Economic Rant

June 01, 2016

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

John Adams said this when our country was founded. Well, Americans are no longer moral, nor religious. America is now the Evil Empire. We no longer are the world superpower at all. Russia, China, and Iran have an alliance now. They can vaporize us at any time with no trouble at all. Our troops are busy murdering innocent people in the Mideast for the Greater Glory of  Zionism. World War III is down the road, and don’t kid yourself about that. Russia, China, and Iran do not want war at all. They are only defending themselves against endless American neocon aggression. They know the emperor has no clothes anymore.

These silly, vapid, mindless twits are actually defense ministers of their countries.

(from left) Defense Ministers, Albania's Mimi Kodheli, Netherland's Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, Germany's Ursula von der Leyen, Norway's head dyke Ine Marie Eriksen Soreide and Italy's Roberta Pinotti. Not pictured is Sweden’s Karin Enstrom and Australia’s first female defense minister Marise Payne. China will take over Australia and New Zealand without firing a shot. NATO is a bad joke. Russia will take over all of Europe without a problem. The American military is now weak and impotent. America will be decimated by massive Russian and Chinese missile strikes. For the first time in history America will actually suffer the high cost of war. We’ll be showered with nuclear multi-head missiles.

This is Russia's Defense Minister. He represents the military strength and power Russia now has. They do not want war, but are tired of endless American aggression. They are far, far more prepared for war than we are.

This is China's Defense Minister. He represents the military strength and power of China.

He, too, is far, far more prepared for war than we are. They have 1.2 billion people, or almost four times as many people as we do. Together, Russia, China, and Iran have almost five times our population. Their armed forces are far superior to ours. We are massively outmanned and outgunned in every way.



"We cannot expect the Americans to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have communism." … Nikita Khrushchev



Look at this triple 18,000 top for the Dow Jones. This is going to crash. No, it will not break through 18,000 and make new highs. If you are still in the stock market, you are going to be destroyed. The entire stock markets are nothing but smoke and mirrors, held together with duct tape. The insiders sold out long ago. George Soros, for example, just sold billions of dollars in stocks and bought gold. He is just one of many.



Every family of four owes $2,500,000 in debt. Right, $2.5 million.


Forget the $17.5 trillion official figure. That could be paid off over a long time with some serious austerity. The $127 trillion unfunded figure is far too low. We now have a real federal debt of over $200 trillion. Compare that to our $12 trillion annual GNP. We are going to see a depression and total destruction of America. All debts get paid all the time, every time. There is no such thing as an unpaid debt. Either the buyer or the seller pays the debt. Well, you the taxpayer are going to pay $200 trillion. Divide that by 320 million people. That means everyone in America owes $625,000. Every family of four owes $2.5 million. Completely insane, right? But true.

Money must change hands constantly in any healthy economy. That’s basic. How fast it changes hands is called “velocity”. Money velocity is worse now than the Great Depression 87 years ago. Did you hear that on CNBC News?

The Misery Index measures how well people are doing. It was 27 during the Great Depression. It is now 33. We are more miserable than the people who were going thru the worst depression the world ever saw. People are just not happy today. As Thoreau said, “Most people lead lives of quiet desperation.”

Look what happened after Obama took over. The “Fed” (which is owned by 12 private Zionist banks) started counterfeiting “money” 24/7. They counterfeit trillions of dollars. This obviously causes inflation. Inflation is THEFT!!! Inflation robs you and everyone else in America. The only cause of inflation is printing counterfeit money. Yes, it’s that simple. There is no other cause.

The Fed went from 22 to1 leveraging to 77 to 1. Talk about a recipe for disaster!  Didn’t hear that on CNBC either did you?

The entire GNP for America is down to about $12 trillion a year. The banks are drowning in FIVE TIMES THAT MUCH- $60 trillion. They are going to fail…there is no “if” about it. When they fail, YOU will pay the bill, not them. Your savings will be confiscated. Your money will be taken. Get your money out of the back and into physical silver you hold personally. Only silver and gold are real money. Keep a small checking account to pay your bills.

That $60 trillion in bank debt is growing THIRTY TIMES faster than our failing,  faltering economy. It’s just a matter of time before the banks imploded. We haven’t  even mentioned the insane derivatives position they hold. This is TEN TIMES larger than the entire GNP of every country on earth combined.

