Economic Rant

May 16, 2016



The United States of America (USA) died decades ago. We now have crony capitalism instead of free market capitalism. More than half of young adults (under 30) reject “greedy” free market capitalism in favor of “compassionate” socialism. They are so blind, they cannot see how socialism has failed in every single country in history. They cannot see how socialism has now destroyed all of Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. These young people vote for Bernie and Hillary, and are the future of America. Socialism has always failed all the time, every time. 240 years and it’s all over for America. Socialism is just communism with lipstick and fishnet stockings anyway.

Are you tired of hearing about the “LGBT community”? You should be. Are you tired of hearing about special bathroom rights for the “transgendered”? You should be. The term transgendered is an oxymoron. You can’t change your sex by surgically mutilating yourself. That’s scientifically and genetically absurd. Any surgeon who does this should be put in prison. You cannot change your genetics!!! Did you know the 2010 U.S. Census found less that 22,000 psychotics surgically mutilated themselves, and pretended to be another sex? 22,000 psychotics paid to be horribly mutilated. More proof of End Times.  Out of 320 million people that is ONE OUT OF 15,000. Almost no one has been surgically mutilated like this anyway. Again, all this media attention for a mere 15,000 psychotics.

Now we have "safe zones" on many college campuses and your choice of bathrooms. Locker rooms and showers are next. Do you think they'll get a safe zone when they graduate and go to work? What woman wants to go to the bathroom with a man whose penis was cut off (or not)? North Carolina passed a bill that you have to use the bathroom stated on your birth certificate. The Department of Injustice ordered the state to rescind the bill. Can’t have states’ rights, even though this country was founded on states’ rights.

Yes, a pillar of America has always been independent states’ rights.


Vote with your wallet. Target officially declared employees and customers can freely use whatever bathroom they "identify with" at the time they use it. There is a lot of backlash against this fortunately. Just don't shop at Target. Go to and sign the petition. Over a million people have already signed it, and it's snowballing. We did.



Medical error is the biggest cause of death in America only behind heart disease and cancer. That's right- it is the THIRD LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH. Actually it is probably the second leading cause of death ahead of cancer, since it is so widely unreported. Surprisingly this was on the mainstream media.

Many people claim Hillary is going to be arrested for her many crimes. Ain’t gonna happen. She and Bill had dozens of people murdered, and nothing was ever done about it.

This included police officers. She could collapse in public though, and that would be the end of her campaign. The Democrats have no one to run but Hillary. No one at all. Bolshevik Bernie is a kosher joke. Biden is as popular as hemorrhoids. If just one of Hillary’s many, endless health problems becomes obvious, her campaign is over on the spot. Running around at 300 pounds in clown costumes isn’t doing much to help her. She is dying folks. She’s been dying of multiple terminal illnesses for years. She is injected with amphetamines before her circus performances. She sleeps the rest of the time. Why are the Democrats running a woman with two feet in the grave.



Venezuela chose socialism and immediately started to collapse. Chavez, and now Maduro have completely destroyed a country chock full of natural wealth. They have massive oil fields, excellent weather, and endless fertile land. It should be a South American paradise. Instead, they are bankrupt and in chaos. Most people are government workers! Now they work only 2 days a week. The rest work only 4 days a week. All this is by government mandate. The soldiers and police are starving as well. The Venezuelan sheeple look to the government for their every need, and now they're all starving and desperate. This is what "compassionate" socialism always brings in the end.



"The goal of socialism is communism." -Lenin

"The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money." -Margaret Thatcher

"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, it's inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."


Thatcher and Churchill were like Ronald Reagan, in that they talked about freedom and liberty, but didn't practice it.

de Tocqueville said, "Democracy and socialism have nothing in common. Democracy seeks equality in liberty. Socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude."


Senile in Omaha Buffett had his annual shareholder meeting with 40,000 brain dead, moron, clueless worshippers. His worthless Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) stock has zero gains in the last year. He is invested in losers like American Express, IBM, and Wells Fargo. All three are collapsing. All the banks are about to go under, but he says they are “strong”. He claims Hillary will win by a big margin. He says America is going in the right direction. What a senile anal orifice. You’ll see him on CNBC regularly pontificating like this. This is a one year BRKA chart. Does this look like success to you? No gold or silver mines of course. He could buy the entire mines instead of merely shares in them. He’s too stupid.

On May 2 the gold open interest skyrocketed 50,000 contracts from 501,000 to 551,000. (Silver is "only" 201,000). This has never happened before. We are getting the correction we warned you about in the last rant. Your author is now back in all 30 silver contracts  ($150,000 per $1 move) after getting out of 20 at $17.50 last month. Never play futures!  You'll just get high blood pressure, sleepless nights, and lose your money. Never again after this!



The U.S. dollar is hopeless. Get out of dollars and get into physical silver bullion you hold yourself. All currencies on earth are just as worthless.

(Thanks to for this. Ino is a good place to go for prices and charts.)


Obama would rather celebrate Passover every year than Easter.

