Economic Rant

October 17, 2016

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with and endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.

-H.L. Mencken



Even if Hillary loses, we'll get the Lesser Evil Trump. Nothing would change. In 2020 we'll get another neocon Zionist sock puppet. In 2024 another NWO puppet. In 2028 Chelsea Clinton will be 39 and elected president. John Kennedy was only 43. She is already a member of the CFR and being groomed for senator, and then president. America is finished after 240 years.

Don't kid yourself. The last remaining empire has failed, just like the English empire failed in the 1940s. There will be no more empires. All 22 in world history have failed, and we will be the last to fail. Whoever is elected is just the orchestra leader presiding over the music while the Titanic sinks.




Somehow Hillary's doctors have her drugged up enough on stimulants to read her

TELEPROMPTER at the debates. Yes, she has a teleprompter and an inductive earpiece in her ear because she cannot speak without help. When she is elected she will soon fall over dead or be hospitalized. Commie Tim will be your next president, and the Democrats will win. There is no difference between the two parties anyway. Two sides of the same coin. Our elections have as much meaning as those in China, Cuba or North Korea. If voting mattering we wouldn't be allowed to vote.


This is what Syrian president Assad so accurately said about America:

“Today the United States is waging wars with the only goal to cement its project of total control by launching an attack on everyone who opposes its dominance.”

Very well put. We have zero business in Syria or any other country.



The entire United Kingdom is a weak, powerless, third world cesspool with almost zero military power. If they dare shoot down a Russian jet they will be turned into nuclear ash. Big talk and no muscle to back it up. Just like America. This kind of talk is going to result in a worldwide nuclear war sooner than you think. The combination of Russia, China, Iran- and other countries who hate us- far, far outweighs any American or NATO power. Iran sent warships to Yemen after the U.S. attacked the Houthis. Remember that both Russia and China will back Iran on this. The U.S. just can't mind it's own business.

Our founding fathers had a belief in laisse faire, or mind your own business. Friendship with all, but entanglements with none. We are doing our best to start a full scale nuclear war. We will lose that within hours. The Russian Defense Minister said a win for Hillary is the beginning of nuclear war. The German Defense Minister said this is the most dangerous time since the Cold War of the 1950s.



The first two debates shows just how rigged the entire election is. Not only did Hillary have an inductive earpiece, she had an entire teleprompter built into her podium. The moderators fed her nothing but softballs and attacked Trump. The Tweedle Dum/Tweedle Dee sham election is a meaningless farce. THE MEDIA DECIDES THE ELECTIONS. The media told the sheeple to elect a foreign born, low I.Q. homosexual with a tranny wife and fake children (they are not their children) twice- and they did.




The world population has to fall from 6 billion to about 500 million. Right, that means 94% have to go- one way or another. China did this by mere legislation. There were no mass murders or anything of the kind. They don't even replicate their numbers anymore in the Peoples Republic of China with a 1.6 birthrate. Again, they did this by passing laws against overbreeding. You need a 2.2 rate just to replicate and maintain your numbers.

The African countries breed like cockroaches up to a 6.8 rate. This includes Niger, Somalia, Mali, Chad, Angola, DR Congo, Burundi, Uganda, Gambia, Nigeria, Brukina Faso, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Timor, Senegal, South Sudan, Guinea and the Ivory Coast.

The least reproducing countries will really surprise you...Taiwan, Andorra, Hong Kong, Moldova, South Korea, Macau, Poland, Singapore, Portugal, Spain and Hungary lead the list, followed by Romania, Bosnia, Greece, Slovakia, Italy, Serbia, Malta, Monoco, Germany, Austria, Japan, Mauritius, Cyprus, Lebanon St. Lucia, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. All of the white countries are reproducing at far less than the required 2.2 rate.

Just imagine planet Earth with only 6% of the current population- 444 million rather than 7.4 billion. A wonderland. Imagine the United States with only 20 million people. Imagine India with only 74 million people. Imagine China with only 82 million people. Did you know the population Density of Manhattan is 72,000 people per square mile? That is not a misprint- 72,000 people for every square mile. Does that define insanity. That would be reduced to "only" 4,300 people per square mile.


Out of 100 U.S. Senators, 11of them (11%) are Jewish. Since they are only 2% of the number of senators should only be 2, not 11. This is a 550% overrepresentation. All of them vote antigun all the time, every time. Same with the U.S. Representatives. There are 19 of them instead of 9 (2%). They vote antigun all the time, every time. The 11 Senators are Levin, Boxer, Feinstein, Wyden, Schumer, Cardin, Sanders, Bennet, Franken, Blumenthal and Schatz. If all 30 of them left Congress, no gun control bill would ever be introduced , much less pass.


