Economic Rant

December 15, 2016

"My way of joking is to tell the truth. It is the funniest joke in the world." … George Bernard Shaw




The media wants you to believe Russia decided the election. How ridiculous! The Democrats are just sore losers. Kosher Jill filed the suits, pulled in $7 million, put $1 million into the suit, $1 million into the Communist Green Party, and $5 million in her pocket. She swears she is going to "donate" all the money!! Nothing stupid about that woman. Forty electoral representative asked for an in depth review of the "Russian hacking" information. Well, thirty-nine of them are Democrats, and have already voted for Hillary. So, that is completely meaningless. Don't be concerned about December 19. It's all just noise and smoke to get your attention off the real issues. Podesta is just a blowhard who craves attention.



The Trump Honeymoon continues- for now. Not for long though. Silver, gold, the HUI, the GDX, and JNUG have nothing but air supporting them. Gold is in a 10.5 month bear market. The open interest (number of futures con-tracts held) is coming down, but the commercial net short positions are still terrible. On December 2 they still held net short 75,000 silver contracts. This is far, far too high, and they still have control. Silver is much stronger than gold. The gold to silver ratio is down to 68 to 1. Silver is valiantly trying to make a 30 day base, and must hold the $16.50 level. The dollar and stock markets are taking off- for now. Not for long though. Trump has inherited massive unsolvable economic problems caused by 8 years of Obama, 8 years of Bush and 8 years of the Clinton's (she was co-president).  Silver and gold are extremely oversold, and may rally temporarily. The people who voted for Trump will find out he is not going to keep any of his promises, and is just another one of the establishment he spoke so badly about.

Look at the above one year chart. Gold is in a ten and a half month bear market. There is nothing but air to support the price. You never pick tops or bottoms. The trend is your friend. You never go against a trend. Yes, gold and silver are cheap, and they have little downside. That is true. The open interest and COT positions just make all this more dismal right now. The dollar and stock market are still strong. Be patient. On Wednesday gold made a new 10.5 month low of $1,140. The trend is your friend.

The COT report on the 2nd was good for gold. The banks now are down to 168,000 net shorts. They are still 75,000 net short silver. These are still high numbers and we have a long way to go. The open interest is falling strongly, and that is good for us.





Some people say these are the lowest interest rates in 5,000 years! They make a good point. This proves America is finished. There are  only two choices now:

1) Admit it is all over, and let the entire economy crash and burn.

2) Keep running the printing presses like Venezuela has done.


How about Andy Pudzer for Labor, Mike Flynn National Security, Mike Pompeo for the CIA, or Rex Tillison for Secretary of State. He's the one who turned the Boy Scouts into the Gay Scouts in 2012 as president. Rick Perry for Energy? How about Steve Mnuchin for Treasury? Neocon Steve worked for Goldman Sachs,  was employed by Soros, and married into the Rothschild family. Steve is a Super Swamp Monster. V.P. Pence is another Israel-controlled neocon. Pence said on national TV, "Donald Trump and I stand with Israel because Israel's fight is our fight. Because Israel's cause is our cause." No comment needed.




The Trump Honeymoon caused the DJI to skyrocket from 18,000 to 20,000 in only five weeks. This is not sustainable, nor is it based on reality at all. Yes, it could continue, but don't bet on it. This looks like a blow off top, and is not a place to invest. We may or may not have a huge crash even before Trump takes office. No one knows but God, and He isn't telling. The point is to stay out of this market. Sell your IRA/401k, and put the money aside- not in the bank. You have to err on the of caution now because things just aren't what they seem.



