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September 01, 2016

"All political thinking for years past has been vitiated in the same way. People can foresee the future only when it coincides with their own wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome." … George Orwell


FORMER U.S. SENATOR MIKE GRAVEL, “9/11 was an inside job”

Former Senator (D-AL) Mike Gravel came right out and said 9/11 was an inside job!  The classified 28 pages of the Pentagon Papers clearly states 9/11 was an inside job. Mike read them personally. They will be revealed in time. Eventually everyone will know this, and they will know the CIA and Mossad did it. We murdered our own people with help from Israel to pass the Patriot Act.


"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter, and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." … Abraham Lincoln


Jim Rickards says on September 30 the “World Dollar” will be introduced, and the U.S. dollar will collapse. Good luck Jim. He writes lousy books, and will say anything to sell them. The dollar has already collapsed 96% in the last 103 years since the Fed was formed! Who cares about the last 4%? The Fed isn’t federal, and has no reserves. It is owned by 12 Zionist banks. Google “who owns the Fed” to find out which ones. The dollar of 100 years ago is now worth 4 cents. This is only due to printing counterfeit money. This is called “inflation”.  Inflation is no mystery at all- it is due to printing unbacked paper currency the sheeple call “money”. Only gold and silver are money.

Since there are no 8,300 tons of gold in Ft. Knox, actually the dollar has no value whatsoever. It’s just green toilet paper. The last 4% is just an illusion. Lindsey Williams wisely said, “all paper will be worth paper.” Bet on that. All currencies throughout history have failed all the time, every time. Ours already has.

For the first time in the history of this earth not one currency has any value at all. Another hallmark of End Times.


41% do not want to see her medical records? What? This is a terminally sick country we live in. Over 40% of Americans don’t care if their president is dying and competent to rule over 312 million people?



Right through her diapers folks. Pooped right in her pants in public. She cannot even climb one or two stairs without help. Thanks to Luke Frazza at Getty Images® for the non-commercial use of this. She has three feet in the grave, and may not make it for 69 more days. This is not retouched- she pooped in her pants. Counterpunch reported she wears a colostomy bag due to the deterioration of her colon. This is in addition to the urinary catheter. She wears those strange tent like coats during the summer to cover all this up. Well, the bag was too full this time and she pooped right in her pants in public. Support Counterpunch if you can, as they are one of the few honest websites.



Why hasn't Hillary held one- just one- press conference this entire year? Because she has seizures, and flash cameras set them off. This is an actual recent photo of her having the fourth recorded seizure in public. God only knows how many seizures she has had in private. Secret Service agents have verified she has both Parkinson's Disease and epilepsy among a laundry list of other terminal illnesses. The Secret Service hates her. There is evidence from her emails she is taking the dangerous and toxic drug Provigil® to keep her awake. This is used in narcolepsy and Parkinson's Disease among other conditions.  AOL, CNN, MSNCB,NBC, CBS,  and ABC have all gone out of their way to deny any health problems, and scoffed at such claims as "conspiracy theories". Only Hannity lightly touched on this, but refused to show the incriminating video??? Why didn’t he? Only once in the history of this country has a party served three consecutive terms. If she wins, this will be the second time in 234 years. If elected she will be the second oldest president in history after Reagan. She will be bedridden or dead by Christmas, along with Boner Bill.


Julian Assange has all of her 36,000 “destroyed” emails, just as the Russians, Chinese and everyone else has. He says he will release these just prior to the election to derail Hillary from winning. He says these would definitely put her in prison. Well, you can believe that if you want to.  What are you going to do on November 8? Every choice is the wrong choice. Doing nothing is the wrong choice. Johnson and Weld are a disgrace. Neither are Libertarians. Drop your membership to the Libertarian Party if you have one. This is End times, and it really doesn’t matter any-more what you do or don’t do politically. Nevertheless...

anything but Hillary!



The Internet now has thousands of articles about Hillary's terminal health issues. Your author was the only one in the world to reveal this over four years ago. Even the National Enquirer put her on the front page, "Hillary gains 103 pounds." They expose she has had a complete mental breakdown, and is addicted to alcohol and food. She is mentally incompetent and has numerous psychiatric issues. They include narcissistic, anti-social behavior, and  intermittent explosive disorder. Dr. Drew Pinsky, the famous TV doctor, called her condition "bizarre" and "dangerous". Even the far, far left Huffington Post has gone on the bandwagon about Hillary's terminal health problems!



Right after Dr. Drew Pinsky exposed Hillary's health problems in an interview, CNN fired him! Yes, CNN cancelled his show after he did that. He had a very popular show, and they cancelled it because he told the truth. Give Drew credit for having the courage to do that. This was a top rated show that millions of people watched for five years.



Hillary has a urinary catheter bag strapped to her leg as she is incontinent. For months now we’ve told you she wears Depends®, but they aren’t enough now. Can she make it for 10 more weeks? Is she simply going to collapse unconscious in public and her campaign will be over? Now we know she has a colostomy bag as well.

