Economic Rant

April 18, 2016

"If you don't listen to the media, you are uninformed. If you do listen to the media, you are misinformed." ... Mark Twain paraphrase


We have murdered about one and a half million Iraqis. This includes, women, children, the elderly, and  non-combatants. We have spent almost $2 trillion dollars to invade a sovereign country for no good reason at all. Remember, the total GNP is only about $12 trillion. America is evil and will pay for this evil. Nations have karma, just like people do.

Our evil karma will result in the total destruction of this country. We will be a bankrupt, poverty stricken third world totalitarian cesspool. We are the world war monger. We want to invade Syria, Iran, and other nations for no good reason at all. The freest nation on earth is now the most evil nation on earth. This is End Times not only for America, but the entire planet. Just open your eyes and you can see this every day in every way.





"I think there will be another attack. And next time, I think it’s likely to be far deadlier than the last one. You can just imagine what would happen if somebody could smuggle a nuclear device, put it in a shipping container, and drive it down the Beltway outside of Washington, D.C."


Pay attention to what he is saying. He is warning us that a much worse 9/11 style false flag attack is going to happen with NUCLEAR weapons. That will be the government excuse for martial law. Of course the CIA and Mossad will be behind this, and blame it on Iran and those Evil Muslims. Hillary and her friends will want to attack Syria, even though they have nothing to do with nothing. After the false flag bombing in Brussels, Hillary was screaming to attack Syria! That is prima facie insanity.

Rudy Giuliani ratted out Hillary!! You can't make this stuff up folks. Rudy said:

“She helped create ISIS. Hillary Clinton could be considered a founding member of ISIS,” Giuliani told Fox News.

ISIS, of course, was created by the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia, Britain, and also France.

We created, and maintain ISIS with our tax money. We are not "fighting ISIS" for God's sake!!! They are our creation. ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. Seriously, it does, and the joke is on us. Russia is fighting ISIS and doing well. Isn't it ironic that Russia is now the peace maker, and America the war monger. Just one more of the millions of reasons this is End Times.



Peabody Energy was the largest coal mine in the world. They are bankrupt due to Obama and the neocons. We are the Saudi Arabia of coal. We have 1,000 years of known coal reserves. You can make gasoline, diesel or jet fuel from coal for $2 a gallon with the SASOL process. We don't have one SASOL plant in the U.S. due to the neocons, liberals, leftists, and socialists. There is no "energy crisis" or any kind, of energy shortage at all. There is no "peak oil" either. We have enough crude oil in America to last 100 years. We have enough natural gas to last another 100 years. Solar power, biofuels and wind power are too worthless to even discuss. There is no wattage in sunlight. Biofuels cost more to make  than you get back. Windmills have failed all over the world. You literally couldn't run a hot dog stand with any of  them- or all of them- much less a house. What is the agenda here? To make America a third world cesspool the One World Order can easily control. You can't control rich people, but poor people are like sheep. Cuba and North Korea are perfect examples of this. Keep the people poor and starving and you can easily control them. Both Cuba and Korea were thriving before communism. The agenda is to make serfs out of 99% of Americans so the 1% can rule.



Folks, almost 70% of our electrical power comes from coal, along with oil and gas. If the liberals put an end to that- and they are- no one will be able to afford their utility bill every month. That alone with impoverish America. That is exactly what the neocons want- a poverty stricken third world United States. We can have 1,000 years of abundant energy with coal power alone. Forgetting oil and natural gas we can have 10 centuries of abundant energy. Of course, within 100 years we'll have real fusion power.

Go to to learn the truth about coal. We need coal power.


