Economic Rant

February 15, 2016


Investment Watch has inside information that Wells Fargo is going to shut down. Keep a small checking account in your bank to pay bills. Keep some green toilet paper at home (U.S. dollars), since the cashier at Piggly Wiggly won't know what silver is. Have a six month supply of everything. If Wells Fargo doesn't shut down, that's fine. Go to Investment Watch for more information. If they do collapse they will take down all the rest of the world banks. It's all just a huge multi-trillion dollar house of cards. That stuff in your wallet is worthless, just like all the other currencies in the world. Got silver?


Deutsche Bank will take down all the other banks.

Deutsche Bank (DB) is about to go under. Their stock price fell from $125 to $15 in 5 years. They have almost as many derivatives as the GNP of the entire planet. Read that one again. Their derivatives are worth almost as much as the total yearly output of all 200+ countries of the world. All the banks are interlinked in a worldwide house of cards. When the German card collapses, the rest will fall with it. DB is only one of many failing, collapsing banks. They have about $70 trillion in derivatives (the entire U.S. GNP is only about $12 trillion), but less than $1 trillion in supposed "assets". Most of these assets are worthless however. Look at this one year DB chart- hopeless.

Many, many banks are on the edge of collapse. Goldman Sachs (GS) is Satan’s personal bank. They are failing just as badly. The largest banks in the world such as Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo, Chase and almost all the rest are in the toilet. Look at this GS six month chart. $207 to $150 in only six months.




Over 114 million brain dead sheeple watched the Superbowl on Sunday. This is about half of the number of those old enough to watch it. That means half of adult America sat hypnotized in front of the stupid tube. They don't care if their country is collapsing. They don't care that the Much Greater Depression started years ago. They don't care about anything but professional sports. Notice the 100% pro-military theme of big sports events now to further brainwash the ignorant peasants. TSA is there to pat down and screen the peons. Soon, it will be bus stations and train stations and then shopping malls. Folks, they don't even do this kind of thing in Cuba and North Korea for God's sake! America, the World Police State. 5% of the world population and 25% of the world prison inmates. You get locked up for thinking in America.


(price of gold vs the U.S. monetary base)

This hundred plus year chart shows the price of gold versus the U.S. monetary base. It has never been cheaper. It is now 0.30. That's crazy! There is no silver chart available, but silver is even cheaper than gold. This proves the only place to invest your money today is gold and silver. Silver is five times better than gold. It will return to it's 16:1 historic ratio. Yes, that would mean, say, $8,000 gold and $500 silver. Of course a loaf of bread, or a gallon of gas, would be $20 at that point. We're facing severe hyperinflation as the Fed keeps printing trillions of dollars in green toilet paper 24/7. Add the fact the gold in Ft. Knox was gone fifty years ago. (Our thanks to Macrotrends here.)

We have a 4.5 year bear market in gold and silver, but only a 3 week bull market. Be careful here. Yes, December should be the bottom bottom for the precious metals. The Big Banks may have finally lost control over gold and silver prices. All manipulation end eventually, and end in disaster for the manipulators. They are losing trillions of dollars in their COMEX shorts as the price of gold and silver skyrocket. The HUI is up 50% in only two months. This is huge. Buy all the silver you can at $16, and be thankful you can. Physical supplies of silver could easily end at any time. The COT report is still bad, and the COMEX open interest on both gold and silver is still far two high. Nothing makes sense now. More and more it seems the Powers That Be have finally lost control over their manipulation. The Big Banks aren’t stupid, just evil. They will join us on the long side eventually, and get rich going up as they got rich going down.


The COT report on the 5th was terrible. While the commercial net short silver position remained the same at 45,000 (bad!), the gold position was horrible. The commercials added 18,000 shorts, and are now a humongous 77,000 net short. The open interest (total COMEX positions of each) is very high, and this is bad. High OI means lower prices, not higher prices. This rally is amazing, but very contradictory. The prices of precious metals are rising, but the commercial shorts and OI are terrible. Is their failure finally here?

The COT report on the 12th was too bad to believe. The Big Banks added 27,000 short gold contracts. They are now a massive 105,000 net short. They added 16,000 short silver contracts. They are now a massive 62,000 net short. If gold and silver can hold their prices this week (16th to 19th) it shows the Big Banks can no longer control the prices. They are hemorrhaging as the prices take off.

