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August 01, 2016

"There is only one kind of shock worse than the totally unexpected: the expected for which one has refused to prepare." …



We used to print Dixon Diaz cartoons, but the various newspapers have dropped him for telling too much of the truth. He is an unusual and very talented black conservative cartoonist. It is hard to find his fine work anymore. Socialism is about control for the sake of control. Just look at extremely socialist countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the entire EU where everything is under strict government control. Asia, Africa, Central and South America have never known freedom. Control for the sake of control. For the first time in human history there is no freedom on there is entire planet. America was the last bastion of freedom, but is now a police state after 234 years. There is nowhere to go. Don't kid yourself; we live on one big Prison Planet.


We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.– William Casey, CIA Director in 1981


America has about 2 million total soldiers, but half of them are overseas. Explain how one million soldiers are going to control 330 million citizens when (not if) martial law is declared. That is 1 soldier for every 330 people. Out of about 100 million households, over 40 million of them are gun owners. Yes, there are infants, children, and the very elderly who can’t shoot. There are also teenagers, women, and old men who are gun owners. All this talk about martial law is rather unrealistic. A lot of soldiers are simply going to draw the line when it comes to shooting their own people, their own citizens. Would you like to be a soldier with a rifle and a pistol trying to tell 330 people what to do? Do you really think martial law is going to be declared to keep a weak, stupid, homosexual monkey in office, when the NWO can have the Whore of Babylon in there instead?

Gary Johnson may be a poor Libertarian, but he is 100% behind gun rights. Most every vote for Gary takes a vote from Trump to insure a victory for Hillary. Choosing communist Kaine was a perfect choice for her. Both got an F from the NRA. Pence, on the other hand, got an A+, but he's a screaming, gun hating neocon. Trump is merely the lesser evil, and a vote for the lesser evil is just that- a vote for evil. Never support evil and make excuses for doing so.

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with and endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

-H.L. Mencken



You will see ads for the Treasury Department’s new “myRA” or my retirement account. The sheeple are so stupid they will invest their life savings into myRA. The Treasury Department doesn’t have any assets. They will steal every dollar the sheeple give them. If you have an IRA or 401k, then sell it and buy silver bullion you hold yourself. Anybody stupid enough to give their life savings to the government deserves to starve in the street.


Erdogan’s coup was a total fraud meant to clean out the people he didn’t like. There well  may be executions soon. 50,000 teachers, soldiers, judges, government officials, and even students were fired and jailed. He has almost completed his totalitarian dictatorship. He built a 1,100 room (seriously) palace for himself costing $600 million. This in a country where the annual gross salary is only $5,000 a year- one sixth of our standard of living. 


The L.A. Times claims Trump has an even larger lead. These are valid polls folks. Have you noticed though, that Hillary has very professional TV ads every five minutes. Trump has none. What is going on? Is The Donald trying to help her get elected? Remember he was friends with the Clintons, and DONATED TO THE CLINTON FOUNDATION. Suddenly, he's a conservative Republican? This entire election is completely fraudulent.  You’ve noticed the endless TV ads for Hillary, plus the endless Internet ads. Where are the Trump ads? Trump has been a lifelong, far left Democrat. Suddenly, he’s a conservative Republican overnight? Is he just here to insure the Democratic Party gets in office? Could be. This whole election stinks. Even the Libertarian Party stinks with milk toast Johnson and neocon Weld. We’re doomed!


Again, “assault rifles” are fully automatic and only owned by the police, military, and a handful of gun dealers with a Class III license. AR-15s, AK-47s, Ruger Mini-14s, etc. are merely semi-automatic rifles just like a .22 caliber semi-automatic that young people learn to shoot with. State by state semi-automatic rifles will be banned along with high cap magazines. California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maryland, and maybe other states have banned semi-automatic rifles by calling them "assault weapons". Step by step by step the guns and ammo will be taken from us. That's when you'll really see totalitarian communism in America. Gun owners are the ONLY thing slowing down the NWO crowd now. Remember the main purpose of the Second Amendment is to protect yourself from the GOVERNMENT. Never forget that. The Founding Fathers made that very clear. It's not about protecting your home, hunting, or sport shooting.


"The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth." … H.L. Mencken

The Pokiemon Go®  phenomenon proves this is End Times. Words cannot describe the stupidity of this mass insanity. This proves just how brain dead 99% of the masses are.



Alex Jones is a disinformation agent with loyalty to Israel, but he does tell the truth about some things. He just issued his, “most dire warning yet”, and it is very well done. Just go to, or Google “Planet Close to WWIII Alex Jones July 16, 2016.” It is only 12 minutes, and well worth listening to. The West is pushing Russia and China in-to a nuclear war we will lose and lose quickly and badly. They will vaporize us.



