the joke is you the voter.

The Republicrat Party is two sides of the same police state coin. Vote Libertarian if you can. Don't vote for the lesser of two evils. A vote for the lesser evil is still a vote for evil.


More and more Hillary's terminal health  problems are coming to light. Hillary was at a speaking event in Des Moines, IA on Monday. She had a serious hacking spasm cough attack and could not continue speaking. Even Matt Drudge is on the case here. The masses are starting to see her health problems are terminal. She won't finish the year, much less be elected. She just needs to faint once and it's all over. A 20 minute bathroom break months ago, a 5 minute coughing spasm this week, what's next?

The National Enquirer reported (Feb. 1) she has gained 30 pounds on a junk food diet and eats like a pig. She also may be drinking alcohol heavily when not working. She is on various prescription medications, including at least one anti-depressant. Now she literally waddles when she walks. It's not fun being the Whore of Babylon. Five years ago your poor, old author was the only one on this earth telling you she was too sick to run. Now it's common knowledge. Soon, she's going to reveal a, "sudden health crisis" and drop out of her pseudo-campaign.

Your author told you over five years ago she would never run for president because she's too sick. Now Breitbart ( on January 6 had an extensive article on just how close she is to dying. Dr. Drew Pinksky is a respected medical doctor who has his own radio and TV shows. He says she has blood clots that could cause her to fall over and die any day due to cardiac embolism. He said, “She had a clot in her legs twice – these are serious clots that lead to something called pulmonary embolism, which can also cause sudden death. So, she has an underlying recurrent blood clot in her leg, a clot in her transverse sinus…why is she clotting?” he asked. She's dying as you read this folks. The stress of campaigning is literally killing her. She's is running her pseudo-campaign for the money and the attention. She's pulling in over $100 million a year from this. Narcissistic psychopaths like her crave endless attention. That leaves the Democrats with Kosher Bernie the Communist. Google "Hillary's Health Issues" and you'll see more websites than ever. The list grows by the week, too.



Did you know that the top 62 New World Order members have as much money as the 3.6 billion bottom half of the world population? 62 people have as much money as 3.6 billion people. And the top 1% of the world’s richest people have more money than the other 99%. Again. 1% of the world owns more than the other 99%. You cannot have a middle class in a socialist, communist, totalitarian, or police state. The middle class is gone all over the world. America’s middle class is disappearing by the day. The middle class made America great, but all that is over after 240 years.

Woodrow Wilson knew about the New World Order 100 years ago, but could do nothing about it. He did not speak about it until he left office.



Something very bad is happening. The NWO is grooming Bolskevik Bernie for president. Hillary had over 1,300 classified emails on her server. Some of them were above Top Secret. She's dying, and the Democratic officials have known this for a long time. Even if she avoids prison, she is simply unelectable with all this baggage. Now Bernie is being pushed as our next president. We have never had a Jewish communist president, only goy Zionist sock puppets. We may soon have an openly communist president in America. If that doesn't define End Times, then what does? Yes, Americans are that stupid.

Here the world "Illuminati" is used. You know what that means- Zionists. Zionists own the entire world media. They control it all. They tell the sheeple what to think, and how to think, what to do and how to do it.


Pope Frankie the Fake is meeting with top business and banking people like Eric Schmidt, the owner of Alphabet. He also met with Christine Lagarde, the president of the International Monetary Fund. Who cares? You should care, because he is a politician instead of a pope. He is Satan’s Ambassador on Earth and rules over 1.2 billion Catholics. He now also has tremendous POLITICAL and BUSINESS influence, not just religious. He will meet with more and more POLITICIANS and powerful BUSINESS and banking people. Below you see him pontificate against guns, while surrounded by his paid bodyguards with boatloads of guns.

Hillary Clinton’s email problems have gone from bad to much worse.1,300 classified document on her server including some Above Top Secret. Clinton has not been arrested, but she may well be charged for these serious felonies. Inspector General McCullough told the Senate in testimony on Capitol Hill that what was on Clinton’s server was in-formation and messages classified as "special access programs," or SAP. It’s reported by multiple intelligence sources that people could die if information was hacked. There is no way Clinton avoids being charged. Clinton cannot win even if she is not charged. Former House Majority Leader Tom Delay has said she will be arrested. He says he has talked to upper level FBI people who know this. Brother Nathanael says she will not.

