Economic Rant

November 01, 2016

"The goal of socialism is communism." –Lenin




This is going to be the last newsletter. The election was pre-determined a long time ago. The NWO is bragging the electoral votes are fixed, and the popular vote is rigged. No matter what truth bomb is dropped at the last minute, it is irrelevant. Hillary’s supporters are all very obviously mentally ill. America is doomed, and has been doomed for a long time. America has clearly been on the Royal Road to Hell for a half century now. Carter, Bush Sr., the Clintons (plural), Bush Jr. and then two terms of a homeosexual, foreign born Marxist, with a tranny “wife” and two fake children. Now we’ll have the Whore of Babylon leading the country to End Times. In 8 years Whore Junior Chelsea will be president at 44. After 240 years it is over folks. No, there is no "hope". Obama ran on "hope and change". Hope is for dopes, and the last refuge of fools. History tells us all democratic (there has never been an actual democracy and never will be- we're a federal republic) countries collapse after 200 years. All empires collapse, and we are the 22nd and last empire on earth. The British Empire "ruled the waves" until it peaked in 1922. It is now a Third World mixed race backwater welfare state. The fact America had Hillary as co-president, senator, secretary of state, and now president proves how corrupt, evil, de-generate and stupid Americans are. This country deserves to die.

Hillary is trying to start WWIII before even being elected. Syria is non of our business, never has been, and never will be. Trump said, “You’re going to end up in World War Three over Syria if we listen to Hillary Clinton.”  George Soros bragged publicly that Trump will win the popular vote, but Hillary will win the electoral vote. The NWO crowd knows they have won, and don’t hide anything now.  They rub it in our face and laugh. 99% of the sheeple just don’t get the joke. Hillary will do everything possible to simply vaporize the Second Amendment. Once we're disarmed it's over.




Huma was given immunity in her testimony about Hillary’s emails- as long as she told the truth. Well, she was caught lying, and her immunity is gone! Hillary threw her off her private jet, and they aren’t talking. Huma has been her very closest aide, support, and confidant for years now. This is big folks, but it won’t change the election. Nothing will change the election, as it has been pre-determined by the NWO crowd. All this talk about the FBI investigating “new emails” will never amount to anything. The Clintons have been bullet proof for decades and still are.

The Peoples Republic of California is going to require a background check and a state permit to buy BULLETS!!! That's right. As goes California, so goes the nation. Step by step by step the Second Amendment will simply be cancelled.

Last weeks COT report showed some real promise- for one week. As of the 21st they are still a massive 203,000 net short gold and 75,000 net short silver futures. The commercials will continue to manipulate the markets with these huge positions. It has been five and a half years now of weak gold and silver prices. All manipulations end, and end exactly the opposite of what they intended. There are only tiny amounts of gold and very tiny amounts of silver on this earth. There are endless trillions of dollars in worthless paper currencies however. Every currency on earth is simply colored toilet paper with no value whatsoever. This will be the greatest wealth transfer in the history of this planet. Got physical silver? On The 28th the COT report the commercials did drop 15,000 net gold shorts and 1,000 net silver shorts. Big deal. We have a long way to go here. The HUI did make a 50% correction, may have bottomed at 196 and things may have turned around. Watch the HUI over the metals. It is 212 as this is sent out.


Major-General Igor Konashenkov, Russia’s Defense Ministry spokesman, sent a clear message to “our colleagues in Washington”; think twice if you believe you can get away with launching a “shadow” hot war against Russia. Russia will target any stealth or unidentified aircraft attacking Syrian government targets – and they will be shot down.  A vote for Hillary is a vote for nuclear war. Hillary boasted she will take relations with Israel, “to a new level”. Well, they already own the entire media, the banks, Congress, and the Federal Reserve. How much “higher” can they get?  A vote for Johnson is a vote for Hillary. Not voting is a vote for Hillary. This means you must choose Trump as the Lesser Evil this time. Voting for evil is a terrible thing to do,  but Hillary as president is even worse!  The staggering advantage Donald Trump has over Hillary Clinton in the “social media” world is evidenced by his having double the amount of Facebook users (Trump nearly 12 million to Hillary’s 5 million), a 30% advantage in Twitter users (Trump over 10 million to Hillary’s 8 million), Facebook Livestream posts with Trump having 135,000 likes, 18,167 shares, 1.5 million views compared to Hillary having 11,000 likes, 0 shares, 321,000 views, YouTube Livestream showing Trump averaging 30,000 live viewers per stream while Hillary is averaging 500 live viewers per stream, Instagram where Trump has 2.2 million followers and Hillary 1.8 million, and Reddit where Trump has 197,696 subscribers and Hillary only has 24,429—but Hillary For Prison has 55,228 subscribers.



