Economic Rant

March 15, 2016

Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value – zero.  – Voltaire


There is no gold in Ft. Knox and hasn’t been for over 50 years now. Canada sold all of their gold reserves. They have none no gold at all. In 1933 President Communist Roosevelt banned U.S. citizens from owning gold (but not silver). Gold coins and gold currency certificates were common at the time. People were fined $10,000 (that is well about $2 million now) and put in jail for 10 years for simply possessing gold. This insanity went on for 31 years until 1964. For 31 years gold was illegal in America!



Now we are going to get negative interest rates, and the banks will penalize you for saving your money and being a good citizen. The goal is to confiscate the savings of every American. Negative interest rates are the opposite of freedom, the enemy of saving, a destruction of your future, and your retirement. This is a war on cash, and will take all your money…unless you own silver. Sweden has almost banned all cash and gone to all digital transaction. Other countries like Denmark, China, and Japan are doing the same thing. This cashless disease is spreading to every country on earth.



In 1950 there were about 1,000  non-white immigrants in Sweden, a country of 9.6 million now. Currently there are about 800,000 non-white immigrants, mostly from the Mideast. Sweden may well be the most self destructive country on earth. They were the first country to go "cashless" and their program is almost complete. This is true of most of Europe now. We'll see the collapse of a multiracial Europe



The entire world now has three times the debt compared to their annual Gross National Product. This has never happened in the history of the world. Not one currency on earth has any value at all. This hasn't ever happened either. Everyone of them is counterfeit green toilet paper. Maybe 1% of Americans realize there is no gold in Ft. Knox and hasn’t been for over 50 years.

Here's Nancy Pelosi again. You'll starve while she lives in opulent luxury at your expense.






Hillary looks like she's pushing 300 pounds now. She could get a job at Sea World in the whale pool. She has been on a junk food diet for decades. Now she wears really strange looking custom made tent-like house coats to cover up the blubber. She wears diapers so she won't pee in her pants. She has a serious thyroid condition. She has serious brain damage, and long lasting post concussion syndrome. At 69, after a major, major face lift she looks like she's 89. She won't release any medical records. The Political Insider in January did an in-depth article on her failing health. She has a serious brain injury and a series of strokes. She's on the anticoagulant Coumadin® to prevent blood clots from killing her outright. Coumadin® (warfarin) is rat poison for God's sake!!! She wears Fresnel lens glasses due to double vision. She gets amphetamine injections before her overly dramatic and energetic performances. The Big Question is why the party officials are promoting a sickly, dying woman? She's way ahead of Bolshevik Bernie now. The Whore of Babylon is dying. Why are they pushing her? The stress of campaigning is literally killing her. How can she make it ten more months? Should she- by some Miracle of God- get elected, she’ll soon die in office and the Vice President will be President. Folks, things get stranger and stranger. She gets sicker by the day. Why is a dying woman being promoted for President? Nothing makes sense anymore.

During her speeches she often becomes incoherent and babbles nonsense. When speaking to the NAACP, she wanted to pass a law that employers couldn't inquire about a job applicants arrest record!!! Can you believe that? An employer being in the dark about an employees criminal record? She then spouted the following nonsense:

"Earlier today, I announced that as president I will take steps to ban the box so former presidents won’t have to declare their criminal history at the very start of the hiring process. That way they’ll have a chance to been seen as more than someone who has done time."

Can you make any sense out of the above exact quote from her? She says nonsensical things like this regularly, but the media never reports it of course.


If you didn't read Orwell's book 1984 you wouldn't know the source of this.




This is what’s happened to America after 240 years. Reality is upside down.


Mervyn King, the former governor of the Bank of England for 10 years, says an economic collapse for the Eurozone is a "certainty". That will be our warning folks. Europe and Japan will collapse before we do. That will be the time to batten down the hatches in America. Now that he is retired he can speak freely, and he has. Listen to him. More and more people like him and coming forward to tell the truth. Except Ron Paul of course. He refuses to tell the truth about anything now that he’s out of office.

"Whenever you find you are on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." … Mark Twain


The gold to silver ratio is at an insane 83 to1. It should be about 15:1.