The lower purple lines below show the commercials still have far too many shorts.(An updated chart would show the next line at the extreme 62,000.)


The Royal Bank of Scotland is the 12th largest bank in the world. They just issued an official warning to their clients. They told everyone 2016 will be “a cataclysmic year”, to “be afraid” (their words), and to “sell everything”. Yes, they actually said all that. Why would any bank tell people the truth though? That is the question. 

Nobama actually said there is no greater threat to our planet than climate change. And the sheeple clapped and cheered. Of course the worst threat is overpopulation.


The greatest threat to our planet is 7 billion stupid sub-humans who breed like cockroaches. That is the greatest threat by far, not fake "climate change". We should have a half billion- one fourteenth of what we have now. 93% need to go. The 40 African Countries are the worst by far- Niger (7.6!), Somalia, Mali, Chad, Angola Congo, Burundi, Uganda, Gambia, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Zambia, Mozambique, etc. There is good news though...more than half the countries on earth are shrinking, and not reproducing enough to maintain their numbers. Google "world reproductive rate by country" and look at Wikipedia. You'll get a real education here, and a LOT of surprises. It ain't what you think at all.  Black countries like Jamaica, St. Lucia, Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago don't even maintain their populations. Latin countries like Puerto Rico, Chile, Brazil, Columbia, and Costa Rica also do not maintain their numbers. China (1.6) has a very low birth rate now! India is still breeding like cockroaches. You need 2.1 to maintain your population. The more you look at the statistics at Wiki the more confusing it all gets. The bottom line is that we have FOURTEEN TIMES- 1,400%- too many so-called "people" on this planet. 1,400% too many brain dead breeders.



The second biggest threat is World War III. Be clear about something...Russia and China have made a military pact. They will turn America into nuclear ash if we keep up our evil wars of aggression in the Mideast. Regarding the Iran Treaty, John Kerry just said, "What do you want me to do? Go to war with the Russians?" He should have said, "We can't  win against Russia and China." War monger Trump said this deal was a "disgrace". Trump would turn American into nuclear ash with his arrogance and narcissism. The U.S. hasn't won a real war in over 70 years. We lost in Vietnam, in case you didn't notice. We are no longer the world superpower. We are a very militarily and economically weak country ready to collapse. Remember 100 years ago, "Britain ruled the waves", and was THE superpower. Now, they are a pitiful Third World mixed race welfare backwater. America will be the same very shortly.



This may well be the third biggest threat to freedom.  It cannot be stressed enough there is a worldwide movement to ban all cash. This is one of the pillars of the NWO- ban all cash. Nothing but digital "currency". The Financial Times just called for a cashless world, and called money a "barbarous relic". Money is not a barbarous relic. Gold and silver are neither barbarous or relics. Then the banks and the government would totally control your entire life 24/7 from birth to death. Countries like Sweden and Denmark are already almost cashless. This evil cancer is growing around the world. The sheeple love it. Watch the sheeple use their debit cards to buy a one dollar soda pop, with not one cent in cash in their pockets. They love the cashless society.

Folks, the war against cash is one of the worst threats we face.



"Experience has taught us it is impossible to root out the evils of capitalism merely by confiscation and expropriation… The simplest way to exterminate the very spirit of capitalism is therefore to flood the country with notes of a high face-value without financial guarantees of any sort. ...The great illus-ion of the value and power of money, on which the capitalist state is based, will have been definitely destroyed."
-- Vladimir Lenin


Lenin had it right. The Federal Reserve was formed 103 years ago with zero reserves by twelve Zionist banks. They print trillions of dollars in green toilet paper every year. They have no value whatsoever. For the first time in the history of the world no currency on earth has any value at all. All paper will be worth paper. This is why you have to buy silver. Half the people in America have ZERO net worth, ZERO savings, ZERO anything at all. Even worse, many are deeply in debt. They will all starve in the street when the SHTF. Silver is by far the best investment on earth. Sell your IRA/401k, pay the penalty, and buy silver. The government will take your savings and give you worthless treasury

Annuities instead. The sheeple will cheer.



To see the reality of the real estate market you simply have to look at stock charts of the major real estate investment trusts (REITs). After going to Forbes, Motley Fool, The Street, and CNBC, a long list of highly recommended, very reliable REITs was made.