Ted killed a woman. Bill raped a long list of women. Donald talked crudely.



Look at this 52 year chart. Manufacturing is in the toilet, while government employees are almost too many to count. (Orange is government employees!)

Ron White put it very clearly:



Hillary has promised to raise the capital gains tax to an incredible 46%. That means no one- and that means no one- is going to invest anymore. It's already ruining our economy to charge people 28.3% on investments. Trump promised to drop this to a more reasonable 20%. The more you tax people the poorer they are. The more you tax investments, the more business declines. She will also raise small business tax from 15%  to 44.6%. That means no more small business in America. No more Mom and Pop shops. No more starting your own business. SMALL BUSINESS IS THE LIFE BLOOD OF AMERICA.




Electric cars are a bad joke for one simple reason- batteries are still in the Dark Ages. You can only drive about 200 miles and then need to find a 220 V charger for eight hours. The second simple reason is, “Where you gonna get the electricity?”  The Tesla battery must be replaced every five years at a cost of $15,000. You simply cannot heat or air condition a car on a battery due to the extreme wattage requirements.  “Electric” cars are really COAL CARS!!! The liberals are in denial about this. Over half of our energy comes from coal, yet Hillary has promised to, “shut down every coal mine in America”. We are the Saudi Arabia of coal, and have enough coal at current use for 1,000 years. Let’s say that again, 1,000 years of coal right here in America. With the SASOL process you can make gasoline, jet fuel, or diesel for $2 a gallon. If everyone is driving around in an “electric” (COAL) car, where is all this electricity going to come from? We have 100 million vehicles on the highways. Where in hell are we going to get electricity for 100 million vehicles? When the coal mines are all closed America will be paralyzed. You can't have electric 18 wheel trucks. American runs by truck and the very idea of an electric 18 wheeler is preposterous!


These people are also going to ban cars, buses and trucks that run on natural gas or propane.


The government will not allow SASOL plants. Does that define insanity? We could have $2 a gallon gasoline, jet fuel (kerosene), and diesel forever. Every state could have their own SASOL plant. Large states could have several. We have no “energy crisis”. That’s ridiculous! We also have 100 years of known oil reserves, and another 100 years of gas reserves. Within 100 years we will have cold fusion, hydrogen from water, and other sources of energy. Solar, wind, and biofuels are too stupid to discuss. There is no wattage in sunlight. Windmills have failed completely all over the world. It takes more energy to make ethanol than you get back. That’s right, it is a net LOSS, subsidized by you the taxpayer. Even in Brazil they cannot make economical ethanol out of sugar cane waste (bagasse). Only brain dead liberals can talk about such asinine sources of energy.


Government policy has largely driven the push for electric vehicles. Some countries are actually going to ban internal combustion engines from within the next 10 to 20 years. Norway promises to do this in only 9 years by 2025. The Netherlands has promised to do the same. India wants to be the first all electric vehicle nation” by 2030. Germany is the fourth largest auto manufacturer. They have vowed to go all electric within 15 years. None of these countries have figured out where all this electricity is going to come from. Morons leading morons thru the Gates of Hell.

58 year old Italian whore grandmother Madonna was performing this month. She told the audience she would, “give a bl*w job to any man who votes for Hillary”. Then she added, ”Yes, I swallow”. Millions of deluded young girls around the world think she is the female ideal to look up to. That is what they want to grow up and be like. These brain-washed girls will now think giving a bl*w job to everyone in the neighborhood will make them popular, sexy, cool, hip, and desirable. Well, her poor, confused, doped up, mixed race daughter Lourdes  is surely taking her advice and bl*wing everyone in the neighborhood. She told Lourdes it’s all right to drink and take drugs in moderation, as long as she doesn’t smoke those awful cigarettes. That progressive parenting sure works well. Poor Lourdes would be better off in a psych ward. What is the point about talking about Madonna? BECAUSE THIS IS OUR FUTURE! This is the future of  young people. She and other whores like Miley Cyrus are the most popular entertainers in the world. They are very influential with young people.




