Economic Rant

March 01, 2016

Here’s Nobama in an Aleister Crowley T-shirt. This isn’t a joke. Crowley was THE chief Satan worshipper in history. He was known as “The Beast”, and called, “the wickedest man in the world.” The NWO is just rubbing this in your face now. Here he is molesting some poor young innocent boy in the gym.

“Hi Timmy, have you ever seen a grown man naked?”



There were 350,000 troops from over a dozen Sunni countries massed in Saudi Arabia. They include Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, Kuwait, Morocco, Pakistan, Tunisia, Oman, Qutar, Malaysia and others. Turkey has put their entire military on the Syrian border with tactical nukes. There is a complete media blackout on this. The excuse is it's an "exercise". It's a preparation for World War III is what it is. The plan is to attack Shiite Syria and put an end to the Assad regime. The U.S. of course, would want to rush into this with "aid". Russia China, Iran and Hezbolla are going to vaporize theses troops if they invade Syria. The Sunnis would commit mass suicide here. Putin clearly stated that anyone who crosses the Syrian border will start the war. Fortunately they backed down, knowing they would lose. Putin has threatened to nuke Turkey if they even think of harming one single Russian soldier. He is not one to make idle threats. He means nuclear weapons. Turkey is a NATO member, so America would then rush in with “aid”. Turkey's Prime Minister Ergogan is a total anal orifice, insane, unstable, and self destructive. Turkey is our enemy, not our “ally”. Saudi Arabia has nuclear missiles, but the media won’t talk about this. Israel has a HUGE arsenal of nuclear weapons, but this is never discussed either.


This is Sergey Shoygu, the Russian Minister of Defense. This is not someone you want to play with if you want to live. The Russians, Chinese, and Iranians are tough, and we're weak. Previously we’ve posted photos of the Chinese and Iranian Defense Ministers as well.  Just as tough as Shoygu. When (not if) WWIII kicks off we’ll lose badly.


Antonin Scalia was found dead in his bed with no warning at all, and no known serious health problems. He was immediately embalmed, and no autopsy was done. Let’s repeat that- no autopsy was done. He has no record of serious heart disease, and got excellent health care. He was embalmed in less than 24 hours. The supposed cause of death is pure guess work. Guess work for a Supreme Court justice? He was no real conservative, but simply less worse than the others. It is standard operating procedure to do a full, complete, and very expensive autopsy and tox screen on any prominent political official. None of this was done. Even the National Enquirer admits he was murdered.



Sounds like a Disney movie, right? Cinderella Guevara (yes, her name is really Cinderella) is the Justice of the Peace who refused to order an autopsy and pronounced Scalia's cause of death as a "heart attack" (since changed to "natural causes") -- over the phone. She's not a doctor and she did it over the phone without seeing the body!!! Now the Supreme Court has 4 Jewish justices out of 8. Is that reasonable in any way? Now Obama can appoint a fellow communist to the court. That was the plan all along. He was no conservative at all, but at least he wasn’t a homosexual communist. Obama's main choice right now is Jewish lesbian Chai Feldblum. We already have one Jewish lesbian on the court with Elena Kagan. That will make five Jewish justices on the court. Light complexioned black Paul Watford is another choice. Don't forget completely unqualified Loretta Lynch as a third choice.

Tell your friends and relatives that Scalia was murdered by "our" government. Tell them 9/11 was done by the CIA and Mossad. Tell them no one died at Sandy Hoax. Tell them there is no gold in Ft. Knox. Tell them ISIS was created and paid by the CIA and Mossad. Tell them Osama bin Laden died in 2001 at Tora Bora, and Navy Seal Team 6 was murdered in 2011. Tell them there hasn’t been any gold in Ft. Knox for over 50 years now. Tell them the Saudi Arabia, the CIA, and Mossad created and funded ISIS. Then you'll notice you've avoided like the plague. Get used to not having any friends. 

Tyler Durden reports that Switzerland is going to hand out $2,500 a month to every actual Swiss citizen (there are a lot of non-citizens there). Yes, this sounds insane and impossible, but go to his website and read it yourself. The government states that people will still continue to work as usual and the incentive to keep working will remain intact.