For years now we've promised you Hillary is dying and far too sick to campaign. Well, she's running. Something is very, very wrong here. Edward Klein exposed a FRACTION of her verified terminal health problems in his 2015 book Unlikeable. Well, she's 300 pounds now, and much sicker than ever. She has a lot of hidden health problems as well. None of this makes any sense at all. The stress of campaigning is hideous. The Whore of Babylon wants to be your president and commander in chief. Hillary is dying. She is pumped full of amphetamines before she appears in public. Anyone who has ever taken an amphetamine can clearly see this in her superficial emotions, overgenic actions, and extreme manic behavior. Why are the Democrats running a dying woman for president? To get the Democratic Party into office, so the Vice President will take over when she dies? Who will she choose to run with her? Martin Heinrich? Wesley Clark? Tom Vilpack? We've covered her terminal health problems many times previously, and won't repeat them. None of this makes any sense at all. She just needs to do something like faint, or fall (again) in public one time, and it's all over for her campaign. Time will tell what is really going on here, why the Democrats are running a woman with two feet in the grave.


We have so many unnecessary, restrictive, Orwellian, draconian laws in our country now that most everyone is a felon waiting to be arrested for something. We have only 5% of the world population, but 25% of the prison inmates. Russia doesn't do this. China doesn't do this. Cuba doesn't do this. North Korea doesn't do this. Only in America are so many millions of people locked up, or on parole or probation. It just gets worse every day, too.

"The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum."Noam Chomsky

Noam is an honest Jewish libertarian philosopher with a lot of wisdom. Israel actually banned him from coming there because he just tells the truth too much and too often.

Silver is getting very strong. The gold to silver ratio has fallen from 82:1 to 76:1. You are going to see 15:1 or even less before this is all over. Now we're seeing days with weak gold and strong silver finally.  Silver is going to outperform gold by five times. Silver is the most undervalued asset on earth.

The COT report for April 1 was neutral. The commercials added 8,000 gold shorts, and are now a whopping 208,000 net short. They dropped 9,000 silver shorts, and are now 68,000 net short. The open interest is terrible. Your poor old author bought 20 long silver contracts at $15 spot. Never play with futures. You'll get high blood pressure and sleepless nights. 80% of players lose, while only 20% win. The HUI is actually 30 day positive. Silver made a classic 50% retracement. Yet, the commercials have caused little damage with these massive short positions. Again, the commercials hold an incredible 208,00 net short contracts, while there is only a tiny, tiny amount of actual registered (available) gold bullion in the COMEX vaults. It's all about paper and more paper, and manipulation of the price.

The COT report for April 8 the commercials stayed with same with 207,000 net gold shorts. They dropped 8,000 silver shorts and are now 60,000 net short. We have a long way to go. The good news is, 1) the HUI is on fire, and 2) they are getting almost no results out of these extreme historical short positions. The open interest is still terrible.

The COT report for April 15 was simply incomprehensible. The commercials added 25,000 new gold shorts, and are now net short an incredible 232,000 contracts. They added 13,000 new silver shorts, and are now net short 72,000 contracts.

High open interest (number of futures contracts) is bad for us. Gold OI is up to 505,000 contracts and silver up to 185,000 contracts. This is really bad and has to come down.


"Financial expert" James Rickards just wrote another misleading book The Case for Gold. Do not listen to him. He is a paid disinformation agent. He never recommends silver, or tells you silver is going to far, far outperform gold. He pretends to be one of us, but is not. His earlier book, The Death of Money, was another best selling work to mislead the sheeple, while pretending to be a patriot trying to help people. He ignores silver completely. He tells you to buy paper gold rather than physical. He also tells you to use storage programs. He's a fraud folks. He's a paid disinformation agent.



Keep a small checking account to pay your bills. One Monday morning you are going to wake up and the banks will all be closed. Credit cards, debit cards, checks, wire transfers, and ATMS will all be useless. Under the new federal banking laws your deposits belong to the bank, and not to you. Let's repeat that...the bank owns your deposits. You do not own them. A bail in will occur, and YOU will pay the bank debts. Yes, they will take your money to pay their debts. You will be out in the cold with no money. Take your money and buy silver bullion you hold yourself. The U.S. Constitution says the only real money is gold and silver. 5,000 years of recorded history says that the only real money is gold and silver. For the first time in the history of man no currency on earth has any value at all. Not one. They are all unbacked counterfeit "fiat" colored toilet paper with no worth.


