Economic Rant

July 17, 2016

"The goal of socialism is communism." –Lenin


Google "Dallas cop shooting hoax" and you'll get the proof this was another DHS production right from Hollywood-Langley Studios. Maybe cops died, and maybe they didn't, but the whole deal stinks. CNN said "three shooters", and now it's one very suspicious shooter- who is conveniently dead. It is physically impossible for there only to have been one shooter. The videos prove this conclusively. They videos prove there had to be at least two shooters. The whole thing is a lie as usual, and very involved with Soros's Black Lives Matter gangsters. They have promised a Summer of Chaos so martial law will be declared, and Obama will stay in office with suspended elections. More and more people are predicting no election in November. Why suspend the election when the Whore of Babylon is going to win. Obama is stupid, but Hillary isn’t.



The FBI admits in it’s official crime statistics report that no one died in Newtown, CT in 2012. THEY ADMIT NO ONE DIED. Isn't that strange they actually own up to the fact no 20 children or 6 teachers were murdered? Jim Fetzer wrote a book No One Died at Sandy Hook that proves all this. You can read it for free online. Inarguable facts.

In 1774 the British told the American colonists they could no longer import muskets. In 1775 they tried to confiscate the muskets they had. In 1776 the Revolution started. Things are different today. The U.S. government will ban guns and ammo in America when Hillary is elected. Most of the sheeple will turn in their guns. There will be no revolution. Just look at the history of Australia. In 1996 the National Firearms Act was passed and guns were banned. Most all the stupid sheeple turned them in. Violent crime exploded after that. That’s right, crime exploded because the criminals always have guns and the law abiding citizens were disarmed. Criminals love gun laws!


As goes the Peoples Republic of California, so goes the nation. This has been true for over 100 years now. Moonbeam Brown just passed six anti-gun bills. One of them requires people to pass a background check to buy bullets! Plus a state registration of all ammo owners. No magazines over 10 rounds. Can’t lend your gun to anyone without a background check. Two other draconian laws. Not one of these laws will do anything at all in any way to reduce crime. Nothing. This will expand to every other state, and eventually all guns will be banned. Buy your semi-automatic rifles, large cap mags, and all the ammo you can afford while you can. Get an AR-15/Ruger mini-14/AK-47, boxes of 1,000 bullets, a 12 ga shotgun, a Ruger 10/22, a glock 9mm pistol. Get all the large cap mags you can afford. They are under $15, so get a dozen or two. They are going to disappear. Now the Republicans are pushing a gun bill HR5611 that would take the gun rights on anyone on the No Fly List. The No Fly List is a totalitarian abomination. It arbitrary, capricious, faulty, and there are absolutely no rules, or regulations. Appeals are next to impossible. One hundred and eighty degrees opposite of the Constitution.


The media showcased “Christopher Hansen” at the scene of the Pulse nightclub. He was supposedly a witness to the mass murder. Turns out his real name is Bjorn Jiskoot. He is employed by the DHS as a crisis actor. He is, in fact, a professional actor who has appeared on TV (e.g. ID Channel) and movies. There is endless proof no one was killed in Orlando and this is just one of them.

"No matter how paranoid you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine."---William Blum


There are about 2 million soldiers in the U.S. including reservists. Obama actually wants to expand the Department of Homeland Security to another 2 million additional soldiers? He said this back in 2007 while campaigning, and the crowd cheered! That’s right, they actually cheered that he was going to create a totalitarian police state with no constitution or bill of rights. By the way, there are about 100 million gun owners in America. That is a 50 to 1 ratio to all the soldiers. And most of those soldiers are in 130 foreign countries,  and not on U.S. soil. That means the few remaining soldiers are vastly outnumbered. Good luck with martial law! Why do we need 900 military bases in 130 countries? We should have ZERO offshore military bases. Imagine how our standard of living would improve if every one of them was closed. 100 years ago, England "ruled the waves" and was The World Superpower. Like Rome, they embraced imperialism with a massive worldwide military. Now they are a hopeless degenerate Third World mixed race backwater. The same is happening to America. We'll self destruct in the next 20 years. We're halfway there already. After 240 years it's all over. All democratic countries self destruct after about 200 years, and history proves this overwhelmingly.