When they aren’t driving electric cars, people in India love both gold and silver. They have too much silver to even count. Indian households have the largest private gold holdings in the world. Standing at an estimated 23,000 tons, and worth close to a whopping $1 trillion, the amount surpasses the combined official gold reserves of the United States, Germany, Italy, France, China and Russia. Let’s look at that again- they have more gold than five top gold holding countries. We cannot even calculate how much silver they have. It is almost a religion to them. The temples hold massive, massive,  massive amounts of gold and silver- and it is a religion to them. The above figures were just for the households. For thousands of years the temples have held precious metals as a protection against changing times and the things that would erode their faith and practice.  They know that gold and silver hold their value no matter what happens on earth. 

Take a few minutes to get a really good look at these charts. This is factual and not “racist”. The white European race is the ONLY race capable of freedom and freedom from government. It is also the only self destructive race on earth. This does not make white people better or worse than anyone else; just different. White women are too liberal, too emotional, and too concerned with “safety and security”- the two catch words of socialism and communism. Our founding fathers wisely limited voting to male landowners who could read and write. Now you don’t even need ID!!!

The U.S.S. Decatur cruise missile warship is wandering around the contested Japanese islands the Chinese are claiming. This is none of our business. America is just stirring up trouble as usual. and trying to start a nuclear war. Meanwhile, Russia has the largest deployment of warships in the last 50 years headed toward Syria. 

America's biggest banks are closing hundreds of branches. Bank of America, Citigroup and JPMorgan shut 389 branches since the third quarter of last year. Bank of America, which had over 6,000 branches before the financial crisis has now shrank to 4,629, according to third quarter accounts.  The bank has cut 112 financial centers from last year.




That's right, Chris Cuomo this week on CNN said it is "illegal" for people to read the expose of Clinton by Wikileaks. Well, should we all go to jail for reading the truth. He did NOT deny the emails were real or they were false in any way. Wikileaks and Assange are a fraud anyway.




Bonds are by far the largest market in the world. Derivatives are much, much larger, but are not a real market at all. God only knows what derivatives actually are, but they are going to take down the entire world economy in the end. Bonds are where they were just after the Great Depression.




Look at this one year chart of Chipolte Mexican Grill (CMG). CNBC has been pushing this stock on the sheeple for many months now. Whatever they tell you to do- do the opposite. If you had shorted CMG you would have made a fortune. They push lots of garbage stocks like Tesla, Lulu Lemon, Starbucks,Twitter, etc. etc. They are purposeful government disinformation agents. The sheeple think that CNBC, CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg, and other stations are great sources of reliable financial information. Just the opposite. Speaking of Tesla (TSLA) CNBC is always pushing it as a great buy! However, insiders just sold 4.1 million shares which is almost a billion dollars.  Short TSLA.


Chipolte Mexican Grill (CMG)




Chelsea is being groomed for president in 2024 when she will be 44 years old. By the way, she is Web Hubble’s daughter and not Bill’s. Google that if you want more information. She looks like a skinny version of Web in drag.

Too bad Nanna isn’t going to prison after all. Hillary could murder babies on the White House lawn with a flame thrower and not be arrested. Her supporters would not care either. As long as they are promised something for nothing they are going to vote for her. She and Bill had dozens of people murdered and got away with it. She will be elected, and then be hospitalized- or simply fall over dead by Christmas. Commie Kaine will be your president and carry out all her Marxist, totalitarian plans.


It’s November 1 and the last Economic Rant is being sent out. Thank you to all 14,000 people who read it. There are only 1% of us in America. You know what is going to happen a week from now. The election is pre-determined. We’re doomed. This is End Times. If there is one message to be said it is that- THIS IS END TIMES. It is over for America, the world, planet earth. For the first time in history there is no freedom anywhere. Not one square inch of freedom. The NWO has won. Do what you can to survive. There are no words to thank you all. God bless everyone who has been with us. With tears in my eyes…


No longer standing watch for you,



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