This is the stock market capitalization to GDP ratio. Just prior to the Great Depression this ratio was 87%. Now it is an incredible 203%. THIS CANNOT BE SUSTAINED. The situation today is more than twice as bad as it was just before the Great Depression. This crash is going to be more than twice as bad.

There are ten times more derivatives than the entire GNP of the whole planet. Now tell yourself this isn’t End Times. The derivatives will implode. It is just a matter of time. In the history of the world we have never had “derivatives”. They cannot even be defined clearly.




In the May Rant there was a graph of the liberals favorite stock Apple (APPL). Apple is literally a religion for liberals. It is hopelessly collapsing. Well, guess what? Senile in Omaha Buffett owns huge amounts of Apple in his worthless Berkshire Hathaway stock. Guess what else? He just bought a lot more, and told the sheeple this is a great stock to invest in with a lot of good fundamentals. No gold or silver for Senile. Why isn't he heavily invested in gold and silver mines? The HUI has more than doubled in the last three months. Gold and silver are THE best investments in the world. They are the most undervalues assets on earth. He could buy entire gold and silver mines.



Nancy Pelosi came out and said Trump will never be president. “I personally guarantee that, and you can take it to the bank.” Some people say we will have martial law and there will be no election in five months. Emperor Obama would then rule without a Constitution of Bill of Rights. Don't think something like that couldn't happen.

“Donald Trump is not going to be President of the United States,” said Pelosi. “Take it to the bank, I guarantee it.”

MSNBC turns on Hillary and tells her to “stop lying, stop digging”. Wow!, Morning Joe at MSNBC has turned on Hillary as has Fox News. Fox hates Trump, so why are they finally attacking Hillary? Go figure! You now see more and more anti-Hillary political cartoons. None of this makes any sense at all. SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG and we don’t know what.


Washington Times / October, 2015:

“Obama Boasts He Could Coast to Third Term as President.”

Yes, this was in the Washington Times nine months ago. There is dark talk from various sources that Obama will somehow manage to serve a third term. How is that possible? Start a war with Russia/China/Iran we can’t win, and declare martial law. Suspend the elections, “for the good of the country”. Anything can happen. We currently have two communist homosexuals, Obama and Michelle, in the White House serving their second term. If that can happen, anything can and will happen.



Only cesspools like Israel, Eritrea, Bolivia, Chad, Mozambique, and North Korea draft women into the military. Well, America is next. The 2017 National Defense Authorization Act will make sure women more "equal rights" than they ever dreamed of. Senator McCain the Insane is solidly behind this insanity saying, “I support drafting them.” The Army Chief of Staff and Commandant of the Marine Corps are solidly behind this as well. Of course old Joe Biden is 100% for drafting women. It will soon be on the Senate floor for a vote. When girls turn 18, they will required to register for the draft or go to prison. Now tell yourself this isn't End Times. The "LGBT community" can also get equal rights out there on the battlefield. Don’t listen to stories of how the House is going to remove this provision. Only an evil demented sick country would draft women for war.


The Rant is not an investment advisory of course. About six weeks ago we mentioned JNUG Direxion 3X was a no lose monster investment at $100. Your author loaded up on it. Well, it fell from 240 to 200 and the uptrend is broken. If the HUI keeps falling this will be a great buy opportunity. This is a triple leveraged bet on the junior gold miners. This goes up (or down) three times faster than the HUI to put it simply. This could easily go to $3,000. On Tuesday the 1st your author dumped all 1,000 shares of JNUG, and is on the sidelines looking for a lower price to re-enter. If you own JNUG you might want to do the same. The HUI could easily go to 170. When the HUI/gold/silver all line up in 30 day bear trends you have an 80% chance that will continue. History proves that.