Here's his famous Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) chart for one year. What a loser! He tells people gold is stupid investment for fools. Silver doesn't even exist, and isn't worth talking about. Well, how about if your life savings was invested in BRKA?

one year Berkshire Hathaway

One Monday morning you’ll wake up and your 401k/IRA will be gone. The government will give you worthless treasury annuities instead. Almost 8 trillion in retirement accounts, and the government will take every one of them. If you don’t cash in, take the penalty, and buy silver then you deserve to starve in the street. Two years ago the MyRA was introduced. You put your money into worthless government bonds for your “safety and security”. Now the MyRA Act will force employers to give every employee a retirement account, or be fined $100 per day per employee. Right, $3,000 a month for each employee with no retirement account. Nancy Pelosi and her cronies have been pushing MyRA recently, so you know it’s evil. Here is the shark cartoon for the umpteenth time:


Only intelligent, qualified, sincere, motivated people should go to college. That’s obvious. Well, the government made tens of millions of young people into debt slaves by lending them the tuition fees. A college degree now has little meaning. We have tens of millions of debt slaves now who are working for minimum wage. Now they are going to jail for not paying their loans off.



Soon they will be going to prison as well. All those tens of millions of stupid, naive young people thought they were somehow getting "free" loans to go to college. Police are  now arresting the ones who aren't paying their loans off regularly. They are taken to a federal jail and forced to sign a payment plan. When they don't make their payments they will be put in federal prison for failure to obey a court order. This is the trick being used to make them criminals instead of deadbeats. You cannot lock up someone for debts, but you can lock them up for disobeying a court order. First they were merely debt slaves to the government. Now they will be prison inmates. Anyone who took out a government loan deserves what they get- a lifetime as a debt slave facing prison.


The Cashless Society is about CONTROL and nothing but control. The $100 bill is about to disappear. America will do away with the $100 bill since "criminals use them". Louisiana has just banned using cash for second hand sales. That's right, if you go to a flea market or yard sale or second hand store (and the Salvation Army and Good Will) you have to pay with a credit or debit card. Europe banned the $500 Euro note. France banned all cash sales over 1,000 Euros. China, India, Israel, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and other countries  want an outright ban on cash. Seriously, a ban on cash. Harvard economist Larry Summers in the Washington Post is pushing to ban the $100 bill. “It’s time to kill the $100 bill” he said. Deutsche Bank claims, “cash probably won’t exist in 10 years.” More and more you will hear about "criminals using cash" to promote the cashless society. The sheeple will clap and cheer, and think this is all for their safety and security as always. Only 1% will “get it” and futilely try to avoid the cashless society.

Here’s a 60 year history of gold. $39 in 1945 and $1,200 in 2016. In 1965 silver was $1.25, and is now $15. Only gold and silver are real money as defined by the Constitution. Silver is the most undervalued asset on earth by far. Silver is five times better than gold and will re-turn to the classic, historical, traditional 15:1 ratio. Buy your silver now at $15, because it may not be available in the future regardless of the paper price. There is really very little silver out there for sale. Any kind of disaster and that little pile of silver will disappear overnight. The COMEX has almost none. Most of it is not for sale ("eligible"). London Bullion has none. The military has none in their strategic stockpile. The SLV ETF has almost none and it isn't for sale.


Lyndon Johnson signed the Coinage Act in 1965 banning silver coins. A silver dollar is now worth $12 in melt value but about $20 in collector value. A one dollar bill from 1965 is worth just that- one dollar. You can buy six gallons of gasoline with the silver dollar, but only 2 quarts with the paper dollar. Here is what he told the sheeple:


“Now, all of you know these changes are necessary for a very simple reason-silver is a scarce material.  Our uses of silver are growing as our population and our economy grows.  * The hard fact is that silver consumption is now more than double new silver production each year. * So, in the face of this worldwide shortage of silver, and our rapidly growing need for coins, the only really prudent course was to reduce our dependence upon silver for making our coins.”


