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August 15, 2016

You must go read this article on Before Its News. They have always refused to tell the truth about Israel until now. This is direct from a top FBI agent and very, very important. This is literally the most important article in the Rant for all of 2016. You must read this yourself and see the reality. This man knows first hand what is going on.



Tyler Durden at covered her failing health. See this video for yourself. She now has a personal attendant with a diazepam injector pen who stays with her at all times. At a public rally she had a seizure, and stopped speaking in the middle of a sentence. She just stared blankly at the crowd. Her attendant immediately took over. You must see this yourself. She may simply collapse in public in the next 90 days and it will be all over for her.



Think the stock markets are strong because the DJI just made a new high at 18,600? The markets are being artificially propped up by the government. Get out of stocks. Sell your IRA/401k. Well, ask yourself why the trading volume is so low? You simply cannot have a strong stock market when people aren’t buying stocks! The trading volume is a prime indicator of strength and it has been in the toilet for years. More later on the markets in this letter.


Bill Gross used to run the famous Pimco Bond Fund, the largest in the world. He is known as the Bond King. He quit. Now he runs the $1.5 billion Janus Global Bond Fund. He says to buy gold (what about silver?), land, and tangibles and get out of stocks and bonds. Bill needs to take his own advice and quit the bond market. Take his advice.



We haven't covered the Zika virus, because it is just another health scam like the other health scams including Bird Flu and Swine Flu. Zika has been around for decades. It cures itself and does not cause any damage. It does NOT cause birth defects or babies with pinheads. You need no treatment. Toxic pesticides and Bill Gates vaccines cause those problems. The CDC even admitted it is mild and requires no treatment at all. The entire Zika virus commotion is nothing but hot air. Yes, a Magic Vaccine will be produced, and the sheeple will lap it up. The government may even require all school children to get vaccinations. Vaccines are a cornerstone of the One World Order crowd. Just Google "Zika virus scam", and you'll get some great articles exposing this. The hysteria is world wide, with such headlines as, "200,000 Brazilian soldiers sent to stop spread of Zika." What total bullshit! Just another scam like all the other virus scams before it.

The War on Guns has everything to do with making America a totalitarian police state. Gun control really does work great… if you are the one who has the guns. It is the same with the War on Drugs. It's an inarguable fact the War on Drugs had nothing to do with drugs, and everything to do with making America a police state. The prisons are now 1/3 full of drug offenses. Legalizing ALL drugs for all adults would put all the gangs, cartels, and drug dealers out of business the same day. It would empty the courts and prisons. The police could go back to arresting real criminals. Anyone committing any crime under the influence of any drug (especially alcohol) would get doubled penalties. We had pretty much great gun freedom before 1970, but it is disappearing by the day. The legalization of marijuana is a good start, but that’s all it is.

This cartoon was in Alex Jones InfoWars complete with the Zionist star on the side, and Kissinger and Soros on the front legs. Gotta give old Alex credit for telling the truth sometimes.


“Hey Hillary, it’s time for your acceptance speech.”

Hillary has had three public seizures. Just Google “Hillary’s Second Seizure” to see videos of her first two. She is dying, and will die after she wins in November. The Democratic Party will be in office and Kaine will be president. Bill may die this year, so he won’t be co-president.

See The Truth About Hillary's Bizarre Behavior at:





The big black man who follows Hillary wherever she goes is not a Secret Service agent. He carries a Diazepam anti-seizure injection pen at all times. She has had three public seizures, and God only knows how many private seizures. He injects her (it’s a air injector with no needle) in emergencies. The diazepam injector pen is at the bottom. She could fall over dead any day. has picked up this whole story.



Above Hillary is talking in public and cannot even stand up on her own. It takes two big strong special handlers just to hold her up. She would literally collapse and fall on her face if they weren’t there. Can she make it for another 12 weeks? Maybe not.

Above is the diazepam pen and her special handler. Can’t deny facts.


There was a mistake in the August Rant. There are 31 Jewish congressmen and women, not 30. Wikipedia is wrong. Michigan, in their infinite wisdom, has two Jewish senators- Franken and Klobuchar. This makes 12 Jewish senators, not 11. 12% of 100, when the Jewish population of the U.S. is only 2%? That is a 600% over-representation. They all vote anti-gun all the time, every time. They also introduce and vote for every Big Government, Marxist, socialist, and communist bill all the time, every time. The American people voted for them. The problem with America is Americans. 99% of Americans are brain dead, and deserve the Much Greater Depression and World War III.


