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July 01, 2016


Germany, Spain, Holland, Denmark, France, Czech Republic, Sweden. Italy, and Hungary are next. When Germany leaves, it will be hopeless.  Nevertheless, the EU is collapsing and has been collapsing for many years now. The EU is a vital plank for the NWO. The Scots and Irish are a disgrace for voting to remain.

“You guys are taking a huge risk” leaving the EU.



The entire United Kingdom is nothing but a Third World, mixed race, socialist cesspool. The fact they left the EU don't change a single thing fundamentally.  Don't celebrate a non-event like this.


“”The British have violated the rules. It is not the EU philosophy that the crowd can decide its fate”.  –  Martin Schulz,  President of the EU Parliament . Isn't that great? Martin says the people don't count. He said in public. The great unwashed masses are just useless eaters, and only the elite are real humans. The NWO is not trying to hide anymore.


The European Central Bank (ECB) is buying gold with trillions of  worthless  Euros they print 24/7/365. Is that a great trick or what? Print useless Euros, buy real gold, and sit back and laugh. Who will pay the bill here? The sheeple as always of course. The world bankers are scared to death. Three trillion dollars was vaporized in 12 hours after Brexit. They aren't going to pay the bill folks- you are. They have far, far more derivatives than the entire annual world GNP of every single country. When- not if- these implode (and they are imploding as you read this) the entire world economy will come unglued. Got silver?


The COT report for the 17th was hard to comprehend it was so horrible. The commercials added an incredible 54,000 gold shorts, and are now net short 298,000 contracts. The added 10,000 silver shorts and are now net short 82,000 contracts.

The COT report of the 24th was worse as usual. The commercials added 14,000 gold short futures and are now an incredible 312,000 net short. They added 8,000 silver short futures, and are now 90,000 net short. Along with the extreme open interest (total contracts) for both, this shouldn't bode well for the short term, but the prices are taking off. The open interest (OI) is now 629,000 and 218,000 respectively. High OI is bad, and this is terrible! Have the Big Banks finally lost their grip on gold and silver prices?

We can't comment on the COT report on July 1, as the Rant goes out in the morning. Just Google "July 1, 2016 COT report" if you want to see it. It comes out at 4:00 PM EST.  The HUI, GDX, and the miners led the metals up, and they keep leading them up. However, please note the HUI/GDX have not gone up nearly as well as the metals. This tells us something. Nevertheless, the HUI and GDX have made a five and a half month bull market. The Silver Hedgers chart is very bearish. The blue line shows their positions and the black line shows the silver price. You can see the hedgers have a historic low position. This is bearish. This, too, seems meaningless. The seasonal figures also seem meaningless. See that chart on page 14. Even if we get a correction, it just won't be much. If you look at a 40 year seasonal chart you will see that JULY is the very, very worst month of all for gold and silver. This is based on 40 years of history. The old saying about metals is, "sell in May and go away". There is usually validity in this. It seems the Big Banks have lost control after 25 years of manipulation. Silver just closed over $18.50. This is a two year high.




A massive housing crash is coming. We don't know what month, just that it is coming.  If your house is underwater, then give the keys to the bank and walk away. If your house is only half paid for (or less) give the keys to the bank and walk away. In 2006 we had a massive housing crash, and this one will be worse. The Peoples Republic of California will be hit the hardest, as they have the biggest bubble. The crash will work itself east until it finally hits New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. You can make a fortune shorting the major home builders when this happens. Banks are back to giving mortgages to anyone who is still breathing. You can lie all you want and get a mortgage, regardless of how bad your credit is. "It's only fair that everyone should own their own home", say the liberals. You will eventually see the average home in America sell for $100,000- but there will be no buyers. You see the sheeple living in apartments now, just like the sheeple in Europe. Tens of millions of apartments are being built all over America for the great unwashed, brain dead masses. Owning any kind of home is becoming a luxury for the few. The home builders are insane, and building unsellable houses by the millions.

These can never be sold, and there is already a huge backlog of unsellable homes. Pulte, Ryland, Hovnavian, Meritage, Beazer, and Lennar all have really bad one year charts. Ignore everything the media tells you about how "hot" home sales are, and the "high" prices the owners are getting. It's all crap folks. A massive, massive housing crash is coming, and is very overdue. This will be the worst crash America has ever seen in 240 years. If you have silver you will be able to buy the home of your dreams.