What can you do? Anything but Hillary. Trump is another Zionist sock puppet. Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are NOT Libertarians. Now Johnson wants to force parents to vaccinate their children!!!  Don’t vote at all? Who cares anymore? It doesn’t matter what you do or don’t do. There is no less worse choice. There is no lesser evil. This is End Times period.

George Soros at 86 is still a most astute investor. He is short the stock market with various puts. Don't bet against old Georgy Schwartz (his real Jewish name). There is a growing list of billionaires who are out of the stock market, short the stock market, loading up on gold mining stocks, and owning gold (they are too rich for silver).


"The goal of socialism is communism." –Lenin

Socialism is not an end in itself at all. It is another steps towards communism. This is the final goal of the New World Order crowd. There is nothing benign about socialism as it leads to a totalitarian state.



Hillary will win if she doesn't fall over dead in the next ten weeks. She will fall over dead- or be hospitalized- by Christmas. Co-president Bill will also be dead or hospitalized. Commie Kaine will be your next president by default. This is a man Karl Marx would be proud of. The anal orifices in Virginia elected  him as their senator.


Gary Keller owns the largest real estate company in the world. He says a "shift" is coming in the real estate market. That's his diplomatic way of saying the bubble has peaked and is bursting. He points out the median home price is the highest in 5,000 years of recorded history. Regular people simply cannot afford to buy a home. The media tells you home sales are "sizzling", and we’ll have blue skies forever. In some parts of the Peoples Republic of California the prices have peaked and sales are down. Houses are sitting on the market longer and longer. If this keeps up, we'll know the bubble has burst. To monitor this go to, an excellent site. As goes California, so goes the nation. Never forget that as it has been true for over 166 years. The figures you see in the media are 1) put out by the realtors association, and 2) are always "seasonally adjusted". That means fudged.

The main reason to own guns is to protect yourself from the government. Not self defense, not sport shooting, not hunting, not anything else. The Founding Fathers were very clear about this. Without the 100 million gun owners in America, Obama would be Emperor of the United Socialist States of America. We would be serfs.



Look at this 50 year chart of hourly wages in terms of gold- real money. Since 1970 it is a mere ONE SIXTH of what it was. That's when Nixon took us off the gold and silver standard. (Thanks to It only gets worse from here.


Look at this 116 year chart of the stock market priced in real gold. ONE THIRD of what it was in 2000. This is the only way to see the real­­­­­ stock market. Pricing it in inflated, worthless “dollars” is an illusion for the great unwashed masses.

Vaccines are a pillar of the One World Order. The average child has to get about 20 vaccinations before leaving high school. If they attend a state college they have to get more. Now drug stores and grocery stores are offering vaccines. You see brain dead sheeple cows bring their poor innocent children in to get toxic, debilitating chemicals injected into them. For their own “safety and security” of course. Now there are TV ads for whooping cough (pertussis) vaccines. Do you know what the incidence of whooping cough is in the United States? A mere 1 in 6,500! So, they want 6,499 people to get killer vaccines to SUPPOSEDLY prevent one case? There is no proof at all the vaccine even reduces the incidence of whooping cough. The death rate is about zero, and only for the very aged and sickly. Actually pertussis is basically confined to poor immigrants from Third World countries. Gardisil for girls wasn’t enough. Now you see TV ads recommending Gardisil for boys!!! The parents will line up to get their girls and boys injected with toxic Gardisil- for their own safety and security of course.


Los Angeles Airport (LAX) is one of the largest and busiest airports in the country. It was completely shut down and evacuated on the 28th for NO REASON AT ALL!!! The cost of doing this is hard to calculate. Someone heard normal noises, called the police and said a gunman was running wild shooting up the airport. Panic and pandemonium ensued. This kind of thing is normal everyday action now.

Obama promised the sheeple a homeland police force of 2 million DHS officers. They cheered! They actually cheered for a totalitarian police state. Well, he hasn’t accomplished this in  almost eight years, but HILLARY WILL! You see more DHS officers all the time everywhere you go. Homeland Security is simply a communist pillar.


Target is the second largest retailer in the world behind Walmart. They are failing. Don’t shop at Target! They allow men to use the women's bathroom. They are even spending tens of millions of dollars to build new THIRD bathrooms due to the backlash from people with common sense. Have you seen a third sex? Aren’t there only two? This one year chart proves TGT is failing. Do not shop there! We don't.



There are 7.4 billion people in the world, and 1.2 billion of them are Roman Catholics.  This is 16% or 1 in 6 people.  The Catholic Church is now the Church of Satan, and Frankie the Fake is Satan’s ambassador on earth. If you are a Catholic, do the right thing and stop going to church. You are just supporting evil and the One World Order. Google “Pope Francis is the anti-Christ” and you’ll get hundreds of websites and videos exposing him for the evil, corrupt One World Order agent he is. He literally controls 1 in 6 people on earth today. They are so deluded they think he is an oracle of God. Don’t be one of them. If you are a Catholic, then answer to God, answer to Jesus, but not Frankie. Here’s the evil bastard giving the satanic “baphomet” sign with both hands…




Right now, as you are reading this, there are 40,000 Russian troops at eight different staging areas on the Ukraine border. Turkey has just attacked Syria. America is intent on attacking by Syria and Iran for the Greater Glory of Israel. And you think WWIII isn’t far off? Hillary will make sure it is right down the road when she tries to attack Syria or Iran. Russia and China will vaporize us within hours. We are now a feeble, third rate military power with a big mouth and no way to back it up. Half our military- and our National Guard- are in the Mideast killing innocent people all for the Greater Glory of Israel.