Putin celebrates Easter every year as a devout Orthodox Christian.

The HUI has more than doubled from 100 to 220 in less than five months.

This is a one year chart of First Majestic (FM) silver. $4 to $14 in four months is not bad at all. The gold and silver mines are on fire. FM is typical of many silver mines. They are leading the metals. Yes, we own lots of FM in the foundation.

Sweden is already 95% cashless. You see signs in stores "no cash". Denmark is the same way, and vows to soon "eradicate all cash". Norway’s biggest bank intends to eliminate all cash as soon as possible. Spain, France, and Italy have banned all cash transactions over $1,000. The 500 Euro note has just been discontinued. CNBC wants the U.S. $100 bill to be discontinued. The war on cash continues relentlessly. In America normal actions, like paying cash for your hotel room, are considered by "our" government to be a "suspicious activity". The One World Order is getting stronger by the day. This movement is growing, and the sheeple are cheering for their own demise as usual. Negative interest rates (NIRP) are coming as well. You will be at the mercy of the banks and government. At the touch of a button, all your wealth would disappear, and you would starve in the street. Yet, the sheeple mindlessly lap it up. Look at the young people today with their ubiquitous debit cards. Not a penny in their pocket, and they use their debit card to buy a 50 cent candy bar. If there was any problem at all with their card, they would be completely and totally helpless.




Gold OI went to 566,000 but silver is "only" 198,000. We got the correction we warned you about in the May Rant. As of May 13 that went to 580,000 and 205,000. It should be half that.

On the 6th the commercials are still 90,000 net short silver.

They added 55,000 gold shorts and are now net short an incomprehensible 295,000 contracts. That is not a misprint. The bankers have lost their minds.             .

If you don't have silver or gold you don't have money.

If you don't have silver or gold you have a problem!

So many financial writers are warning about a dollar collapse you can't count them all.

It's true the dollar is worthless and has no value. There hasn't been any gold in Ft. Knox

for over 50 years now. There has been no audit every 10 years as required by law. The

"Fed" (which is owned by 12 Zionist banks) is printing trillions of dollars in counterfeit "money" every year. You have green toilet paper in your wallet.

On Friday the 13th nothing really changed. The commercials are still 285,000 net short gold and 92,000 net short silver. The open interest is really bad as usual. The Big Banks obviously have lost their influence over the price of gold and silver after 25 years.


There are 542 claims for every actual ounce of COMEX gold! There is only a handful of registered (buyable) gold in the COMEX. Same with London Bullion. There are 542 claims for every single ounce of buyable gold in the COMEX. “Ponzi scheme” is an understatement here.


China, Russia, and Iran formed an alliance long ago. Together they can vaporize America and NATO with no trouble at all. China just sent troops to Syria to stop American aggression. Every day we are closer and closer to World War III. Don’t kid yourself. It’s worse than you know in the Mideast. This is completely and totally due to senseless, evil American aggression. We are a weak, impotent, bankrupt, failing, collapsing country trying in vain to be the World Policeman. Russia and China will put an end to that easily and quickly if we don’t stop.

The only thing between us and a totalitarian Obama dictatorship is the 100 million gun owners in America. Nothing else whatsoever.

Pope Frankie the Fake is not the real Pope. He is the incarnation of evil. He has fulfilled the prophecy that the papacy will end. It ended with him. Any sincere Catholic should stop going to Mass every Sunday, and refuse to recognize Satan’s Ambassador on Earth. That is exactly what he is- Satan’s Ambassador. He wants to take every gun on earth when he has a massive arsenal in his basement, and an army of soldiers. What a hypocrite piece of garbage he is.

Did you know that Jesus’ disciples were all armed? That’s a fact. In the Gospel of Luke he clearly told them to sell what they had, and buy a sword in order to be armed. Jesus was no liberal! They were armed during their travels.

Then said he unto them, but now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.”

Jewish has-been actress Jane Seymour has a red light on her porch, so all the rapists, robbers, and murderers will know exactly where to go. Always remember that liberalism is a mental disease.


Thomas Jefferson said:



Take all your money out of the bank, and only keep a small checking account to pay bills. Close any unsafe deposit boxes. Keep a little green cash at home, since the grocery store clerk will not understand silver is real money. Put your life savings into silver bullion you hold yourself. If you don’t hold it, you don’t have it. No paper silver, no ETFs, no storage programs, just bullion you hold personally.


You have to prep. Move if you live in the city or crowded suburbs. You need food and a source of water. You need bullets more than you need guns. Walk around the house and make a list of what you need. Prep for your pets. We could have another fake 9/11 and martial law. We could have a dollar collapse or a bank “holiday”. We could have a stock market crash. Russia and China might get tired of our evil wars of aggression, and simply vaporize us. Just pay attention and you can see tomorrow. Great events cast their shadows before them, and those shadows get darker every day. We don’t know EXACTLY what is going to happen, but we do not it is going to be very, very bad. This really seriously is End Times. If you can’t see that, it’s because you don’t want to. Be ready, be prepared. It just makes good sense.

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