Economic Rant

November 15, 2016

Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the Government but illegal for the citizenry Thomas Jefferson



Yes, the Whore of Babylon lost, but don't start clapping. Soros promised she would win the electoral vote, but was overwhelmed 284 to 218. None of this makes any sense. Don't cheer folks! Trump is not our champion at all and will not change anything fundamentally. The entire world situation will continue to get worse.

“If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all.” — Noam Chomsky

Noam is a very honest Jewish philosopher. In fact, he is so honest he has been banned from visiting Israel. It's rather hard to call him an "anti-semite".



Step by step cash around the world is being banned. India just banned 500 rupee ($7.50) and 1,000 rupee ($15) currency. ATM withdrawal is limited to 2,000 rupee ($30). Folks, the 1,000 rupee note is the LARGEST currency they have. This is like banning $50 and $100 bills in America. Cash is being banned all over the world so the NOW will be able to track your every move!!! This is obvious insanity, but it’s happening. In countries like Sweden it is almost impossible to use cash. Even children have to carry debit cards.


Look at this 116 year bond chart. Bonds are THE largest market in the world. People are fleeing bonds in droves. We are at BELOW post depression levels. The biggest market in the world is failing completely. Derivatives are  far, far bigger than bonds, but they are not a real regulated market at all. When the derivatives implode the entire economy of the planet goes with them. We have never had derivatives before or anything like them. This time there is something new under the sun.


In an Arizona speech he told his Latino crowd, "You are the future of America".  Arizona is now only half white like six other states.  “By 2050, communities of color will represent the majority of our population,” Kaine said. “So, of course, Latinos will help shape the future of America because you are the future of America.”  If Latinos are the future of America that means we'll just be a shithole like Mexico, any Central of South American country. The average IQ in Mexico, for example is only 85. That means half of them are even less intelligent. American immigrants mostly come from countries like Mexico, India, Philippines, Cuba, Vietnam, El Salvador, Iraq, Syria, Haiti and other third world countries where the AVERAGE I.Q. is in the 80s. Stupidity is our future! Kaine was bragging about this.




The New York Post reported that Chelsea will be a U.S. Representative for New York in two years. Next will be the U.S. Senate. She is already a member of the CFR. You can expect her to be President of the U.S. in 2024 at the age of 44. The Clinton Dynasty continues since Hillary and Bill will soon be dead. Chelsea, like her parents is a proud and blatant Satan Worshipper. There are many photos of her wearing an inverted cross around her neck. She rubs it in your face! This is one of the most classic signs of Satanism, the inverted Christian cross.

You won't see Hillary anymore. Notice how Hillary disappeared after her concession speech. She is in her private hospital (e.g. Chelsea's apartment) dying. You won't see Old Bill anymore either. Both Hillary and Bill will soon be hospitalized and die. But they did much to ruin America serving together for eight years. Then can rot in Hell for many eternities, but that won't help us one bit.

Macy’s Department Stores was founded in 1858- 158 years ago. They have almost 800 stores, but are going broke. Like Sears, J.C. Penney and other chains, they are failing.






The HUI broke long term support, and is now in a 3 month bear trend. Silver and gold are in four and a half month bear trends. The commercials are 82,000 net short silver futures. Your poor old author dumped his silver futures at a small profit. JNUG is under $10, but this is NOT THE TIME to buy as the HUI is clearly bearish in the short term. Gold and silver broke support. Billionaire Stan Druckenmiller sold all his gold the night of the election. He is an insider and was warned gold would collapse on Friday the 11th. Gold, silver, the HUI and GDX and JNUG all were devastated that day. There is no technical support under any of them. The HUI is in a 90 day downtrend. Don't pick tops or bottoms. Don't go against the trend. Just sit tight, hold cash, and hold onto your silver. Don't do anything until the dust settles. People, well half the people anyway, are happier and not worried since Obama and Hillary are gone. Hopefully, Obama can't do much damage in the next eight weeks.