Look at this three year chart.  $60 to $13 and falling. It is bankrupt, and only false record keeping is keeping it above water very temporarily. This is huge folks. The entire EU is falling apart. DB is already completely underwater, but refuses to admit it yet. This could very well take down the entire world interlocked banking system. You just cannot cover up something this big no matter what you do.


The entire planet only has a GNP of $80 trillion. This is more than 600% of the total output of the entire world!!! Six times more derivatives that what the world produces every year. In 12 hours after Brexit the banks lost billions of dollars. That is just a tiny drop in the ocean compared to what is coming. Even Senile in Omaha admitted that derivatives are, “weapons of mass destruction”. It is just a matter of time until the derivatives implode and take down the banks along with the entire world economy. Remember when the banks fail the people pay with bail-ins. Get your money out of the bank except for a small checking account to pay bills.



That means 43 million debt slaves who are now serfs of the government. Remember the annual gross national product is down to only $12 trillion. The whole point is to make debt slaves out of tens of millions of Americans. Now people are jailed for not paying their loans off on time. This is done by issuing a court order and jailing the person when then fail to make a payment. Well, no one forced them to drink the Kool-Aid.


Hillary will do everything possible to confiscate all the guns as of January 2017. You cannot have a totalitarian police state if the people are armed. You cannot have a New World Order when people are armed. Nearly every country on earth has been effectively disarmed (look at Europe, Canada, Australia), and America will be the last to go.


The purple lines show the extreme never before seen commercial short positions for silver. Incomprehensible. The COT report has less and less meaning all the time. On July 1st the commercials added 14,000 gold shorts.  They are now an incomprehensible 326,000 net short. They added 5,000 silver shorts. They are now 95, 000 net short. Your poor old author has now gone in 100% with 30 silver futures ($150,000 per dollar move).

The COT report on the 8th, 14,000 gold shorts were added, and they are now 340,000 net short. 4,000 silver shorts were added, and they are now 99,000 net short. This is insanity, but it is having little effect on keeping the prices down. They are losing and simply cannot continue this 25 year manipulation. The COT report on the 15th, the commercials did drop a mere 16,000 gold shorts, but are still net 325,000 short. The added 1,000 silver shorts, and are now 100,000 net short silver.

DESPITE ALL THIS, SILVER, GOLD, HUI, and GDX are skyrocketing to the moon.

You can still buy JNUG with extra money. Better to get in late than never. Your poor old author bought some on the 1st. JNUG goes up (or down) three times faster than the HUI.

If the HUI doubles, then JNUG will go up six times. The COT report is almost meaningless, as are other factors such as the open interest, silver hedgers, the dollar, margin hikes, stock markets, and anything else that used to matter. We’ll soon just stop reporting the COT. Silver hit $50 back in 1980- 36 years ago. John Williams at used the government CPI to figure out the true price of $50 silver adjusted for inflation. It is $470 dollars!!! If silver goes to $50 by Christmas that will be meaningless, as it really should be $470 adjusted for inflation, using the official government inflation figures. Silver is the most undervalued asset on earth, and will return to the official 15:1 gold to silver ratio. It is now 67:1, so silver is FOUR times better than gold. Please reads that again- silver is four times better than gold.



It peaked at 630 five years ago. It has gone from 100 to 270 in less than six months.

JNUG is still a good buy at 300. Better late than never. JNUG has tripled in the last 90 days. Only use extra money for this as all paper will be worth paper eventually. Silver bullion you hold yourself is your core position. In February 2011 things started going to hell with precious metals. The HUI topped at 630 and fell all the way to 100 in December 2015, seven months ago. Now it could be back to the 600 level by Christmas. Gold, silver, the HUI, and the GDX are all on fire because the entire world economy is coming unglued. The HUI is leading the metals and has been a 100% accurate indicator for seven months now.