Looking at one year charts was absolutely shocking! We'll list the stock symbols instead of the names, so you can look them up yourself if you want.  OLP, AAT, LPT, DRE, SIR, WRE, CUZ, LXP. TCO, GGP, BXP, PLD, PEB, SHO, RLJ, WSR, DRH, ARI, MFA, and VNO are all in the toilet. These are the largest and most re-liable of all the real estate investment trusts.

Do not wait for the real estate crash as it started over a year ago. Again, just look at one year stock charts of the most esteemed REITs, and most all of them are hopeless. We are going to soon see crashing prices of both residential and commercial real estate that will make the crash of 2006 look mild in comparison. 

The “story stocks” are all crashing, such as Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Netflix, Amazon, and Tesla. Amazon just fell from 700 to 480 in six weeks. These are the fake stocks without value promoted on TV by CNBC, CNN, Fox, and the rest of the whores. The sheeple just love story stocks. Well, now they are losing their life savings. Here is a one year Twitter chart. A classic story stock pushed by the media. 

Twitter (TWTR) one year ($57 to $15)

The largest retailers in the world are all collapsing... Walmart, Target, Kohls, Sears, J.C. Penney, Costco, Home Depot, Walgreens, CVS, and the other pillars of America are all collapsing. Just look at one year charts of any of them and you’ll see for yourself.



The Baltic Dry Shipping Index is the most important worldwide economic indicator of all. Look at this 30 year chart. The index just made a new 30 year historical low. The trucking industry is dead. The railroads are dead. There are only three ways to ship in commerce- by ship, rail, and truck. All three are collapsing. The entire world is already in a serious economic depression. Don’t wait for it, because it’s already here. The collapse is happening as you read this.

Don’t be confused, Bolshevik Bernie is an outright communist, not merely a socialist. The brain dead sheeple in New Hampshire keep re-electing him. Here he is handing out free Communist Fried Chicken. The Democratic party leaders know Hillary is dying, and are now pushing Bernie very strongly. He is all they’ve got. A Jewish communist president defines End Times.  He will embody the Israel First Doctrine in a way you won’t believe. We warned you that Bernie would come to the forefront as Hillary gets sicker and sicker. The brain dead young people and Millenials just love him. How can you love slavery and poverty? Because liberalism is a mental disease, that’s why.

Are you shocked every time you go to the grocery store? You should be. Look at this 7 year chart of food prices.

von Goethe saw this over 200 years ago. People think they are free when they are government slaves. Huxley said the sheeple would, "come to love their slavery." This is why you see now with half the people choosing Bolshevik Bernie and the Whore of Babylon for President. The same half who voted for Nobama twice.


Mark Dice makes hilarious videos. Google "Mark Dice Karl Marx for Vice President" to see the video. He went to San Diego with a petition to have Karl Marx run with Hillary as her vice president. Hundreds of brain dead liberals gladly signed the petition. This is how stupid Hillary supporters really are. Mark has a long string of videos showing how stupid the sheeple really are. In another video he had hundreds of people signing a petition to repeal the First Amendment for free speech. In another he offered a 10 ounce bar of pure silver or a Hershey bar. Most took the Hershey bar. He’s hilarious. Just go to his website for some good laughs.


Here is Marco Rubio dancing in the homosexual club Warsaw Ballroom in Miami Beach in his 20s. He sang and danced in this homosexual group, and was open and flagrant about his sexuality. This was no secret. This could be our second homosexual president. Remember the Big Kosher Bucks are behind Rubio, not Hillary, Bernie, Trump, or Cruz. He was arrested with his “friend” Angel Barrios in Alice Wainwright Park in South Miami in 1990. This was a well known homosexual meeting place. His marriage and children are camouflage. If you have any doubts about this, just Google “Rubio is a homosexual”, and you’ll get loads of websites. Boy, this is hot news now, and could derail his entire campaign. Or not.


CNN reported that 10% of college graduates actually think Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court. The survey was done by the Association of Trustees and Alumni. This is how stupid college graduates are. Now try to imagine how stupid the rest are.