The COT report on the 19th was simply insane. The commercials added 27,000 gold shorts. They are now net short an incredible 132,000 contracts. They add 8,000 silver shorts. They are now net short a humongous 70,000 contracts. This has never happened before. Yet, they cannot do anything to lower the price even with these EXTREME  short positions. The HUI is holding up beautifully, and this is a very powerful sign.

The Big Banks now control an incredible 350 million ounces of PAPER silver. This is over $4.25 billion of PAPER silver. Every time silver goes up a dollar they lose one third of one billion dollars. They can't keep this up. Total world production of silver was only about 850 million ounces in 2015. This shows how insane their massive position is. The only reason to have 350 million ounces of PAPER silver is to keep the price down. There is no other reason. This manipulation is ending and will end in disaster- for them. Except J.P. Morgan of course...they have 50 million or more ounces of real, physical silver bullion. They're laughing and buying more at $15. 

The COT report on the 26th is incomprehensible. Silver, gold, and the HUI are going down. The commercials added an incredible 31,000 gold shorts and are now 163,000 net short. This is historical. They added 4,000 silver shorts and are now 74,000 net short. Also historical. The HUI is holding up beautifully, but will probably correct just like the metals. Your poor old author got out of his 10 silver contracts. Why fight the Big Banks when they act like this? Look for $14 silver again.



Central States Pension Fund covers 400,000 people. This is one of the largest pension funds in America. They just announced a 50% cut in all pensions. That means 400,000 people will starve to death when they retire, or if are already retired. Most all the private and government pension funds are already broke, but won't admit it. Social Insecurity was bankrupt decades ago. They have been stealing from Peter to pay Paul, but now Peter is broke, too. When, not if, the stock markets collapse then every pension fund in America will be hopelessly and totally broke. The sheeple will look for gummint help. Good luck with that, since they are the problem, never the solution. You can cash in your IRA/401k and buy silver. You cannot cash in your pension though- that's a monthly check. Same with Social Insecurity. CalPERS is the largest retirement pension in the world and it was broke decades ago. They cover 1.6 million gummint workers in California.


“Right now, people on the no-fly list can walk into a store and buy a gun. That is insane. If you're too dangerous to board a plane, you're too dangerous, by definition, to buy a gun.”

Yes folks, "our" president just said that. People on the arbitrary and capricious No Fly List will suddenly have their gun rights taken as well. Cuba and North Korea are more and more looking like Club Med compared to America.


California will start videotaping all legal gun sales with bill AB 2459 from Democrat Representative McCarty. Legal gun buyers with valid ID approved by the NICS (National Crime Information Computer) will be videotaped for no reason whatsoever. Anything to take the guns away.



The game is obvious now. The headlines on the 19th are "BERNIE AHEAD OF HILLARY 47% to 44% IN NATIONWIDE POLL." Hillary was actually booed at one of her speeches. Her health is failing by the day. She wears adult diapers so she won't pee in her pantsuits when she's in public. She has coughing fits, and can't finish her speeches. One day she is simply going to faint and fall down in public. That will be the end of her pseudo-candidacy. Remember, she is only running for the attention and the money. Narcissists will do anything for attention. She has pulled in almost $170 million with her scam campaign. Why does a dying woman with only a short time to live crave money and attention? Because she’s a screaming psychopath, that’s why! The Democratic Party Officials are well aware she is dying,  and are pushing Bolshevik Bernie as the real candidate.



Yes, she took South Carolina. On the 16th Hillary was speaking in Harlem about race relations. She kept having coughing fits that prevented her from giving her speech. More and more the public can see her health is terminal and she can not possibly be elected to serve for four years. She has tried her best to hide her serious medical issues from the public. Her manager just admitted she is being treated for a serious thyroid condition. Folks, that’s the least of her problems. Matt Drudge is beside himself that her terminal health problems are covered up and hidden by the media. It is probable she is given amphetamine before any of her speeches. That is why she SEEMS to be so happy, enthusiastic, and energetic.