Remember Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone? It was on TV for years.



To heck with the COT reports of the  5th and 12th. To heck with the open interest as well. The silver OI is up to a record high of 225,000, which is insane, but who cares! Silver strongly broke thru $18.50 resistance. This was an important step. We're on our way to $25.00. Just watch the HUI and the metals will follow. This has been the most accurate indicator of all for eight months now. It still isn't too late to buy JNUG 3X Direxion. Better late than never. Look at this 1 year chart to see this has been a perfect reflection of the gold and silver prices without all the volatility. Just watch the HUI.

Yes, we can expect a correct in the future. A 10% correction at 400 would just take it down to 360 though. A correction will just make the market stronger.



One year HUI chart.


For those of you who don't understand the double meaning here, what they are really saying is, "stop d*cking around". Hilton chose to promote blatant genital homosexuality in the ads with no embarrassment at all. Don’t stay at any Hilton properties.



This 100 year chart is easy to understand. It shows how much counterfeit, unbacked “money” the Fed is printing. 100 years ago the ratio of gold we held to the monetary base was 4:1 to 5:1. It is down to almost zero and is now a mere 0.2:1. The "monetary base" is simply all the private and bank currency in circulation.  Our currency (not money) is up to $3.8 trillion. You see back just in 1979 when the price of gold exploded to $850 (and silver to $50) the ratio went back to 5:1. In simple English, the price of gold is artificially very, very low, and the 24/7 money printing is off the charts. The price of gold would therefore have to go to $22,000 to match the $850 price 37 years ago. Why? Because of the insane counterfeiting of trillions of dollars by the Fed. This amounts to almost $4 trillion today. Actually, this chart is a complete farce, because America doesn't have 8,300 tons of gold in Ft. Knox. The true ratio is off the charts. We have no gold. We just have green toilet paper circulating that fools believe is “money”. When the dollar crashes they will starve to death. Good riddance.

Look at this unique chart of interest rates. Interest rates are all the lowest level, except for the Great Depression of 1929. This will collapse the stock market, and skyrocket gold and silver. History proves you simply cannot have almost zero interest rates.

This is an actual photo of Hillary's tongue in July when she was manically laughing. This is clearly a scar from the surgical removal of a malignancy. She really is dying. Will she make it another three months to finish the election? Probably. The polls you read about her great lead over Trump are fixed. Every time you turn on the TV or go online you see endless, well done ads for her. Almost none at all for Trump. Did he run just to get her elected? Maybe he did. He’s been a lifelong Democrat and friend of the Clintons for many years. He’s donated to the crooked Clinton Foundation in return for favors Trump endorses Ryan, McCain, Christie and all kinds of worthless sh*tbags.  The projected electoral votes are 154 for Trump and 202 for Hillary. Remember the popular vote, the vote of the people, is irrelevant. Only the electoral vote matters.


"The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything." -Joseph Stalin

This is the funniest photo of the year. These guys have a real sense of humor. May they and their business prosper wonderfully.

Look at this 68 year chart. Can't argue with facts. Obama is the first president in history not to have a 3% growth in just ONE year of his presidency. Almost 8 years of falling GDP growth. Our economy is dying and will soon collapse completely.

Venezuela is in chaos after choosing socialism for the last 17 years. Chavez took over most every business in the country. Right across the border in Columbia things are fine, and there is plenty of food for everyone. We were there in March, and saw that personally. Venezuela has no food, 1,000% inflation, and now forced slave labor farm camps. The military keeps Evil Maduro in power. The population is 30 million. If 90% of them starved to death, the world would be a better place and Venezuela could thrive. If you have silver coins instead of pesos down there you are rich however. Please note that. anyone with silver (or gold) is getting richer every month. When the U.S. dollar collapses the same thing will happen. They voted for socialism for almost two decades. They deserve exactly what they are getting. May 90% of them starve to death and improve the gene pool.

This 28 year chart shows the home price index went from 60 to an insane 225. Then the bubble popped. We are now in a second three year bubble. Please note the word “bubble”. It could go a little higher, but not much at all. It could burst any day. The worst bubble is in the Peoples Republic of California. When it bursts, the collapse will move east to the New England states. This is the worst possible time to buy a house, and the best possible time to sell a house. Anyone who buys a house now is a moron.