Old Bill isn't going to be around long. All those decades of unprotected sex finally got to him. He is frail, weak, sickly, speaks slowly, and looks 89. He has palsy, tremors and may have Parkinson's Disease. He has open Kaposi's sarcoma lesions on his forehead, which  is a hallmark of AIDS. He is losing weight and now skeletal. This is a picture of a man with two feet in the grave. He spoke at several international AIDS conferences for good reason. Donald Trump is 70 and looks fine and healthy. George Bush is almost 70 and looks fit and healthy. Bolshevik Bernie is 74 and looks fine for his age. Hillary demanded he get AIDS testing due to his promiscuity. Neither one of them will release their medical records. How can a candidate for president not release honest medical records? Several websites and covering her terminal health issues and there will soon be a lot more. If Hillary is elected Bill will be co-president, just as she was co-president when he served.


It’s disappointing how many otherwise intelligent people think Trump is somehow “different” and “not one of the Establishment” and the rest of that crap. He hired Steven Mnuchin as his finance manager. Well, old Steven was a Goldman Sachs senior executive, as well as a George Soros’ right hand man. Trump has leftist shitbags like Christie and Giuliani as members of his team. Sheldon Adelson, the “president maker” is 100%  behind him. He just had a secret meeting with Henry Kissinger. Again, his children both married into rich powerful Jewish families. His daughter, Ivanka, converted to Judaism and had a Jewish baby. Trump was THE head Republican speaker at AIPAC this Spring. Trump has always been a liberal, leftist Democrat and close friend of the Clintons. He is not- and never has been- a Republican. He is a master of talking out of both sides of his mouth. He’ll tell you whatever you want to hear.


Blacks (88 to 9) want Hillary. Latinos (68 to 20) want Hillary. Women (51 to 38) want Hillary. Young people under 35 (55 to 32) want Hillary. These are great reasons to only let white men over 35 vote and no one else. All of the above want something for nothing, for the government to give them free stuff with YOUR tax money. "There is no more powerful lobby than the gun lobby," she just said. Actually the NRA, GOA, and other groups are miniscule lobbyists compared to the real lobbies. The American Medical Association, General Electric, National Association of Realtors, AARP, Boeing, Exxon, and the American Hospital Association are HUGE in comparison. She also said the Australian Gun confiscation of 1996 was a "very generous" voluntary buyback program!!! It was a government confiscation of every gun in the country with severe criminal penalties for not turning them in. This evil bitch is incapable of telling the truth. The confiscation failed miserably, and violent crime skyrocketed after it was passed. Criminals, as always, had plenty of guns. Honest citizens were disarmed. Criminals love gun laws, since their victims are unarmed.



This is how she really looks at 69. Yes, this is Satan’s sister. Or Howdy Doody’s sister. Remember Howdy Doody back in the 1950’s? Are you that old? America has only been around for 240 years now. If you are 60 years old you have been around for ONE FOURTH of America’s existence. If you are 80 years old you have been around for ONE THIRD of America’s existence. You never realized that did you?


Ten years ago if you had predicted third bathrooms for perverts would be mandated by the government, you would have been put in an insane asylum. Now it is just normal news. Third bathrooms for people who “identify” with what their genetics say they aren’t. This is End Times folks, and it’s time to admit it. No, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are now going to ride thru the sky. No Jesus is not coming back. He wouldn’t bother.

Finally, the Obama Administration and its edict on transgender bathroom access is heating up. The federal government is mandating third bathrooms for the surgically mutilated (transgendered) and the confused.  Nearly a dozen states are suing the federal government charging Obama’s bathroom policies are a gross overreach of his powers. The ideal is unisex bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms for all. The left wants to do away with separate male and female facilities altogether. For proof, look no further than a recent story by the Associated Press with a title that reads "All-gender restrooms are Yale’s new normal." Many other colleges are doing the same. The overwhelming majority, especially women and parents, are not going to accept this insanity.

Boycott Target. Do not shop at Target. We don’t.



Lake Mead in Nevada is the largest reservoir in the country and serves 20 million people. This is where Las Vegas gets it’s water. Las Vegas gets over 40 million visitors a year. You can’t make water out of thin air. They just added a lower “third straw” to Lake Mead to further destroy the reservoir. This pipeline was added to the very bottom, as the other two simply don’t work anymore. There are 320 million people in America. Over 90% need to go. This country would thrive with 30 million people. Over 90% of the people on this planet have to go. The ideal is about 500 million. The very worst problem on earth is the extreme overpopulation. This gets exponentially worse every day.