Don't blame this ugly old yenta; blame the people in Communist California for repeatedly electing her and the rest of the Communist politicians.



There are only about 1.14 million active military now. Most of them- including the National Guard- are in the Mideast killing innocent people, or on the 700 foreign bases we have in over 38 countries. That leaves very few here in America. When the SHTF how are a handful of less that a half million soldiers going to deal with 300 million people? And 100 million gun owners. Don’t listen to fear mongers who tell you one soldier is going to go to two hundred gun owners to take their guns by force. That’s right- 200 to 1 just with gun owners. And 600 to1 with the populace. Ridiculous. The police are even more outnumbered.



Eight U.S. Banks alone hold almost $300 trillion in derivatives. Plus all the other banks in America and the rest of the world adds up to over $700 trillion. That is far, far more than the entire GNP of the whole planet. Now stop and see this...more derivatives than the GNP of every country on earth. These are now imploding badly with the world stock markets crashing. As they implode, the entire world economy is going to collapse totally. Get your money out of the banks, out of the stock markets, out of your IRA/401k, and put it in silver bullion you hold personally. If you don't, you'll starve in the street with the rest of the sheeple. Please understand this...there are far more derivatives than the entire GNP of Planet Earth. They are imploding as you read this. You will pay the bill, not the bankers. You will pay it. All bills get paid all the time every time, either by the seller or the buyer. There is no such thing as an "unpaid bill".

You’ll keep seeing the cartoon below repeated. The constant fake shootings and manufactured shootings will keep up. Any day we are going to see a sports stadium, shopping mall, or other large event mass murder. This will make 9/11 look mild. Then comes martial law. You won’t like martial law when Private Dumbass (regardless of color), with an IQ of 85, tells you to do something, or he’ll shoot you dead on the spot.

Donald Trump wants to ban "assault weapons". Assault weapons were already banned 82 years ago in 1934. He means you cannot own a semi-automatic rifle. Nevertheless, morons like Ted Nugent support him as a hero to gun owners. Trump believes that assault weapons should be banned, “who needs them except criminals and police?” he said. You can only own an automatic assault weapon if you have a federal BATF gun dealer license AND a special Class III permit.

The DOW is collapsing. Stock markets around the world are collapsing with it. Walmart closed 269 stores and fired over 10,000 employees. All Walmart Express stores were shut down. Oil fell under $30 from it's old high of $140. That is an 80% loss. J.P. Morgan says it will go to $20. A true free market price would be about $40. Christmas sales were miserable, and the media simply pretended not to know anything. Industrial production keeps falling. Business inventories keep rising due to poor sales. New York Federal Reserve President has threatened to institute NEGATIVE interest rates if things keep going south. Try to comprehend negative interest rates folks. You pay the bank to hold your money? Try to imagine a cashless society with only digital entries.



This is a 35 year chart of oil vs gold ratio. This is the most barrels of oil you can buy with an ounce of gold in the history of oil drilling!!!! This is crazy. The oil producers weren't bitching when oil was $140 a barrel. So, they can shut up now that it is under $30 a barrel. It may well go to $20 a barrel. You could never buy 36 barrels of oil with an ounce of gold in history.

The COT report on the 15th was a disappointment.

The COT report on the 22nd was another disappointment. The commercials dropped 3,000 gold shorts and are now 40,000 net short (10% of OI). They added 3,000 new silver shorts, and are now up to 36,000 net short (23% of OI).

The COT report on the 29th was horrendous!!! The commercials added 20,000 gold shorts, and are now 60,000 net short (16% of open interest). They added 9,000 silver shorts, and are now 45,000 net short (a whopping 29% of OI). Nothing good is going to happen for a while folks. Load up on $14 silver, and be thankful you can buy it this cheaply.

This is why silver is stuck at $14. 45,000 net shorts is 225 million ounces they control- ON PAPER, but not in the real world- and not for much longer. 225 million paper ounces, and only 28 million real physical ounces. All paper will eventually be worth paper.

Cost of production for gold is about $1,150 worldwide.

Cost of production for silver is about $17 worldwide.

The only silver cache left on earth now is the COMEX. They have a mere 28 million ounces left. This is about 1/12 of one ounce (less than 3 gram) of silver for everyone in America. That would come to like three silver paper clips. Same as nothing obviously.







Look at this very powerful seven month bottoming action for the gold miners index. As long as this holds 101 (it’s now 118) we are fine. This is a very good sign.