Hillary is wearing Fresnel prism glasses due to double vision from her brain injury. Her aide Huma said in an email, "she is often confused". She wears Depends® so she doesn't pee in her pantsuits. She refuses to release any medical reports for obvious reasons. She gets the attention she wants, and collects hundreds of millions of dollars. It's obvious one of her many doctors is giving her amphetamines before her speeches. All that energy, enthusiasm, false charisma, and superficial happiness, is all chemically induced. Then she goes home and sleeps for 18 hours to recover. She's dying folks. By the way, have you seen Bill on TV lately? Absolutely skeletal, just skin and bones. He may die this year, but his evil legacy will live on. 

The future is no surprise. Take a good hard look at today and you can see tomorrow. Great events cast their shadows before them. Just take a good close look at what is happening every day and you can see how dark the future is. Just PAY ATTENTION. 

David Rockefeller made no secret of his plan for a New World Order. He was very open about it. We are overdue for the next contrived Major Crisis, and it is going to be much worse than 9/11. Then you’re going to see martial law and a police state. Some military private with an I.Q. of 90, and a fully automatic AR-15, will have the power of life and death over you. No court, no hearing, no bail, no attorney, just a prison cell for anything or nothing at all. Entire sports stadiums will be turned into prisons.


Washington, DC is going to pay black men not to commit crimes. This is not a joke or an Internet rumor. The D.C. Council is going to pay black criminals to stop committing crimes. This is where the tax money is going? Now tell yourself this isn't End Times. The government was paying millions of black people to do nothing but sit home and watch Jerry Springer and eat junk food. Now they’re paying them to act right.


Liberalism is a mental disease. All liberals have a mental illness. You’ve noticed that liberals hate reality and always live in a fantasy world they make up. It’s because they’re all nuts.


There are many photos of Chelsea wearing her upside down Christian cross necklace. This is a classic favorite of Satan worshippers. She is a member of the CFR. She is rubbing it in your face- we worship Satan, we’re proud of it, and screw you! Months ago we published photos of the Obama family, Clinton family, Bush family, “Royal” family, Pope Frankie, Dick Cheney, DonaldTrump, Sarah Palin, Tom Ridge (former DHS director), Ronald Reagan, Ari Fleigher, and many powerful politicians giving the “baphomet” Devils Handsign. All these sick bastards are Satanists. Psychiatrists will tell you such people are masochistic, feel deep guilt, are obsessed with death, and act in negative, destructive ways. Psychopaths in other words.

It really is amazing Nobama has been in office for over seven years now and no one has shot him. Maybe it’s because they don’t want Joe Biden as president.

Japan will be our warning, as will Europe. Japan has 100 million people in a land area the size of California. They import all their energy and almost all their food. You are going to see mass murder when 100 million people can't eat and have no electricity or fuels. They have negative interest rates (NIRP), and their entire economy is collapsing. Negative interest rates are obviously prima facie insanity! Penalize savers rather than reward them? Reality is upside down. Watch Japan and watch Europe. They will fall first. When you see them collapse it’s time to get really serious about being ready. Be prepared NOW and do not wait for this to happen.



Maersk is the largest container transporter in the world. It is going broke! This is a world wide depression folks, and affects every country on earth. Look at this hopeless one year chart. Certainly a good stock to short as it continues to collapse. Remember there are only three ways to transport goods- ship, rail, and truck. All three transportation industries are in the toilet. The Baltic Dry Shipping Index is at a historical low. The railroads are all broke. The trucking companies are all going bankrupt. World commerce is dead!


Let's talk about stupidity- and depravity. You thought the Keeping Up with the Kardashians TV show was the very bottom of the bottom of the barrel, right? It's in their ninth year, and is one of the longest running reality TV shows in history. There are now spin-offs such as Kocktails with Khloe. The American public loves Armenian whores who marry black men. Well, there is a new low in stupidity now. Look up The Prancing Elites. Black homosexual transvestite men mincing around in womens costumes and clothes. This makes Drag Race (drag queens) look mild by comparison. This is a perfect example of what America is watching folks. This country was finished a long time ago.

The problem with America is Americans!