We talked about Deutsche Bank (DB) months ago. It is the 8th largest bank in the world, and about to default. All banks today are hopelessly intertwined. When one big bank collapses, they all collapse. Goldman Sachs (GS) is Satan's personal bank.  If the government can't protect Satan's personal bank, who can they protect? They are going under as well. Keep remembering when the banks close, all your money goes with them. The money is legally theirs when you deposit it, and not your money anymore. When they take it (not if, but when) it will be a "bail in". This has already occurred in Cyprus and other countries.

Wells Fargo (16th largest), J.P. Morgan (7th largest), and Barclay's (6th largest) are all also going under. We could go on for pages and pages with all the major banks that are failing and collapsing. This is just a tiny sample.


Goldman Sachs is going under

Deutsche Bank is going under

Wells Fargo is going under

J.P. Morgan  is going under

Barclays is going under


The HUI, XAU, and GDX gold miners indexes are all on fire. This is huge. The miners are leading the metals up. There may be no corrections at all in the miners. Look at this six month chart. The HUI  Gold Miners Index hit a high of 625 in late 2011. It bottomed at under 100  about seven months ago in the Fall of 2015. It just made a new one year high at 212. This is over a 100% increase in three months, or over 400% a year. A very small correction this week. The HUI/GDX/XAU) have a history of doing that. Again, the miners are clearly leading the metals. The miners are on fire and are going to lead the metals higher. The Direxion JNUG 3X ETF was created two and a half years ago in October of 2013. When the HUI returns to the 600 level, JNUG will be worth a fortune. It goes up three times faster than the mining stocks (or down three times faster when they fall). JNUG was over 240 when the HUI was about 250. It just went to 112. (There was a 10:1 reverse split, so 240 was 2,400 at the time). This is a no brainer trade. Only do this with spare investment money you can afford. This is a side investment, and not a core investment. Your poor old author bought 1,000 shares at 100. Your entire life savings should be in silver bullion you hold yourself. No silver stocks, no paper silver like SLV, no unsafe deposit boxes, and no storage programs. You must hold the silver yourself whatever you have to do. Readers keep writing in asking about the SLV ETF, storage programs, silver mines, and other schemes. You must hold physical bullion yourself or it doesn't exist. JNUG is a side bet with money you can afford to invest after you own your core silver.



The Dow Jones 30 is about to collapse. Look at this one year chart. Right, making predictions like this is suicide. Watch the DJI make a one year classic double top at 18,000 and collapse. The problems only get worse, and the stock markets are artificially propped up by the government Plunge Protection Team. This is not some right wing fantasy. The government freely admits they, "help and assist the markets" at times. The sheeple are going to get really sheared, and lose much of their life savings, their 401k, and their IRA. Screw them! They all deserve it. Sell your 401k or IRA, take the penalty, and buy silver bullion you hold yourself. Or starve to death in the streets with the sheeple.



Golly gosh, the U.S. dollar is falling like a rock. Get rid of your dollars and dollar denominated investments and get into silver bullion you hold yourself. 100 to 94 in less than five months. The media keeps telling you how "strong" the dollar is. Do you see any strength in the above one year chart?  

If they were really fighting for my freedom...

This is what it would look like.



In the last 10 years almost 5 million people have escaped from the Socialist State of California to live somewhere else. Most all of them are white. They just can't take the California Nightmare anymore. The state has been on self destruct for decades now, and the rest of America is following closely. As goes California so goes the nation has been true for over 100 years now. Look at this one state and you see America's future. Every day we are closer and closer to a Third World banana republic. Remember, 100 years ago Britain ruled the waves and was THE superpower of the world. Now it is a worthless Third World bankrupt socialist cesspool. The Socialist State of California is our future.