Look at this two year silver chart. Now look at January 2015 (18 months ago). Silver was just over $18. It closed over $18.50 to prove this is the real deal. That means a two year, 24 month high. Gold, silver, and the HUI are on fire despite incomprehensibly high commercial COMEX positions. This proves they have almost lost their grip on price control. Notice the word "almost". They won't go down without a fight. Look up the COT report on Friday the 1st after 4:00 PM EST.


The HUI is in a five plus month powerful bull market!  Is this a matter of too much too fast? It just seems too good to be true. Always be cautious when you see too much enthusiasm. Watch the HUI (and the XAU) rather than gold and silver. They have been a much more predictable factors than the metals price. All four are taking off!       


The Dow just can't hold 18,000, and is in a three month bear market. No matter how much cheering you hear on CNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, Faux News, and the rest of the liars, it is going to collapse.  Speaking of liars, Senile in Omaha Buffett is losing his rear end on his over hyped BRKA stock. If the "legendary genius investor" can't make money in the stock markets, how can you? How can the average investor?

COMEX IS ALMOST OUT OF SILVER- 44 owners for every ounce!!!

With the registered (buyable) silver inventories at 23.3 M oz, the total open interest (number of futures contracts) is a staggering 1,028 M oz.  The owners per oz is now at 44/1…. another new record. Try to realize how miniscule 23 million ounces is. If this was distributed to everyone in America, each person would get 2 grams (about 2 paper clips) of silver. This is the largest cache in the world folks!!! And there is nothing there really. Silver is going to disappear. Buy all the can and hold it in your hot little hands. It won't matter what price it is when there is no silver at all to buy anywhere on earth.



Didn’t hear that on fake Fox News did you? The EU Commission is going to register all Internet users, so going online will be “simpler and easier”. This way you cannot use the Internet without entering your government issued ID number. They will know what you say, who your friends are, what you buy, and what you do. If they don’t like what you say your number will be revoked, and you’ll never use the Internet again. At first this will be “voluntary” (what a laugh!), and then mandatory later on, of course. Hard core Estonian Communist Vice President Andrus Ansip is the leader of this totalitarian insult. After Europe this will expand to America and all other countries. The Internet is the last bastion of freedom, and the NWO crowd will put an end to it. Then truth, facts, reality, and accurate information simply won’t be available anymore.

How can you tell the difference if a newsletter or organization is real or just another  Kosher Konservative? DID THEY EXPOSE ORLANDO AS A HOAX? Did they tell you no one died at Sandy Hook, the Boston Non-Bombing, and all the rest of the fake shootings. Did they tell you the CIA and Mossad  did 9/11, and we murdered our own people?  All the gun organizations are spineless cowards, like the NRA and GOA.  In-stead of calling the fake Orlando shooting what it was, they call it, "a tragic event" as if it was real. Then they blame ISIS- when Mateen was not a Muslim, was not a member of ISIS, but was a raving homosexual and long time CIA operative. People like this mislead you about who and what is behind the curtain, even though they well know what is behind the curtain. Sellout Bill Holter, for example, said, "You also have the tragic event in Orlando, and it’s common knowledge that ISIS says it is going to be doing this all summer long." Is Mossad paying him to say things like this?

Hawaii is a third world cesspool full of poverty. It is the most mixed race state of all. Tourists only see a tiny part of it. They have always had terrible gun laws. Well, they are now going to register all guns. This is a precursor to a total gun ban. Every time one state does something like this we come closer to losing the Second Amendment. Buy your guns and high cap magazines and ammo now while you can. Put it in long term storage.

The bullets and high cap mags will go. Then the semi-automatic rifles. Then the pistols.  Then everything. Step by step by step...

Never forget the the CIA, Mossad, the U.K., Saudi Arabia, and Turkey created and fund ISIS. Never forget that. Israel has been caught shipping them ammunition. Israel freely admits they want ISIS to win in Syria. ISIS never attacks Holy Israel. Wounded ISIS soldiers are treated at Israeli hospitals. The Israeli Intelligence Chief Major General Halevy said in a speech delivered at the Herzliya conference in June, "Israel does not want the situation in Syria to end with the defeat of ISIS “.  This was reported by the Israeli NRG site. He also said with great sympathy that, "the last three months have been the most difficult for ISIS since its inception." He went on to say, “Withdrawal of the super powers from the region, and letting Israel alone in front of Hezbollah and Iran that possess good abilities will make Israel in a hard position. Therefore, we’ve got to do all we can so as not finding ourselves in such situation”.