Half the voters in America (about 50 million) voted for Obama not once, but twice.  Now the same half of the brain dead imbeciles will vote for Hillary or Bernie. If those 50 million people were all killed today, it would be the Dawn of a New Day. Yes, we'd still be left with 50 million brain dead war mongering Republicans, but it would be a good start. The problem with America is Americans! It's that simple. America is now the second most evil country after Israel. At least we don't mass murder innocent infants, children, women, unarmed men, and the elderly like the Israelis do. More than 98% of Americans will vote for a Republicrat. Less than 2% will vote Libertarian. Vote for Gary Johnson- if you can. In many states you are not allowed a third choice, so you must vote for the Republicrat. Trump is a far left Democrat who is destroying the Republican party. If  Trump runs a third party, that will guarantee Bolskevik Bernie as our next president. A Jewish communist president of the United States? If that doesn't define End Times then what does. Never forget Trump has been a far left Democrat all his life. He is not a Republican at all. He is just there to destroy the Republican vote so Bernie can win.


AT the gas station this week 87 octane was $1.70, but 91 octane was 78 cents higher at $2.48!!! 78 cents extra for midrange 91 octane. There was no 93 octane. None of this makes any sense at all.  The military and police are very heavily outnumbered by gun owners. They can make guns illegal, but they can't take them. Many states are passing "nullification laws". This means federal gun laws will NOT apply to that state. The state has effectively nullified any unconstitutional infringement on the Second Amendment.

Silver has  been in congestion for about four weeks now. There is a good chance it will correct at down a dollar due to the bad COT and the high open interest of 175,000 contracts. Gold has an OI of 446,000. The HUI is doing wonderfully.  There are only 25 million ounces of available ("registered") silver in the COMEX now. This is THE largest cache of buyable silver in the world. That means TWO PAPER CLIPS for every American. If only 1% of Americans bought it all they could only get 8 ounces each. Let’s say that again…if only 1% of American (forget the other 7 billion people on earth) wanted to buy silver, they could only buy 8 oz each. Only $375 million worth of silver. This could disappear overnight during a crisis such as a bank holiday. Buy all you can at $15 and stop making excuses.



Please go to and hit the "contact" button. Send an email to Tim Macy telling him, NO ONE DIED AT SANDY HOOK. That simple. It will take you one minute to do this. All the gun organizations are claiming the fake shootings are real. Do not join any of them. Gun Owners of America used to be a good organization, just like the NRA used to be. They are pushing neocon Ted Cruz for president. Why aren’t they pushing Libertarian Gary Johnson? They have all sold out to the government. Please just take one minute to tell their director that no one died at Sandy Hoax. If just 10% of the readers do this he will be overwhelmed with 800 emails. Are he and Wayne LaPierre (NRA) really this stupid as to think these mass shootings are real? Or are they just afraid of the government? Who knows?

In the last Rant we warned a massive commercial and residential real estate crash is happening as you read this. Not tomorrow, but now. Here is the same information again:



To see the reality of the real estate market you simply have to look at stock charts of the major real estate investment trusts (REITs). After going to Forbes, Motley Fool, The Street, and CNBC, a long list of highly recommended, very reliable REITs was made.  Looking at one year charts was absolutely shocking! We'll list the stock symbols instead of the names, so you can look them up yourself if you want. OLP, AAT, LPT, DRE, SIR, WRE, CUZ, LXP. TCO, GGP, BXP, PLD, PEB, SHO, RLJ,WSR, DRH, ARI, MFA, and VNO are all in the toilet. These are the largest, most reliable, and most recommended of all the American real estate investment trusts.

Do not wait for the real estate crash as it started over a year ago. Again, just look at one year stock charts of the most esteemed REITs, and most all of them are hopeless. We are going to soon see crashing prices of both residential and commercial real estate that will make the crash of 2006 look mild in comparison. If your property is underwater, then give the keys to the bank and get out.


Are you seriously PREPPING? Do you have six month supply of brown rice, dried beans, condiments, guns, a water supply, AMMO, a generator, fuel, bath soap, laundry soap, dish soap, dog food, feminine hygiene, light bulbs, and everything else you use and need regularly? If you live in the city or crowded suburbs then move. Don’t make excuses- move. The rural and farming areas will do just fine.

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