Inflation is causing prices to skyrocket, while wages keep falling. The middle class is disappearing.  In 1971 the middle class was 61%, now it is less than 50%. The middle class is what makes any country great.  A hallmark of any socialist/communist/totalitarian state is the lack of a solid middle class. 1 in 3 Americans have no savings. 1 in 4 is in debt. Half of the under 25 crowd live at home with their parents, and admit, "the American dream is dead".  1 in 5 people in America eat on food stamps. Every day America becomes more of a Third World banana republic without the bananas. Yes, the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. Over 40 million college graduates are hopelessly drowning in student loan debt, and can't get a decent job. They are now government debt slaves. The government is jailing them for non-payment. They are forced to sign a court order payment plan. When they fail to pay, they get locked up. Screw them! They wanted government loans, and now they have to pay the real world price. Nothing fails like government.



On top of low salaries, you now pay more than half of what you make to the government every year. If you make, say $30,000, you pay $16,000 to $18,000 to the government. This depends on what state you live in. So, you work about six and a half months every year for the government, and only five and a half months for yourself. Yet, the sheeple keep voting for  bigger and bigger and bigger government- and more taxes- every year. Now, tell yourself this isn't End Times. The sheeple prefer poverty and slavery to freedom and affluence. Every country gets the government it deserves.

Go online and buy a dozen 30 round magazines for each rifle you have. You can get good ones for as little at $15 each. Choose polymer or metal according to your personal likes. Guns are going to be outlawed step by step by step. First the large capacity magazines will be banned. Then bullets will be treated like actual guns with rules, regulations, and restrictions. Guns without bullets are useless. Gun rights have already been taken from  almost a million military veterans. Obama wants everyone on the no fly list to lose their gun rights with no procedures whatsoever.  Step by step by step the guns will go. No armed country in history was ever taken over by socialism or communism. Only the gun owners in this country have prevented a complete and total takeover by the neocons.


Ha! They just passed a law forcing you to give me a raise!

You're fired!

You cannot legislate affluence. You cannot outlaw poverty. Cities and states are now mandating insane $15 an hour minimum wages THERE SHOULD BE NO MINIMUM WAGE WHATSOEVER. Let the free market decide what workers are worth. Where minimum wages are mandated, companies will move, go out of business, cut back, fire employees, downsize, or use computer ordering instead of people. All this will backfire terribly on the people it is supposed to "help". Poverty will increase, not decrease as more minimum wages laws are passed.


The very core of liberal philosophy is GOVERNMENT WORSHIP. Let the government do it. The government does it best. Leave it to government to do it right. I depend on the government for my very existence. Only the government can do it. Israel, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland exemplify this best. Cradle to grave dependence on government for everything. The Ultimate Nanny State. Every socialist state has failed miserably, and turned to totalitarianism. That's right, socialism always progresses to a police state in the end.

Socialism is just communism with lipstick and fishnet stockings.



Socialism and communism have always been total and complete disasters without exception. Nothing works better than free enterprise. The ideal would be no government at all.




At best, only 2% vote for the Libertarian candidate. In most elections there is no Libertarian candidate. That means vote for the Lesser Evil, or don't vote. Never vote for the Lesser Evil. That just supports more evil. There is only a one party Republicrat system in America. It's really no different from China, Cuba, or North Korea. You can pick Tweedle Dee or Tweele Dum, but you get the same party- the Republicrat Party. The sheeple honestly believe there is a huge difference between the two parties. There is no difference at all, except in outward appearance. The American people are so stupid, so brain dead, so dumbed down, so ignorant that they keep electing Republicrats. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the rest are just SYMPTOMS of this incredible stupidity. Just symptoms.

"You have to pass the bill to see what's in it."