Not a joke folks. Moonbeam Brown signed into law SB 1383. Dairy farmers will have to somehow scoop up all the cow poop, put it into multimillion dollar methane digesters, and we’ll use that tiny bit of gas to run cars. Sounds like a plan, right? The California communist government demands cow flatulence and manure decomposition be reduced by 40%. All this to make a miniscule amount of methane? This is scientifically impossible of course. Here is a cow fart collector backpack collector Moonbeam may want to invest in. This was developed by the National Institute of Agricultural Technology. As goes California, so goes the nation. They produce 20% of the milk in this country. There goes the price of dairy products! They were the 5th largest economy in the world believe it or not. Now they are supposedly the 6th largest economy with a GNP of $2.5 trillion. (The U.S. GNP is down to about $12 trillion.) China, U.S. Japan, Germany, and U.K. are the first five, with France and India seventh and eighth. Right, America is only second now after China. The problem is the cost of living on the Left Coast parallels the high cost of living in Europe. When adjusted for the actual cost of living, California comes in merely twelfth- below Mexico!!! Things just aren’t what they seem sometimes. It is also the most bankrupt state. They more inmates locked up per capita than any other state. Is completely running out of water. Is no longer a white state. They are sitting on oceans of oil, but the communist government won’t pump it. They have the highest gasoline prices, as well as the highest cost of living overall. They even limit how big your television can be (that’s not a joke). CalPERS is the largest union pension fund in the world, and has been bankrupt for decades. Pray they secede from America.



Why should you care? Because all banks today in civilized countries are interdependent in a huge chain. When one goes, the entire chain breaks. Bad loans in Italian banks today are 20% of their entire GNP. 2% would be the limit. They are going to do “bail-ins”, and steal the depositor money. Did you know when you put money in the bank, it is no longer yours under the law? It now belongs to the bank. All the money you  have in the bank now belongs to them. You must understand this. Sure, it’s fine to have a SMALL checking account to pay your bills, but that’s all. Get your money out of the bank, sell your IRA/401k, and hold cash. (Yes, counterfeit green Fed toilet paper.) Yes, they voted out Renzi, but this opens the door for the hardcore communist Five Star Movement to gain power. Italy may be a hopeless third world backwater, but their bank failure can take down all the rest of the banks in the SWIFT system.




In high school we are all taught that coal, gas, and oil came from rotting plants millions of years ago, right? How preposterous!!! Talk about a mass delusion. This makes the “earth is flat” theory look intelligent. We have oceans of oil under ground, incredible amounts of natural gas, and 1,000 years worth of known coal reserves.

Coal, gas, and oil provide 84% of the world’s energy. The liberals want that to literally go to zero. Nuclear is 8.5% and hydroelectric is 6.3%. Their Grand Plan is to use solar, wind, and biofuels. As explained repeatedly in the Rant, those three are basically worthless. Sunlight has no wattage. Wind power has failed totally worldwide. Biofuels take more energy to produce than they give back. We would live in the Stone Age without coal, gas, and oil. Yes, we have an almost endless supply of uranium, but this is the last choice for our energy.

Did anyone tell you this psychosis started in 1556 by Georgius Agricola? That’s right- 450 years ago this insanity was started. Endless coal gas and oil from fossilized dead plants with heat and pressure over millions of years? Totally ridiculous. Go to Wikipedia and look up “fossil fuels” to see all this nonsense presented as the Gospel Truth. The liberals now tell us life giving carbon dioxide- now negatively called “carbon”- is toxic and destroying the planet.  Remember learning about photosynthesis in high school? The very basis of life giving oxygen forming photosynthesis is carbon dioxide. If we limit CO2 emissions, we’ll limit the amount of oxygen on the earth. The entire concept of Global Warming is too ridiculous to talk about.

   *Sunlight simply has no wattage

   *Biofuels take more energy to produce than they give back

   *Wind power has failed utterly and miserably all over the world

No one every talks about BATTERIES. Batteries are very expensive, go bad after a few years and really can't hold any strong charge. What do you do when it is cloudy?, at night? when the wind isn't blowing? Corn is used for ethanol while people go hungry. The Brazilians can't even make economical ethanol out of waste sugar cane pulp (bagasse).  The liberals love electric cars, but most all the electricity comes from coal. Hillary promised to close down every coal mine in America. The liberals cheered. They won't cheer when they're living in caves, freezing, and starving to death.