Senile in Omaha Buffett has made an even bigger fool of himself. The old goat is telling the sheeple the “best investment now” is an S&P 500 index fund. He suggests the Vanguard Index Fund as his favorite. Anyone who is invested in the stock market is a fool- who is soon going to be a broke fool. Why does a billionaire sell out and prostitute himself for the government? Sell any regular stocks, and dump your IRA/401k. Buy silver bullion you hold yourself. No silver stocks, no ETFs, no storage programs, no unsafe deposit boxes. If you don’t hold it, you don’t have it.



Look at this 56 year chart. The standard of living is going to hell in America. People cannot afford a home of their own anymore. The fortunate ones rent a house, but most of them are down to renting an apartment now. Millions of apartments are being built all over the country. European style poverty for the sheeple. Rents are going to the moon, while wages are falling. There goes the standard of living, which used to be the highest in the world.


Admit it,  you’ve seen better looking corpses in funeral homes than Old Bill. He is dying of AIDS, but it’s too late. He won’t be co-president for very long in 2017. The dam-age he’s done can never be reversed. It’s no secret Hillary made him get AIDS tests for years (not that they’ve had sex since Eisenhower was president). The real proof is the Karposi’s lesions on his face. This is a classic sign of advanced AIDS. May he suffer horribly in pain until he finally falls over and goes to Hell.

If stupid could fly he’d be a jet.


Did you know that Jewish people out marry more than any other group? This doesn't apply to the Orthodox of course, but does to Conservative, Liberal, and Reform Jews. Traditional Judaism is violently opposed to intermarriage. They should be! Orthodox Jews literally disown their children even if they marry a Conservative Jew. All races should be violently opposed to intermarriage to preserve their race. (Judaism is a race, not a religion.) Mormons outmarry the least. Jewish men generally just don't want to marry Jewish women. Jewish women generally just don't want to marry Jewish men. Talk about true anti-Semitism! The children of such marriages are then half Jewish, or quarter Jewish, and reject Judaism entirely.  They no longer consider themselves Jewish, and forget all their traditions. In another 100 years- 5 generations- that means the death of Jews in the world. They only comprise 1 in 500 (1/5th of 1%) of the world population. Of course, in Holy Israel intermarriage of Jews is forbidden by law. (There is no civil marriage of Jews there; only rabbis can marry Jews.) Of course no one criticizes them for being "racist" or "haters". Jews everywhere else are committing suicide by intermarriage, and could well disappear as a people in 100 years. By then there will probably be only one light brown race on earth anyway. The Universal Power made a rainbow of races for a reason. Each race should be proud of itself and not intermarry. Do you really want to see an earth with one light brown race? You know, pretty much like Brazil? Just imagine the uproar if any white country banned mixed marriage! One rule for Jews, and one rule for everyone else as usual. Imagine if a country like Australia had a white only immigration policy (they used to from 1901 to 1949) and any intermarriage between whites and aborigines was illegal. The country would be a pariah, outcasts, countries would refuse to even trade with them. Did you know New Zealand is now only two thirds white? They committed racial suicide a long time ago. Iceland was the last holdout, but has open immigration and also committed racial suicide. Japan is wisely against immigration and intermarriage.


"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, it's inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery."

-Winston Churchill

Bill and Hillary Clinton have ordered over 50 people murdered. They will never be charged with any of them. They will continue to kill people in January when the BOTH take office. Google “Clinton death list” to see the list of names. This includes a lot of police officers and politicians. Vince Foster may be the most famous.



Notice you see a very well done Hillary ad on TV every five minutes. Zero for Trump- who promised to fund his own campaign. The only people who will vote for Trump as a group in men over 35.

     Jews will vote for Hillary.

     Women will vote for Hillary.

     Young people under 35 will vote for Hillary.

     Blacks will vote for Hillary.