CNBC is telling the sheeple the DJI will skyrocket thru 18,000 to make a new historical high. Everyone should get on board and "bet on America" to get rich. How is this miracle supposed to occur? Well, Goldman Sachs and Apple are going to explode, and take the DJI up to new never before seen heights. Really? Watch the DJI make a classic double top at 18,000 and collapse.

Look at the above GS and APPL charts. Pitiful, horrible, hopeless. miserable? Are the sheeple really this stupid to listen to this crap? Of course they are. Stations like CNBC, CNN, and Fox News are gospel to the sheeple. Kosher frauds like Jim Cramer are oracles to be trusted and believed in. It's all about misinformation.

CNBS then dragged in Goldman Sachs disinformation agent Jeff Currie. He told the sheeple to short gold, as it is going to fall to $800. He has been saying this for two years  now. This is the kind of insanity you hear not only on CNBC, but the rest of the controlled media. When gold skyrockets to thousands of dollars an ounce, old Jeff will go into Orwell's Memory Hole as if he never said a word. Credit Suisse is another disinformation agent telling people gold will not go up no matter what happens. Silver, of course, doesn't exist to any of these people. The most undervalued asset on earth is never discussed.



This is a 37 year chart of margin debt for the NY Stock Exchange. That means people buy stocks on heavy margin rather than pay full price. Leverage, in other words. Fine, if the price goes up, but disaster if the prices goes down. You see whenever they is a peak margin debt the stock market collapses. Well, the markets are overdue to collapse.  Overdue.



This 37 year chart (thank Barron's) proves it. Whenever we see very high margin debt, we know a crash is going to happen. Well, margin debt is thru the roof right now, so sell any "normal" stocks you have. Gold and silver stocks don't count here. High margin debt preceded the Great Depression in 1929. This will be the Much Greater Depression. This will be the worst depression by far the world has ever seen.


How about this worthless 1,084 sq ft hovel in Paramount, CA for $384,000? It was built in 1924 and would cost over $100,000 to even begin to modernize it at all. The second housing crash is overdue. It you are underwater with your house just give the keys to the bank and walk away. You are going to see the average American home sell for $100,000 instead of about $200,000 before this is all over. Yes, a 50% collapse. The housing crash is overdue folks.



The IMF predicts gold will fall 14% this year. The international monetary Fund is a pillar of the One World Order finances, along with the World Bank. This is absolute proof gold

and silver will fly in 2016. the IMF is a massive disinformation agent.




AIPAC is the most powerful lobbying group in the world. Donald Trump was THE featured Republican speaker there in March. He bragged about his daughter Ivanka converting to Judaism and having a Jewish baby. He bragged about his son Eric marrying a Jewish woman. He bragged about his allegiance and loyalty to Israel. He claimed Israel was the, "only democracy in the Mideast". They are not, and never have been, anything even remotely related to a "democracy". They have no constitution or bill of rights. Israel is a hardcore Marxist theocracy run by orthodox Jews. He spoke of our, "shared cultural values". We share nothing culturally, morally, historically, or in any other way with them- other than being the two most evil countries on earth. He promised, "My number one priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal we did with Iran." He ranted on..."We will totally disassemble the Iranian global terrorist network, which is big and powerful. Iran has seeded terrorist groups around the world. Iran is the biggest sponsor of terrorism around the world." All this is psychotic babble. The exact opposite is true. America (and Israel) are the biggest terrorist war mongering nations on earth.

Some people are so beaten down and desperate, they actually believe somehow Trump is going to save them, that he is "different". The things he says are too stupid for words. He is going to deport 12 million Mexicans. He is going to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, and make them pay for it. He will fund Social Insecurity. He will do away with ObamaCare, and substitute TrumpCare. Six of one and half dozen of the other on that last one.

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Meanwhile, be prepared, be ready for whatever is coming. The future is dark for America for the first time in 240 years. The 1929 Depression was a walk in the park. Great events cast their shadows before them. You can see tomorrow if you just PAY ATTENTION to what is happening today.

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