German Mossad agent photographer Richard Gutjahr is married to fellow Mossad agent Enit Wilf. She is also a member of the Israeli Knesset. Somehow he was at both Nice and Munich video recording the false flag massacres. The odds of that, of course, are ZERO.  Here is his photo. Looks a little bit on the swishy side. In Nice France a new clean white shiny truck supposedly murdered 83 people and injured 200 more. There was not one single drop of blood on this truck after hitting 283 people. Don’t you think that’s a little strange? Both were obviously planned events from DHS at the Langley-Hollywood Studios. (For those of you that missed that, the CIA is centered in Langley, VA.)

Hillary is dying, but the Democrats know she is the only one who can get them in office in 2017. For years we promised you she was too sickly to run, and were wrong about this. She is pumped full of amphetamines, trotted out to speak, and then taken home to sleep for days. Maybe, just maybe, she will collapse in public in the next three months and destroy any chances of being elected. Don't hold your breath though. She is dying, and will die in office leaving communist Kaine as president. Do we live in a wonderful country or what?




Look at this chart folks. We spend more on wars and the military than Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, France, United Kingdom, India, and Germany combined. They are the six other top countries for military expenditures. Over $600 billion of your tax money wasted on 900 military stations in 130 different countries. The "official figures" show a much lower number, but those are the facts.

David Rockefeller said this publicly decades ago. The NWO crowd brags about this now. It's no "secret conspiracy" or anything of the like. The sheeple seem to like the idea of a One World Government with Israel as the capital.


Who cares about the COT report on the 22nd or 29th? Screw the open interest, too! Who cares? Just watch the HUI to see how metals are doing. The HUI (and GDX) have accurately led the metals up for eight months now since December. Gold and silver bottom-ed in December along with the HUI 8 months ago. On the 22nd the commercials actually ran the net shorts up to an incomprehensible 106,000 contracts. Who cares what they do anymore? No matter what they do, they are getting almost nowhere. The eight Big Banks who hold these massive short positions are finished. Why? Because the real world situation is we're running out of physical gold and silver, that's why. Finally people are waking up to the fact precious metals are the only safe investment. On Friday the HUI hit a new high. Watch the HUI to see how the metals are doing. This has worked for eight months now very accurately. JNUG is already up to 290 and headed for 1,000.


The world population has to fall from 6 billion to about 500 million. Right, that means 94% have to go- one way or another. China did this by mere legislation. There were no mass murders or anything of the kind. They don't even replicate their numbers anymore in the Peoples Republic of China with a 1.6 birthrate. Again, they did this by passing laws against overbreeding. You need a 2.2 rate just to replicate and maintain your numbers.

The African countries breed like cockroaches up to a 6.8 rate. This includes Niger, Somalia, Mali, Chad, Angla, DR Congo, Burundi, Uganda, Gambia, Nigeria, Brukina Faso, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Timor, Senegal, S. Sudan, Guina and the Ivory Coast.  The least reproducing countries will really surprise you...Taiwan, Andorra, Hong Kong, Moldova, South Korea, Macau, Poland, Singapore, Portugal, Spain and Hungary lead the list, followed by Romania, Bosnia, Greece, Slovakia, Italy, Serbia, Malta, Monoco, Germany, Austria, Japan, Mauritius, Cyprus, Lebanon St. Lucia Switzerland and the Czech Republic. All of the white countries are reproducing at far less than the required 2.2 rate.

Just imagine planet Earth with only 6% of the current population- 444 million rather than 7.4 billion. A wonderland. Imagine the United States with only 20 million people. Imagine India with only 74 million people. Imagine China with only 82 million people. Did you know the population Density of Manhattan is 72,000 people per square mile. That is not a misprint- 72,000 people for every square mile. Does that define insanity. That would be reduced to "only" 4,300 people per square mile.



Anonymous has posted a stunning and very disturbing 11 minute video on a possible dollar collapse next month in September. Google "Anonymous First 12 Hours of the Dollar Collapse September 2016" or this website:

This will scare the pants off you. This will get you to buy silver, buy food, and prep seriously if you haven't already. Please watch this well done video.

These are the real flags of ISIS. Add Saudi Arabia and Turkey. (The second from the left is the UN flag.) These countries invented ISIS, fund ISIS, and support ISIS. There is no Islamic States military for real, other than what the CIA and Mossad created with help from the other three countries. Anyone who thinks we are "fighting ISIS terrorism" is a brain dead moron.