There are only 74,000 ounces of registered (buyable) gold in the COMEX now. That is the same as nothing. You could buy all that for a mere $80 million dollars. This is

the largest supply of available gold in the world. There are 542 claims for every 1 ounce of COMEX gold. That defines insanity.


This one year Walmart chart tells you everything. The largest retailer in the world. They just closed 269 stores, including every one of their Walmart Express outlets.

Goldman Sachs is Satan's personal banker. Why are they failing?

Target is the second largest retailer in America after Walmart. Failing.

J.C. Penney has been around for over 100 years. It won't be around much longer.

Sears has also been around for over 100 years. It won't be around much longer either.

Amazon (AMZN) is the biggest con job going in the entire market- except for Tesla (TSLA). It sells for 830 times declared earnings- except there are no earnings. You see it has finally rolled over. This would be an excellent short sale, looking for 100 instead of 587. This is another "story stock" for the sheeple with no underlying reality. 700 to 587 (down 16%) in a mere three weeks. This might be the best short in the world right now.

Tesla (TSLA) started to collapse over six months ago. $290 to $200. They have lost money since their inception. Another story stock for the sheeple to get sheared on. It’s an extravagantly overpriced golf cart. The $5,000 battery needs to be replaced every five years. Disposing of it is an ecological nightmare. Most electricity still comes from coal, even though the Liberals and neocons have almost put the entire coal industry out of business. We are the Saudi Arabia of coal, and have 1,000 years of known coal reserves. We can make $2 a gallon gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel forever with the SASOL process from coal.

A good cartoon is worth a 1,000 words. There was a 2,500 point drop in the DJI. The worldwide stock markets are collapsing. (Thanks to Ben Garrison for this.)  The entire world stock markets are collapsing, not just America.


The relentless NWO march to a cashless world continues by the day. Norway’s biggest bank, DNB, just called for a cashless nation. Sweden and Denmark have already almost succeeded in this. Only 40% of purchases in America are now in cash. A cashless world means the banks control anything and everything all the time every time. Your entire life savings can disappear with a few computer keystrokes. The government can track you 24/7 and know where you are, what you are doing, and what you are buying. Banks in Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, and the Central Bank of Europe have all gone to negative interest rates. Why? To force people to start spending, that’s why. Yes, you will be penalized for being frugal and thrifty and saving your money. Yes, negative interest rates mean they CHARGE you for keeping your money. You are literally better off hiding it under your mattress. This is a big step towards the Cashless Society the NWO order is implementing.

Did you know that most Jewish people today (except Sephardics) are really Khazars and not Biblical Jews? DNA proves it. Real Jews came from Judea, NOT ancient Israel. DNA testing of Jews in Israel and America prove they are not Judeans at all, but Khazars. Any claim to modern Israel (which is really Palestine) is meaningless. Modern Israel was created 70 years ago, not 2,000 years ago. A Jewish doctor at Johns Hopkins, Eran Elhaik, proved this with extensive DNA studies. Modern Jews are Japhetic, not Semitic and are not of Abraham or the Israelites. His article was published in Genome Biology and cannot be disputed. Thanks to David Icke for this chart (


1913 was the end of America with the creation of the Zionist Fed. Twelve Zionist banks own the Fed. This includes Lazard Brothers, Israel Seif, Kuhn Loeb, Warburg, Lehman Brothers, and Goldman Sachs. It is a private banking consortium, not federal. No reserves either. Look at this 102 year chart. They print green toilet paper 24/7. The ONLY cause of inflation is printing unbacked “money”. See what happened after 2013? Inflation is theft of the public. It is a secret hidden theft.

While Alexandr uses the term “Bolsheviks”, he really means Jews. The Bolsheviks were Jews, and they destroyed Russia. It never recovered after 100 years either.


Brazil has cancelled their famous tradition of carnival due to the economy. That's how bad things are in the world folks.