Are you tired of hearing about the "opioid epidemic"? As long as we have a fake "war on drugs" and Draconian drug laws, we will continue to have various drug epidemics. The answer is as simple as it is shocking to most people...legalize all drugs for all adults. That's right, all drugs for all adults. Anyone who commits any crime while under the influence of any drug (including alcohol) would get doubled penalties.  People just don't seem to realize all drugs were legal in America for 137 years until the nefarious and evil Harrison Narcotics Act. Again, all drugs were legal for 137 years in America. The only people in jail were criminals. Drug users had to commit a real crime to go to jail. You could get any drug on earth for 5 cents at the drug store. Coca Cola and other cocaine soft drinks were as common as milk.  Recently, on a cruise to Mexico the pharmacies were freely selling opiates (e.g oxycodeine) without a prescription for $15. There were no lines to get in the door. Quite the contrary...sales were few as people were bored to death with opiates. Every country that has legalized personal possession of drugs has seen drug use fall. Did you know America has 5% of the world population, but 25% of the prison inmates? At least a third in for drug offenses. Legalize drugs and every drug dealer, every drug gang and cartel go out of business the same day. Drug use would fall, not rise with no more forbidden allure, being "hip" and "cool", and all the rest of the nonsense. Drug abuse is boring and self destructive.



He is merely a liberal social justice warrior. He is all for Big Government. Both he and Bill Weld just said, "Hillary is the most qualified candidate for president". Yes, they both actually said that. It is not a misquote, or taken out of context. Gary also said she is, "a wonderful public servant". He ran New Mexico into the ground. He increased their debt from $1.8 billion to $4.6 billion- up 256%. He increased their budget from $4.40 billion to $7.7 billion- up 176%. He wants to vaccinate your children against your will. He believes in global warming, and even wants to penalize America with a carbon tax. Just like Al Gore. He wants open borders to allow any subhuman scum to come to America without any restrictions. Same as Hillary. He says the term "illegal immigrant" is racist and insulting. His favorite word is "racist". He wants amnesty for all the illegal immigrants who are already here. He fully supports Soros's Marxist Black Lives Matter movement. He says Jewish bakeries should be forced to make Hitler cakes or go to jail. He will vote for the disastrous Trans Pacific Trade Agreement (TPP). Yes, all 5,554 pages no one has ever read, and is locked up in the basement of the Capitol. Even Hillary backed off from TPP. The public is not allowed to read it, and it is classified as Top Secret. He wants all drugs to stay illegal with long prison sentences except for marijuana! All Libertarians want all drugs legalized for adults. What a total anal orifice!  Hillary bragged she dreams of a planet with no borders at all. What would that mean?  An entire cesspool of a world with 99% of everyone poor and 1% wealthy. It would also mean one light brown race and no more rainbow of races. Look at countries like Brazil if you want to see what a borderless world would be like.


Trump just said the stock market is a, "bubble about to pop". Lots of billionaires are now out of the stock markets, and into cash, gold, and gold stocks, They are too rich to invest in the small silver markets. Senile in Omaha now has his third rate crap stock Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) in $70 billion cash. He and the ultra rich know the doo doo is about to hit the proverbial fan. His senile buddy Munger bragged that he, “hasn’t bought on stock in the last two years.” This goes against everything they ever preached. Before he was senile he said to, "buy value and invest for the long term". This means to stay invested in value and not hold cash. With today's inflation he is losing badly. BRKA has gone nowhere in the last six month. Get out of stocks except for a minor investment in gold and silver stocks and JNUG. Eventually all paper will be worth paper. Remember that your mining stocks are denominated in worthless U.S. dollars. You need to hold silver bullion in our own possession. No storage programs, no unsafe deposit boxes, no ETFs. Your poor old author just sold half his silver futures and bought JNUG. No margins and no expiration. Remember that all paper will eventually be worth paper. Got silver?


The National Debt is $200 trillion, not $20 trillion

People who tell you our debt is only $20 are severely misinformed or outright liars. The debt includes the unfunded liabilities such as Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare, etc. What does this mean? It means every man, woman and child in America owe a half million dollars each. Right $500,000 for every person in the U.S. A family of four owes $2 million. This debt will be paid, and it will be paid by everyone in this country. All debts get paid all the time, either by the buyer or the seller. Do you think the banks, the government and Wall Street will pay the debt? They couldn't if they wanted to. We will see the greatest depression by far this earth has ever seen. 1929 will look like a family picnic. That is how the debt will be paid. Just like in 1929, only infinitely worse.



Seriously folks, no one showed up to hear her read from her teleprompter. The Democrats had to bus in high school students and give them free soda pop just to get this many. Hillary can't fill a school classroom, while Trump fills auditoriums to overflow. Yet, the fake polls keep saying she is far, far ahead. Baloney. Trump has 12.17 million likes on Facebook, while Hillary only has 4.29 million. Trump has 18.6 million Twitter followers, while Hillary only has 6.1. Actually over 40% of Hillary's followers are fakes, not real people, just made up by the DNC staff. It's much worse for her on Live Stream, Instagram and Reddit. You cannot argue with real world facts like this.


The Marxist communist Medicare and Social Insecurity programs eat up far, far more of your tax money than any other government welfare schemes. They have been bankrupt for decades, but were covered by stealing from Peter to pay Paul. Well, Paul is now bankrupt, and there is no one else to steal from. The government will tax the citizens to death, but it won't help fund these boondoggles. These higher taxes will further totally destroy the economy. Actually low taxes promote prosperity, while high taxes ruin prosperity. The smaller the government the higher the standard of living. The larger the government the more poverty, and the lower the living standard.