The Indian government has banned "large bills" of 500 Rupees ($7.50) and 1,000 Rupees ($15.00). Now they are trying to ban gold. Gold is now limited to owning a mere 600 grams. The Indian people are estimated to hold 20,000 tons of gold. This means cash has been banned in India. These two bills accounted for 86% of all trade. They may be poor overall, but using  $2 and $3 bills to pay all your debts is preposterous. How are poor people supposed to have credit and debit cards and card readers? They are turning to silver in desperation. The economy has totally crashed over there. The NWO crowd is banning cash all over the world. The media has been very silent about this overall. Evil works best in the dark. Folks, this is the seventh largest economy in the world. This is huge news and the media is not telling you. 



The war on cash is well underway, and the massive debt collapse now being engineered by the globalists will be exploited to abandon (outlaw) all cash, and force people into electronic currencies. Why the war on cash? Because cash offers too much freedom and anonymity to the very people the State wishes to control. The electronic currency promoted by the globalists will have the following characteristics:

1) All transactions will be tracked by the government. It will be the end of any kind of privacy.

2) All money can be frozen or confiscated by the government for any reason, or no reason at all. This gives the government absolute power to confiscate wealth, punish protesters, and put anyone out of business.

3) Confiscatory taxes can be automatically extracted from all your earnings, savings and transactions, without your consent or knowledge. They can simply confiscate a percentage of all your earnings and expenditures according to whatever rates and schedules they desire.

4) Savings and deposits can be subjected to negative interest rates without causing a run on cash withdrawals. Negative interest rates are a key tactic that will be employed by the NWO and neocon crowd.

5) Once a government goes bankrupt, it can simply announce a massive nationwide “bail in” that confiscates all the electronic currency and issues a new electronic currency worth much less, all at the click of a button.




In October Obama gave control of the Internet to the United Nations...the NWO central control. There is no right to free speech on the Internet. THIS IS THE LAST BASTION OF FREEDOM ON THE PLANET. More and more websites will be banned which are not politically correct. This will start in Europe. Europe never had freedom, and went from kingdoms to socialism. Then websites will be banned here. There is no more First Amendment right to free speech. Alex Jones has a petition, but dealing with a disinformation agent like him is just not a good idea. Not that the government cares what you think anyway. Once the Internet is censored, the totalitarian one world government will be installed 100%. Then you only have guns to defend yourselves. Did you hear about Senate Bill SB10 The Anti-Semitism Awareness Act? Of course you didn’t. This was passed unanimously by all 99 senators without any debate or discussion. It is now part of the onerous Civil Rights Act of 1964. Jews now have special rights no one else has. This bill makes it illegal to criticize Jewish people in any way, shape or form. Truth is irrelevant. Facts don’t matter. Reality is irrelevant. It’s a well known fact the CIA and Mossad did 9/11. It’s a fact Hollywood is totally Jewish run, and many Jews openly brag about it. It’s a fact 90% of the media is Jewish owned. Who can doubt that all 535 U.S. Congress men and women are subservient to Israel? The Holocaust is the Hoax of the 20th Century. The Federal Reserve is owned by 12 private Zionist banks.



When the 50 day moving average (MA50) crosses over the 200 day moving average (MA200) a technical bearish death cross is formed. Gold is in a 10.5 month bear market. Silver is in a 6.5 month bear market. The HUI is in an 8.5 month bear market. The GDX could not hold 20 support.  It is in an 8.5 month bear market. Never fight a trend. The trend is your friend, and right now it is bearish. Never pick tops or bottoms. Economics 101. The Trump Honeymoon continues, and gold and silver have nothing but air for support. The dollar and stock markets are still making new highs. The GDX could easily go to 17, now. Only God knows, and he isn't telling. The SPDR ETF SIL also made a death cross. The SPDR ETF GLD also made a death cross. Add the fact on December 2 the commercials are still 75,000 net short silver futures and 168,00 gold futures. This is simply not a time to buy. Accumulate money. Never try to buck the trend or pick bottoms (or tops). The COT report on the 9th showed commercial silver futures didn't fall a bit,  and gold futures are still up there at net 155,000 contracts short.