The Peoples Republic of California wants to secede from American!!! There is a 2019 Calexit Referndum, and millions of people are signing it. Send them money! Sign the petition. Let’s get rid of Communist California as soon as possible. They have less than 50% white people now, and the non-whites are breeding like cockroaches. They have been bankrupt for decades and very deeply in debt. The biggest retirement fund in the entire world is CALPERS, and they have also been bankrupt for decades. Their prison population is the largest in the nation per capita. They have almost 40 million residents, which is 12% of the entire U.S. population. That’s right- almost 1 in 8 Americans live in the Peoples Republic. Less than 20 million of them are white.     

Thanks to David Stockman at his Contra Corner for this inflation chart. The Fed is printing trillions of dollars in counterfeit “money” every year. THIS CAN ONLY RESULT IN SEVERE INFLATION. Note this is only a FOUR year chart from 2000 to 2004.



Look at this screen shot from The Simpson's cartoon TV show 15 years ago. They clearly show Trump being elected. This is mind boggling. We have previously showed Simpson screen shots, album covers, cartoons, posters and other media that clearly predicted 9/11 and other important events. None of this is coincidence at all. Is the NWO laughing at us? Warning us of what they will do and mocking us for not listening? Probably so.

Look at this one year HUI chart. This broke 196 support, is not a 50% retracement and there is nothing but air under the price. This is not good news, especially with the commercials still massively short silver and gold futures. The same is true of the gold and silver charts.

Bill Maher is the Jewish host of a popular openly communist (they love the term “progressive”) TV show Real Time. Here he is before and after the election showing his real self. He works with his fellow commies at Move On to abolish the Electoral College. They have hundreds of thousands of signatures on their petition to end it. They actually want to cancel the election and install Hillary as president.




America is still finished after 240 years. We merely got the Lesser Evil this time. Trump is not our friend at all. Soon our president will be a Mexican (both Cruz and Rubio are of Cuban descent), and then Satan worshipping Chelsea. If you are 60 years old you have lived thru ONE QUARTER of America's history. Even if you are only 40, you have lived thru ONE SIXTH of America's history. Now are you starting to feel old? Your poor old author has lived thru 30% of American history. The wars in the Mideast will continue. Will Trump really stop attacking Syria and Iran?

What about Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries? The TSA and Homeland Insecurity will continue. The No Fly List will continue. ObamaCare will continue with minor changes, after he promised to abolish it. The Fed will keep printing trillions of dollars in counterfeit "money". We will still be $200 trillion in debt. Congress will still be 100% owned and controlled by Israel. Netanyahu will still tell Trump to jump, and Trump will ask, "how high?" California will still lead the nation towards socialism, communism, totalitarianism, Big Government, and gun confiscation. As goes California, so goes the nation. Floods of stupid, criminal, disease ridden subhuman immigrants will still pour into America. Our national debt is still $200 trillion with a gross national product of a mere $12 trillion. The stock market may go up for a while, but fundamentally it is still a house of cards held together with scotch tape. Our jails will continue to hold 25% of the world population, when we only have 5% of the world population. High unemployment over 20% will still be the order of the day.

The Donald will supposedly appoint the evil Jewish J.P.Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon as Treasury Secretary. He will appoint evil NWO agent war monger John Bolton as Secretary of State. This is just the beginning folks, but it tells you he is just another Zionist sock puppet and IS THE ESTABLISHMENT. The "draining the swamp" talk was just that- talk to get votes.

The above is not merely a cartoon- it is the truth. The "elite" are Satan worshippers. It's not a secret anymore. There are countless articles on the Internet that verify this. It is now open knowledge, but the sheeple don't care, or even know. The Hillary/Huma emails the FBI has prove all this complete with color photos. Yes, this is End Times when Satan rules the roost. Devil worship is far worse than mere psychosis.


Donald coldly evicted this nice black family from their home of eight years. His racist, greedy cruelty is inexcusable. This was an honest, hard working family, who are now poor and homeless.

Look at this ten year debt chart right from the Fed. Consumer debt has exploded!!!  This excludes mortgages- which is the largest consumer debt of all. People are not merely broke, but hopelessly buried in debt.

Look at the blue and red maps below. The electoral votes and the crime rate are almost  exactly the same. Look at the People's Republic of California- the worst crime rate in the entire country!!! This is our future folks. America will soon be a Third World backwater like England. 100 years ago England "ruled the waves" and was the Biggest Superpower on earth. Now it is a socialist, mixed race cesspool.

That's it for late November. We got the Lesser Evil, but that's all we got.


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