Russia is preparing 40 million people for nuclear war. After we bombed a Syrian military base killing 62 people and injuring another 100. Russia has finally had it. The Russian citizens have been warned to, "prepare for nuclear war with American psychotics". America only has nuclear bunkers for the politicians and the elite, not the people. The Americans lied and said the Russians bombed a U.S/British military base at Al-Tanf. What crock of crap! The Russians said they would shoot down any U.S. planes that fly over Syria. They are dead serious about that. The very, very highly developed Russian S-300 and S-400 missile systems have been installed in Syria. Any U.S. planes will now be shot down in an instant with no questions. We are not far from World War III, and don't kid yourself.

Russia and China along with Iran, have us far, far outnumbered, far, far outgunned, and have far, far more nuclear missiles to throw at us. Starting a war with Russia is SUICIDE. We will be vaporized within hours. Russia, China, and Iran have made a pact to defend themselves together against American imperialism. That's what it is...imperialism. We think we are the World Bully, the World Police, the Big Boss. What a joke! The American military has been viscerated. Most of our troops are in the Mideast killing non-combatant men, women, children, the elderly, and handicapped for the Greater Glory of Israeli Expansion. Our soldiers are anything but, “brave protectors of freedom”. They are cannon fodder for the international bankers, the New World Order, the neocons, the Zionists, and Israel. We are going to pay for our evil. Nations have karma, just like people have karma. Our national karma is as dark as dark can be.



Trump has five children. Three of them are married to Jews, and Ivanka actually  converted to Judaism. The fourth is a daughter by Marla Maples, and she is seriously dating a Jewish man. The fifth is a 10 year old boy. Trump was the featured speaker at AIPAC this Spring. He has always been heavily supportive of Israeli causes. His entire  CEO staff is Jewish.  Hillary is also a close friend of Israel, and visits there often. She was, too, a featured speaker at AIPAC in March. She has promised to take relations with Israel, "to a new level". They already get far more foreign aid that any other country in the world. She is far more supportive of Israel than Bernie Sanders ironically.



The world stock markets only amount to about $69 trillion. The bond market, on the other hand amounts to about $170 trillion. The bond market is the largest market on earth. Derivatives are about $600 trillion but are not a regulated market at all. BONDS ARE ABOUT TO COLLAPSE. Bill Gross, the Bond King, has been warning about this for months now. The largest market in the world is about to collapse.


It is more and more obvious the media will get the sheeple for vote for Hillary. That means the November 1 Economic Rant will be the last one. If Hillary is elected or the election "delayed" then batten down the hatches. You can move to Australia or New Zealand if you want (the two least worst), but they are intolerable, socialist sh*tholes. They are not police states though. Load up on ammo. Ammo will go first, and then the guns. Prep and keep prepping. Move to the countryside as far as possible. The farmers will eat and be infinitely safer. Any country that would elect the Whore of Babylon deserves to be destroyed. Politicians are merely a reflection of the people. The problem with America is evil Americans. The evil 535 members of Congress are merely a reflection of sick, evil, demented Americans.


This is Sammy Hagar. He is 68, and for almost 50 years has been on drugs, alcohol, sex, and rock 'n' roll. He looks fine. Bill the Rapist is 69, and obvious has three feet in the grave, has Alzheimer's, and his nose is falling off. Corpses look better than him. Why all this damage? HE MARRIED HILLARY!!!

USA Today took a poll of the Top 10 Fears Americans have. Many of the fears are valid, but the media has them fearing imaginary hobgoblins like Mencken said decades ago.

Here are the top 10:


-Corruption of government officials — 60.6%

-Terrorist attacks — 41%

-Not having enough money for the future — 39.9%

-Being a victim of terror — 38.5%

-Government restrictions on firearms and ammunition — 38.5%

-People I love dying — 38.1%

-Economic or financial collapse — 37.5%

-Identity theft — 37.1%

-People I love becoming seriously ill — 35.9%

-The Affordable Health Care Act/”Obamacare” — 35.5%

This is out national debt as a per cent of our gross domestic product. Hopeless.


The COT report of the 14th is worth mentioning. The commercials dumped a massive 50,000 gold contracts. They still have a huge net short position of 221,000. If they did this for the next 30 days, they would be down to almost nothing. They dropped 13,000 silver contracts. They still have a huge net short position of 78,000. if they did this for another six weeks, they would be down to nothing. It's a step in the right direction.

The HUI is holding at 199, but could fall further. 195 would be a 50% retracement, so 199 is close enough to qualify. Time will tell. JNUG is a huge buy at the $10 level.  No margins and no expirations on JNUG, unlike futures contracts. Never buy futures!!! 

Only about three more weeks until brain dead evil Americans elect the Whore of Babylon, and put us closer and closer to all out nuclear war. Even though she'll fall over dead, or be hospitalized, Commie Tim will continue her work. The Rant will shut down and 14,000 wonderful, patriotic, good hearted, sincere readers will lose this twice monthly source of information. Heartfelt thanks to all of you who have been reading it. This has been even more meaningful than our work on natural health.

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