This is a 130 year chart of the S&P 500 price to earnings ratio. It is now over 27. This kind of spike has only happened in 1929, 1968, and 2007. This is only the fourth time in thirteen decades. The last three have happened in the last 48 years. Wow! That's scary. History tells us a bad crash is coming. People say history doesn't repeat, but merely rhymes. Baloney!!! History has been repeating and keeps repeating for thousands of years now. Only the actors, costumes, and scenery changes.


Two gun bills may actually pass. There is one bill that would allow universal reciprocity for people with concealed carry permits (CCW). Someone from a gun friendly state like Texas could go to a gun hating state like New York and legally carry their concealed pistol. Of course the Democrats will try their best to stop that one. The other is making it much easier to get a suppressor (silencer). Instead of a $200 federal tax stamp and 9 month waiting period. Buying a suppressor would be as easy and fast as buying a rifle with a quick background check. Surprisingly, New Zealand has legal suppressors. Almost no criminals ever use a suppressor when committing a crime. Anyone can make one with directions on the Internet, but the penalties are draconian. Good luck on getting this one passed. Pence has an A rating from the NRA, and Trump has promised to protect the Second Amendment. Don't hold your breath on those two though. This is a great time to load up on guns and ammo. You can get an AR-15 for $500 from a variety of dealers. A Ruger mini-14 will cost a little more. Get one in .223. You can still get AR and AK ammo for a quarter if you buy by the 1,000. Get a revolver for home defense and not a semi. Why? The magazine on an auto has to be changed every 90 days or the spring will go bad. You’ll forget, and then the magazine will be no good and the gun will jam. Smart police rotate their magazines at least every 90 days. Gen 3 night scopes are only $400 to $500 on eBay. These are very effective. Gen 1 and thermal scopes are still priced out of range.




Remember that low I.Q., homosexual clown Obama telling the world climate change is the most important issue we face? There is no global warming, and the climate changes constantly. Overpopulation is the worst problem we face by far. We already have over 7.5 billion people on a planet that should have a half billion. We have 15 times he population we should have. The stupid, lazy, ignorant and worthless all breed like cockroaches. The intelligent, educated and productive don't even reproduce their own numbers. Within 30 years America will be a white  minority country. It will also be a Third World poverty stricken communist cesspool. We have to get rid of 93% of the world population. No, we aren't going to go out and shoot 7 billion people. China did it by restricting breeding.




If China or Cameroon or Mickey Mouse can make better, cheaper widgets than us, we should buy their widgets, not put tariffs on them. Nothing beats free trade. Protectionism doesn't work, never did work, and never did work. People think Trump is going to fix the America with protectionism and tariffs Libertarian, free market economist Ludwig von Mises wisely said, "From the purely economic point of view nothing speaks against free trade and everything against protectionism." There is no logic in defense of protection-ism. It simply doesn't work. The citizens merely pay more for a product. If Carrier wants their air conditioners made in Mexico, that's their decision. If they are made here, you will pay more for them. You aren't, "protecting American workers". What a crock of crap. That's the mantra for tariffs- protecting American workers. Baloney. Nothing beats free trade. If he does this, the economy will be destroyed, trade wars with start, and we'll all be ruined economically. Tariffs are just more Big Government, not freedom.


STOP THE PRESS!!! It is 6:00 AM on December 15 when this will soon be sent out. Gold just collapsed to $1,128 and silver to $16.12. Yes, gold and silver are cheap and you can't lose at these prices. Logically silver simply cannot fall below $14. We just made new lows this morning, so be patient and don't fight the trend or try to pick a bottom.


Only 36 more days of Obama!

Merry Christmas to all of you. You don’t have to be a Christian to enjoy and celebrate Christmas. It’s been an American tradition for 240 years now. If a store clerk, waitress or anyone else says, “Happy Holidays” to you, look them right in the eyes and smile. Tell them- it’s not a “holiday”, it’s Christmas. Christians, Jews, Muslims, all people, all religions should live together on this earth in peace and harmony.

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