SNAP EBT welfare deposits are not being made all over the country. These are supposed to be in the welfare recipients account on the first of every month electronically. Two weeks into June many people cannot eat as they have no welfare money. THE MEDIA IS NOT REPORTING THIS. When you don't give people on welfare their money they will riot in the streets. Why isn't the media reporting this? Google "EBT deposits not being made June 2016" to learn more. Major internet sites like zerohedge are reporting this. One in five Americans depends on electronic food stamps to eat. Now tell yourself this isn't End Times. This is worse than the Great Depression. Food stamp EBT cards are simply electronic food lines like in 1929.



The 35 mile- under a stone mountain- Gotthard Tunnel opened in Switzerland last month. It took 20 years and endless billions of dollars. This is one of the greatest construction feats every accomplished. The very highest European officials attended the opening. The NWO crowd rubbed their Satanic worship in everyone's face. 600 actors and actresses performed weird, bizarre Satanic dances and demonstrations. They have almost completed their one world government plans, and are not trying to hide their worship of Satan anymore. Of course this kind of mentality is infantile and beyond sick. There is no "Satan" to worship (although some Christians believe that); there is merely good and evil in the world.

Chelsea Clinton is a Satan worshipper just like Bill and Hillary. Here she is with her loser, slacker, never employed, dope addict, Jewish husband Marc Mezvinsky. He is a Goldman Sachs heir. Like their parents, they don't even live together, and are married in name only. Chelsea is a member of the CFR as well. She wears her inverted Christian cross constantly to brag about her demented mentality.

Hillary paid Armani $12,500 for this ugly assed potato sack. She is morbidly obese and gets sicker by the day. She sleeps for days, gets pumped upon amphetamine injections, and goes out and gives a speech. That's her routine. She could fall over from a stroke or other serious condition any day. It is simply unread she is running. For years we said this simply isn't possible. Something is very wrong with this election. Don't be surprised if  martial law is declared in November with another fake mass murder. Then Obama will be Emperor of America and there will be no election. Hillary vs Trump defines End Times. Both of them are just Zionist sock puppets. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.


No one was shot in Orlando. No bodies, no EMTs,  no ambulances, no meat wagons, no coroners, no nothing. Omar Mateen was a flaming homosexual who drank alcohol, used prostitutes, snorted cocaine, gambled, and ate pork. His friends and associates have proved all that. He was not a Muslim in any way, much less a "member of ISIS".

The Atlanta Sun Times reported the fake murder SIX HOURS BEFORE IT HAPPENED.

Just like Sandy Hoax, other news outlets reported the hoax BEFORE IT HAPPENED.

Did you know Omar’s father, Siddique Mateen, is well known in Washington, and is running for the president of Afghanistan? He was well connected in DC. The more you look the stranger things get. Mateen was an employee of the GS4 Security firm, and was licensed to carry concealed firearms and had a security clearance. The media refuses to report he worked for the largest security firm in the world. Now Omar’s partner James Howell was arrested in California, and spilled the beans about the CIA running the whole show. After this came out, Howell disappeared and the media never reported it. 


Reported six hours before it happened? How convenient!



yet, this was called the "largest mass murder in U.S. history". The largest mass murder in America was on December 29, 1880. Here, 297 Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee Creek on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota were murdered by federal agents and members of the 7th Cavalry who had come to confiscate their firearms “for their own safety and protection”. The slaughter began after the majority of the Sioux had peacefully turned in their firearms. The Calvary began shooting, and managed to wipe out the entire camp. 200 of the 297 victims were women and children. 200 women and children were finished off with a gattling gun.




Trump has hitched his pitch to the homo bandwagon, announcing his “solidarity” with the LGBT community, and declaring that Orlando, “strikes at the soul of who we are as a nation, and is an assault on the ability of people to love who they want and express their identity.” He is all things to all people, and speaks out of both sides of his mouth. Anyone who supports Trump is a fool.




The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Zionists, neocons, CFR, Bilderbergers, and Trilaterals make all those decisions for you. Voting is joke, and the joke is on you. At least vote Libertarian even though only 2% will do so. Yes, the Libertarian Party sold out a long time ago, but it beats Hillary and Trump by a country mile.