Above is a gold to silver ratio chart. Notice in 1968 it was only 15 to 1. That is the historical, traditional ratio. Again In 1980 the same 14 to 1. In 1991 it went to an insane 101 to 1. Now it is 83 to 1. Silver is the most undervalued asset on earth

They usually track each other very closely. Silver is five times better than gold. Just take a look at this chart. Gold now has a completely different chart than silver. Just one more reason to buy silver. Look at the Long Road Ahead, and not the short term. Baron Rothschild said 201 years ago to, "buy when there is blood in the streets." His family is now the richest in the world. Well, there is blood in the streets now with $15 silver. Listen to his age old advice. J.P. Morgan has at least 50 million ounces of physical silver bullion, and maybe a whole lot more. Only God- and Jamie Dimon- know how much.



The COT was contradictory on March 4. The commercials dropped 8,000 silver contracts, but are still 65,000 net short. They added 8,000 gold contracts, and are up to an unimaginable 171,000 net short. The commercials may be struggling, but they're sure
not done. Silver should drop back to the $14 level. These commercial  positions are just

too extreme, especially when looked it with the huge open interest, and the upcoming mining conference on Monday. For 20 years now the Big Banks have slammed silver during the big annual International PDAC conference. Why should this time be any different? March7 first day of the PDAC conference gold and silver prices are slightly down. Mary 8 second day of the  conference  gold is down $6 and silver 30 cents. May 9, the last day of the conference, gold was down $9.90 and silver 8 cents. No big deal.

THEY FAILED! The Big Banks failed to do any real damage during the conference for the first time in 20 years.

The COT report on the 12th was incomprehensible!!! The Big Banks added 24,000 more gold shorts, and are now 195,000 contracts net short. They added 4,000 more silver shorts, and are now 71,000 net short.

The week of March 14 to 18 should be pivotal and tell us a lot. Expect a correction. March 14 this clearly started. Look for $14 silver $1,100 gold, and a 140 HUI.

The Big Banks have almost lost their power to manipulate the prices of gold and silver. All manipulations eventually end and end very badly for the manipulators.

The open interest for gold is 504,000. Each contract is 100 ounces so that is over 50 million ounces of paper gold. Notice the word "paper". There is only a tiny 337,000 ounces of registered gold available for sale. Same as nothing. That would mean a few milligrams of gold for everyone in America. Milligrams. This is a paper farce. The COMEX silver is also a paper farce. The open interest is 169,000, which is 845 million ounces of paper silver (5,000 ounces per contract). There are only 25 million ounces of registered (buyable silver on the COMEX). 33 paper ounces for every real physical ounce. There really are no other inventories of silver in the entire world. Only a fraction of mine production is sold for investment, and the rest used industrially. 25 million ounces means everyone in America would could buy about 2 grams (two paper clips). We've had a 3.5 month bull market in gold with no correction.


This three and a half month solid bull market in gold is just a little too good to be true.  A correction is overdue, and is healthy and good for a strong trend. Right now this is a weak, vulnerable, uncorrected trend.

The COT position is terrible and the open interest is terrible. A correction is needed and will make the price stronger. Always beware an uncorrected long trend like this. The HUI is still doing beautifully. It, too, could use a correction after two months of an uncorrected 70% rise.

Below is Bozo the Clown Obama again telling the world climate change is the biggest threat the world faces. This is simply a war on coal, gas, and oil. Let's go over this again. Sunlight has no effective wattage at all. You would need a one acre "solar farm" for a million dollars for an average house. That is without batteries. The batteries would be IMPOSSIBLE, absolutely impossible, especially for 220 V use. Biofuels are ridiculous. It takes more energy and expense to make ethanol than you get back. Only huge government subsidies (at YOUR expense) put this on the market. Even in Brazil, where it is made from waste (bagasse), it is a huge net loss. Windmills are a bad joke and simply preposterous. Hydroelectric is very limited unfortunately. The whole eco-energy movement is total insanity. You cannot get by without fossil fuels- coal, oil, and natural gas.