In 1913 the federal government was miniscule and had a mere 400 pages of tax rules. There should be no federal tax, and wasn’t for 137 years. Now there are almost 74,000 pages of tax rules. We need either a flax tax and do away with the IRS. The IRS has to go.

In the last 20 years since 1997 look how the regulatory restrictions have exploded. The government now regulates and controls every aspect of your lives. Now the government tells you what  kinds of toilets and light bulbs you are allowed to use. In California the government tells you what kind of TV to watch!!!

Look how government consumer loans and student loans exploded after Obama was elected. Students are now lifetime government slaves.


"We have a mental health problem disguised as a gun problem, and a tyranny problem disguised as a security problem."

No armed country has ever been taken over by socialism or communism ever. Only an armed populace protects you against government running your life. Only the 100 million gun owners in America have saved us from a total police state with Obama as Grand  Emperor and Hillary waiting to be Grand Emperoress.

In men the ring finger is longer than the index finger. Michelle has men’s hands. Her ring finger is longer than her index finger. Digit ratio is very scientific and documented, and referred to as “digit ratio 2D:4D”. Google “sex differences in digit ratio to learn more. Wikipedia even covers this. So, America twice elected a homosexual foreign born Marxist with a fake history, married to a tranny with two adopted children they claim as theirs. Google “Michelle is a tranny” and you’ll be amazed at what you get. Now tell yourself this isn’t End Times. This is what America has come to.


Francisco Cossiga served two terms as President of Italy. He came out and said 9/11 was done by America and Israel. This is huge and took real character for him to say this. You didn’t see this reported in the media, did you? The American Free Press did. Google his name to get the whole story. This is a man with character.  The Saudi government is loudly telling the world that America did 9/11. Why isn’t Israel mentioned? Because Saudi Arabia and Israel have an unholy alliance. They deserve each other.




Trump has always been a far left Democrat. So, we have Democrat Hillary and Democrat Donald running for president. This is truly a one party election. The NRA formally supported Trump. This shows you how the NRA sold out a long time ago. Do NOT join the NRA. All the gun rights groups have sold out, including the GOA. None of them will even admit that the mass shootings are all fake. Why don't any of them come out and say, "no one died at Sandy Hook" for example? Trump wanted to ban semi-automatic rifles and called them assault rifles. Assault rifles are fully automatic, and can only be owned by police and military. A handful of gun dealers with a class III permit have assault rifles. He also wanted a longer waiting period for gun purchases. Most Trump properties totally ban guns- even for those with carry permits. What a chameleon! He is all things to all people. He has always been a far left Democrat. He is not a Republican, never has been, and never will be. Do not vote for what you think is the Lesser Evil. A vote for evil is just that- a vote for evil. Do the right thing and vote for Gary Johnson, Libertarian. No, you are not, "wasting your vote". Voting for evil is worse than wasting your vote.


On the 20th the commercials added 5,000 gold shorts. There are now an incredible 290,000 net short gold futures. Silver remains at 90,000 net short.


On the 27th we finally got some really good news on the COMEX commercial positions.

The Big Banks dropped a massive 65,000 short gold contracts, but are still net short 225,000. Yes, this is still a huge number, but much better certainly. They dropped 11,000 short silver contracts, but are still net short 78,000. Again, a huge number, but much better. The HUI has fallen from 240 to 200, and the uptrend is broken. Gold must hold $1,200 or it could go into freefall. Silver must hold $16 or there is no support. So, the COT report is the only good news happening. Gold, silver, and the HUI are all in 30 day downtrends. There is an 80% chance of further damage when all three are in 30 day bear markets. Your author dumped all 30 silver futures and is waiting on the sidelines. Also the JNUG was sold looking for a lower price to re-enter.


The election is only five months away, and the entire situation stinks. SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG, and we don’t know what. You need to seriously prep and make this your priority. We have covered this in the rant to years. Move if you have to. Get ready and be prepared for whatever is ahead. Be prepared! Great events cast their shadows be-fore them, and the shadows get darker every day. Get ready for whatever is ahead of us, whether it is a depression, martial law, dollar collapse, stock market collapse, bank holiday, biowarfare attack, or outright nuclear war.

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