Tens of trillions of dollars in derivatives have already been lost due to the collapse of the international stock markets. Stock markets around the world are collapsing. Remember there are far more derivatives in the world than the entire total GNP of every one of the 200 nations on earth. That defines insanity right there. Derivatives are not a real market at all. The largest real market is bonds- and they are collapsing as well. The Baltic Dry Index is the most important worldwide indicator of the economy. This is the international shipping index and just made a new historical low. Walmart, the biggest retailer in the world is dying. The real U.S. unemployment rate is really about 23%. Inflation is raging since every currency on earth is worthless colored toilet paper. This has never happened before where every single currency is valueless. The Social Insecurity Fund was bankrupt decades ago. Old people will starve in the streets. One in five Americans eats on Food Stamps. The Fed has threatened negative interest rates. Yes, that means you pay the bank to hold you money? Seriously, that’s what it means. We are going to a cashless society, where your lifesavings can be vaporized with a few computer keyboard strokes. Medicare and Medicaid have been bankrupt for decades. ObamaCare is the biggest health scam the world has every seen. There’s no gold in Ft. Knox. The dollar is worthless, and will be replaced by a New Dollar or a One World Currency. The bond market- the largest market in the world- is collapsing. The real unemployment rate is about 23%. The real inflation rate about 10%. America is the worst police state on earth with 25% of the prison inmates but only 5% of the world population. Our true national debt is about $180 trillion, not the ridiculous $18 trillion figure the media trots out. Our entire GNP is down to only $12 trillion. That alone means a total collapse of this country. The presidential candidates are simply a parade of clowns. This list could go on and on…

Look at this 1988 cover of The Economist. “Get ready for a world currency”. The NWO was bragging 28 years ago there would be a One World Currency in 2018. Look at the pile of burning U.S. dollars the phoenix is standing on. Look at the gold coin around its neck. None of this is “secret” for God’s sake! It’s all out in the open for anyone who is paying attention. They’re bragging about it and rubbing their plan in your face.

Liberalism is a mental illness. Here is a photo of far left protesters demanding more and more government. Well, can’t they see what more government means when they are getting pepper sprayed and beaten for demonstrating? Liberals all have serious psychiatric issues. Anyone who prefers Big Government slavery and poverty to freedom and affluence is obviously nuts.


Donald and Sarah may form a third party to really screw up the election. Trump is just another Zionist sock puppet.

Were you surprised to see Sarah the Witch support Donald the Devil? Didn't you read the last Rant? They are both worshippers of Lucifer. Donald is NOT a Republican and has always been a far left Democrat.





"ISIS is a complete farce. It is a completely fabricated enemy funded by the United States and its allies."-Steven D Kelley - former CIA & NSA contractor

Satanyahu knows he can in reality behave with impunity because he de facto owns the U.S. Congress and the mainstream media. He has said, “I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won’t get in the way.” Bibi actually said that folks. The Israel tail wags the American dog.


America, Israel, U.K. and Saudi Arabia paid mercenaries to form ISIS. The head of ISIS is Elliot Shimon, a Jewish Mossad agent. ISIS soldiers never attack Holy Israel of course. Wounded ISIS soldiers are treated at Israeli hospitals.


Here is Elliot in his Halloween Muslim costume.

ISIS really stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

Here is the Jewish Zionist Mossad agent Elliot Shimon. He is the caliphate of ISIS. Let's say that again- a Mossad agent is the head of ISIS. Abu   Bakr al-Bagdadhi is Elliot. Why did McCain the Insane visit with Elliot for years? Even Alex Jones and Rand Paul expose that ISIS was created by the CIA. They leave out Mossad though. Google "Elliot Shimon" and you will get tons of factual information.



Look at the one year stock charts of the Big Truckers like Old Dominion, Heartland, Marten, Werner, Covenant, and J.B. Hunt. In the toilet. America moves by truck, and America ain’t moving anymore. Here are HTLD and ODFL charts to prove it.


Heartland Express (HTLD)

Old Dominion Freight (ODFL)


We don't show charts because this issue is already very long. America’s trains are not running. The economy is shot and there is little to ship. Look up charts of Union Pacific (UNP), Kansas City Southern (KSU), Norfolk Southern (NSC), CSX Rail (CSX) and others if you want to see the damage. Here is a Union Pacific chart just to give you an idea of how bad this really is. 118 to 73 in only 12 months.


Union Pacific Railroad (UNP)

The Baltic Dry Index is now at an historic low. This is the main international economic indicator above all others. Worldwide shipping is dead.


The main thing to do now is PREP. We’ve covered this in detail in previous Rants. Make a list of everything you need and have a six month supply of everything. If you live in the city, in the crowded suburbs, in an apartment then MOVE!


See you in two weeks.


Standing watch for you,



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