The JDL, ADL, AIPAC, SPLC, and B'nai B'rith own all 535 members of Congress. That's a fact. They take their orders from Israel and put their welfare ahead of ours.


You’re not going to believe this. There are $13 trillion in government negative-yield bonds around the world stupid  investors have bought. They are buying more every day.  The entire GNP of America is only about $12 trillion (the $18 trillion figure is a dream). “Negative-yield” means after the bonds mature YOU GET LESS MONEY THAN YOU GAVE THEM!!! Why would anyone in their right mind buy a negative yield investment? You get less money back years later than you put in. You're better off putting it under your mattress. The whole world has gone nuts folks. $13 trillion in negative yield bonds and growing.


Out of 100 U.S. Senators, 11of them (11%) are Jewish. Since they are only 2% of the number of senators should only be 2, not 11. This is a 550% overrepresentation. All of them vote antigun all the time, every time. Same with the U.S. Representatives. There are 19 of them instead of 9 (2%). They vote antigun all the time, every time.  The 11 Senators are Levin, Boxer, Feinstein, Wyden, Schumer, Cardin, Sanders, Bennet, Franken, Blumenthal and Schatz. If all 30 of them left Congress, no gun control bill would ever be introduced , much less pass.



Here's DHS crisis actor David Wheeler again. At Sandy Hoax he plays both an FBI SWAT agent and a grieving father. Is their budget that limited? Can't they hire a second actor to play the other one? You can read Jim Fetzer's book No One Died at Sandy Hook for free online. Just Google the title. No one died in Orlando either. Those police shootings stink and DHS Studios is at it again.


This is an actual copy of Hillary’s email the FBI seized:

This photo is proof Hillary is pumped up on amphetamine when she appears in public. You simply cannot act like this unless you are psychotic, or overloaded on a stimulant like amphetamine or cocaine.


Yes, we keep reminding you of this. There is no 147 million ounces of gold in Ft. Knox. There is almost none at all. It was stolen over 50 years ago. You must understand this. That green toilet paper in your wallet has no value at all. No currency on earth has any value at all for the first time in human history. This is just one of the million reasons it is End Times for the entire planet. Yes, we keep repeating this over and over again, because it is vital to understand it.


Harry Dent is a disinformation agent. His new book The Great Gold Bust Ahead calls for $250 gold in the next five years. He also says the dollar will remain strong despite the facts there is no gold in Ft. Knox and the "Fed" prints trillions of fake dollars 24/7. He and Robert Prechter have been wrong about most every thing they've said for over a decade. Nevertheless many people still listen to idiots like them. Silver is the most undervalued asset on earth, and gold is second.


Deutsche Bank (DB) is Bankrupt

DB is the fourth largest bank in the EU, and is not merely broke, but deeply in debt. The only reason the stock is selling for $13 today is due to the fraudulent book keeping. The banks are all interlocked and this is the start of the banking collapse. There are many other deeply in debt major banks that are going to take them all down. Soon DB will simply disappear, but the sheeple will pay their bills with bail-ins.



Take a good look at this color chart. Silver beat the pants off EVERY OTHER INVESTMENT on earth. Silver is still the most undervalued asset on earth by far.  Put every penny you have into silver bullion you hold yourself. Soon there will be no silver- or gold- available for sale. Buy it while you can, and while it is $20.


318 N Waverly St, Orange, CA 92866, 2 beds, 1 bath at 667 square feet

If you think this is a joke, just go to Zillow and look it up. $525,000 for a70 year old 667 S.F. tiny little shack too small for even one person to live in. Well, gee whiz, it’s in Orange County. What a bargain. Folks, we’re going to have a housing crash like the world has never seen! The population density of Orange County is an insane 3,822 people per square mile. The average density in America is a mere 37 people.



Look at the above chart. The red line is the Gross Domestic Product. It really isn't up to 18,000. Now look at the blue line, which is the debt securities and loans. This is right from the Fed, so you can't deny it. It is worth noting that American home ownership is at the lowest level in our history. People simply cannot afford their own home anymore.


Prep and prep some more. Silver is merely your financial salvation. You know what you need. Guns, lots of ammo, whole grains, dried beans, pet food, a generator and fuel. access to drinkable water, paper towels, toilet paper, Kleenex, dish soap, bath soap, laundry soap, feminine hygiene, light bulbs, medical supplies, and every other thing you use daily. Walk around the house and make a list.


If Hillary is elected, or martial law is declared, the Economic Rant will shut down.

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