The biggest threat we face is overpopulation. The planet was never meant to have seven billion stupid breeders. A half billion would be just fine. 94% need to go- one way or another way. The New World Order is right about that one thing. We have fourteen times as many people as we should, and the stupidest are breeding like cockroaches. It's a fact- the stupid overbreed, and the intelligent underbreed.


On November 2, 1922 (94 years ago) the Associated Press reported about global warming in the Washington Post. They claimed the Arctic was warming, icebergs were melting, glaciers were disappearing, seals were dying off, and most coastal cities would be underwater due to the rising ocean levels. That was 94 years ago.

In 2006 on NBC's Today Show Al Gore predicted that Manhattan would be flooded in “15 to 20 years.” He added, “In fact the World Trade Center Memorial site would be underwater.” Al is clinically insane of course.

In a December 2008 speech, Al Gore said "the entire North polarized cap will disappear in 5 years.". That's right he said all the polar ice would be gone by 2013. Well, that came and went three years ago. The media never brought that up.

On June 12, 2008 Bob Woodruff on ABC's Good Morning America said New York City would be underwater by June of 2015, gasoline over $9 a gallon, and a carton of milk $13. Well, that came and went a year ago. Media never mentioned that either.



Remember back in the 1950s (if you're that old) you saw endless ads on black and white TV to send a Care Package to India to feed the poor starving children.  Well the population was far too high back then at 360 million people. Today it is 1,260 million (1.26 billion), and they're breeding like cockroaches. The stupidest breed far more than the intelligent and educated of course. 95% of them need to go. Birth control doesn't work with people like that, and will never work.  We have fourteen times (1,400%) more so-called people on this planet than we should We have 7 billion rather than a half billion (500 million). Growing more food will just make it worse. The stupidest breed the most, and the intelligent breed the least. Isn't that just great? Earth gets stupider every day.  Growing more food makes all this just worse. That is the liberal answer- grow more food. You can grow 100 times more whole grains on an acre of land than you can beef, pork or lamb. Also, 100 times more whole grains per gallon of water. Growing more food will just mean even higher birth rates by subhumans. That's what they are- subhumans.


By the way, Mosa Meat in the Netherlands claims they will have lab grown beef and other meats in the next ten years at competitive prices. Newsweek reported that Mosa can already make it, but it will take a decade to make it practical. Google and Maastrict University are behind all this. Moron vegetarians will line up for this, since it doesn't involve "animal cruelty and exploitation". PETA offered a million dollar reward to the first company that could do this. The liberals are beside themselves about cultured meat.



Here it is again. The Economist 30 years ago warning us about a one world currency. The New World Order will be complete when (not if) that happens.

On January 16 last year a 22 year old black woman Hyphernkimberly (yes, her real name) Dorvilier in Philadelphia had a baby girl she didn't want. So, she sprayed her with WD-40, set her on fire in the middle of the road, and walked away. She told the neighbors is was dog poop. The umbilical cord was still attached. The prosecutor offered her a plea deal last month so she wouldn't face undeniable, inarguable first degree premeditated murder charges. It's important, of course, that we try to sympathize with people like Hyphernkimberly, understand her pain, and give her another chance to set another infant on fire. Now tell yourself this  isn't End Times. She will get less than 30 years, and will be released full term in 20 years by the time she is 40. The plea was so she would avoid first degree murder charges. She would get more time for selling an ounce of cocaine. Why didn’t she get the death penalty, or at least life without parole? Why reward her for first degree murder of a newborn infant and release her before she is 40?


New York Times calls for total gun registration of everyone

After lamenting the current federal background check system that doesn’t criminalize private transfers or sales, the authors of the piece Abner J. Mikva, a former member of Congress, federal judge and counsel to President Bill Clinton, and Lawrence Rosenthal, a professor of law at Chapman University in Orange, CA, imagine what the ideal background check system would look like. Notice that Mikva and Rosenthal are both Jewish of course. They want to prevent private sales and transfers of guns. That includes family members and inheritance after death. To buy or transfer a gun you would need a license, registration, and pass a series of tests. All this would get rather costly of course. The only reason to register guns is to later confiscate them. No, Hitler never, "registered the guns" in Germany. He gave his people the gun freedom the Weimar Republic had taken from them. They had far more gun rights than we do today. That’s right, they had far more gun freedom than we do today.