The Zika virus has been around for decades. It is mild in nature, and not a threat. It is NOT causing microencephaly in babies. The Tdap vaccine is doing that. In 2015 the Brazilian government mandated Tdap vaccine for all pregnant women. Now they are reaping the devastation from this toxic poison. Google "Zika virus hoax" and you'll see loads of convincing evidence about all this. Is our friend Bill Gates down there selling vaccine to the government?

Have you noticed the more you learn, the less friends you have? The more aware you are, the less people you can talk to? The more you know, the more estranged you find yourself? Well, just get used to it. The more you pay attention, the more isolated you will be. Great events cast their shadows before them, and the shadows have been very dark for a long time. They get darker by the day. What can you do? BE PREPARED. Just be pre-pared in every way you can. Be ready for what is coming as much as possible. This is not a gloom ‘n’ doom newsletter- it is an aware newsletter with factual information.


ISIS was created by America, Israel, the U.K., and Saudi Arabia. They are paid mercenaries, neither Islamic nor a state. How can you "fight" what you created, support, and pay for? We are not "fighting" ISIS at all- it is our own creation. WE CREATED ISIS.

There are scaremongers who tell you the military is "coming for your guns". Good luck to them. The total police and military guns are about 4 million. Half the soldiers (and National Guard) are in the Mideast killing innocent people for the Greater Glory of Israel. That leaves about 2.0 to 2.5 million, compared to an estimated 310 million guns in the hands of American citizens.

Load up on all the semi-automatic rifles (“assault rifles” are fully automatic, and only the police and military have them), ammo, and large cap magazines you can. You can get AR, AK, and 9mm ammo for about $250 per case of 1,000. .22 LR ammo is still about 8 cents or $80 per case of 1,000. You can get good polymer large cap mags for about $15.

Here is what Joseph Goebbels actually said in 1934. He stressed that the people should always be told the truth by the government, that it will always serve a good cause. Read every word of this, so you’ll know the truth.

Look at these nine charts. They tell you everything you need to know with just nine facts. Student loans, food stamps, federal debt, money printing, health insurance, labor participation, workers share, family income, and home ownership.

Look at this one year HUI chart above. A powerful seven month bottom. More evidence that gold and silver have bottomed after more than four and a half years.

"Yes Sir Mr. Netanyahu. Right away Sir. Anything you want Sir. I'm always here to serve your every need Sir. I'm sorry if I haven't lived up to everything you want, and your every expectation. I am your loyal humble servant.”


Here's what happened on January 1, 2016 thanks to Obamacare Act:


   *Top Income tax bracket went from 35% to 39.6% 
   *Top Income payroll tax went from 37.4% to 52.2% 
   *Capital Gains tax went from 15% to 28% 
   *Dividend tax went from 15% to 39.6% 
   *Estate tax went from 0% to 55% 
   *3.5% Real Estate transaction tax was added. 


These six new taxes will ruin the American economy completely. Why invest in anything when the capital gains tax is now 28%? You can't give your estate away when you die- the gummint will grab more than half. The dividend tax is almost 40%!!! All this was secretly done inside the Obamacare Act. Not one Congressman read that act before voting for it. Americans twice voted for a foreign born, black, homosexual openly communist who literally hates America. Add a probable transsexual wife, fake children, and absolutely no real background on who he really is. The NWO won again folks. Tax the middle class to death until there is no middle class. The American middle class is quickly disappearing by the day. The middle class is the pillar of any and every society.


Ted Nugent has finally had enough. He is a strong pro-gun advocate. For many years he knew the entire anti-gun movement is Jewish. He finally posted these 12 powerful, anti-gun Jewish people on his Facebook page and cussed them out. Notice the Israeli flags on every photo. Since Jews are only 2% of the U.S. population we should only have 2 in the Senate and 9 in the House. Instead, we have 10 in the Senate and 19 in the House. We should have 1/7th of one Supreme Court justice. We have 4. That is a 3,000% overrepresentation- 30 times what we should have. All the Jewish Senators and Representatives vote anti-gun all the time every time. They are the anti-gun movement. Bloomberg, Feinstein, Schumer, Lautenberg, Emmanuel, Boxer, Rosenthal, Levin, Dershowitz, Gross, Blumenthal, and Nacheman are just a few of the major players.

Prep in every way you can. Get ready for a bank collapse. Be prepared. Be ready for what is coming.

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