 "In reality, there is no such thing as an inflation of prices, relative to gold or silver. There is such a thing as a depreciated paper currency." … Lysander Spooner




If voting actually worked we wouldn’t be allowed to vote. Hillary and Trump and both just Zionist sock puppets. Even the Libertarian Party is a disgrace now. What are you going to do on November 8? God only knows!!!


In the history of this planet there have only been 22 empires. The first was the Byzantine for 300 years. The most famous, and longest lasting, was the Roman. THEY ALL FAILED IN THE END. Today the only empire on earth is the United States. Our empire started with the War of 1812 over 200 years ago. For only 36 years we had a reasonably peaceful nation that pretty much minded our own business. We are failing badly and will soon collapse. We’ll end up like England as a Third World mixed race cesspool. We are trying to be the World Bully when we can't even begin to back our words. Our military is weak now and we face the triad of Russia/China/Iran. Half our soldiers are killing innocent people in the Mideast for the Greater Glory of Israel.


Macy's Department Stores will close 100 stores. That is 14% of everything! This is just another of the million major nails in the coffin for America. They have been an American institution since 1929- 86 years. Look at this one year chart- 63 to 35. Ruby Tuesday (stock symbol RT) is closing 95 stores. That is quite a lot for only 729 stores. That is 13%. Their stock fell from7 to 3 in a year. They have been a strong restaurant for almost 50 years. Netflix is another disaster. $140 to $95 in a year. This is a great company with a great deal on movie DVDs, so it’s a shame they’re failing. Twitter (TWTR) fell from $34 to $14 and made a small bounce back.


Netflix (NFLX)

Macy’s one year (Stock Symbol M)

Twitter (TWTR) one year


Over $15 billion in negative yield bonds have been purchased around the world. Remember the entire U.S. GNP is probably down to about $12 trillion. Negative yield means just that- you get back less than you put in. How would you like to buy a negative yield 10 year $100,000 bond and get back, say, $950,000 in ten years? That defines insanity. What is wrong with these people?  Negative yield paper has never existed in the history of man.



The commercials are still 103,000 net short silver futures. Multiply that by 5,000 oz per contract and your calculator will overload. They have accomplished almost nothing with this massive never-before-seen position. Just watch the HUI and forget everything else. As long as the HUI is going up, everything is fine. It has been a totally accurate indicator for eight months now. When a 10% or 20% correction finally occurs buy more gold and silver.



Over four years ago your poor old author was the ONLY one in the world telling you Hillary was too sick to run for president. Well, that was wrong, but now everyone knows she has three feet in the grave. Doctors who have seen the Internet videos agree she probably has Parkinson’s Disease among her many other illnesses. She wears Depends, has public seizures, takes rat poison (Coumadin) for blood clots, is hypothyroid, wears Fresnel glasses for double vision, cannot walk up even one or two steps without help, is grossly obese, has probably at least two forms of cancer (e.g. female and tongue). The only way she appears in public is to sleep for a very long time, and then get pumped up on amphetamines. Look at the photo above. You simply cannot look and act like that unless you’ve just been shot, you’re psychotic, or you’ve overdosed on a stimulant like amphetamine or cocaine.



There are three Dow indexes- DJI, DJT, and DJU. They must rise or fall together in concert to establish a true trend. This is known as Dow Theory- and it works. The DJT is NOT confirming the superficial success of the DJI at the 18,600 level. Dow Theory works folks, and history proves it.

DJT (Dow Transports) IS COLLAPSING

You must prep and keep prepping. We’ve covered this in detail in previous rants. You must be very serious about prepping. If you live in the city or crowded suburb you need to move. Brown rice, dried beans, guns, ammo, pet food, medical supplies, generator, propane conversion, propane tank, light bulbs, toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex, bath soap, dish soap, laundry soap, toothpaste, water supply, and every other thing you use regularly and depend on. Just be ready for whatever is ahead of us. Be prepared. This is good common sense, no paranoia. A simple bank holiday will put an end to normal living until order is restore. Martial law will really hurt your feelings, and this has happened repeatedly in American history. Just prepare and be ready and you’ll have the confidence to know you have done all you can.


If Hillary is elected in 12 weeks (you can bet on it), or martial law is declared, the Rant will shut down. Don’t be a target. Don’t end up in a FEMA camp.

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