Notice that liberals absolutely hate Vladmir Putin with a passion. Why is that?

1)      He promotes religion and morality

2)      He doesn’t believe in global warming

3)      He won’t allow GMO crops

4)      He is pro-business, and Russia is now the 5th largest world economy (-they have less than half our population and America is only 2nd)

5)      He is pro-life and anti-abortion

6)      He is anti-homosexual



Russia doesn’t start wars or promote wars. Neither do Syria or Iran. America is the only empire in the world today. There have been 22 empires in world history, and all of them have failed. We have already failed, and will soon collapse.

Look at this six year chart. The blue line is the DJI price, and the read line in the open interest (how many people are buying stocks). YOU CANNOT HAVE HIGH PRICES WITH LOW OPEN INTEREST. Impossible. This has been going on for 5 years now and will just end in disaster. The stock market is held up with scotch tape and super glue.



The Jewish population of Israel is a mere 6 million, yet they control all 330 million people in America. How is that possible? Israel and America have 83% of all the Jews in the world. There are 7.2 billion people on the planet but only 1 in 500 (0.2%) are Jewish- 16 million worldwide. America only has 59% white people now. Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Hawaii are all less that 50% white people. America has 5.4 million Jews. Israel is not a “democracy” much less the, “only democracy in the Mideast”. They have no constitution whatsoever. It is a Marxist theocracy with Orthodox Jews running the show. They are not our friend, nor ally, and never have been. We give and they take. The politicians put the interests of Israel before the interests of our own country. The American sheeple vote in people like Schumer, Boxer, Feinstein, etc. Blame the people of this country, as they get the government they well deserve.


Let’s define “Zionism”. This term was first used in 1890. Nearly every one of the 6 million Israeli Jews are, in face, hardcore Zionists. Nearly every one of the 5.4 million America Jews put loyalty to Israel of that of America. Zionism means a one world order with the capital in Israel. The entire world would be under Jewish rule, and the Talmud would be the ruling directive. They honestly believe they are God’s chosen people, and everyone else are goyim (cattle). Israel is a Marxist cesspool, and would not even exist without continual massive U.S. support and aid over the last 70 years. Without our help they would cease to exist.


We’ve had a four week very healthy 21% correction from a 284 top in the HUI. Just keep watching the HUI. It went almost straight up for eight months, which is not a strong healthy market. Corrections are necessary in any good market.  We also had a very health 50% correction in the price of silver. Silver went from $16 to $21 and then made a classic 50% correction to the $18.50 area. It must hold this $18.50 area or there will be further damage. Just keep watching the HUI. A 20% correction should be enough, but time will tell. 50% in silver should also be enough, but time will tell us about silver, too. Gold, made a 40% correction from 1378. The GDX made a 17% correction. There is nothing but air under the prices now. Also, when all four are 30 day negative (or positive) that trend will usually continue. They are all 30 day negative now.


Look at this (almost) 60 year chart. What does it mean? 1) There is far more counterfeit "currency" than ever unbacked by gold. 2) Money velocity (how fast it changes hands) is at a 60 year low. Money much move quickly in a healthy economy. This is proof a depression is long overdue. Add the fact that we do not have 8,300 tons of gold, and the blue line would disappear completely. So, things are much, much worse than what this fine chart tells us. (Thanks to Palisade Global for this.) That gold disappeared 60 years ago after World War II and no real audit has been done in that time.


Look at this chart. Without blacks in America there murder rate would be a tiny fraction of what it is. All violent crime would be a tiny fraction of what it is. The “0.77” rate for whites killing blacks is greatly exaggerated. Often Latinos, Mideasterners, and other races who kill blacks are called “white” even though they are not. Blacks kill other blacks.

Gerald Celente and his Trends Journal is an interesting guy. He says Trump will win, and we'll have a complete economic collapse by Christmas. We'll also have nuclear war in the near future if the Whole of Babylon is elected. Just food for thought.


Jim Rogers is not one of us, but he does know some important things. In an interview with Russia Today he said America is simply going to collapse, and we should end the Federal Reserve. He said the situation is simply "hopeless". Many other billionaires like him are saying the very same thing.         

Look at this chart. Federal spending is totally and completely out of control. YOU are paying the bill! The true national debt is not the official “19 trillion”, but rather about $190 trillion- or ten times the official number. YOU will pay the bill for this. Thanks to Jeff Berwick at the Dollar Vigilante for this chart.



What are you going to do on November 8? Doesn't matter. It's End Times and nothing really matters anymore. Prep and get ready for what is coming. Just be prepared and be ready. You'll starve in the street if you don't.


If Hillary is elected in six weeks or martial law is declared the Rant will shut down.

See you in two weeks.

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