     Latinos will vote for Hillary.

For years your poor old author promised you with all his heart she was dying, and far too sick to run. Wrong! Well, the Democrats know she is the ONLY candidate they have, and she's still running. She'll win, fall over dead in office, and les-bean Liz Warren will be your President. Now tell yourself this isn't End Times. America is the Evil Empire now. You have six months to buy all the guns, ammo, and large cap mags you can afford. Emphasis on ammo. One gun and 1,000 bullets beats 1,000 guns and one bullet. The People's Republic of California has shown the ammo will go first. They outlawed semi-automatic (they are NOT "assault rifles"!) rifles years ago.  As goes California, so goes the nation.

Oligarchy is the rule of a country by a small group of powerful people. We have had oligarchy, not a federal republic, for many decades in America. We are not, and never have been, a “democracy”. There has never been a real democracy on the face of the earth. The oligarchs have already decided Hillary will be president. It wouldn’t matter if Trump won, as he is another oligarch puppet. It wouldn't have mattered if Romney won either. Voting makes no difference at all or we wouldn’t be allowed to vote. Voting in America has as much effect as it does in Cuba, Red China, or North Korea. We’re doomed. Even Gary Johnson and neocon William Weld are fake libertarians. At first, Johnson seemed reasonable, but then it was clear he and Weld are no good. Nevertheless, ANYTHING BUT HILLARY. Satan’s sister is going to be president of the United States because most Americans are evil, brain dead, stupid worthless bastards. The entire problem with America is Americans. What to do in November? Don’t vote? Vote for fake libertarians? Vote for Zionist sock puppet Trump? Move to Australia or NZ? Does it even matter anymore?



The government is going to seize your IRA/401k. There is about $10 trillion in savings the government wants to steal. In 2009 Congress passed a bill that the government can

seize the life savings of every American in the event of a banking crisis. If you still have an IRA or 401k, then you deserve what you get…you deserve to starve in the street. Sell it and buy silver bullion you hold yourself. Don’t get cute and try to “modify” your account. It will do no good no matter what you do. Just sell it and buy silver bullion. If you’re worth over, say, $5 million then buy gold instead. A million dollars in silver is about 50 one thousand ounce (70 pound) bars.


The world press bemoaned the loss of "Holocaust survivor" Elie Weisel. Well, the problem is old Elie was never in Auschwitz, Buckenwald, or any other concentration camp. He was a total fraud. He was too stupid to even get a fake tattoo. The Germans were great record keepers, and there is ZERO record of any Elie Weisel in any camp at any time. He made millions from his speeches and books, which were totally and completely fabricated. The stores he told were too absurd and ridiculous to even comment on.

(BLM is Black Lives Matter, which is funded by Soros.) BLM has promised a “summer of chaos” to disrupt the country, declare martial law, and keep Obama in office. We have the federalization and militarization of the local police. More gun control every day. The threat of martial law. Racial tensions higher than ever. Our alliance with the U.N. to start more wars. The endless false flag fake shootings. The continual erosion of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. More and more low I.Q. immigrants pouring in and breeding like cockroaches. Don’t think there is any hope at all. Hope is for dopes and the last refuge of fools.

The U.S., Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the U.K. all created ISIS. ISIS isn’t real at all. “Islamic States” is total crap. It is a creation of the neocons and NWO crowd. 99% of the American public actually are so stupid they believe ISIS is coming to kill them while they sleep.


Are you prepping? Are you prepared for whatever is ahead of us? Do you have a six month supply of food? A source of water? Do you live in a city or crowded suburbs?

You need to move! Have you walked around your house making a list of every single thing you need for daily living? And then stocked up on every one of those items? Great events cast their shadows before them, and the shadows get darker every day. Be prepared, be ready for what is coming. It’s not paranoia, but just good common sense. You will starve to death and die in the street if you don’t.


If Hillary wins in November, or in the unlikely event the elections are suspended  by martial law, the Rant will cease publication permanently.



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