The ONLY thing between an all-out totalitarian police state with Obama as Emperor for Life are the millions of gun owners in America. Nothing else. The main reason for the Second Amendment is protection from an ever growing government.


The Department of Homeland Insecurity (DHS) has declared that “right wing Americans” pose the biggest threat to our country, not foreigners. Anyone who is deemed “anti-government” is now the enemy. The following are some of their official criteria for being an antigovernment terrorist…


     have libertarian views about freedom

     criticize the government

     own guns and feel the Second Amendment is vital to your freedom

     believe in self-sufficiency and stockpile food, ammo, and other items

     fear an economic collapse

     buy gold, silver, and barter items

     have strong Christian and Biblical religious views

     are fearful about big government

     believe deeply in constitutional rights and civil liberties

     believe in a New World Order conspiracy

     criticism of Israel



The ten planks of the Communist Manifesto are almost in place.


     We have largely abolished private property.

     The heavy graduated income tax is in. The top 1% pay 90% of all taxes.

     No more inheritance- the state takes all your property when you die.

     Central government credit and a national bank for 101 years now.

     Central communication and transportation.

     Confiscation of emigrant and dissident assets.

     Government owned factories like General Motors.

     Equal obligation to work gave us Social Insecurity and Dept of Labor

     Blur the division between town and country.

     Free education is the most effective tool for programming children.



Karl Marx is laughing in his grave. Thanks to

After Armani made her $12,500 tent, Kirby Vacuum made this one for only $100. This is not your next President. She has no choice but to choose lesbian Elizabeth Warren as Vice President. For years your author swore she is too sick to run and campaign. Somehow she is running and campaigning all pumped up on amphetamines. If she wins, whoever is vice president will, in fact, be the president. Remember could have Lesbean Lizzie for your president.


Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson has chosen neocon, gun hating piece of garbage William Weld as his V.P. running mate. This is what the libertarian party has degenerated to. Weld wants a special 1,000 agent anti-terrorist police force to "fight ISIS". Well, how can we "fight" what we created with Mossad, the U.K., Turkey, and Saudi Arabia? Recently Weld tried to ban all semi-automatic rifles, yet he is the Libertarian vice president candidate? This is disgusting. Now we have no real third party in America. They might get 2% of the vote. Beats Hillary and Trump anyway. Speaking of frauds, Ron Paul can tell the truth about anything and everything now that he is out of Congress. But he won't he won't even come out and say no one died at Sandy Hoax. He hooked up with third rate carnival barker shyster Porter Stansberry to sell crappy books and newsletters. Does anyone have any character anymore?


Two Zionist sock puppets. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.


Tired of those endless stories in the media about how houses are selling like hotcakes at top prices? All baloney, total baloney.


* Housing starts are averaging 1.2 M annual, 25% less than they were 57 years ago in 1959, when the population was 178 million instead of 300 million. This means they are actually down 42% in the last fifty plus years.

All the sheeple will live in shitty little apartments like they do in Europe.

This 15 and 40 year seasonal gold chart also applies to silver. The red line is 15 year and the black line is 40 year. it is clear July is the very worst month of all. In 2016 this doesn't seem to matter. (Thanks to Moore Research for this fine work.) Despite all these negative factors, the prices of gold and silver continue to go up to new highs. Something is very wrong, but this time it is good for us. The Big Banks are failing and this is the proof. They do NOT want gold and silver to go up, as they are the only real money. Remember that please- only gold and silver re real money. All paper currencies have failed. All of them. Silver is six times better than gold and will go back to about a 12:1 ratio.


That's it for now. See you in two weeks. Prepare for the future. Prep and prep some more. Have food, a water supply, and everything you need every day. The shadows get darker every day, and tell us nothing good is ahead of us. If you have to move, then move. Your life depends on it. The cities will be in total chaos. The countryside will not. The further out you move, the better.

P.S. Gold and silver account for a tiny, meaningless fraction of world financial assets.

Silver a mere 0.013%. This is one reason silver is the most undervalued asset on earth.

Got silver?

Friday morning 8:00 AM EST. Gold and silver are on fire. The HUI and GDX will be on fire as well. Buy JNUG with extra money if you want to.

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