California and Hawaii no ban smoking for anyone under 21. That means a man or woman 20 years old, married with children, who vote, own guns, and even serve in the armed forces cannot smoke tobacco. Socialism is about control for the sake of control. As goes California, so goes the nation.


Gun laws only make violent crime much worse. In Chicago has some of the worst gun laws in America. No carry permits, no gun stores, it is almost impossible to own a gun.  In Houston tens of thousands of carry permits, 184 gun stores, 1,500 more stores that sell guns (Walmart, etc.). Chicago had 1,806 homicides last year and a homicide rate of 28 per 100,000 people. Houston had 207 homicides and a rate of less than 10 a year. When Australia banned guns their violent crime rate skyrocketed. More guns equal less crime. It's a fact. Criminals will always have guns. Gun laws take guns from law abiding citizens, not criminals.


Lowest Oil Rig Count in 68 Years

There are only 500 oil drilling rigs in the U.S. now and falling. Why? The economy is dead. People aren't driving, aren't using gas, even under $2. They have to pay the rent, utilities, and groceries. This is the lowest rig level since 1948!!! Ten years ago we didn’t have enough refineries in America. Now they are sitting idle at times.


Countries around the world are falling apart at the seams. This includes America, China, Japan, Germany, France, Brazil, U.K., Russia, India and the other 200 in the world. This will be a world wide depression and no one will escape it. There is nowhere to hide, there is nowhere to go.


The Libertarian Party sold out decades ago and was taken over by the liberals. Their flagship magazine Reason is so watered down as to be meaningless. They won’t even come out and say no one died at Sandy Hoax. Ron Paul sold out when he left Congress. He was then free to tell the truth, but refused. He won’t even admit no one died at Sandy Hoax or anything else of importance. He has hooked up with third rate Porter Stansberry and puts out long, overextended boring promo videos. You should still vote for Gary Johnson for president in November and not for the Lesser Evil you perceive.  All the gun organizations sold out and won’t tell the truth. Forget the NRA, GOA, Second Amendment, and all the rest are pseudo-conservative, Kosher Approved. GOA for example is pushing neo-con Ted Cruz.


Here is a one year chart of Apple. CNBC loves to promote Apple and that stupid Apple Watch that failed so badly. Well, it's hopeless. Not only hopeless, but a good short even at the $100 level. The famous "story stocks" are all collapsing now...Amazon, Tesla, Netflix, and all the rest. The story stocks are finished folks. Reality has finally come back to this world.




Do you think The Donald is "different" from the other candidates? No, he isn’t. He is a master of talking out of both sides of his mouth. He is a magician at being, “all things to all people.” He tells you exactly what you want to hear. He’s just another Zionist sock puppet. Not only did he marry his children off to powerful Jewish families, his daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism. Just like the Clinton's did with Satan worshiper Chelsea.

The real shame about the fake shootings and massacres is that 99% of the American sheeple fall for them. Maybe 1% realize 9/11was an inside job, no one died at Sandy Hoax, no TV reporters were shot in Virginia, there was no Batman movie shooting, and all the rest of them are Zionist productions to take your guns away.


Prep. 2016 is going to get bad. Be ready. Be prepared. We say this in every issue. Buy lots of brown rice, dried beans, some canned foods, dog food, light bulbs, dish soap, bath soap, laundry soap, a generator, fuel, toilet paper, paper towels. feminine hygiene, and every single thing you use and need daily. Walk around the house and make a list. This charade cannot and will not keep up. If you live in the city or crowded suburbs then move. Don't make excuses; just move. The more rural you live the safer you are. Farmers should thrive during the Much Greater Depression. Have some cash (green toilet paper) and some junk pre-1965 silver coins. One morning you're going to wake up and the banks will be closed. No ATMs, no credit or debit cards, no checks, just the "cash" in your pocket. Just be prepared. Great events cast their shadows before them, and the shadows are very dark. Just pay attention and you'll be able to see what tomorrow will bring.

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